5 Best Reed Diffuser Sticks In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best reed diffuser stick is, then we recommend Hosley Bulk Pack of Rattan Diffuser Reed Sticks as the best one.

Reed sticks are key components of reed diffusers. Nowadays reed diffusers have become quite popular, simply because of its convenience and efficiency in freshening up a room or an area. It’s a simple mechanism that could lighten up or set the mood and tone of a place in its own subtle way.

Let us review some of the best reed diffuser sticks available today for you to choose from.

In this article, we’re going to review the following reed diffuser sticks:

Best Reed Diffuser Sticks

How to choose the Best Reed Diffuser Sticks?

Here’s a quick guide to making sure you know what to watch out for when picking out your next reed diffuser stick package.


Reed sticks come in different types of material, rattan, fiber, and bamboo. Their differences will be discussed thoroughly in the next section. With the material comes its absorbency and dissipation rate. So this is the aspect that would determine the overall quality of fragrance you’ll get.


Go for brands that are eco-friendly and have efficient processes during production. Some brands strive to lessen their carbon footprint and these are the brands that should be supported because at the same time these are the brands that are passionate about what they do and yields good quality products.


Reed sticks come in a multitude of styles. If you are bored with the usual stick design then go with different colors or shapes or sizes. Whatever floats your boat. Maybe something that matches your décor? Or something artsy.

You also need to watch out for what comes with the package. Some come in 20 pieces and others in 150 pieces. So make sure that you get good value for your money when making a purchase. Also, be wary of the length as it should fit well in your bottles, and at the same time, it will be a factor for the dispersal rate of the fragrance.

What are the advantages of using Reed Diffuser Sticks?

Reed Diffuser sticks eliminate the need for burning thus no flame nor heat is going to be involved in the process. So safety is probably the biggest benefit that you can get from using reed diffuser sticks. Not only that the peace of mind that it gives can add to its relaxation effects both on your mind and body.

Most of the time you light up a scented candle or two when you want to kick back and relax, maybe while taking a bath or watching TV. Sometimes you can’t help but doze off so having reed diffuser sticks instead should yield to a more comfortable and peaceful sleep.

Reed diffuser sticks can also constantly and immediately fill your space with fragrance whilst being subtle in the background. You don’t even need to lift a finger.

No flame equals no smoke, no wax then there’s no mess involved. No aerosols too. Plus there’s no electric power involved.

Reed diffuser sticks are also quite stylish and would fit right in your living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom. You can DIY them with your favorite fragrance oils and put them in fancy bottles if you like. They are versatile that they can be used in offices, lobbies, and any professional spaces too.

Different Types of Reed Diffuser Sticks

What are the different materials used for these reed diffuser sticks? We listed down a few of the common ones used.


Rattan is perhaps the most widely used material for reed diffuser sticks. Perhaps because it is known to hold down or absorb the fragrance of any essential oil very well. Then rattan wood is known as very effective in dissipating the said fragrance.

It does so evenly and at an adequate pace. Numerous brands go for rattan and for good reasons. Rattan though maybe the slowest to absorb the essential oils whether that’s a good or bad thing is really up to the user’s preference.


Bamboo is perhaps a cheaper alternative that can be used for reed sticks. But there are a few downsides to it. Bamboo is not as efficient when it comes to absorbing your fragrance oils. In turn, that should also result in poorer quality when it comes to the dispersal of it.


Fiber, on the other hand, is perhaps the most effective when it comes to absorbing and dissipating essential oils. Naturally, fiber should also have the strongest scent throw and also at a faster rate. Many have said that the fragrance is stronger with fiber reed sticks. So again whether this is a good or bad thing is up to your preference. You decide whether fiber is for you.

Reed Diffuser Sticks Reviews

Hosley Bulk Pack of Rattan Diffuser Reed Sticks

Let’s start our best reed diffuser sticks review with the Hosley’s Bulk Pack of Rattan Diffuser Reed Sticks. These reed sticks are quite perfect as added decoration to any room. Specially designed to spice up your favorite diffuser especially when paired with Hosley’s diffuser oils to spread fragrance into the air.

It’s not only perfect for everyday use but also in weddings, events, spa, aromatherapy, meditation, Reiki, and the bathroom. These Hosley diffuser reed sticks will bring a luscious, wonderful aroma to your living space and it will last for a good duration.

They are easily disposable but are also quite reusable. It’s made of rattan wood. And Hosley products are only made from quality raw materials with an efficient production process making sure there is minimal wastage. The brand has a goal of achieving a neutral carbon footprint, as they also urge their customers to recycle and help Mother Earth better off for generations to come.

For getting the best performance out of your diffusers, make it a habit to change the reed sticks every time you change the diffuser oil.


  • Good quality reed sticks
  • Great price for multiple reed sticks
  • Good resealable packaging
  • Eco-friendly brand
  • Absorbs oil well and rather quickly


  • Dissipation of the fragrance could be better

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DYWISHKEY Wood Rattan Reed Diffuser Sticks

The next entry on our best reed diffuser sticks review is the DYWISHKEY Wood Rattan Reed Diffuser Sticks. Made of natural rattan, this product is environmentally friendly, and its natural essence is used as a fragrance base.

