Flowers in Candles: 6 Common Questions

​​You may have questions about flower candles or worry they’re unsafe. No worries. Flower candles are gorgeous and have benefits. We want to clarify common questions and assure you that flower candles are safe.

Many people worry about flowers in candles posing a fire hazard. When I started making candles, I was nervous about using flowers. After some research, I realized people have many questions about using flowers in candles and why. 

You can safely use flowers in candles with the proper knowledge. You can use flowers in candles for healing benefits, such as aromatherapy, or for aesthetic reasons. Place dried flowers like lavender or roses near the edge of your candle top. Flowers preserved in wax can add safety as well.

We have so much to tell you about it! Keep reading to learn all you need to know about flowers and putting them in candles. There are many benefits you need to be made aware of.

Is It Safe to Put Flowers in Candles?

Though flower candles are trending, are they safe? Many people worry that their flower candle poses a fire hazard. Studies show that professionally and properly made flower candles pose little to no risks. 

Flower candles are entirely legal and safe. A correctly made flower candle will have the flowers embedded in the wax, perhaps coated in a thin layer, protected from the flame. As long as the flower is contained in wax, it will be protected from the flame, unable to catch fire.

Though flowers are flammable, placing them around the edge of the candle, away from the flame, will make them as safe as any other candle.

If you notice your flowers getting too close to your candle flame, you should blow out your candle and move them accordingly. Try sealing your dried flowers in wax before adding them to your candle to ensure safety.

Do Flowers in Candles Burn?

Though flowers are indeed flammable, they won’t burn if they are suitably placed. Placing flowers around the edge of your candle, evading the wick, can ensure they will not burn.

When the flowers are on the edge of your candle, they will gently melt into the wax. As the wax melts, the flowers sink deeper into the wax. The wax acts as a barrier between the flame and wax, ensuring no burning flowers.

You could stick the flowers on the insides of your jar before pouring to add aesthetic while providing safety.

One thing to mention is to learn from my mistake. You can add too many petals, which causes a fire hazard.

Use enough for a great appearance, but do not overflow your candle with flowers. Always ensure the flowers are at least 1/4 inch away from the wick.

Can You Put Fresh Flowers in Candles?

You can put fresh flowers in candles. However, we don’t recommend it. Placing a fresh flower in wax can end badly, whether sealing it or melting it into the candle.

Cut fresh flowers retain moisture. Once the flower loses its moisture, the water has nowhere to go; this results in dead and rotten flowers preserved in wax. This will not give you a look or smell you want.

The appearance of flowers will be brown, wilted, and mushy, not pleasant to look at. The smell of lifeless, rotting flowers is far from lovely. With all these factors, fresh flowers can ruin your candle when used.

You could place a fresh flower on top of an unlit candle for a few days. It can give a beautiful appeal, plus cut fresh flowers have a fantastic aroma!

Another thing to try is drying your fresh flowers for a better way of adding flowers to your candles.

Can You Put Dried Flowers in Candles?

Adding dried flowers to your candle is the best way of adding flowers to your candles. Dried flowers not only eliminate discoloration, but they also still release an intense natural aroma.

Though the most flammable option, they are safer and less likely to turn into rotten or discolored flowers. For a safe and effective candle, you must know how to properly and safely place your dried flowers.

Without the proper knowledge, you may end up with an unsafe candle and a huge mess.

Can You Put Fake Flowers in Candles?

We do not recommend you use fake flowers in your candles. Many materials that artificial flowers are made of are flammable and put off a horrible odor when burning.

However, you may attempt to use fake flowers with the same precautions as dried flowers, like placing them on the edge of your candle. Although, we highly recommend not using plastic flowers.

Plastic can melt when exposed to your candle flame. When plastic burns or melts, it puts off a horrid smell. Yet, plastic is also highly flammable, which can quickly start a fire in your candle.

Silk flowers may be suitable, notably in a gel candle, due to the aesthetic of the gel and flower. Keep safety in mind when placing the flowers. Another thing to keep in mind is that most silk flowers contain dye which can also be highly flammable.

