SpaRoom Diffusers Review: Are They Good?

Diffusers are becoming increasingly common. But increased accessibility also makes it more difficult to wade through a sea of options. You may have heard about the popular SpaRoom diffusers and wondered if they are any good.

SpaRoom believes that life is best lived when people have the right combination of fragrance, design, and health products that contribute to an overall wellness lifestyle at home. Their large selection of diffusers makes incorporating health and wellness into everyday life quite easy. Not only are their diffusers nice to look at, they seem durable and can effectively distribute your favorite essential oils throughout your space.

With so many different diffusers to choose from, this article will help you narrow your search by highlighting the best SpaRoom diffusers I’ve found so far.

SpaRoom Diffuser Review

All About the SpaRoom Company

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, SpaRoom was founded in 2012 and has over seventy employees. SpaRoom is a division of the company UNITREX. Last month, SpaRoom was named on the list, 101 Best Ohio, United States Wellness Startups by international media production company, The Startup Pill. 

This list highlights Ohio companies that are either innovative, experienced exceptional growth, have remarkable leadership, or an outstanding social impact. To be selected for this list, a company needed to only fit within one category.  But it seems that SpaRoom might fit into all four, or at least three out of the four. 

“No Idea Is A Bad Idea”

Innovation and leadership appear to propel SpaRoom’s growth.

They constantly invent new diffuser styles to meet various customer needs and personalities. The company states that their first ultrasonic diffuser, SpaMist, has sold more than any one diffuser worldwide.  And in an October 2021 DotCom Magazine interview, the current President and CEO of SpaRoom, Anthony Padrazo, demonstrated his ability to lead the company in an upwards trajectory.

Company growth and product innovation has been heavily influenced by customer feedback and exploration of team ideas. 

Major emphasis is placed on the value of all of their team members, listening to their suggestions and developing those ideas regardless of a team member’s level within the company.

You can find SpaRoom products in stores like Target, Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, CVS, The Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, and more retailers nationwide.

The SpaRoom Product Lines

SpaRoom product offerings have expanded over time. They began with a few diffusers and essential oil options and have grown to over 50 diffusers and 150 fragrance products.

Every product is made with the novice to experienced aromatherapy user in mind. 

Beyond the most common essential oils, they now create their own blends and have even partnered with HALLS to help solidify their place in the health and wellness market. 

SpaRoom Essential Oils

All of their oils are undiluted and made with botanical products. SpaRoom has their oils third-party tested for purity. They offer both single note and signature blend essential oils. Formats include oils, sprays, and roll-ons.

SpaRoom Hemp Oils

These oils are a combination of essential oils and THC-free Cannabidiol Isolate, and organically-grown CBD hemp extract. It is also third-party tested for purity.

SpaRoom & HALLS

A unique but fitting relationship exists between HALLS and SpaRoom. The HALLS products are a blend of essential oils, menthol and additional fragrance ingredients to help with breathing and to promote health during the cold and flu season.

SpaRoom Home Fragrances

Shower sprays, reed diffusers, linen and room sprays round out SpaRoom’s home fragrance line.

SpaRoom Diffusers

Known for being both stylish and effective, SpaRoom diffusers are available in a wide range of styles. 

Each one is put to the test to make certain that it will be easy to use and will function properly. In this way, customers can enjoy their aromatherapy experience without being intimidated about the machine’s basic operation. 

Top 6 SpaRoom Diffusers

There are so many SpaRoom diffusers that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Here I’ve listed seven that I have come to like; they can complement a variety of decor styles. 

1. SpaRoom GuardianAir Humidifier and Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Room coverage: 300 square feet (Large room)

Water capacity: 400mL (13.5 fl oz)

Continuous mist: 8 hours

Low/Interval mist: 20 hours

Dimensions: 5.75 inches tall, 5.4 inches wide

Light options: Yes

As a humidifier and oil diffuser, SpaRoom’s GuardianAir machine adds moisture to the air, purifies it, and distributes fragrance throughout the room. 

Made of eco-friendly materials, you can feel comfortable using it in your home without exposing yourself or family members to any toxic materials. This model also won’t overheat; if it runs out of water, the machine will automatically shut off. 

