5 Best Coffee Scented Candles In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

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Having coffee in the morning might seem good, but here’s something even better: coffee-scented candles.

These heavenly candles won’t give you any caffeine jitters. Instead, they’ll provide you a fragrant dose of calm.

Today, we’ve decided to compile a list of the best coffee-scented candles we found. These candles are heavily aromatic, relaxing, and most of all, delicious. Hop in!

In this article, we’re going to review the following coffee scented candles:

Best Coffee Scented Candles

Why Coffee Scented Candles Are so Good

One sip of coffee perks you up like nothing else. But what about the smell of it? Research has suggested that the mere smell of coffee might affect your brain.

This is where coffee-scented candles come in: not only do they spread an earthy, calming smell, but they could actually boost productivity in the morning.

This is called aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is holistic therapy done through smell. It depends on the use of essential oils and natural plant extracts. And it’s not some recent fad; aromatherapy has been around since Ancient Egypt.

The list of the benefits of aromatherapy goes on. It could improve your mood and alleviate body aches. Aromatherapy could also reduce nausea and manage pain.

On top of that, aromatherapy could enhance your quality of sleep. It’s a classic reliever of anxiety, stress, and agitation.

It could be even utilized during labor, as it eases discomfort. It’s also a known immunity-booster, which could be helpful to those who suffer from anemia.

How to Pick the Right Candle

The call of brand-new scents and tempting offers is hard to resist. It’s easy to haul an armful of candles into your shopping cart right away.

But before you just do that, you might want to keep some things in mind. Here are some of them.

Choose the Right Candle for Your Space

When it comes to buying candles, space is the number one thing you should consider. Where are you putting your candles? The office, the kitchen, the bedroom?

Strong scents, especially strong coffee scents, can be more than overpowering for kitchen spaces. Floral scents can also clash against the smell of food and cooking, making the kitchen an overall unwelcoming space.

Instead, it’s better to opt for something more fresh and light. Citrus, champagne, black tea leaves, and peppery candles are all good options for your kitchen.

Size is another important factor when it comes to space. Is your office big with high ceilings? If so, you might need a larger candle that’s 20 ounces or more. Comparatively, a smaller area, like a bathroom, can do with a 10-ounce candle.

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Look at the Ingredients

A large number of candles are made from a blend of wax and petroleum. However, you won’t see this on the label.

Instead, companies opt for mentioning just one ingredient, like soy or paraffin. There are also other ingredients added to alter the color, smell, or burn time.

With all their soot, candles can easily contaminate your home. Burning petroleum-based candles can pollute indoor air. They can release toxins such as toluene, benzene, and soot. You wouldn’t guess it, but a lot of these toxins are also released by diesel fuel.

When shopping, consider opting for a soy candle. Soy candles are less toxic. They produce less soot, burn clean, and can last for longer. In fact, they can last 30% longer than other petroleum-based candles.

Check the Candle Wick

Fragrance oils can soften candle wax. This used to be a problem among manufacturers, for which the solution was lead. If you put lead in the candle wick, it stayed firm and erect. Most importantly, it burned better.

Unfortunately, lead is toxic. As your lead-cored candle is burning, lead vaporizes into the air, causing you to inhale highly toxic matter. This is why the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) banned the use of lead in candle wicks.

When looking at candles, look for the words “lead-free” and “100% cotton.” You’ll find that eco-conscious businesses tend to utilize natural and eco-friendly materials that are non-toxic. And make sure you’re buying from American manufacturers, as candles from abroad can contain zinc or lead.

Consider the Burn Time

A candle’s burn time is dependent on size and quality. Longer burn time means you’re using a high-grade candle.

You can even lengthen your candle’s burn time by maintaining it properly. For example, allowing your candle to burn until the surface turns molten increases burn time. Also, regularly trimming candle wicks down to ¼ inch could be helpful.

However, you must watch out for “slow-burning” candles. Some of these candles advertise themselves as having a slow, clean burn. What they forget to tell you about are the additives.

To achieve a “slow burn,” manufacturers might include some toxic additives. You can easily detect these kinds of candles by touching them: do they feel greasy? If so, you might want to look for another one.

Best Coffee Scented Candles Reviews

Our search took us far. Today, we put together a list of the top five coffee candles we found on the market. Check them out!

Village Candle Coffee Bean Candle Jar

The first thing you’ll notice about this candle is the fragrant smell of coffee. But rather than smelling like a fresh cup of coffee, it smells like coffee beans.

This coffee scent is accompanied by rich notes of roasted pecans and tonka beans. The best part about it is that you can enjoy the smoky smell for up to 170 hours, as the large glass provides a considerable length of burn time.

While this candle gives away a burnt smell, it might seem too “sweet” to some. If you prefer your coffee bitter, then this candle may not be for you.

However, if you like putting syrup in your coffee, then you’ll love this candle.

Another thing I liked about the smell is its staying power. This isn’t an exaggeration: this smell scent lingers for hours.

You could leave your candle burning for an hour, and have your house smelling like coffee for the whole day.

This candle is made by Village Candle, which is a company well-versed in the art of candle-making. The dual-wick technology it provides results in wider scent release and longer burn time.

