5 Best Lemon Scented Candles In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

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One of the best ways to freshen up your home and create an atmosphere you truly enjoy is to use candles. One of the freshest and brightest fragrances you can choose is lemon. It can bring a clean and vibrant fragrance into your home with even the first burn of a new candle.

Knowing this, you may be wondering what the best lemon scented candles are. There are many different candles you can choose from that will create an amazing fragrance and atmosphere in your home. In this post, though, I’ll review five different candles and then give you the best out of my selection.

When you’re burning a lemon scented candle, you aren’t just adding fragrance to your home. You’re also creating a pure and clean atmosphere from the citrusy fragrance. While this fragrance provides a lovely smell throughout your home, there are plenty of other benefits that a lemon candle provides to make this fragrance perfect to burn in your home.

In this article, we’re going to review the following lemon scented candles:

Best Lemon Scented Candles

The Benefits of a Lemon Candle

Lemons candles give you more than just a bright, citrusy sweet fragrance. While that’s a definite perk and possibly the reason someone may initially buy a lemon candle, there’s so much more lying within that fragrance that makes it worth your money.

One of the benefits of a lemon candle, or any citrus for that matter, is that it has been proven to boost your mood. If you have emotional stress and need a way to relax, burn one of these candles. You can either burn it on it’s own or pair it with some soothing music and a steamy bubble bath to provide the ultimate spa like relaxation. Either way, a lemon candle will help combat your stress and calm you down.

Lemon fragrances are also great for cleansing your home of unwanted odors. Because of the potency of the lemon fragrance, it makes an amazing odor eliminating agent. In place of your unwanted odor, you’ll be left with the bright, fresh fragrance that will impress anyone that enters your home. The lemon fragrance is even strong enough to tackle difficult odors such as the leftover fragrance from tobacco smoke.

Lemon Essential Oil

While purchasing a candle that uses lemon fragrance oil can provide benefits through just the fragrance alone. A candle that’s fragranced with lemon essential oils has actual health benefits on top of the pleasant fragrance. While fragrance oils will give you a candle that has a strong fragrance, you can also get a strong fragrance from essential oils with the medicinal benefits on top of it.

Lemon essential oil comes from lemon peels going through a cold pressing process in order to get the oils to release from the peel. You can get the effects of this oil’s medicinal properties through either diffusing it or diluting it and applying to your skin.

The effects you’ll get from this oil can fight exhaustion and depression as well as kill viruses and bacteria and reduce inflammation. People have been claiming for years about these medicinal effects but it hasn’t been scientifically supported until more recent years. Since being supported by science, studies have shown that lemon essential oil also has calming effects as well as being known to improve moods.

Pregnant women can benefit from lemon essential oil too. Studies have shown that when using lemon essential oil as aromatherapy, morning sickness can be controlled. Specifically, lemon essential oil targets nausea and vomiting, which can be tolling on a pregnant woman. By diffusing this oil, women can ease these pregnancy symptoms.

Some other health benefits that lemon essential oil has are:

  • Healthier skin by killing harmful bacteria
  • Pain relief when used in aromatherapy
  • Soothing a sore throat and making it easier to breathe
  • Helping you feel alert and concentrated
  • Treating and preventing breakouts of acne
  • Possible wound healing
  • Antifungal properties

A Review of 5 Lemon Scented Candles

In this section, I will review five different lemon scented candles that I feel are worth your money. There are so many different kinds of lemon fragrances out there so this review will be one way to help you narrow down the options. After reading this review, you should be able to make an educated decision as to whether or not these lemon candles are right for you and your home.

1. Lemon Verbena by Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day is a popular brand that has made high quality soy blend candles for an affordable price. They use garden inspired ingredients and are transparent with what the ingredients are and how they function in their candles. They also don’t test their products on animals, which makes them appeal to a wider range of people.

This is a great candle for people who are looking to live a greener lifestyle. This candle is also made with essential oils so that you will have the medicinal benefits from the oils along with the pleasant smell. This fragrance is bold, clean, and fresh, and knowing that you’ll be getting the medicinal benefits that come along with the wonderful fragrance filling your home.

This lemon verbena candle will bring you 35 hours of aromatherapy. The scent throw that comes from this candle will fill whatever room you burn it in and you’ll be left with an amazing fragrance in its wake. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day is a cleaning supply company so this candle also functions as a cleanser for the air in your home. Any unwanted odors will be eliminated and replaced with the fresh and clean fragrance of lemon verbena.

The glass jar this candle is poured into will fit in with any décor you have in your home without you having to worry about it sticking out. You can also repurpose this jar after you finish burning your candle to use it for something else. Being an environmentally friendly company, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day recommends that you do find some way to repurpose your candle jar.


