5 Best 3-Wick Candles In 2023 (Buyer’s Guide & Reviews)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best 3-wick candle is, then we recommend Yankee Candle Elevation Collection 3-Wick Scented Candle as the best one.

3-wick candles have long been on our radar, but we didn’t have any buyer’s guides dedicated to them. Well, it’s time to fix this!

In this post, we’ll talk about the benefits of 3-wick candles and will help you determine whether you truly need one. To guide you further, we’ll showcase 5 wonderful candles that we think are the best 3-wick candles out there.

And let’s get started without further ado!

In this article, we’re going to review the following 3-wick candles:

best 3-Wick Candles

What’s The Benefit Of 3-Wick Candles?

3-wick candles sure do look cool, but what are their actual practical benefits over single or even double-wick candles?

Well, the main benefit of 3-wick candles is the more consistent melting of the wax surface. This allows you to prevent the wax from being melted only in the center.

As a result of the consistent heating, more wax gets melted on the surface of the candle, leading to a stronger scent throw. Thus, 3-wick candles are better than double- or single-wick candles when you want a quick inflow of scent in the room.

3 lighted wicks also provide more light than one or two wicks, so a 3-wick candle will serve as a better light source too.

On the other hand, 3-wick candles have a shorter burn time because the heat coming from three flames will melt the wax faster. So although you are getting a stronger scent, its duration will be short compared to single- or double-wick candles.

3-wick candles are available in both scented and unscented styles, but you are going to find many more scented than unscented candles. Due to this, nearly all the candles that we will feature below are scented.

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Is One 3-Wick Candle Better Than 3 Single-Wick Candles?

One question you might be wondering about is this – would one 3-wick candle be better than 3 single-wick candles?

And the answer is that it depends.

A 3-wick candle would be preferable if you wanted a high amount of light and scent concentrated in one place. In this case, one 3-wick candle would simply be more space-saving than 3 one-wick candles.

On the other hand, you can actually place 3 single-wick candles in different areas of the room to achieve a more uniform light & scent distribution. Obviously, you can’t do this with one 3-wick candle, unless you have a few of them (which would be expensive).

So if you are trying to choose between one or the other, determine what you want – light & scent all in one spot or across the entire room?

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Which Wax Type Is The Best For 3-Wick Candles?

When shopping for a 3-wick candle, you should pay careful attention to the kind of wax that’s used in available candles. Candle wax can be produced from different sources, which can impact the safety, cleanness, and scent quality of the candle.

In our top, we have soy candles, a beeswax candle, and candles that are made from a mix of several wax types – most notably, paraffin and soy wax. All in all, the most common wax types you’ll find in candles are paraffin, soy, and beeswax.

Paraffin is considered unhealthy these days – made from crude oil, it releases toxins into the air, and regular use of paraffin candles has been linked with cancer. With that said, paraffin wax burns for a long time and produces the strongest scent.

Soy wax is produced from soybean oil. Therefore, soy wax can be completely organic and vegan (if the soybeans have been manufactured without animal products, GMOs, or chemicals). It’s also much safer than paraffin wax and generally produces a cleaner, higher-quality scent.

Beeswax is collected from honeycombs. Since honeycombs are made by bees, beeswax is completely natural. Not only that, but unscented beeswax candles have a very pleasant and clean scent with notes of honey and wood. Beeswax is also considered hypoallergenic. Read our full review on Best Beeswax Candles.

All these benefits of beeswax come at a cost though – beeswax candles are really expensive. Besides, you’ll get the best quality from only pure beeswax. If you want the best experience, avoid beeswax blends – these may only include 10 or 20% of actual beeswax.

Speaking of blends, some candles may contain more than one type of wax. When shopping for a 3-wick candle, make sure to check its ingredient list to know what you are getting.

Now that we understand what 3-wick candles have to offer, it’s time for us to have a look at our top 5 picks!

Best 3-Wick Candles Reviews

Yankee Candle Elevation Collection 3-Wick Scented Candle

If you want something unique and eye-catching, then Yankee’s 3-wick scented candle from the Elevation Collection might be worthy of decorating your interior!

This 3-wick scented candle comes in an elegant container with a surprisingly functional metal lid. The lid serves not only to cover the jar’s mouth but can also be used as a base for the container. With its brushed surface, the lid looks gorgeous too!

When it comes to fragrance, Yankee offers several options – mostly flowery and foresty scents. The scent in the Yankee 3-wick candle is on the milder side, which will be great for those who can’t stand overpowering fragrances.

Yankee includes 12.5 ounces of soy-blend wax in this candle with a total burn time of 28 to 38 hours. This is fine for the size, but we think that the candle is a bit expensive for the amount of wax you are getting. Still, with its gorgeous jar, the Yankee 3-wick candle is a fine addition to any interior.


  • Great for those who hate strong, overpowering fragrances.
  • Burns for up to 38 hours.
  • Uniquely elegant candle jar.


  • The scent is on the milder side.
  • Rather expensive for its size.

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Bluecorn 3-Wick Beeswax Unscented Candle

If you’ve ever wanted to try out beeswax candles, then here’s your chance. Yes, the Bluecorn 3-wick beeswax candle is rather expensive (as any beeswax candle), but the clean burn, pleasant sweet scent, and the eco-friendliness are well worth it.