This candle jar is filled with paraffin wax. Additionally, the dual-wick technology allows for even wax burn with little soot. Even though paraffin wax is known to produce a lot of soot, this candle is an exception.

The paraffin wax is food-grade. It’s vibrantly dyed with a shade of rich brown, deeply reminiscent of coffee.


  • Amazing staying power
  • Spreads evenly
  • Strong smell


  • The pecan smell may overpower the espresso smell sometimes

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Aromascape Coffee & Praline Scented Candle

Don’t underestimate this 19-ounce candle. It’s no joke; it has a burn time of 60-80 hours.

And when you burn it, you’ll immediately notice the delicious smell of lightly roasted coffee beans with notes of caramelized pralines, all mixed with vanilla and the tiniest hint of cinnamon. This is, by all means, a “morning” candle.

This candle houses a soy wax blend. Soot isn’t a problem. To reduce it, cut down the wick to ¼-ich before lighting it. When you cut it, make sure that no wick trimmings are left in the wax pool.

The great thing about this candle is how it fills a large area. It disperses to every nook and cranny, filling with coffee-scented stress-relief.

It burns evenly and cleanly, even though it lets off the tiniest bit of smoke in the beginning.

You get all of this coffee-smelling goodness for an affordable price. It’s definitely not luxurious, but it offers good value for money. This is clear in the packaging, which is sweet and simple: a glass jar and a minimalist lid.


  • Produces little to no soot and smoke
  • Burns evenly
  • Spreads well in large areas
  • Affordable


  • Can burn fast

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Malicious Women Candle Co – Adulting, Espresso Yo’ Self Infused with Insufficient Funds

One whiff of this candle carries the strongest scent of freshly-brewed coffee. This smell is joined by hints of buttery caramel along with some creamy vanilla. All in all, it offers a perfectly balanced and robust aroma.

It’s natural too. This candle is made from organic soy that’s all grown and made in the US. It has no additives, no zinc, and no lead. The jar is reusable, and the label is recycled. You can easily tell that this company is eco-conscious.

You get approximately 45 hours of burn time. Both temperature and wick trimming can affect your candle’s life. When using it for the first time, make sure to let it burn for 3-4 hours. Don’t put it out until your candle burns across the edge of the container.

It’s a little expensive when looking at the size of the candle, which is relatively small. Moreover, the smell itself isn’t that strong. Yet, this is admittedly something that certain people would prefer.


  • Burns cleanly
  • Isn’t petroleum-based
  • Produces little to no soot


  • A little overpriced

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Fresh Coffee Fragrance aka Joe – Scented Candle

This is another morning candle. It captures a beautiful java aroma and spreads it around. Immediately, you’ll notice the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

If this candle was a coffee, it certainly wouldn’t be bitter. The candle smells like sweet coffee, with loads of sugar and cream loaded in.

However, this doesn’t mean this candle smells “fake.” It still smells delicious and natural, just a tad bit more sugar than you’d expect.

It’s made from paraffin wax. But since it burns cleanly, you should expect no soot. This candle can burn all the way down to the floor of the candle jar with no problem. The total burn time is 80-100 hours, which is personally more than I’d ask for.

Smelling coffee is nice, but increasing the level of lead in your bloodstream isn’t. Luckily, this candle advertises its wick as being lead-free.

As you know by now, lead can cause an array of health issues when inhaled. Of course, the existence of lead in candle wicks is already banned, but it’s always reassuring to know.

The only thing you’d have trouble with is the mouth of the jar. It’s not wide enough, so you’ll have to squeeze your fingers in there to get a light going.


  • Long burn time
  • Authentic sweet coffee smell
  • Burns cleanly; leaves no unused wax
  • Confirmed as non-toxic


  • Top of the jaw could be a little wider

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CoCo Benjamin Soy Espresso Latte Candle

This is our second soy wax candle here on this list. And like the previous, it offers a whiff of delicious espresso latte.

Made from 100 percent soy wax, this candle is vegan. It’s eco-friendly and free from petroleum, as well as phthalates.

Unlike some products on this list, it has a very gentle smell. It may come across as underwhelming to some people. But to others, it’s just the perfect intensity.

The lightness of its smell makes it perfect for use in the kitchen. The espresso scent won’t clash against your cooking. Instead, it’ll stay in the background to calm you down.

You’ll definitely notice a tone of residue on the walls of the jar. However, this candle burns without soot.

It burns evenly with no crackle and lasts for a long time. It also comes with a lid, which makes putting the light out easy. All you have to do is put the lid on, and you won’t even see smoke coming out.


  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Made from 100 percent soy wax
  • Long-lasting
  • Burns evenly


  • The smell might be too “gentle” for some

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Coffee in the morning is a special pleasure. However, no one wants to suffer from the dreaded caffeine jitters. You could use one of these coffee-scented candles to wake you up instead.

Fresh Coffee Fragrance aka Joe – Scented Candle is a good choice to consider. It smells amazing, burns cleanly, and is long-lasting. Its total burn time is 80-100, and it varies depending on temperature and trimming.

If you like more subtle scents, then you might want to consider CoCo Benjamin Soy Espresso Latte Candle. It’s ideal for kitchen spaces, where strong smells can come off as overwhelming.

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