  • The scent from this candle isn’t so strong that it’s irritating.
  • This fragrance will fill a fairly large room easily.
  • You can expect a clean burn from this candle.
  • This candle is high quality for the affordable price.
  • This candle is comparable to more expensive brands.
  • The glass jar on this candle is reusable.
  • This fragrance will linger pleasantly after you finish burning the candle.
  • Whatever room you choose to burn this in will feel warm and inviting.
  • Because the candle is made from soy wax, you don’t have to worry about soot and smoke.
  • These candles last a very long time.
  • The lemon verbena fragrance is light and crisp, making your home feel refreshing.


  • Some people may not like the herbal type fragrance that comes along with the lemon verbena smell.
  • The fragrance may not be strong enough for some people.
  • This fragrance isn’t overly lemony.
  • The lemon smell is more powerful when the candle is cold instead of lit.

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2. Lemon Mint Leaf by Bath & Body Works

The lemon mint leaf fragrance from Bath & Body Works is an online exclusive that is definitely worth waiting for while it’s being shipped.

This candle is fragranced with both essential oils and fragrance oils so you’ll get a strong, vibrant fragrance while still getting the medicinal benefits from the essential oils. This citrusy herbal mixture will without a doubt brighten up any space you place it in.

With this candle, you’re given a high quality soy-based wax that will allow your candle to burn cleanly and evenly. Bath & Body Works has packed as much essential oils into this candle as they can while still maintaining a simple, clean fragrance.

The wick is lead free so you don’t need to worry about the wick releasing harmful chemicals into the air. With all of these features, you can expect your candle to have a consistent, clean, and even burn.

The fragrances in this candle blend together beautifully. You’ll be met with the bright sparkling fragrance of lemon zest to create that bold yet sweet citrusy fragrance. There’s also the cool, relaxing fragrance of spearmint leaves to promote a calming atmosphere. Mixed into all of this is the natural fragrance of verbena leaves to round out this delicious candles with a touch of herbal scents.

This candle will fit into your home perfectly if you’re looking for that lemon fragrance and wanting a candle that will also promote a peaceful and calming atmosphere. The spearmint leaves can help calm and destress while the lemon can help boost your mood and dilute any anxieties. Together, this makes a calming candle that can fit anywhere in a home.


  • You can expect this to be a soft and fresh fragrance.
  • This candle will brighten up a room even with the first burn.
  • You’ll notice your mood brighten when you burn this candle.
  • The spearmint in this candle will help you feel relaxed.
  • This candle pairs well with a hot bath to unwind after a long day or week.
  • You don’t have to worry about this fragrance being overwhelming.
  • The fragrance is true to the name of the candle.
  • This is a good fragrance to burn in the summer.
  • The candle burns nicely and evenly.
  • The herbal notes in this candle make the fragrance refreshing.
  • This candle has a strong scent throw and can fill a room easily.


  • The fragrance of this candle may not be strong enough for some people.
  • If you’re trying to fill a very large space, this candle may not be right for you.

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3. Fresh Lemon by DW Home

DW Homes provides you with a candle that is made with waxes that other companies don’t normally use. This company uses a blend of coconut, palm, and paraffin wax.

The coconut and palm waxes help give your candle a clean burn while the paraffin helps the longevity and boldness of your fragrance. The wick in this candle is made from pure cotton so you don’t have to worry about there being traces of lead to release toxins.

This lemon candle is fragranced with a blend of essential, natural, and synthetic fragrance oils to give you a well rounded and vibrant citrusy fragrance.

You’ll be met with a strong fragrance because of the synthetic oils as well as a fragrance that provides medicinal benefits because of the essential oils. This fragrance will make your home smell like freshly squeezed lemons mixed with a bit of fresh lime zest.

This clean and energizing citrus candle is poured into a beautiful frosted glass jar that will fit in wonderfully with most decors. This is a summery fragrance but can be used throughout the year. This natural wax blend candle is 8.7 ounces so you can expect a lifespan of around 35 hours with this single-wick candle.

With this candle, you can expect to have a vibrant, citrusy fragrance radiate through your home. You’ll notice your home will feel brighter and more energized while burning this candle than it did before. Because of the essential oils, you can expect that this candle will improve your mood no matter if you’re in need of it or not.


  • This candle has a wonderful, crisp lemon fragrance.
  • You can expect to get a bold lemon fragrance as if there were a whole lemon tree in the candle.
  • This fragrance is perfect for anyone that wants their home to smell fresh and clean.
  • The fragrance smells natural.
  • This candle fits perfectly in a kitchen.
  • You can expect a strong scent throw from this fragrance.
  • The candle burns evenly and gives a nice melt pool.
  • This candle burns slowly.
  • This candle pairs well with calming fragrances such as lavender.
  • The fragrance isn’t overpowering and isn’t too sweet.


