Boy Smells Candles Review: Are They Good?

Boy Smells has become a large brand, working its way into becoming a household name. While it’s a good thing for the company to be well known, what would really set them apart from other companies is if they manufacture good candles. The question is, though, do they do this? Are their candles actually good?

The candles Boy Smells puts out are without a doubt good quality in every way. There’s a reason this company is so popular and well loved. They give their customers more than they could even begin to ask for with their products. The amount of care they put into their products is easily seen and makes their candles more enjoyable.

Boy Smells delivers high quality products because they use high quality ingredients while creating them. But just because they’re high quality doesn’t mean that it’s a definite fit for your home and preferences. In this post, I’ll tell you everything you need to know before deciding whether or not their candles will fit into your home. I’ll also review the top five products you should consider buying.

Boy Smells Candles Review

Everything You Should Know about Boy Smells

Boy Smells is more than just your typical candle company. Most companies target women with their candles by producing fruity or floral fragranced candles and every type of fragrance in between that they feel will appeal to women. Boy Smells is different. They’ve completely taken the gender targeting out of their candles to make products that can appeal to both men and women.

This company takes pride in their pink packaged candles and the fact that they’re made without the restrictions of the gender binary. Their candles are targeted to making people feel love towards themselves and their identities instead of the sole objective being that they smell good and appealing to women.

Boy Smells was started in Lost Angeles by two real life partners, Matthew Herman and David Kien in 2016. Their whole objective with launching this company was to be able to embrace both masculinity and femininity at the same time but still have a candle that isn’t overly complicated and doesn’t lean towards targeting a specific gender.

The Making of Their Candles

A unique thing about Boy Smells candles is that they’re created using a blend of coconut wax and beeswax. Normally with higher quality candles, you receive a product created with soy wax or a blend of vegetable waxes. By using a blend of coconut and beeswax, they’re utilizing products that aren’t typically used, which sets them apart from other companies.

Boy Smells also uses a combination of manmade fragrances and essential oils to create their unforgettable scents. While this isn’t a new thing or anything that can set them apart from the rest of the companies, the way they go about creating their fragrances makes them unique. Their goal of appealing to all genders without targeting a single one in their fragrances.

Their candles take on a sort of signature look with the packaging. Boy Smells hand pours their candles into a glass vessel that is completely reusable and is branded with a classic pink label. Their signature look is simple and fits in easily with any kind of aesthetic you have in your home.

The Boy Smells Candle Collections

Boy Smells offers different candle collections that you can choose from when buying from them. With each collection comes a different type of fragrance to purchase. Their different collections also offer different types of vessels that the candles are poured into. They’re all jars but they come in different colors and finishes.

The core collection is full of the candles that Boy Smells is known for. Their dark glass vessels with the pink labels fill up this collection. This collection is composed of the signature candles that Boy Smells has to offer. In this collection, you can choose from three different candle sizes: 3 ounce votice trio sets, 8.5 ounces, which is their standard size, and their 28 ounce magnum size.

The Hypernature collection is filled with candles that are poured into vessels of different colors that have a chrome finish to them. The fragrances in this collection are meant to bring your inner chemistry to attention and bring you into a new world that’s filled with the beauty that comes from nature. These fragrances are meant to take your senses on an out of body experience triggering adventure.

The kush collection is inspired by the marijuana plant but is great for anyone, not just people who partake in the recreation. This line offers their small handful of kush inspired fragrances that are poured into the signature dark vessels. The difference with these vessels, though, is that the labeling comes in a few different colors.

There’s also a slow burn collection that is comprised of a single candle. This candle was created by partnering with Kacey Musgraves. The name of the candle is also the name of the opening track from her fourth studio album. The fragrance in this candle is supposed to pair well with her music.

Other Products Sold by Boy Smells

The main product that Boy Smells sells are candles. Recently, though, they’ve added a line of underwear called Unmentionables. This line carries underwear for both men and women. The unique thing about this line of underwear is that it isn’t specifically targeted at the different genders.

Instead of labeling the underwear with a gender, the underwear is described as having a flat front or a pouch front so you can choose which type would be best for your body. This type of labeling fits perfectly with the lack of gender binary targeting from their candles.

More in field with the topic of candles, Boy Smells also has a candle accessory product list. At this time, there’s only one product sold on this line. Boy Smells offers their own sleek black metal wick trimmer for their candles.

A Review of 5 Boy Smells Candles

1. Cinderose

Cinderose is one of the most well loved, if not the most well loved, candles that Boy Smells has to offer. This boyfriend smell candle is filled with floral and woody fragrances. The base of the candle’s fragrance can be described as having rose, tuberose, oakmoss, and smoke notes that mix together flawlessly.

The more in depth explanation of the candle’s fragrance gives more light to why this candle is so ingenious. The floral notes are a composition of rose, orange blossom, and jasmine. Mixing with the floral notes are the woody notes of smoke, cedar, and birch. When blended together, this candle gives off the perfect masculine and feminine mixture.


  • The fragrance from this candle is strong enough to fill a large room.
  • You won’t get a chemically tinge to the fragrance in this candle.
  • The floral notes pair perfectly with the woody notes to make it complex but enjoyable.
  • You can get a scent throw from this even when it isn’t lit.
  • If you enjoy smoky fragrances, the cold throw will provide a pleasant smoky scent.
  • When lit, you can really smell the two fragrance types complementing each other.


