Is It Safe to Put Crystals in Candles? (Explained for Beginners)

You may worry about safety with the fad of crystals in candles. We were once in your position too. Now that we have the proper knowledge, we can educate you on the safety of crystal candles. 

We can assure you that crystal candles are safe. They are valuable entities that can bring peace, ease, and joy to your home and heart. Crystals in candles can be ideal for things like manifesting your dreams and goals or protecting your home. 

If you need to know more about crystals in candles, keep reading. You will not believe the number of uses for these candles. Candles and crystals each hold vast power. United, they are bulletproof.  

Is It Safe to Put Crystals in Candles

What is a Crystal Candle? 

A crystal candle is one of the latest trends. It consists of a candle with crystals arranged on top. Though, it is more than just a candle with crystals on top. The idea behind the candle is to boost the energies of the two by combining them.

You may see crystal candles embellished with dried flowers or herbs as well. Some state these candles are the most memorable thing they own. We agree! 

What Ties Crystals and Candles? 

These candles can hold much impact on not only your home but also your heart. 

“In a crystal, we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.”

– Nikola Tesla 

Both a candle and a crystal singly have power. The crystal and candle amp each others’ abilities up. The duo can move mountains, typically used for manifestation or meditation. With numerous uses, you cannot go wrong checking them out. 

These candles connect your sense of smell, energy, and the healing benefits of the crystals to bring several benefits.  

Are There Benefits to Burning a Crystal Candle? 

As mentioned, there are benefits to burning crystal candles. There is an extensive list of the benefits of these candles, but we narrowed it down for you. Each crystal and candle combination can vary in benefits as they both hold specific powers according to the type. 

The benefits of burning crystal candles can include but are not limited to the following:  

  • Protect your home. 
  • Promote trust and bravery. 
  • Better energy and boosted joy. 
  • Promote well-being and serenity. 
  • Elevate clearness and focus. 
  • Find your center. 

As you can see, there are tons of benefits, but what about the drawbacks? 

The Drawbacks of Burning Crystal Candles 

The drawbacks of crystal candles are minor. You will not have to stress about defects if you buy your crystal candle from a reputed vendor. Reputable dealers only use real crystals. A genuine crystal will not melt or be affected by the heat of a candle.  

What Does Heat Do to Crystals?

The heat from a candle will not affect a genuine crystal of any type. The flame cannot get hot enough to alter the crystals in your candle. Extreme temperatures can cause your crystal to crack or “explode.” 

Your crystal would have to be exposed to temperatures of 380°C or 680°F and above to have any harm. That said, your crystal would have to go through truly harsh temperatures before you have to worry about it being affected. 

The Best Crystals for Use in Candles

Though there is no worry of crystals being affected due to heat, some are better suited for use in candles. You can use any crystal you prefer, but we want to provide you with the two best crystals for use in candles and heat.  


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This healing crystal can bring peace, clarity of mind, and sacred insight. It can remove negative energy while allowing you to unite with higher domains. 

Rose Quartz

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This crystal, known as the stone of universal love, can promote passion, revive balance, and encourage forgiveness and trust. 

How Are Crystal Candles Used? 

If you purchase from a reputable dealer, you will commonly receive directions on how to use the candle. Yet, you can burn a crystal candle the same way as a regular candle. Never leave a lit candle alone; always keep an eye on your candle. 

If you notice the crystal touching the wick, you should blow it out and move them accordingly. Always let your candle burn to each edge of the container each burn to keep an even candle. 

Should I Leave Crystals in the Candle When Burning? 

Whether you want to leave the crystals in the candle when burning is up to you. Leaving the crystal in the candle will not harm your candle or crystal; it can give your candle added energy while burning.

Once your candle has completely burned, you can remove the crystals and wash them in soapy water if you wish to keep them. You can scrub the candle container in warm water as well and reuse it. There’s nothing better than reusing and recycling! 

Candles: Can I Add More?

You know you can add crystals to your candles, but what else? There are several other things you can add to your candle. Many things that you can add will add more healing powers too. 

Some things you can top your candle with can include: 

  1. Essential Oils: Essential oils are another favored healing trend; These oils’ scent molecules travel from the olfactory nerves directly to your brain causing a healing effect. Some common ones include Chamomile, Cedarwood, Jasmine, and Lavender
  2. Herbs: Herbs have shown their health benefits over the years. Along with ingesting them, burning them in your candle can be helpful.  
  3. Dried Flowers: Dried flowers can melt into your candle wax and boost the candle’s aroma. They look gorgeous too! 

Are Crystals Safe in Wax Melts? 

A wax melt can be an option for those who cannot burn candles. As well as candles, you can put crystals in wax melts. You can top the wax melt in its clamshell as you would with any candle. 

The benefits and uses of a wax melt with crystals are no different than a candle’s. Using crystals, wax, and candles to bring peace is about intention. If you intend for the crystal and wax to do their work, they will. 


The use of crystal candles is a growing trend, and for a good reason! Crystals in candles are indeed entirely safe. Presuming you buy from a reputed dealer that uses authentic crystals. The benefits of crystals in candles are endless. Whether you want to enhance your room’s aroma or heal your energy, crystal candles can deliver. How can you say no to trying crystals in your candle with many benefits and no worry about heat damage?   

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