7 Best Rose Scented Candles In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best rose scented Candle is, then we recommend Urban Concepts by DECOCANDLES Scented Candle as the best one.

If you are looking for candles to add a romantic charm to your home space with, then our roundup of the best rose scented candles might have what you want.

It may seem that shopping for a scented candle has zero challenge to it, but this isn’t quite true – there are hundreds of rose scented candles sold on the market! If you’ve been struggling to find the appropriate candle for the occasion, don’t worry – with our buyer’s guide and top 5 picks, you should be able to make the right decision in no time!

In this article, we’re going to review the following rose scented Candles:

Best Rose Scented Candles

7 Best Rose Scented Candles Reviews

1. Sanari Fiore Organic Aromatherapy Candle

SANARI – Organic Aromatherapy Candle, Bourbon Glass, Zen Candle, Fragrance Free, Non Toxic, Essential Oils, Organic Coconut Wax Blend, Vegan & Made in USA -White Gardenia, Rose, Peach, Mango 8.5oz
  • SANARI CANDLE DIFFERENCE - Sanari Candle is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle, using only the highest quality USDA ORGANIC and GREEN products...
  • NATURALLY SOURCED & SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS: We created a propriety blended wax that is exclusive to Sanari Candle, using 100% ORGANIC COCONUT and...
  • OUR COMMITMENT - We are ENVIRONMENTALLY consciousness and fully SUSTAINABLE end to end. All candles are individually hand pored, into a recyclable and...
  • FREE OF Petroleum, Harmful Synthetic Fragrances, Colorants, lead and we manufacture cruelty free, including BEEs. WE GIVE BACK - Philanthropy is a key...
  • PRODUCT CARE - To best preserve your candle store out of heat, humidity and direct sun. Burn only on non-flammable, heat safe surfaces. The natural...

Sanari candles come in a beautifully sturdy box that’s made from sustainable, tree-free paper sources. Necessary information is printed on the box using soy ink. This is helpful when gift-giving. The recipient learns exactly what ingredients are in the wax, how long to burn the candle, and so forth.

The strength of this box was needed because the glass container is quite solid; similar to a lowball tumbler used for drinks. But the wall of the candle is slightly curved in, giving it an elegant appeal.

Sanari Fiore Organic Aromatherapy Candle

I’m burning Fiore, part of Sanari’s Floral Fruit Collection. It’s a subtle blend of white gardenia and rose combined with pear and mango. Hints of Tonka bean and berry blossom are added for enhanced pleasure.

It’s truly a pleasant fragrance. Knowing that it’s made using healthy ingredients also helps me enjoy the experience. Vegan coconut wax, GMO-free soy wax, a cotton wick, and 100% essential oils are the only ingredients.

When burning next to me, I enjoy the fragrance right away. At a distance, though, it can take 20 minutes before I start to smell anything. But this is the nature of essential oils. They don’t have as strong a throw unless combined with fragrance oils.

My first burn lasted a little over four hours. Unfortunately, my candle wax hadn’t fully pooled. Burning it for longer could be dangerous so this is something I’ll continue to monitor going forward. Hopefully I can avoid tunneling.

Sanari Fiore Organic Aromatherapy Candle

Overall, this 8.5oz (240gr) candle would make the perfect present for the health- and eco-conscious person in your life. Or, buy it for yourself! You’ll love its warm glow and fragrance.


  • High quality organic ingredients
  • Balanced yet complex scent
  • Heavy-bottomed glass container
  • Elegant modern design
  • Boxed for gifting


  • Delicate fragrance throw
  • May not fully pool

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2. Karl Winters Parisian Rose Soy Candle

Parisian Rose Soy Candle | Luxury Candle for Home | Rose Floral Scent | Candle Gift for Aromatherapy & Relaxation | Matte Pink/Burgundy 8 oz. Jar | No Lid | Karl Winters Co.
  • ROSE SCENTED CANDLE designed in a luxurious matte pink vessel - creating a stunning home aesthetic
  • NATURAL SOY SCENTED CANDLE that will get any regular sized room in your home to smell amazing, in a short period of time
  • FLORAL CANDLE with aroma of freshly cut roses, and hints of green notes with blackcurrant for a sparkling sensation
  • Perfect as a VALENTINES DAY GIFT for that special woman
  • LUXURY SOY CANDLE with coconut wax for a clean healthier burn

The Parisian Rose candle from Karl Winters is a lovely candle, with a gentle feminine scent. The candle itself is made from a soft white soy-coconut wax blend. The container that the candle comes in is a beautiful rose pink on the outside and deep burgundy on the inside, making for a two-tone experience as the candle burns. The candle comes with a gorgeous gold lid and is wrapped nicely in pink tissue paper inside a burgundy box. 

