Can You Put Dried Herbs in Candles? (Choose The Best Herbs)

With so many chemicals in manufactured products, some consumers decide to go for organic alternatives. They opt for natural scents instead of synthetic air fresheners due to health concerns or eco-friendly choices. Is it possible to get that great scent from natural extracts?

You can incorporate dried or fresh herbs in your candles to improve the aroma, appearance, and texture of the candle. There are various herbs that you can use depending on your preferences. Infusing herbs in candles create a calm ambiance and is the best form of aromatherapy.

You may want to add herbs to your candle, but you are not sure how to or which herbs will be perfect for you to try, read on. You will also find out the simplest ways to infuse your favorite herbs in your candle to make a stronger scent that lasts longer.

Can You Put Dried Herbs in Candles

Why Add Herbs To Candles

There are various reasons why you may decide to infuse herbs in your candles.

  1. To Obtain a Stronger Scent

Herbal extracts combined with the aroma from candles emit a stronger long-lasting scent. The smell is more fresh and earthy compared to a manufactured fragrance.

  1. To Decorate the Candle Jar

Flowers, leaves, and stems have amazing colors that create intricate patterns when they are infused in the candle. You can decorate in and around the jar using colorful patterns that are visible through the glass. 

  1. To Get a Natural Scent

Using organic materials is eco-friendly and economical. The scent emitted is clean, fresh, and is a healthy alternative for you and your family, unlike artificial air fresheners.

How To Add Herbs To Candles

First, the wax needs to be in a molten state so that it can easily mix with the plants. The herbs have to be dry and pressed for some days to eliminate mildew; it is advised to go for either chopped or crushed pieces instead of whole chunks to aid in better distribution and prettier patterns.

The wax is melted to around 180F. After that, carefully mold the candles according to your desired pattern. 

You can add your herbs depending on the design you want. If you want the herbs to settle at the bottom, you can put your herbs in a different jar and strain the wax into it. The particles will eventually settle at the bottom.

If your preference is a random design, you will have to add your herbs as well as the wax, bit by bit, into another jar. The result will be a mixture of well-distributed and random particles.

For the herbs to settle at the top, add them on top of the molten wax. Sprinkling them is the best option so that they are well-distributed.

Once you have added the herbs to the molten wax, let the jar cool for approximately 50 minutes to solidify and form your herb-infused candle.

Tips When Adding Herbs To Candles

Be careful when adding the herbs to the wax because placing them close to the wick will increase the chances of them catching fire when the candle is lit. Dried plant parts are flammable and emit soot when burnt, which may counter the scent altogether.

You can make use of leftover wax, but they need to be of the same color if you are keen on your final design. Melting different colors may result in patches of unwanted pigments when the wax solidifies.

Always try to match the scent to the color of the wax. For instance, you can match mint with green or vanilla with purple, but you can always be sure with white wax.

You can never go wrong with adding essential oils to candles together with the herbs. The scent will be stronger, and a few drops will suffice.

Lastly, keep your candle covered whenever it isn’t in use to maintain the intensity of the fragrance.

The Best Herbs To Use in Your Candle

Choosing the best scent is based entirely on your preferences. Whichever way you go, the result will be a rich, earthy aroma that will cause a calming and lifting ambiance. The following are some of the best herbs you can pick from.

  1. Lavender

This is the most popular scent due to how great it is in aromatherapy. It is calming and is the go-to option for those with sleeping problems.

  1. Chamomile 

Not only is it used in tea, but you can inhale the scent to calm your nerves after a long day. The flowers are great to incorporate in your candles; pluck them during the day when there is no dew.

  1. Rosemary

The rosemary is a herb known for its aromatic leaves. Harvest them and add to your candles for a long-lasting earthy scent.

  1. Mint 

Nothing spells fresh like a minty flavor wafting in the air. The scent is clean, and the candles make great gifts because it is a neutral fragrance.

  1. Lemon 

Having a citrus scent lingering in the air dispels any other unwanted scents. You can use a lemon-scented shrub to get this savory scent. 

  1. Thyme 

It can be used not only as a spice but also as a great scent due to its medicinal properties. Inhaling thyme calms you and is good for your respiration.

You can never go wrong with these herbs because each of them is unique in its way. Any part of the plant can be used; leaves, stems, or flowers. You can still go ahead and experiment by blending various scents to create a more powerful aroma. Whether you want a calming effect or to eliminate a pungent smell, these herbs will be of great help. 

In the market, there are some great candles that are herbal infused that you can try out. Here are some;

  1. Hassett green scented candle(UK)- natural with a soothing effect.
  2. St. Eval scented candle– Calming effect and a great gift.
  3. Bed geek scented candle(UK)- Vintage, aromatic with a touch of luxury
  4. My Lumina Candles – Our review here

Benefits of Using Dried Herbs in Your Candle

If you are a bit unsure about adding herbs to your candles, the following benefits may change your mind.

  1. Can Be Used as Medication

Aromatherapy has had a lot of success in previous years according to research by John Hopkin’s Medicine. It has been proven that the scent, when inhaled, can alleviate anxiety and depression. Other doctors also recommend essential oils to relax the muscles.

Constantly inhaling these rich herbs will be great for your health and that of your loved ones.

  1. Low Costs and Availability

You can grow herbs right in your backyard to use as spices and scents. It is cheaper compared to buying manufactures fragrances laced with chemicals. Growing your herbs is also eco-friendly; an economic way to get a great scent and get better health out of it.

  1. For Recreation

Involving your family in your candle making activities can be a fun and productive way to bond. It’s fun and easy for everyone to try their hand at candle making and get creative too. Getting beautiful herbal candles with your family and friends is a great bonding activity.

Natural or Artificial Scents?

The eco-friendly way is always the best. The herbal alternative is safer for the environment and your health; getting the scent you love directly from the source is a fantastic alternative better than the artificial way. You get a great fragrance that is free from chemicals and improves your well being.

Pick a scent that you like or mix up two or more to achieve a great aroma. A very important thing to note is that some people are allergic to certain scents, always seek medical help in case of any allergic reactions.

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