Light Feature. There are four adjustments that can be made to the light feature. These options include: soft white pulsing light (first push), rotating colors (second push), or one of seven colors (third push). A fourth push turns off the light feature, which is a nice option to have if you prefer to operate the diffuser as you sleep

Mister. Diffuser mist levels can be adjusted using a slider. High mist levels can run for up to 8 hours. Low mist can run for 20 hours or until the machine detects low water levels. Misting intervals are at one, three, and six hours. You can select time intervals by pushing the left power button. The button light will change each time to indicate each interval. 

The first push is for continuous mist, push twice for one hour of misting (red light), three times for three hours of misting (green light), and four pushes for six hours of misting (blue light). Scent is distributed evenly and fills the space for hours.

Reservoir. Although this diffuser is small and doesn’t take up much space, this unit holds a decent amount of water. It can cover large spaces, up to 300 square feet and is powered by an AC adapter. 


  • Easy to clean
  • 400mL water tank
  • Efficient LED light
  • Seven light color options
  • Auto shut-off 
  • Perfect multi-functional solution


  • Some people felt that the motor was too loud

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2. SpaRoom Ultrasonic Diffuser and Sound Machine

Room Coverage: 300 square feet (Large room)

Water Capacity: 300mL (10.14 fl oz)

Continuous Mist: 7 hours

Low/Interval Mist: N/A

Dimensions: 6.25 inches tall, 5.5 inches wide

Light options: Yes

This modern, woven textured diffuser and sound machine was designed to quietly operate and fill a large room with your favorite essential oil fragrance while you sleep. Continuous mist runs for up to 7 hours. 

Sound options. There are three sound options to choose from: thunderstorms, ocean waves, and nature. You’ll have two volume settings. If you prefer to only use the diffuser or light, sound can be turned off. 

Light Feature. Three light settings makes this model even more appealing. You can choose from a soft white light, a warm white light, or you can turn off the light feature altogether. 

Reservoir. This unit also shuts off once water levels become too low to operate. 

The outer texture is actually made of fabric, not a plastic mold that gives the appearance of fabric. This adds another element of decor to your space. It’s powered by an AC adapter. 


  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Sound options can help you sleep at night
  • Makes for a nice gift
  • Compact size
  • Scent can fill a large room


  • There aren’t any time intervals

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3. SpaRoom Opal Bliss Ultrasonic Glass Diffuser

Room Coverage: 300 square feet (Large room)

Water Capacity: 150mL (5 fl oz)

Continuous Mist: 6 hours

Low/Interval Mist: 12 hours

Dimensions: 8.4 inches tall, 5 inches wide

Light options: Yes

This diffuser is more like a piece of sculptural art. Made of hand-blown glass and covered in an iridescent glaze, this unit adds a touch of shimmering beauty to any home decor. 

Light feature. This unit operates with a warm white light that can add ambiance to your space, but turning the light off is also an option. 

Mister. Instead of timed intervals, you have the option of choosing mist intensity levels. At high intensity, the machine can run for up to 6 hours. At low intensity, it runs for twice as long.


  • Beautiful sculptural addition to your space
  • Long running time
  • Auto shut-off safety feature
  • Alter mist intensity
  • Two lighting options


  • Somewhat higher price point
  • No interval options

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4. SpaRoom Ultrasonic Diffuser in White Marble

Room Coverage: 200 square feet (Medium room)

Water Capacity: 200 mL (6.76 fl oz)

Continuous Mist: 6 hours

Low/Interval Mist: 12 hours

Dimensions: 8 inches tall, 4.67 inches wide

Light options: No

If you are looking for a sleeker diffuser casing, then this one might be a good choice for you. 

Made using safe, high grade materials, this outer casing has an off-white upper color with a marbled base. 

Reservoir. This model best fills medium-sized rooms with a reservoir that holds 200 mL (6.76 fl oz) of water. It’s powered by an AC adapter located in the lower rear of the machine instead of on the bottom.

It’s made of plastic, which can turn some people off, but it doesn’t look phony or cheap as some brands do.

Mister. There are two mist options: continuous and intermittent. It’s also simple to operate. Press once for continuous misting up to 6 hours and twice for 15 second intervals up to 12 hours. 

Also available in black raven, which is not a color option I see very often at a moderate price point but can look really good in a modern, masculine, or minimal home.