  • The candle has thin glass that can easily shatter.
  • If you’re sensitive to strong floral fragrances, this candle isn’t right for you.

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2. Les

Les is cleverly named after the French plural article that includes both feminine and masculine nouns. Fitting perfectly with the name, this candle embodies the mixture of feminine and masculine scents. The base description of this candle would be that this candle holds the fruity and floral scents of black currant and peach blossom mixed with the more earthy scents of jasmine rice, cardamom, and white cedar.

To really break down this fragrance, though, you’ll be met with the fragrances of rice powder, peach blossom, cedar, cardamom, and Asian pear. This isn’t even the entire composition of the candle but it’s that basis of what your senses will experience when enjoying this non-binary candle. You’ll also be experiencing a fragrance that crosses cultures, too.


  • This candle provides a strong cold scent throw.
  • Your home will smell light and clean while you burn this candle.
  • The scent from this candle is soothing and great for when you need to relax.
  • This is a great candle for you if you want your home to have a floral fragrance.
  • This fragrance is great to burn during the spring season.


  • It can take a bit of time before a room is filled with the fragrance from this candle.
  • The wick may not be centered in the candle, which can lead to tunneling.

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3. Ash

As the name of the candle suggests, this candle is great for anyone who loves a smoky, outdoorsy smelling candle. The fragrance is composed of firewood, smoke, charcoal, Palo Santo, and hay. The coal and hay fragrance fill the air as the candle burns, but isn’t overpowering to the point where you cna’t smell the other notes in the candle.

Lingering in this fragrance is the slight scent of juniper berry, giving this fragrance a complexity that you don’t find from many other candle brands. This juniper berry fragrance also helps to balance out the feminine and masculine feel to this candle.


  • The fragrance from this candle can fill a very large space effortlessly.
  • This fragrance can be described as a romantic scent.
  • You can burn this candle when you need a relaxing fragrance.
  • This candle lasts for a very long time.
  • The earthy tones in this candle are blended out well with the musky blend of smoky fragrances.


  • The candle doesn’t come with a lid so the fragrance isn’t preserved very well.
  • This candle may smell medicinal to some people.

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4. Cedar Stack

The name of this candle doesn’t lie when it comes to its fragrance. The scent from this candle is a classic wood fragrance. The notes in this candle are cedar, labdanum, juniper berry, sawdust, and white musk. The fragrance kicks off with the woody scent of cedar chips and dried tobacco. This mixture of fragrances then leads into a more spiced and floral fragrance of labadum.

The labdanum then leads into notes of peppercorn that add a bit more of a crisp feeling in the fragrance. This fragrance is meant to feel like it’s modern while still making you feel nostalgic while burning it.


  • The fragrance from this candle is strong enough to fill a large room.
  • This is a great fragrance to use during the fall and winter months.
  • The fragrance from this candle will give your home a mature and sophisticated feel.
  • You’ll get a high quality product when you buy this candle.
  • The packaging fits well with most types of d├ęcor.


  • This candle may be too strong for some people.

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5. Kush

This pot inspired candle gives you a powerful punch of natural fragrances. Mixed with the fragrance of pot, you’ll get the scents of suede, white musk, tulip, and amber. This candle is definitely one that is fit for people with a particular scent palate. With this being said, it’s not a candle that is going to only be appealing to people who partake in the recreation.

The fragrance of the pot flower mixes with the suede and then is engulfed by amber accord. This candle doesn’t have any cannabis related ingredients and only has scents that are inspired by the plant.


  • The fragrance from this candle is subtle but strong.
  • This scent is unusual but in a good way; unique.
  • You’ll get a pleasant and soft fragrance from this candle.
  • The floral fragrance mixes well with the pot fragrance.


  • The scent throw from this fragrance isn’t as strong as the other candles from Boy Smells.

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Customer Opinions

Before purchasing a candle from a company, its always a good idea to check out the opinions of their customers. By doing this, you’ll be getting an honest opinion about the product without having to worry that you’re just seeing sales talk. In this section, I’ll talk about what customers like and what they don’t like about the products from Boy Smells.

What Customers Like

Customers genuinely enjoy the products they buy from Boy Smells. One of the biggest positive opinions is that these candles have a strong scent throw. You can place these candles in a large room and they’ll fill it with fragrance easily.

Another review that customers tend to have in common is about the high quality of the candle. Because the candles are made with a mixtures of high quality waxes and fragrances, the products you’ll be getting from Boy Smells are high quality and last a long time.

What Customers Don’t Like

There really isn’t much that customers don’t like about Boy Smells. Most customers are overall happy with the company’s products. Some people have had a complaint about the candles not having lids, though. By not having a lid, you’ll get a constant scent throw from the candle, even without it being lit. By getting a scent throw all the time, the fragrance can dissipate quicker than it would if you had a lid on top.

Final Thoughts

Buying candles from Boy Smells can be incredibly easy because you’ll be getting a product that you know is good quality. The amount of care that goes into creating these candles makes them a high quality that can fit into anyone’s home easily.

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