Every set is 25 cm or 10” in length and 3 millimeters in diameter, just the right size for putting into diffuser bottles and is guaranteed to be a stylish décor.

The rattan that the sticks are made of are porous and lightweight. The product has undergone mildew proofing plus drying treatment, so they are guaranteed not to get moldy.

Reed sticks paired up with aroma diffusers is an easy, safe, and effective way to diffuse continuous fragrance across your surroundings. It won’t involve smoke, drippy wax or the worry of burning candles

DYWISHKEY Wood Rattan Reed Diffuser Sticks are tested and proven to diffuse rich fragrance in any living quarters, home, or office.


  • Soaks in oil quickly and disperses satisfactorily
  • Works in any type of fragrance or essential oils
  • Good price for the package
  • The exact length needed as diffuser sticks
  • Can work on larger rooms


  • You may have to flip the sticks more often to keep the fragrance going

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HOSSIAN Wood Rattan Reed Diffuser Sticks

Next up on our list is the HOSSIAN Wood Rattan Reed Diffuser Sticks. This reed diffuser stick can be perfect for any DIY fragrance diffuser like maybe using your favorite perfume to give your living space a comfortable atmosphere. The fiber in this reed diffuser stick safely infuses fragrance to your home for days and at the same time will look beautiful as an ornamental piece.

Specifically designed to pair up with your favorite diffuser oils and beautify the aroma into the air. It’s also suitable for any area in the house like your bedroom and living room. It can also be used for weddings, aromatherapy, spa, meditation, aura, and the bathroom.

Dip one or more cane stick diffusers into any aromatic oil or perfume and wait a bit until the fragrance of the essential oil seeps into and through these porous diffuser sticks.

The HOSSIAN brand strives to provide useful things for people’s daily lives and spares no effort in providing convenient lives for everyone. The brand loves nature and strives to be eco-friendly/

HOSSIAN is a cult favorite and you should definitely give them a try.

The sticks are 17cm or 7” in length and 3 mm in diameter. They are porous and lightweight and guarantees to encapsulate your living quarters with beautiful and rich fragrances for days to come. Be amazed by the best scent throw in the business.


  • Highly regarded brand
  • Decent scent throw
  • Good price
  • Fits right in your home décor
  • Versatile


  • May not come in a suitable length

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Senkary Wood Rattan Reed Diffuser Sticks

The Senkary Wood Rattan Reed Diffuser Sticks are made of wood rattan. These sticks are dry and lightweight and have undergone processes such as mildew proofing and drying treatment, this is all to ensure that they won’t go moldy. Quality is always a top priority for this brand for its products.

These reed sticks like all of our products on this review have a wide range of applications. Perfect DIY projects for you and your family and spread fragrance and refresh the air in any parts of your home.

The package includes 150 24 cm or 9.45” and approximately 3 mm in diameter reed diffuser sticks. They are easy to put into your diffuser bottles and should create a stylish vibe to it.

It should work with a variety of fragrance essential oils and should diffuse aroma evenly for a good duration. Flip accordingly as desired. It doesn’t come with decorative flowers though and please keep these oil diffuser sticks in a dry environment.


  • Fragrant and strong smell
  • Good length
  • Last for a long while
  • Good price for the package
  • Absorbent and rather quick to do so


  • You may need to add some extra amount of oil to get the desired fragrance

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Simoutal Wavy Spiry Natural Rattan Reed Diffuser Sticks

Last but not least on our best reed diffuser sticks review is the stylish Simoutal Wavy Spiry Natural Rattan Reed Diffuser Sticks. It comes in 20 pieces in this package and is about 11″ in length.  It has a unique wavy spiry style and is made of wood rattan which will definitely make your reed diffuser unique.

The reed sticks have many holes from both ends, which are specially designed for better diffusion and dissipation of your fragrance and essential oils. With this unique shape and diameter of the rattan, you can enjoy varying effects of dispersion and vision.

It’s the perfect decoration with its aesthetics and has a broad application.

It may take a few days for the sticks to completely soak up and disperse essential oils thoroughly. We suggest replacing the sticks once per month to get the best results. Another advice we can give is for you to dunk the curly end in the oil for a few hours and turn them around again for better wick and dispersal.

As of late, oil diffuser sticks have proven as the most effective material to dissipate fragrance. What are you waiting for? Use this stylish diffuser sticks for your next DIY project and spread fragrance throughout your home.


  • Unique design
  • A different way to disperse fragrance
  • Versatile
  • Great décor
  • Effective and absorbent


  • Takes a while to soak up with essential oils

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Final thoughts…

There’s no doubt about it the Hosley Bulk Pack of Rattan Diffuser Reeds dominates this round. It’s got the most reviews online and is best-selling. People are also quite satisfied with their quality and diffuse fragrance as well as advertised.

All of these products are some of the best reed diffuser sticks out in the market for you to choose from. We hope that our research and tests prove useful to you. Reed diffuser sticks are great alternatives for candles if you don’t want flames or any burning involved. They work just as well and blends right into your house’s aesthetics.

Savor the fragrance and may you have a calm and relaxed mind and body for the days to come.

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