When I received this candle, I immediately noticed the scent. Soft, yet powerful, the scent of roses drifted up from the candle. It smelled like a fresh-cut rose from a Parisian garden. Even unlit, the candle’s scent filled my room. As I burned the candle, the smell lingered as a gentle undertone, rather than overpowering. 

The dual-tone container is an aspect of this candle that I’m not sure whether I liked or disliked. Because it is opaque, it restricts the view of the flame past a certain point, which I didn’t love; however, the lower the flame burned, I noticed that the glow from the pink-burgundy colors actually cast a rose-hued glow over my walls, which I liked. 

The only thing I found bothersome about this candle was that without trimming the wick bunched up at the end causing excess smoke, but otherwise this was a luxurious candle-burning experience for me. Like most candles, you must trim the wick before each use.


  • Great opaque container with two tones
  • Smells strong, yet not overpowering
  • Great scent throw for the entire burn time
  • The packaging gives a luxurious feeling
  • Uses soy-coconut wax for a cleaner burn


  • Wick needs consistent trimming
  • Can’t see the candle flame when it burns low

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3. Urban Concepts by DECOCANDLES Fresh Cut Roses Scented Candle

Urban Concepts by DECOCANDLES - Fresh Cut Roses - Highly Scented Soy Candle - Long Lasting - Hand Poured in USA (6.7 Oz.)
  • Hand poured in USA
  • Trendy looking
  • Uniquely blended scents
  • Highly scented
  • Long lasting

This candle scented like freshly cut roses from Urban Concepts by DECO

CANDLES will likely be the right option for many of our readers. The candle isn’t too expensive and delivers excellent rose fragrance that has been praised by many buyers.

The simplistic jar design also sets this rose-scented candle apart. We wouldn’t say that the vessel of this candle is the most beautiful on this list, but it certainly is one of the more interesting and distinctive ones.

The cute cork lid adds further uniqueness to this scented candle, though it can be a little bit difficult to open and close sometimes.

Urban Concepts also offers listings of this candle with gorgeous gift boxes, but as of this review’s writing, boxed rose scent candles were out of stock (hopefully, they’ll come back soon).

Some of our buyers will like that this rose-scented candle is hand-poured in the US as well. If you want to support the domestic economy, buying this candle is one way to do it.


  • Wonderful rose scent.
  • Simplistic jar design.
  • Available with beautiful gift boxes.


  • The cork lid isn’t the easiest to open.

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4. Yankee Candle Fresh Cut Roses Tumbler Jar Scented Candle

Yankee Candle Fresh Cut Roses Scented, Classic 7oz Small Tumbler Single Wick Candle, Over 35 Hours of Burn Time
  • An intoxicating bouquet of fragrant heirloom roses
  • Long-lasting 35-55 hour burn time
  • Quality paraffin-grade candle wax delivers a clear, consistent burn
  • 7-oz. scented candle measures 3.5" H x 3.4" D
  • Natural fiber candle wick delivers the best burn for each fragrance

Candles from Yankee are among the most popular ones on Amazon – with thousands of ratings and universal praise, they will work nicely for many people. This also applies to this tumbler jar candle with a scent of freshly cut roses.

The Yankee tumbler candle comes in several sizes and styles – large, medium, and small tumblers, as well as pillar and jar styles. We based our review on the small tumbler that included 7 ounces of candle wax with 35-55-hour burn time.

The medium jar includes 14.5 ounces of wax and is claimed to burn for 40-50 hours (which is weirdly short given that it has two times more wax), while the large tumbler comes with 22 ounces and burns for 75-110 hours.

Scent-wise, the Yankee tumbler rose-scented candle appears to be great – buyers have praised it for the clean fragrance that indeed smells like fresh cut roses.

With that said, keep in mind that this candle appears to be made from paraffin. And as we’ve said earlier, paraffin has been linked with health issues (though remember that paraffin should be safe in moderate use).


  • Lasts for 35-55 hours.
  • Available in multiple sizes and styles.
  • Sleek glass jar.


  • Seems to be made from paraffin wax.

