Village Candles Review: Are They Good?

One of the big brands in the candle community is Village Candle. They’re a brand that is easily accessible in big name stores such as Walmart. Because they’re so accessible, you need to keep a question in mind. Does Village Candle produce good candles?

Village Candle produces high quality candles that will give you a long lasting burn with a strong fragrance throw. You won’t need to worry about being disappointed when you buy a candle from this company because they take care in making their candles.

Before buying from a company you’ve never bought from before, you need to make sure you know about the company. This will help you make an informed decision as to whether or not this company will be a good fit for your home and candle needs. In this post, I will give you everything you need to know about Village Candle before you can make a decision. Then I’ll review several of their top candles to help narrow your choices.

Village Candles Review

What You should Know about Village Candle

Village Candle was founded in 1993 and has grown into a company that produces high quality fragrances and has built a community in the candle scene. Their goal is to bring their fragrances to life and use their brand to bring an enriching experience into your life.

They make sure they pick the best ingredients possible to create their candles and bring in fragrance artists to cultivate the most delicious fragrances. Mix that together with their passion for home fragrance and you’re given a high quality candle that will make your home smell wonderful.

Knowing everything you can about Village Candle will not only make deciding whether or not this company is worth using in your home. It will also help make choosing a fragrance easier. In this section, I’ll tell you all about what goes into a Village Candle, about their candle collections, and about their suggested candle care.

What is in a Village Candle?

Village Candle values the quality of their candles and its easy to tell. Depending on which candle you choose, their candles are made out of paraffin wax or a soy and paraffin wax blend. By using paraffin wax, the candles you purchase are going to have a strong fragrance that will fill a room easily. With the candles using soy wax, you’ll be getting a candle that has a clean burn on top of the strong fragrance throw.

The fragrances in these candles are created using essential oils and plant extracts. This will not only give you a more natural fragrance, but it will also provide you with some medicinal benefits that stem from essential oils. Village Candle believes that fragrance is an artform and they use that belief to create the highest quality candles they can.

Combining high quality waxes with the carefully picked essential oils, Village Candle is able to provide their customers with high quality candles that are genuinely great to use in your home. To take their candles to the next level, they put two wicks in their candles so you can have a strong scent throw with a slow, even burn. The quality you get with these candles makes them worth your time and money.

Village Candles Collections

Village Candle offers a wide array of different candles. To make picking a candle easier, they divide their candles into different collections. All you need to do is find a collection that will fit your wants and needs and find a candle within that collection. Doing this will take a lot of the stress out of picking the right candle for you.

The collections that Village Candle has are:

  • Traditions
  • Fantasy
  • Spa
  • Holiday
  • Décor
  • Gentlemen’s
  • New Releases

All of the collections have a handful of different fragrances to choose from. Most of these collections have candles that are sold in large jars with two wicks. Two of these collections are different, though.

In the décor collection, you’re presented with a pillar candle in a tall glass tumbler. These candles have two wicks and are decorated in vibrant colors to give your home a contemporary feel. Adding this candle to your home will give a new sense of sleekness to your decorations.

The second collection that doesn’t come in a large jar is the gentlemen’s collection. This candle comes in a short jar and has tree wicks. These fragrances use scents such as juniper and leather to mix with scents like balsam and vanilla. By doing this, they create fragrances that are unisex and can be geared towards men’s interests.

Caring for Your Village Candle

Caring for you candle no matter the brand is an important part of the candle experience. By caring for your candle, you’re able to prolong the lifespan of your product and ensure that you’re getting the most out of it. Village Candle offers suggestions for how to care for their candles.

The first suggestion they give is for you to burn your candle for at least two hours every time you light it. By burning it for at least two hours, you’re allowing your candle to melt enough to give yourself a full wax pool. It’s important to develop a full wax pool because it helps prevent future issues with burning your candle, such as tunneling. Tunneling is when only the wax around the wick melts, making tunnels around the wick.

While it’s important to burn your candle at least two hours, you don’t want to exceed four hours of burn time. This helps keep the fragrance intensity in tact. Another reason you don’t want to exceed four hours is because your sense of smell will get used to the fragrance and eventually you won’t be able to smell it easily. This is generally called being nose blind.

Before lighting your candle each time, make sure you trim the wick. This will help make sure your candle burns evenly. Make sure you don’t cut the wick too far, though. If you cut it too far, your candle will struggle to burn or may not burn at all. The ideal length for your candle wick is 1/4 inch.

If you follow these tips Village Candle provides for you, you’ll be able to enjoy your candle for as long as possible. These tips will keep your candles burning healthily and with really push the length of their lifespans.

A Review of 5 Village Candle Candles

1. Balsam Fir

This deep green colored candle is riddled with fragrances of nature. You’re given a richness from the main fragrance of evergreens and balsam. Accompanying this fragrance is the citrusy notes of bergamot. Mixed together, this candle offers you the freshness you can only find in nature.

Bringing this candle into your home will make your home smell fresh year round but is perfect during the holidays when you want the fragrance of a Christmas tree. This makes having a plastic Christmas tree feel more authentic because you’ll have the fragrance that accompanies a real Christmas tree.


