Can You Put Sprinkles on Candles? Is It Safe?

Sprinkles are one of the best inventions in the pastries industry. Besides their sweet flavor, sprinkles come in various colors and flavors that you can choose from; one color or a rainbow of colors. There are multiple sprinkles to choose from, making you want to add them to your candles as decoration; however, is it possible and safe?

Sprinkles are safe to include in wick candles if correctly used. Sprinkles are a great addition to your candles because they are sweet-smelling and provide a colorful decoration to your candles. For safety purposes, make sure they’re not in contact with the wick.

If you want to make or buy a candle with sprinkles but you are concerned about how safe it is to use them or whether the sprinkles are flammable, read on. We will demystify all the dos and don’ts to help you purchase a sprinkled candle that is safe to use.

Can You Put Sprinkles on Candles
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What Are Sprinkles Made of?

Sprinkles are colorful candy-flavored treats made of various ingredients depending on the flavor and color. Sprinkles come in different flavours, shapes, colours and sizes. The main components include; sugar, corn syrup, corn starch, thickeners, food-grade wax (made of vegetable oil), and artificial coloring. 

Other sprinkles are more natural and homemade with ingredients such as food dye and vegetables, while other varieties are sugar-free and perfect for protein shakes. With simple recipes, you can also make sprinkles at home.

Safety Measures When Using Sprinkle Candles

During holidays and special occasions, most people prefer homemade crafts for gifting. Before making these crafts, you need to research and test them to ensure that you don’t give out a safety hazard.

One significant concern with new sprinkle candle users is whether they are safe to use. You may be reluctant to purchase one for fear that it may catch fire or emit harmful scents.  

However, you do not need to worry. Manufacturers of sprinkle candles are very keen to ensure that the products on their shelves are safe to use based on Standard Specification for Fire Safety for Candles. However, homemade wick candles with sprinkles, if not used correctly, can be hazardous. 

First, having sprinkles or any other added substances too close to the candle wick increases the risk of catching fire. If you add sprinkles to your homemade flame candle, ensure that the sprinkles are far away from the wick. 

When adding the sprinkles for decorative reasons, you want to have them coated on the jar walls but not too close to the wick. It is not advisable to sprinkle substances on top of the candle as they may cause interferences with the candle, causing soot.

Secondly, use a standard wick that is not too large for the candle. It should be about three inches long so that the flame is not too high and unstable. If your wick is not standard, there is a greater risk of creating a deep wax pool that can get too hot, posing a danger. 

If you have children and pets around, we recommend that you use a candle warmer instead of a wick candle, which not only guarantees a great fragrance but is also safe to use. 

Generally, sprinkles are safe to use since they consist of food-grade wax; hence, when you burn your candle, either the sprinkles meltdown with the candle wax or eventually seep to the bottom of the candle jar. If you limit any contact between the sprinkles and the wick, your candle will be safe to use. 

One of the causes of fires in homes is neglected candles. Be keen when using wick candles and never leave them unattended, especially around kids. Your candle may topple and cause fatal damage to your loved ones and your property.

Types of Sprinkles To Use in Candle Making

Not only do sprinkles add flavor to pastries, but they add texture and are perfect for decoration. The same way they work to brighten up holidays and parties is the same way they can spruce up your candle. For the best results, you need to go for colorful, attractive, and perfect sized sprinkles. Let’s have a look at some of the best sprinkles for your candle.

  1. Nonpareils  

Also known as hundreds and thousands, these are what most people refer to when they mention sprinkles. They are tiny, round particles made of starch and come in a rainbow of colors, perfect for your candle, noticeable and colorful enough to lift the face of your candle jar. You can also go for a single color, which will still look great.

  1. Jimmies 

These are just like nonpareils but come in a long cylindrical form. Also known as vermicelli, they are more outstanding than the nonpareils because they are larger. Adding them to your candles will make it stand out. You can go for rainbow, single-colored, or chocolate sprinkles. 

  1. Shaped Sprinkles

To make your candle more striking, opt for the shaped sprinkles. They come in various shapes and sizes that are fun to try out; star, moon, or sun. These shapes are perfect for themed events such as birthdays and Halloween.

  1. Dragees

Dragees are round sprinkles but have a tougher coating. The coating is metallic and pearl-like, made of gold, silver, bronze, or copper. If you are going for a colorful yet subtle decoration, these will be perfect.

These are our top suggestions of some of the sprinkles that will work best for your candle, but you can still go ahead and go for any other types of sprinkles that you can choose from. You can purchase sprinkles that you use for cake decorating from a variety of options.

The following are some sprinkle candles that we recommend.

Why Adding Sprinkles To Candles Is a Great Idea

Tired of plain candles? Here are some reasons why adding sprinkles to candles is a great idea.

They Are Great for Decoration

The pieces are excellent for home décor. You can also use them as centerpieces during holidays and other festivities. The color variations give you so many options to choose from. You will never go wrong with them, especially if you have a couple of them instead of one. The colorful look will spruce up any event. 

They Make Perfect Gifts

Personalizing gifts makes them more thoughtful and sincere. You can be as creative with the candles as you want while making them fit the recipient’s personality. Candle making is also a less pricey alternative compared to buying an expensive candle. A handmade candle is and will always be a perfect sentimental gift; besides, everybody loves sprinkles!

They Have a Great Scent

The same way sprinkles make pastries taste much better is the same way they make candles smell better. You get a sweet floral scent with the smell of a freshly baked cake. Adding other scents to it even makes the scent more substantial and long-lasting.

Enjoy Your Sprinkled Candle

Putting sprinkles in candles is a fun and easy project to try out. Depending on the scent you use, whether it’s a sweet scent of vanilla or lavender, you are guaranteed the best fragrance. 

You can choose to make them with your friends and family or purchase one. If it is a wick candle, make it safe by adding the sprinkles far from the wick not to interrupt the flame; otherwise, if they are for decorative purposes, you can get as creative as you want.

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