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5. NEST Fragrances Rose Noir & Oud Votive Candle

NEST Fragrances Rose Noir & Oud Votive Candle
  • LUXURY GLASS CANDLE: 2-ounce decorative scented candle ideal for home relaxation and perfect for smaller spaces
  • FLORAL AND SEDUCTIVE: Captivating Rose de Mai blended with smoky oud, a hint of incense, black leather, and patchouli
  • LONG-LASTING ELEGANCE: Candles crafted with proprietary, premium wax formulated to burn cleanly and evenly for 20–28 hours
  • CRUELTY FREE: These richly scented candles are vegan and made without animal testing
  • NEST NEW YORK: Where mood is elevated and scent is celebrated

You’ve probably heard about NEST at least once. It’s not a pocket-friendly brand to buy scented candles from, but if you have the money, you will get fragrances of unparalleled quality and intensity.

For this review, we’ve chosen to showcase the NEST Rose Noir & Oud votive candle. This candle’s fragrance is based on Rose de Mai – a hybrid rose developed between the 17th and 19th centuries in the Netherlands.

Apart from rose notes, the NEST votive candle also has touches of oud (agarwood), patchouli, and, oddly enough, black leather. All this makes for a strong, floral fragrance the likes of which you probably won’t find anywhere else.

The particular NEST rose candle we based our review on came in the votive candle style. It includes 2 ounces of wax that burns for about 20 hours. The wax here appears to be a soy & paraffin blend, but we aren’t sure since NEST keeps their wax ingredients secret.

If you want a classic, large candle, then there’s also an 8.1-ounce alternative available. Both the votive and classic candles are rather expensive for their size, though in absolute dollars, the small votive candle is much cheaper.


  • Strong and clean scent.
  • Sophisticated scent with notes of rose and oud.
  • Burns for about 20 hours, which is great for the size.
  • Available in a classic jar candle style.


  • Expensive

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6. Shortie’s Candle Company Rose Petals Tealight

Rose Petals Premium Tealight Candles - Highly Scented with Essential Oils - 6 Pink Tea Lights - Beautiful Candlelight - Made in The USA - Flower & Floral Collection
  • Our Rose Petals Tealight Candles feature a clear cup and are designed to provide beautiful bright light in all traditional tea light candle holders.
  • Made in the USA with natural and essential oils, and a clean burning natural fiber single lead free wick - completely non toxic!
  • Our Rose Petals Tea lights are hand poured with our classic food grade natural paraffin wax blend for great scent throw.
  • All of our Floral tealights are highly scented and designed to burn all the way to the edge and bottom with a good scent throw.
  • Each pack contains 6 Tea Light Candles 1.5 inches in diameter, each with 1/2 Oz. of wax, and burn for approximately 5 hours per tea-light.

These are relatively inexpensive tealight candles from Shortie’s Candle Company. This set includes 6 tealight candles made in the US with natural (as advertised by the seller) and essential oils. The wax here is a paraffin wax blend, but since tealights aren’t really intended to be used very frequently, you shouldn’t encounter any health issues with them in the long term.

Each of the included candles is sized at 1/2 ounces and has a burn time of about 5-6 hours. If you are intending to use the tealights all at once, then you’ll get just 5-6 hours out of this pack. But if burning separately, you’ll get up to 30-36 hours.

Shortie’s Candle Company additionally boasts about a low melting point in their wax blend, which allows for a faster melt and quicker scent delivery. Judging by buyer reviews, these candles do melt fast – perhaps even too fast. With that said, these tealights deliver a pleasant and rather potent rose scent that has been liked by many buyers.


  • Pleasant rose petal scent.
  • Not too inexpensive.
  • Includes 6 tealight candles.
  • Each candle burns for 5-6 hours.


  • Made from paraffin wax.

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7. Pink Rose Garden Scented Votive Candles

Pink Rose Garden Scented Candles - Bulk Set of 72 Scented Votive Candles - 10 Hour Burn Time - Made in The USA
  • Bulk pack of 72 pink votive candles with pleasant rose garden scent
  • Votives are 1.5 Inch in diameter x 1.25 Inch in height. Candles fit in most standard votive candle holders and lanterns
  • Made in the USA with quality wax from core to overdip so candles maintain color and scent throughout burning
  • Fill your home with the clean aroma of rose garden, scented candles have a 10 hour burn time keeping your space smelling fresh all day long
  • Perfect for home, spas, parties and any occasion needing some extra ambiance

Finally, we have this huge 72-candle pack sold by Light In The Dark. These are small votive candles sized at 1.25 x 1.5 inches (H x D), and given their price, you are paying very little per included votive candle. The size of the candles should also be just right for most standard votive lanterns and candle holders.

Although inexpensive, these rose-scented votive candles have a very nice rose scent – buyers have described it as clean and rather strong. The candles melt down completely, so no wasted money or wax with this pack as well.

