My Lumina Candles Review: Are They Good?

When thinking about buying candles from a company you’ve never purchased from before, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re getting a good quality candle that will fit into your lifestyle and home. You’re not going to want to burn a candle in your home if it isn’t good quality and My Lumina is no exception. So, the question we have to answer is: does My Lumina produce candles that are actually good?

You won’t need to second guess any products sold by My Lumina because they offer high quality products without fail. Any product they create will be made with the care and dedication it takes to give their customers the best quality candles they possibly can.

With My Lumina candles, you won’t just get a candle that is high quality, but you’ll get one that will help you connect with your spirituality. The soy wax in these candles mixed with the spiritual aspects and goals they’ve paired with it will make these candles a complete experience that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of.

My Lumina Candles Review

Why Choose My Lumina Candles?

My Lumina is a brand that really takes care when creating their candles. They put thought and time into creating their candles and the meanings behind them. When you purchase a candle from My Lumina, you’re going to be getting a candle that has a fragrance that really makes you feel whatever the candle advertises. The goal of these candles is to bring forth your spirituality through the fragrance and experience.

Candles and Spirituality

While candles are great to use for ambiance or for adding fragrance to your home, that’s not the only thing My Lumina candles are meant for. One of the points of My Lumina candles is for them to bring your spirituality forward. Candles and spirituality tend to go hand in hand because of the calming effect a candle can have on a person.

Candles have been used for spiritual feelings for a long time to help set up the atmosphere for prayer, meditation, or even healing. There have been different meanings for candles based on their colors with each color bringing out a different kind of atmosphere for your spiritual energy.

My Lumina works tirelessly to create candles that are going to create spiritual energy through the use of herbs and crystals as well as fragrances. Each candle has its own type of energy that it’ll promote. Based on what spiritual energy you want to achieve, you’ll choose a candle and they’ll either give you a candle garnished with herbs to help promote that energy or with a crystal that can draw that energy to you.

Each candle created by My Lumina comes with a specific spiritual energy that is targeted. With each candle, there’s either an herb or a crystal that will help bring out the spiritual energy the candle is targeting. For example, their self-love candle is paired with a heart shaped rose quartz crystal. This crystal is used to help bring unconditional love and opening the heart. Pair this with a candle that’s created for self-love and it’ll form your atmosphere.

What Goes into a My Lumina Candle?

My Lumina takes a great deal of care when creating their candles. They want to give their customers the highest quality candles that are going to give you a great spiritual atmosphere. To do this, they use high quality ingredients without having to charge you a luxurious price for your candles.

One of the reasons that My Lumina candles are such good quality is the wax being used to create them. This company uses soy wax, which is a clean burning, sustainable resource. By using soy wax, My Lumina is ensuring that their customers are going to get the most out of their candles.

One of the benefits of using soy wax is that it’s a slow burning wax. A candle made out of soy wax tends to last a bit longer than its paraffin wax counterparts. Soy wax also holds onto fragrance really well so you can expect your candle to throw fragrance until the candle is finished.

Because soy wax is clean burning, there’s no worry about ash or soot coming from the wicks during and after use. With paraffin wax candles, you’re going to notice the sides of the glass start to get a black buildup of ash and soot after using the candle.

Soy wax candles don’t produce as much of the soot and ash that creates this buildup, which also means that the spiritual atmosphere this candle has created won’t be tampered when you extinguish the candle. Instead, you’ll continue to have the lovely fragrance your candle has emitted without the smell that comes from extinguished wicks of paraffin wax candles.

Another great thing about soy wax is that it’s biodegradable and easy to clean up. All you need to clean up soy wax is soap and water, so if you happen to spill some wet wax, you won’t have to worry about having to struggle to get it clean.

My Lumina prides themselves on using natural ingredients, including the ingredients used for their fragrances. They take care in making sure you have the best fragrance emitting from your candles by ensuring that their fragrances are created only using natural ingredients. This also eliminates the possibility of having chemicals being spread throughout your atmosphere from unnatural fragrances.

Another great thing about having natural ingredients in the fragrances is that you’ll get a more authentic fragrance that will really bring your spiritual atmosphere to it’s peak. Whether you’re using this candle for meditation or solely for fragrance, your atmosphere will feel like what the candle’s fragrance is targeting.

Other Products Sold by My Lumina

While My Lumina has a wide range of candles, they have other products that are definitely worth checking out. The entirety of My Lumina’s products are made up with your spiritual happiness in mind and they strive to give you the highest quality of products they can.

One of the types of products offered by My Lumina is cleansing materials. They offer smudge sticks for different kinds of outcomes, such as protection or love, as well as cleansing kits. The cleansing kits that are offered are either for spiritual chakra cleansing or home cleansing and blessing.

The other type of product sold by My Lumina are crystals. The crystals sold by this company are selenite, citrine, and amethyst. Each type of crystal gives you a different type of spiritual power. For example, the amethyst gives you a sense of calm and protection. It’ll help guard your love from negative energy.

The best thing about the products sold by My Lumina is that you can use all of them simultaneously to create the spiritual atmosphere you strive for.

A Review of 5 My Lumina Candles

1. Purification Sage Lavender Candle

This candle is great for people who are looking for a spiritual cleansing. The objective of this candle is to create a sage smudging affect. A great time to use this candle for smudging is when you’re moving into a new home or space. Another way to use this candle is to bring in a positive energy when you’re feeling tense or negative. You can also use this candle for meditation, too.