What Flowers Can You Put in Candles?

You can put several flowers in your candles. The best flowers to use in your candles are the ones that have an intense aroma, as they can add extra scent to your candle.

Rose Petals

An ageless favorite, rose petals are perfect with their timeless scent to add to your candle. While adding an attractive appearance, they use their aromatherapy benefits to calm and soothe you.

It is said that the smell of roses can even expand your brain’s function. When adding these petals, ensure to avoid large pieces. You can break them up gently to give the same effect. 


Another fan favorite, known for its ability to relax and bring sleep, is Lavender. This classic scent has shown abilities to handle insomnia, ease anxiety, and support mental illness in the elderly, such as dementia.

It has even been shown to slow your heart rate! Lavender is the perfect flower to add to your flower candle with all these benefits.


The sweet aroma of Jasmine has been shown to alleviate stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. The scent impacts your brain and central nervous system, producing a chemical called GABA, or Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid.

Soothing and calming your nerves, Jasmine is the perfect addition to your calming flower candle. Jasmine can relieve aggression, balance blood pressure, PMS symptoms, and mood swings. 

How to Put Flowers in Candles

The main goal when making flower candles is safety; consider all the potential hazards. As noted, without the proper knowledge, things can end badly with flower candles. You could start a fire that could result in a horrific scene or harm someone.

What you need:

  • Wax of your choice. We recommend soy. 
  • Cotton wick, measured to fit with extra length for setting. 
  • Dried flowers of your choice, you can buy them or make your own! 
  • A glass jar or container. You could use old coffee mugs! 
  • Wick centering device to center and set the wick. 
  • Fragrance oil of your choice. We suggest Hibiscus. 

Make your candle:

  1. Melt the wax. 
  2. Add flowers to the sides of the jar or incorporate them through your wax. 
  3. Attach the wick to the bottom of your jar. 
  4. Pour the wax. 
  5. Place the flowers around the edge once your candle has almost set, pressing them in slightly. 

Benefits of Flowers in Candles

It is no question that there are endless benefits to adding flowers to your candle.

Some of those benefits can include but are not limited to the following:

  • They are perfect for aromatherapy, using scent to cleanse your mind, emotions, and body. 
  • They can amp up your room’s atmosphere, adding beauty and elegance. 
  • The candle itself has a beautiful aesthetic making it easy to place anywhere. 
  • Flowers and candles each have their own benefits; together, they move mountains. 
  • They are easy to make once you gain the proper knowledge. 

With all these benefits, you may wonder about the cons. We are here to reassure you there are little cons. The only drawback you need to worry about is that flower candles may catch fire if improperly crafted.

Can You Preserve the Flowers in Wax First?

You can preserve your flowers in wax before adding them to your candle. The process is simple and easy.

It can be done by tying a string about 3 inches down the stem of your dried flower. Then, dip it into the melted wax. Next, use the string to hang your flower from somewhere it can dry, such as a clothes rack.

You can place wax paper or newspaper underneath your flowers to catch any dripping wax. Once they are dry, repeat the process with the flower’s stem.

How Long Will the Flowers Last Preserved in Wax?

Your fresh flower will last up to a month. After a month, your flower may start wilting and rotting, as mentioned above. However, there is one way to avoid a rotting flower.

Feed the live flower plant a solution of 1 part glycerin and 2 parts warm tap water for around 3 to 5 days before you preserve the flowers.

What Wax Can You Use for Flower Candles?

We recommend soy wax as it is a softer wax. Softer waxes work better for flower candles because they have a looser construction than most. The loose structure helps the flame melt the wax fast enough for your flowers to sink into the wax, gaining protection from the flame.

Although, several other soft waxes work. Any organic wax should work well for use in flower candles.

Some organic waxes include: 

  • Beeswax. 
  • Castor wax. 
  • Coconut wax. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you learned something new, whether it’s what flowers you can use or how to put them in candles. Knowing these things can avoid significant problems, such as candles catching fire. If you enjoyed reading this article, try sharing it with your friends and family, and spread the word about flower candles.

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