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Welcome. My name is Grace Young. I am a professional freelance lifestyle writer who fell in love with making the house smell better several years ago and never looked back.

Over 1.5 million fans take my lifestyle advice and use products from my recommendations on social media. And, they improve the comfort and quality of their lives. 

I have personally tried over 100 brands of candles. The total burn time of these candles is over 5000 hours. The following are some of the candles I own:

Some of my favorite scented candles

Here, my main theme is “Aroma”, and talk about all kinds of aromatic objects that can be used in the common household. Through science, your body and soul will feel both calm and relaxed at home when you use these objects appropriately, which in turn will improve your lifestyle quality. 

In addition to the candles I know best, I will also talk about something about essential oil diffusers and reed diffusers. Essential oil diffusers and diffusers are also an important part of the scent in my home.

I will constantly update relevant information through practical usage evaluation, combined with our personal experience. 

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