  • This fragrance may not be strong enough for some people.
  • If you prefer a sweet lemon fragrance, this may not be right for you.
  • This candle’s scent throw may not fill a very large room.
  • If you prefer candles with multiple wicks, this may not be right for you.

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4. Limoncello by White Barn

Limoncello is a part of White Barns extensive candle collection and will bring a pleasant, bright fragrance to your home. Not only will the fragrance be bright, but the three wicks will also give off a beautiful ambiance through the tinted glass jar.

The limoncello fragrance is created with a soy wax blend and essential oils and fragrance oils. With the use of both essential oils and fragrance oils you’ll have a room filled with fragrance.

This fragrance is comprised of the sweet and citrusy scent of Sorrento lemons made sweeter by the fragrance of cane sugar. To finish off the fragrance, you’re met with the crispness from lemon zest.

This candle packs a lovely punch with the amount of lemon fragrance that’s taken to the next level with the sweetness from the sugar. Together, you are given a perfectly sweet and tangy citrus scent that will brighten up your home.

This candle is created with a soy wax blend that will give you a clean burn and an even melt pool. Another great thing about this being a soy wax blend is that your candle will have air purifying qualities that are believed to actually clean toxins out of the air while your candle burns. The wicks are made of pure cotton so you don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals being released while your candle burns.


  • This fragrance is fresh and clean and leaves you feeling invigorated.
  • Your home will be filled with the fresh lemony fragrance.
  • This candle gives an evenly burned melt pool.
  • You can expect this candle to last until the wax is completely gone.
  • The limoncello fragrance smells authentic.
  • This is a good fragrance to have in a kitchen.
  • The amount of lemon in this fragrance is perfect for lemon lovers.
  • The jar fits well with most home décor.
  • While this candle gives a strong scent throw, the fragrance is subtle and refreshing.


  • This candle doesn’t have a strong fragrance.
  • Some people may find this candle smells slightly like a chemical cleaner.
  • The amount of lemon in this candle may be irritating for some people.

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5. Sicilian Lemon by Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle is known for their vivid, strong fragrances. When you light this candle, you’ll be met with a fragrance full of lemon zest.

Yankee Candle’s objective with this candle is to get your to think of spending your day exploring the hillsides of villages is Sicily and having unexpected events happen sweetly. This citrus fragrance is perfect for anyone that wants an escape through their candle.

The first impression you’ll get from this fragrance is the citrusy sweet scent of lemon zest. The next impression you’ll get is from the middle note of this fragrance.

This note is comprised of the tartness that naturally comes from lemons. The final impression you’ll get from the base note rounds out this whole candle. This note is made up of vanilla and the sweetness from sugar. Together, this makes a well rounded tart and sweet fragrance.

Yankee candle makes their candles with premium-grade paraffin wax, which holds fragrance really well and is good for candles with strong fragrances.

For their fragrances, they use premium quality ingredients in order to make their candles smell as true to real life fragrances as possible. Their wicks are made from natural fibers and don’t contain lead so you don’t need to worry about the wick releasing toxins as it burns.


  • This fragrance is light and fresh and can brighten up your home.
  • The lemon fragrance leaves your home smelling clean.
  • This candle is perfect to burn year round but especially perfect during the summer.
  • The fragrance is truly reminiscent of the fragrances in Italy.
  • This is a good candle to burn if you need to wind down after a long day or week.
  • If you love fragrances that are very lemony, this is perfect for your home.
  • The fragrance lingers for a long time after the candle is extinguished.
  • This fragrance fills a large room easily.


  • This fragrance can be hard to smell for some people.
  • Some people may find this candle’s fragrance similar to mosquito repellant candles.
  • This candle can sometimes smell like a lemon household cleaner.

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Which Lemon Candle is Worth Your Money?

While all five of these candles are amazing and worth your money, there is one candle that stands out from the rest. The Fresh Lemon candle by DW Home is the clear choice in this five candle lineup. The use of coconut and palm wax makes this candle stand out from the rest. DW Home also uses a blend of different types of fragrances, including essential oils, which leaves you with a bright, realistic lemony fragrance.

This candle gives you a nice melt pool and an even, clean burn because of the natural waxes and the completely natural wick. You can expect to have whatever room, no matter the size, fill with fragrance from even the first burn of this candle. You won’t regret making the decision to purchase this candle because you’ll be left with a high quality candle that’s purchased at an affordable price.

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