The burn time for each of the candles is advertised at about 10 hours. This claim appears to be true – many buyers have been able to get 10 and even 12 hours out of these candles! However, a noticeable number of people have instead gotten only half of the claimed duration, so there may be some inconsistencies in the wax formulation.

Lastly, like the previous candles on this list, this 72-piece pack is made in the US, which we know matters to many of our readers.


  • Clean garden rose fragrance.
  • Extremely inexpensive for the amount of included candles.
  • Comes with 72 rose scented votive candles.
  • Burn time of 10 hours.


  • The burn time of these candles seems to be inconsistent.

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Where Can You Use Rose Scented Candles?

Rose scented candles are usually associated with romantic occasions, so they are perfect for bedroom use. Apart from that, rose candles may be used to set the mood in any other room.

Feel free to use rose scented candles for any other occasion as well. Though the rose scent is considered romantic, if you just generally prefer it, you may enhance your space with a rose fragrance if you wish so.

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What To Look For In The Best Rose Scented Candle

In this section, we’ll briefly cover the most important things that you should be looking for in a rose-scented candle. We included info that will specifically help you choose the right candle from among our 5 top picks.

Scent notes

Scented candles rarely have single scent notes – rose scent, in our example. Typically, scented candles have more than one note. In the candles that we will showcase below, you can see supplemental notes like agarwood or patchouli.

With that said, you can still find candles that have an exclusively rose scent. But even here, the rose scent may be based on different kinds of roses, so pay attention to that too.

What kind of a scent profile to go for depends on your preferences. The only practical tip that we can give you here is that you should follow your preferences. But you may also try to experiment with different rose scent combos.

Candle style

Scented candles come in various styles, most importantly:

  • Jar candles. In these candles, the wax is poured into a glass or metal container. The shape of the candle is maintained by the walls of the vessel.
  • Pillar candles. Pillar candles are made from wax that is rigid enough to stand on its own without support. Such candles would work the best for you if you are intending to use them with candle holders, candle plates, or hurricane lamps.
  • Votive candles. These are small jarred candles that are traditionally used in religious ceremonies. Aside from that, votive candles are ideal if you want to add just a tad of light and scent into the room.
  • Tealight candles. Tealight candles are similar to votive candles, but they tend to be smaller. Apart from providing light, tealight candles are often used for food warming (though this probably wouldn’t be the ideal use case for a scented tealight since you would just be wasting fragrance). Read more about Best Tea Light Candles.

Which candle style to choose? This depends on what you are expecting from the candles and how you see them within your space.

With that said, pillar & jar candles would probably work the best if you want light and fragrance. Votive & tealights also produce a decent amount of light and scent, but since they are smaller, you will need to light several such candles to get plenty of light and fragrance.

Wax blend

Scented candles are typically made from soy or paraffin wax blends. Generally, soy wax is considered a cleaner-burning and healthier. Paraffin wax has been linked with cancer, but it appears that the adverse health effects appear only after daily use of paraffin candles for years.

So with not very frequent use, paraffin candles shouldn’t bring any harm to your health. However, if you are intending to use your candles very frequently, then a soy scented candle would perhaps be a better choice.

Also, it’s generally considered that paraffin scented candles have a stronger fragrance, but this varies from candle to candle significantly and can’t really be called a rule.

Read more about What Is the Healthiest Candle to Burn.

Burn time

Scented candle sellers usually indicate the burn time of their candles in the product description. Although the advertised figures aren’t always precise, they at least give you some idea of how long a candle will burn. Besides, generally, the more wax there is in a candle, the longer it will burn.

Apart from checking out the provided duration numbers, read through buyer reviews as well – these will provide you with a little more objective information on how long the desired candle truly burns.

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Final Words

If you’re still struggling to determine which one would be the best rose-scented candle for you, then here’s our personal recommendation.

We think that Urban Concepts by DECOCANDLES Scented Candle will work the best for many of our readers. It’s not too expensive, its rose scent is highly praised, and you are getting plenty of wax that should last you for days.

The Urban Concepts candle perhaps isn’t the most cost-efficient on our list, but it isn’t pricey either.

Is the Urban Concepts by DECOCANDLES Scented Candle the absolute best rose-scented candle on this list? Well, perhaps not for all of our readers. In some areas, other candles on our top will work better – the NEST Fragrances Rose Noir & Oud Votive Candle would work just right if you are after a premium feel, while something like Pink Rose Garden Scented Votive Candles would be a nice choice if your budget is limited.

If you’re not sure if the Urban Concepts candle is the best for you, then go through our reviews one more time – all the information you need to make a decision is there.

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