  • This candle doesn’t give off any smoke during its burn.
  • You get a truly authentic balsam fragrance with this candle.
  • The fragrance will fill a room easily but won’t become overwhelming.
  • The fragrance lasts a long time after you’ve extinguished the flame.


  • The fragrance may not be strong enough for some people.
  • The wick can sometimes hold a small flame and won’t burn brightly.

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2. Mulled Cider

There’s no better way to welcome fall and winter into your home than with the rich warmth that the fragrance of mulled cider can bring. This candle will fill your home with sweet notes of apple pleasantly stirred together with the spicy fragrances of cinnamon and clove. Topping off this candle’s scent is the smooth touch of vanilla.

This candle will fit perfectly in your home during the colder months of the year. Your home will feel the warmth this candle emanates almost immediately. Plus, this candle gives off the perfect amount of crisp and sweetness mixed with spice.


  • This is the perfect fragrance to give as a gift.
  • Not only will you get an amazing fragrance, but you’ll also get a high quality product.
  • This candle will give you hours of burn time.
  • This candle burns cleaner than candles from other big name brands.


  • Some people may find the apple fragrance smells slightly artificial.
  • The scent throw in this candle isn’t super strong.

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3. Christmas Tree

Welcome in the holiday season with this magical, modern fragrance. You’ll get the rich, woody fragrance from Balsam and cedar mixed with the fresh notes of juniper berry. By burning this candle, your home will be cheerfully filled with the holiday spirit.

The richness fragrance in this is complemented by the deep, rich green of this candle’s color. Pair this with the ambiance given off by the two wicks, your holiday season will feel complete and welcoming.


  • Your whole home will smell like a Christmas tree without the work of putting up the tree.
  • This candle gives off the perfect fresh fragrance for any home to enjoy.
  • This candle will give you a long burn time with a strong scent throw the whole time.
  • You get a large amount of fragrance from this candle.


  • The scent throw may not be strong enough for some people.
  • The cold throw can sometimes be stronger than the hot throw.

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4. Orange Cinnamon

This fragrance is a unique mixture of citrus and spice that is sure to leave you pleasantly surprised. You get the brightness of the citrus mixed with the richness of the cinnamon and cloves. Mix these together and you’ll be treated with an irresistible and stunning fragrance that will leave your home smelling amazing.

The bright orange color of the wax directly reflects the brightness of the citrus fragrance. Your home will completely benefit from the spicy citrus scent this candle will fill it with.


  • This is a great fragrance to make your kitchen smell inviting.
  • The spices in this fragrance give another layer of depth to this citrusy candle.
  • The fragrance in this candle lasts for a long time after you extinguish the flame.
  • The scent lasts as long as the wax does.


  • If you get this fragrance in votive form, it doesn’t have as strong of a fragrance as the jar candles.
  • The spice can be weak compared to the citrus in this candle.

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5. Red Hot Cinnamon

If you’re looking for warmth during the col winter months, this candle will definitely bring that into your home. This spicy fragrance comes from a mixture of cinnamon bark and allspice. Topping off this fragrance is the smooth scent of vanilla. Blend this all together and you’ll get the perfect amount of heat from this candle to really warm up your home when it’s cold outside.

Pair this candle with a fire and a fuzzy blanket and you’ll be in a completely cozy home. This is also the perfect candle for any holiday celebrations. The warmth it gives creates a welcoming atmosphere that will be great for any holiday gathering.


  • This candle has a powerful scent throw.
  • The cinnamon in this fragrance is perfect for anyone that loves strong spice scents.
  • This fragrance is great for the fall and winter months but can be burned year round.
  • Any room you place this candle in will be filled with a freshness when you light it.


  • The fragrance doesn’t linger too long after you extinguish the candle.
  • The cinnamon fragrance can be considered overpowering if you don’t like a strong spice scent.

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Customer Opinions

When you buy from a company for the first time, it’s important to take customer opinions into consideration. By doing this, you’ll really know if the company is worth your time and money or if you should find somewhere else to get your candles. In this section, I’ll go over what customers like and what they don’t like about Village Candle.

What Customers Like

Customers genuinely enjoy Village Candle. The fragrances they provide a strong scent throw with a long lasting, slow burn. Their fragrances also smell incredibly authentic because Village Candle uses essential oils and other naturally derived fragrances.

Another thing that customers really like about this brand is that their fragrances last just as long as the wax does. You don’t have to worry about the fragrance being used up before you finish burning your candle. The amount of fragrance in these candles is enough to make it truly last until the last drop of wax is gone.

What Customers Don’t Like

There isn’t much that people don’t like about Village Candle. The only complaint that has been prevalent is that some people wish the fragrances could be stronger. While they do produce a strong smell, people that love incredibly strong candles may not be completely satisfied with the amount of fragrance in these candles.

Final Thoughts

Village Candle delivers their customers with high quality, authentic smelling candles. Their dedication to creating a high quality product leaves their customers wanting to buy more. This company is definitely worth your time and money and anyone that smells the fragrance it puts into your home will be pleasantly surprised.

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