This candle’s fragrance is created through the use of essential oils. When you smell this fragrance, you’ll get notes of palo santo, white sage, and lavender. The essential oils in this candle help create a purified atmosphere naturally.


  • The fragrance from this candle can fill a large room.
  • This candle holds a strong fragrance but it isn’t overbearing.
  • You’ll really feel the purifying affects of this candle without burning it for a long time.
  • The smell from this candle lasts a long time even after you’ve extinguished the flame.
  • The lavender in this candle mellows out the intense smell of the palo santo and the sage.


  • The dried herbs cause the candle to smoke a bit when it’s lit the first time.

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2. Ardent Love Pink Candle

If you’re looking for a candle to add some mood in the bedroom, this is definitely it. When you light this candle you’ll be enhancing your internal and external desires. This candle can bring enthusiasm and love for you life and for your partner.

The floral fragrance in this candle is composed of rose and jasmine. The rose will help bring in the atmosphere of new hope while the jasmine promotes an intensifying of love. In this candle, you’ll find an amethyst embedded in the wax. This stone helps repel negative thoughts and will help you find love.

On top of the candle, rose flakes and lavender will be sprinkled. The rose flakes will intensify the energy that’s created from the amethyst and promote the protection power it holds. The lavender is a purity symbol and can also help aid you in your search for inner peace and love.


  • The fragrance from this candle is powerful but not overwhelming.
  • This candle gives a strong enough scent throw to fill a large room.
  • The packaging makes the candle look higher end than it costs.
  • This candle holds an authentic fragrance.
  • You’ll easily feel the effects from this candle.


  • The rose petals on top can catch fire when you first light the candle.

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3. Avail Money Drawing Candle

While it’s not guaranteed you’re going to get money from burning this candle, it definitely won’t hurt to burn it in hopes that some will make its way to you. The candle has a citrine crystal embedded in the wax, which is used to attract success, wealth, and prosperity. On top of the wax, you’ll find gold flakes sprinkled about. Gold is known to bring prosperity and brings light to your love, life, and passions.

The scent from this candle is eucalyptus and spearmint. This is a great candle to use when you want a bit of relaxation or during meditation because of the soothing effects that come from eucalyptus and spearmint.


  • This candle is wonderfully packaged, making it look high quality.
  • This candle pairs perfectly with a bubble bath or hot tub.
  • The smell isn’t too strong but is still powerful.
  • The fragrance from this candle is light and refreshing.
  • You won’t get any black smoke coming from this candle.


  • The gold flakes may catch fire when first burning this candle.

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4. Meditation Candle

This candle is the perfect pair for a meditation session. With this candle, the color is important to the spiritual feeling it emits. The blue wax represents peace, the ocean, and center. This color will also help create positivity and help you focus your mind and body on peace.

Clear quartz is embedded in the wax to help you focus on yourself without having to worry about self judgment. The quartz also helps bring in positivity and can help cleanse your soul. The fragrance in this candle is a beach type scent with notes of rose, lily, and spearmint. The mixture of scents in this fragrance are to help guide you to your center.


  • The scent is light and airy without being too subtle.
  • The fragrance from this candle can easily fill a room without being overpowering.
  • You’ll feel relaxed and at ease when burning this candle.
  • The smell from this candle is authentic and has no chemically smells.


  • The roses on top of the wax can set fire so you need to take care when lighting the candle.

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5. New Moon Candle

This candle will bring the power of the moon into your atmosphere. When burning this candle, you’ll find all your stress start to melt away and your mood will begin to stabilize with calmness washing over you. Embedded in the dark wax is a moonstone. This stone brings healing properties into your atmosphere to help promote the calming stress relief.

The black color of the wax plays into the feeling this candle creates. The black represents endurability and dependability. The fragrance of this candle is white tea, which has notes of freshly brewed tea mixed with citrus, ginger, and jasmine to help make a well rounded fragrance.


  • The fragrance from this candle can fill a room without it being overpowering.
  • This is a long lasting candle because it has a slow burn.
  • The candle won’t produce any smoke while burning because of the soy wax.
  • This candle will really help relieve any stresses you may have.


  • The candle is small for the price.

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Customer Reviews

When buying a candle from a company for the first time, it’s a great idea to take a look at customer reviews. By checking out the reviews from customers, you’ll be given authentic reviews from people who have actually experienced what the candles have to offer. In this section, I’ll go over what customers like and don’t like about My Lumina candles.

What Customers Like

Customers overall really enjoy the candles that My Lumina sells. The fragrance from these candles are authentic and really help bring out the spiritual goals that are intended in the candles. They also really like the fact that these candles are clean burning and last a long time. Because they’re made of soy wax, you’re not going to get much, if any, smoke and the wax is going to burn slower than it would if it were paraffin wax.

What Customers Don’t Like

Customers overall really enjoy the candles made by My Lumina. There isn’t much that they don’t like. One thing that was consistently disliked though was the risk of the herbs and flowers setting on fire on top of the wax. The dried herbs and flowers are at risk of being lit aflame when you light the wick for the first time.

Final Thoughts

Before buying a candle from a company for the first time, you’re going to want to make sure that the candles are going to fit into your home and lifestyle. If you’re looking for a high quality candle that is going to help your spiritual atmosphere, then My Lumina is a great company to purchase from. Their soy wax candles are high quality and will be a great addition to any spiritual feeling you’re trying to achieve.

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