5 Best Car Essential Oil Diffusers In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best essential oil diffuser for car is, then we recommend the Gulaki Essential Oil Diffuser as the best one.

Cars seem to hold unwanted odors very easily. One way to take care of an unwanted odor in your car is to diffuse essential oils. There are also medicinal benefits to diffusing essential oils, too. Depending on what essential oil you choose, you’ll be receiving different medicinal benefits from them.

There are diffusers made specifically to use in your car so you can diffuse your essential oils on the go. In this post, I will tell you everything you need to know about buying an essential oil diffuser for your car. Then I’ll review five different car oil diffusers to figure out which one is the best for your money and is worth adding fragrance to your car.

In this article, we’re going to review the following essential oil diffuser for car :

Best Car Essential Oil Diffusers

A Review of 5 Car Essential Oil Diffusers

1. Innogear USB Essential Oil Diffuser

The Innogear car essential oil diffuser is a rechargeable diffuser that gets its power from USB ports. This is a good diffuser to have even if your car isn’t equipped with a USB port, you can charge it from a port inside your home and then take it into your car to use.

This diffuser is compact and is designed to fit firmly in the cupholders in your car. Because it is rechargeable, you don’t need to plug the diffuser in to use. All you need to do is find somewhere to place it and then turn it on.

This diffuser has an adjustable mist setting. There are two settings for this diffuser: continuous and intermittent. If you choose the intermittent setting, the diffuser will release mist for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds before repeating the cycle again.

The mist in this diffuser is cool to the touch so you don’t have to worry about being burned if you touch the mist. By using this product, you’ll be creating an environment with the perfect balance of moisture in your car.

The Innogear diffuser uses water in its diffusing process so you’ll have to make sure you’re keeping an eye on the water level so you can refill it when necessary. While the water and oil are being diffused, a subtle light will be given off that can give some ambiance that isn’t bright enough to be distracting if you’re driving at night.


  • This device fits perfectly and snuggly in a cupholder.
  • The price is very affordable for the high quality product you receive.
  • While this is perfect for the car, it can be used anywhere because it is small and convenient to travel with.
  • The mist is strong, giving off a good amount of oil.
  • There are different color options you can choose from so it’s customizable.
  • The diffuser itself is calming.
  • This diffuser is easy to fill and operate.
  • The scent throw from this diffuser can eliminate any unwanted odors in your car.
  • The small size doesn’t mean it can’t fill a large room with fragrance.
  • The buttons are on top of the product so they’re accessible while placed in a cupholder.


  • The lifespan of this product can sometimes be a few months or shorter.
  • It may take some experimenting with water and oil amounts to get the right strength of scent throw.
  • This product creates condensation along the outside of the it.

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2. Syntus USB Essential Oil Diffuser

The Syntus essential oil diffuser is another product that is powered by a USB port. This product also has a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to have a USB port in your car to use this device.

As long as you remember to charge the battery when it’s running low, this product is a great addition for your car. This is also a product that is designed to fit snuggly into the cupholder so you don’t have to worry about it jostling around while you drive.

This device also has a continuous or intermittent mist mode so you can choose whether you want to have your diffuser go through a cycle or just continuously diffuse.

When diffusing this product, a customizable light is emitted. It’s customizable in the sense that you can change the color light that is emitted from the product. When you’re finished with the diffuser, you can easily turn it off by pressing a button on the top of the product.

This product uses water and essential oil so you’ll have to make sure you refill it when the water has completely diffused. A great feature this product has is that it will turn off automatically when the water has run out so you don’t have to worry about a fire hazard or wasting energy.

This makes the product safe to use when you’re driving long distances without you having to keep checking the water.


  • This product will fill your car with the fragrance you choose.
  • The mist that comes from the diffuser is cool to the touch.
  • The light from the product gives a colored glow to the mist that is emitted.
  • This product works better than car air freshening products.
  • There is a max fill line so you don’t have to worry about overfilling the product.
  • The diffuser turns off by itself with the water goes below the minimum level.
  • This diffuser packs a punch with fragrance.
  • The diffuser won’t spill while you’re driving.
  • When you fill the product up fully, you can expect about an hour of diffusing.


  • This product isn’t ideal for overnight use because the cycles are so short.
  • The diffuser can sometimes have a short lifespan.
  • You are only able to diffuse for around an hour before you have to refill the water.
  • This product may be too small for some people.

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3. RoyAroma Aromatherapy Vent Clip Essential Oil Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser is different from the electric diffusers. This one doesn’t require a power source to diffuse and it doesn’t require water. Because it isn’t electric, it’s a more affordable price.

These diffusers attach to your air vent and will diffuse with the power of your air conditioning or heat. With the diffuser locket, you’re given felt pads that you pour the essential oil onto. Once the felt pad has soaked up the oil, you just need to secure it in the locket and let your air vents do the work.

This method of diffusing doesn’t have the option of turning it on or off and you’ll be given a constant diffusing until the oil runs out. With the felt pads being exposed to the air at all times, you will have to keep adding oil frequently because there’s no way to stop the vent clip from diffusing.