This candle is made from pure beeswax and contains no paraffin, lead, or other chemicals and toxins. It’s thus hypoallergenic and safe to use – much safer than paraffin and even soy wax. The clean scent boasts notes of honey and wood – just like any good beeswax.

The Bluecorn beeswax 3-wick candle is pretty small and burns for just 18 hours. 18 hours aren’t too bad for the amount of included wax, but you end paying a lot for very little wax. That’s just the world of beeswax for you – if you want the best quality, then be ready to dig deep into your pockets.

One quick note to make – in the Amazon product description, Bluecorn writes about 100% pure essential oils. These oils seem to be only used in Bluecorn scented beeswax candles – since this particular candle is unscented, it has no oils. Bluecorn should update the wax’s description since this may be confusing for buyers.


  • Made from pure beeswax.
  • No added scents – only the pure & sweet beeswax fragrance.
  • Burns for 18 hours.


  • Very expensive.

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NEST Fragrances 3-Wick Scented Candle

If you have the budget, then we also strongly recommend that you try out NEST candles – particularly this 3-wick candle. NEST candles are rather expensive yet offer excellent scent clarity and clarity – probably some of the best you’ll ever have the chance to experience.

One of the key features of NEST candles is their gorgeous gift boxes. This is no exception for the NEST 3-wick candle – it comes in a beautiful packaging that will work wonderfully for gifts.

Another strong side of the 3-wick NEST candle is its long burn time. With about 21.2 ounces of wax, this candle is large and burns for 80-100 hours – the longest on this list. So although the NEST candle is pricey, you’re getting a lot for your money!

Unfortunately, NEST doesn’t disclose the ingredients of its candles since the formulation is a “trade secret”. We aren’t fans of this approach since we’d like to know what we are dealing with.

With that said, thousands of positive reviews online show that NEST candles are safe to use just like many other scented candles.


  • Boasts traditional NEST quality.
  • Comes in a gorgeous gift box.
  • Burns of a whopping 80-100 hours.


  • Pricey

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Bath & Body Works Stress Relief 3-Wick Candle

If you are looking for a 3-wick scented candle for relaxation, then this candle from Bath & Body Works might work wonderfully. Part of the Stress Relief line, this candle boasts a relaxing eucalyptus spearmint scent that buyers seem to like very much.

Now, in terms of aromatherapy, things are very subjective – it’s difficult to tell what will and won’t work for you. But judging by the extremely positive feedback, the Stress Relief 3-wick candle has indeed worked for many people.

With 14.5 ounces of wax, the Stress Relief candle offers up to 25-45 hours of scent release. This isn’t bad for the amount of included wax, but it’s a bit short for the money Bath & Body Works asks for.

In terms of aesthetics, we like the simplicity of the Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint candle. It will work with most interior styles, so you shouldn’t have to worry about matching the candle with your home.

When it comes to formulation, the Stress Relief candle is a blend of different kinds of waxes – most importantly, soy and vegetable. It also seems to contain paraffin wax, which might be a problem for some people. Still, the Stress Relief candle delivers high-quality scent that many people have liked.


  • Burns for 25-45 hours.
  • Eucalyptus spearmint scent.
  • Formulated for relaxation and aromatherapy.


  • The burning time is pretty short for the price.

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Nature’s Wick Multi-Scent 3-Wick Soy Candle

Last but not least, we have Nature’s Wick 3-wick candle. This is one of the most unique 3-wick candles you can find out there thanks to two things.

First up, this candle features 3 layers of scented wax. The scents are released one after another as you burn through the layers. In this particular candle, the scents are forest pine, crimson cinnamon, and vanilla macaroon. There are a few other scent combos available as well, so have a look at them if you want something else.

The second interesting feature is the wooden wicks. These wicks produce a soothing crackling sound while burning, which many people like. If you aren’t sure whether you’ll like the crackling though, you may want to avoid this candle since the sound may annoy you.

We also like the simple and rustic design of this candle – it comes in a glass jar topped with a cute wood lid.

In terms of burn time, the Nature’s Wick candle is rather nice – it includes about 18 ounces of wax and burns for 48 hours. Since this candle is relatively inexpensive, 48 hours is a very nice amount of burning time!


  • 3 layers of fragrance – released as you burn through the wax.
  • Burns for up to 48 hours.
  • Rustic jar with a cute wooden lid.
  • The wooden wick makes soothing crackling sounds.


  • The crackling of the wick may annoy some people.

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Final Words

In our opinion, the all-around best 3-wick candle out there is the Yankee Candle Elevation Collection 3-Wick Scented Candle. This candle isn’t too expensive, has an elegant design, delivers a long burn time for the money, and is based on soy.

Another worthy pick is the Bluecorn 3-Wick Beeswax Unscented Candle. Offering the distinct fragrance of beeswax, this is the best 3-wick candle if you want a high-quality, safe, and eco-friendly candle.

The NEST Fragrances 3-Wick Scented Candle is excellent for those readers who want something high-quality. NEST candles are traditionally known for their clean, intense scent. Plus, they make for great gifts!

Finally, if you want something for relaxation, then consider Nature’s Wick Multi-Scent 3-Wick Soy Candle with its triple layer of fragrance and the soothing crackling sound. If you don’t want any crackling though, then the Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief 3-Wick Candle might work better for you.

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