Even though the oil diffuses quickly, the fragrances can still linger in your car so while you may not be experiencing the fresh aromatherapy, you will be experiencing the pleasant fragrance it leaves behind.

For this type of diffuser, you only need to use a few drops of essential oil because it isn’t watered down like it is in some electric diffusers. You’ll be smelling the full power of the essential oil so a few drops go a long way. While this doesn’t last as long as electric diffusers, you’ll get a strong fragrance that will linger after the diffusing is finished.


  • This product is better at adding fragrance to your car than air fresheners designed for cars.
  • These diffusers are high quality and well worth the money you spend on them.
  • You receive several pads with these lockets that last a long time.
  • The clips are sturdy and durable.
  • A few drops of essential oil is enough to fragrance a car completely.
  • These diffusers are decorative and make a great addition to your car.
  • This product is small and elegant but gives a strong scent throw.
  • The clips fit snuggly onto the air vent.


  • If you put too much oil on the pad, the oil can leak off and damage your car’s interior.
  • The oil doesn’t last very long and has to be replenished often.

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4. Gulaki Essential Oil Diffuser

The Gulaki car essential oil diffuser is designed to fit in the cupholder in your car. This device is powered by using a 12-volt car port. While this can seem a little inconvenient because it’s taking up the port, this device makes up for it.

On the top of the device there is a 12-volt port as well as two USB ports. This means you can charge three devices while still having a session of aromatherapy. This makes this product incredibly convenient for people who are constantly on the go.

This diffuser also doubles as a humidifier because it uses water to help diffuse the oils. This will create the perfect moisture balance in your car. The mist that is diffused is cool to the touch so it won’t burn you if you happen to touch it.

The humidifying aspect of this product is also helpful during allergy and cold seasons because it helps to relieve sinuses and stop coughs. All it takes is a few drops of essential oil in the water.

This diffuser is equipped with a feature that allows the device to turn off automatically when the water is below the low-water line. This will help prevent any fire hazards and stop you from wasting energy.

Just make sure to check periodically to see if the product is on if you’re charging devices through the diffuser. If it turns off, you’ll have to find another method of charging your devices.


  • This diffuser produces a heavy mist so your car fills with fragrance quickly.
  • The diffuser gives off a strong scent throw with just a few drops of essential oils.
  • This diffuser has extra charging ports on it to make up for the port it takes up in order to be powered.
  • This product is definitely worth the money you spend on it.
  • The diffuser is easy to set up.
  • You can use this solely as a humidifier if you don’t have essential oils.
  • The diffuser sits snuggly in the cupholder so it doesn’t spill.
  • This product is easy to use.


  • The diffuser will not work if there is too much water in it.
  • Sometimes the diffuser won’t work even with the correct amount of water.
  • This diffuser may not be powerful enough for some people.

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5. Vyaime Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser Humidifier

The Vyaime car essential oil diffuser is another diffuser that uses the 12-volt port as a power source. This product doesn’t have a rechargeable battery so it needs to be plugged into the port at all times during use.

While it may be inconvenient to use the 12-volt port because it takes up a phone charging spot, this device comes equipped with two USB ports. This way, you can charge your phone along with another device.

This is a small device that doesn’t need to be set in a cupholder. It is held up by a bent arm that’s connected to the power source. This device also doubles as a humidifier because it uses water to help diffuse the essential oils. Because it’s a humidifier, you can expect the diffuser to refresh and clean the air in your car as well as give off a pleasant fragrance that stems from the oils.

You don’t need to worry when using this diffuser because there is an auto shut off after this product has been used for two hours. This product also turns off when the water level gets too low.

With both of these features, you don’t have to worry about wasting energy or creating a fire hazard. This is also a quiet product so the only way you’ll be able to tell it’s working is by the mist and fragrance being released.


  • With the 50 milliliters of water this product takes, you can expect about two hours of diffusing time.
  • This product can function as a humidifier if you don’t want to use it as a diffuser.
  • You don’t get too much mist but it’s enough to feel refreshed.
  • This product comes with two auto shut off features to ensure a safe usage.
  • The neck on this product is adjustable so you can position it how you’d like.
  • This product comes with two USB ports for charging convenience.
  • You only need to use one or two drops of oil for this product.
  • This is a mess free product.
  • When you use this, you’ll be filled with refreshment.


  • The water evaporates faster in warmer temperatures.
  • The lifespan of this product may not be long enough for some people.

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Benefits of Using a Car Essential Oil Diffuser

There are several different benefits to using an essential oil diffuser in your car. On top of adding a pleasant fragrance to your car, you’ll have the benefits of aromatherapy and the medicinal benefits that come from using essential oils.

Unsavory odors can be embarrassing to have in your car when it’s your turn to carpool or you’re picking a friend up. Thankfully, with an essential oil diffuser, you can make sure people don’t ever have to be witness to any unsavory odors when they get into your car.

You’ll have a pleasant fragrance in your car at all times as long as you have your essential oil diffuser. The fragrance will even linger after you turn the diffuser off.

Essential oils can be used for aromatherapy to help benefit from the medicinal aspects that the oils hold. BY diffusing these oils, you can receive benefits such as stress relief or mood boosting effects. You can drive to work and have your mood boosted to go into work with a great mindset or you can get off work and have a stress relieving filled aromatherapy session.

What to Think about When Choosing a Car Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers for your car can come in many different varieties. When you’re choosing a diffuser you want to make sure you’re choosing one that fits what you want for your car. Getting a diffuser that you’re going to be completely happy with will help make sure you get the most out of the money you’re spending. In this section, I’ll talk about the different types of diffusers and some features they have.

Type of Diffuser

There are three main types of essential oil diffusers you can get for your car. Each of these diffusers have different methods of diffusing the essential oils into the air of your car.

The first kind of diffuser is the plug-in diffuser. This kind of diffuser either plugs into the 12-volt port in your car where you plug in car phone chargers or into the USB port in your car.

These types of diffusers stop diffusing once you turn the car off so you don’t have to worry about turning it off. These diffusers will either require a mixture of water and oil or will just use the other. Either type will diffuse the oil into the air in the form of mist.

Another type of diffuser is a vent clip. This kind attaches to the air vents in your car and uses the heat or the air conditioning to diffuse throughout the space in the car. The oils in these clips slowly dissipate as you run the air or heat. Some types of these clips use devices that can be refilled or pads that can be soaked with the oils. While this type lasts a little longer, it isn’t as effective as other types of diffusers.

The third type of diffuser is the rechargeable diffuser. These diffusers are very similar to plug-in diffusers but differ in that they don’t always need to be plugged in to work.

These charge up while plugged in but don’t need to remain plugged in to work. While it’s nice to have a diffuser that doesn’t need to be plugged in and can be placed throughout the car, you have to remember to charge it as the battery wears down.

Other Aspects to Keep in Mind

When you decide to buy an essential oil diffuser, you want to make sure it’s going to fit what you want for your car. There are different features that diffusers are equipped with. Depending on what features you want your diffuser to have, some diffusers may not be right for you.

One feature you’ll want to consider is whether or not you want a diffuser that uses water. With a diffuser that uses water, you’ll need to make sure you’re keeping an eye on the amount of water in it. The water will evaporate when it’s diffused so you’ll have to make sure you’re refilling the diffuser as it’s needed.

Having a diffuser that uses water acts as a humidifier so it’s a nice feature to have during dry winter months or if you live in a dry climate.

Another feature that you may want to consider is the power source for your diffuser. Not every car comes equipped with a USB port so you’ll want to make sure you have one if you’re thinking about purchasing a diffuser that is powered by a USB port.

If you don’t have a USB port, you may want to consider purchasing a diffuser that is powered by a 12-volt pot like a car phone charger is. You can also get a diffuser that is charged through this port too. It can be powered on while plugged in but can work without being plugged in too as long as it’s charged.

If you’re considering getting a diffuser that is powered by a rechargeable battery or regular batteries, you want to make sure you’re going to remember to charge the batteries or replace the batteries. If you don’t think you’ll keep up with changing or charging the batteries, you may want to stick with a diffuser that works while being plugged into a power source.

Some diffusers also have a feature where you can control the amount of mist given off while the diffuser is in use. This is a good feature because some diffusers may have too much or too little mist for your liking. With a diffuser that you can control the mist, you can personalize your diffusing experience.

Essential oil diffusers can come with an automatic shut off feature, too. When you’re diffusing, the diffuser will eventually run out of oil. If you purchase a product that has an auto shut off feature, it will save you from having to check the diffuser yourself to make sure you have oil in it.

This also keeps you from having to turn off or unplug your diffuser while your driving, which can be a driving hazard. Without an auto shut off, if you forget to turn off your diffuser, you are posing a fire risk and are wasting the energy it takes to power the diffuser.

Which Car Essential Oil Diffuser Should You Choose?

While all of these products are amazing and well worth your money, there is one product that is clearly superior to the rest. This product is the Gulaki essential oil diffuser. One of the best features on this product is the auto shut off that allows you to use this diffuser without having to worry about forgetting to check the water level. You’ll also be able to save energy and not worry about having a fire hazard with this feature.

Another great aspect of this diffuser is the multiple power sources that can be used on this product. You can attach two USB cords as well as a 12-volt cord, which gives you three opportunities to charge devices during your aromatherapy session. On top of this, you can expect this product to diffuse steadily and easily fill your car with fragrance.

Final Thoughts

Cars can carry plenty of unwanted odors but you don’t have to live with these odors forever. Using a car essential oil diffuser is a great way to naturally fragrance your car, eliminating any unwanted odors. Some of these products also double as a humidifier which provides medicinal benefits along with the benefits provided by essential oils.

While any of these products are well worth the money they cost, the Gulaki essential oil diffuser is without a doubt the best of the best. No matter which diffuser you choose, you’ll be completely satisfied the diffuser and your car will smell great while you enjoy it.

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