  • Three outer shell color options
  • Elegant addition to your decor
  • Great gift idea
  • Easy to clean
  • Superb mist coverage


  • Lacks a light feature
  • Made using plastic material

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5. SpaRoom Vela Essential Oil Diffuser in Rose Gold

Room Coverage: 200 square feet (Medium room)

Water Capacity: 150 mL (5.07 fl oz)

Continuous Mist: 6 hours

Low/Interval Mist:  N/A

Dimensions: 5 inches tall, 5 inches wide

Light options: Yes

The Vela essential oil diffuser is one of SpaRoom’s best sellers. Customers love its compact size and strong stream of mist. 

Lighting. A really unique feature that I haven’t come across in another diffuser is the candle light mode, which mimics a flickering candle. Warm white light is another option, or it can operate without the light on. 

Reservoir. Although this model is also made of plastic, it is molded well, is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and BPA-free. This model best fills medium-sized rooms up to 200 square feet.  When full, this machine can run continuously for up to 6 hours. 

As with all SpaRoom diffusers I’ve come across, this one also shuts off once the water levels become really low.

Also available in blond wood grain, medium brown wood grain, light gray, and pearlized white, these stylish options can look nice in many different home spaces.

The Vela diffuser is powered by a USB cord that’s 1.5 meters in length.


  • Best for medium-sized rooms
  • Five exterior color options
  • Great gift idea
  • Strong mist coverage
  • Auto shut-off safety feature


  • Plastic material
  • Only operates as a continuous mist 

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6. SpaRoom Halo Aromatherapy Diffuser

Room Coverage: 100 square feet (Small rooms)

Water Capacity: 120 mL (4.06 fl oz)

Continuous Mist: 5 hours

Low/Interval Mist:  N/A

Dimensions: 4 inches tall, 4 inches wide

Light options: Yes

SpaRoom’s Halo is a small but mighty budget-priced diffuser. I think it’s a nice introduction to aromatherapy for those who may want to try out a diffuser before investing in a more expensive one. 

Reservoir. Although it is less expensive, the Halo is still made with durable materials and performs optimally. This container holds about a half cup of water.

Light feature. Using the left button, you can push once for rotating lights, twice to freeze on one color, or three times to turn the light off altogether.

Mist. Using the right button, you can activate the machine by turning on continuous mist. Pushing the button a second time turns the mister off. 

The Halo diffuser is powered by a USB cord. There isn’t a charger, it must be plugged in to operate. At low water levels, the machine will shut-off automatically for your safety. 


  • Compact and stylish
  • Multiple lighting options
  • Effectively diffuses fragrance
  • Runs quietly through the night


  • Mist output is best for small-sized rooms

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Customer Opinions About SpaRoom Diffusers

For the most part, SpaRoom users are pleased with their product choices. Here are some customer opinions about SpaRoom diffusers. 

What Customers Like About SpaRoom Diffusers

  • Customers find that SpaRoom diffusers can work for years without any problems.
  • With so many different style options, you can find a diffuser with a classic look, more earthy earthy appearance, and even a sleeker look. All of their diffusers are aesthetically pleasing to someone.
  • Some customers have had to cycle through multiple diffusers by different brands before settling on a SpaRoom diffuser and have decided to stick with this brand.
  • Even at moderate price points, many SpaRoom diffusers have an auto shut-off feature, which is excellent for safety.
  • Customers with children and pets enjoy the fact that not all SpaRoom diffusers are made of glass. Having plastic options makes them feel more comfortable running their diffusers without the fear of them being knocked over and broken.
  • SpaRoom diffusers are reliable and look great but are offered within reasonable price ranges.

What Customers Dislike About SpaRoom Diffusers

  • While many of their diffusers are ultrasonic, some customers feel that they operate with a noticeable buzz, which makes it hard to use at night while trying to go to sleep. 
  • Some feel that the smaller diffusers don’t do as well of a job distributing fragrance throughout the room.
  • There have been reports of the machines no longer working after a few months. It’s possible that any machine can be defective from time to time. SpaRoom does offer a warranty so if this were to happen, you can possibly make an exchange. 

Final Thoughts

When using any of SpaRoom’s diffusers, only pour 100% essential oils into the reservoir. Using synthetic oils or chemical-based fragrances can cause corrosion, which damages your diffuser. 

For compact spaces, those new to aromatherapy, or if you’re on a budget, I’d suggest starting out with SpaRoom’s Halo aromatherapy diffuser. It’s simple but still stylish and gets the job done.

SpaRoom GuardianAir is another customer favorite, and it can fill spaces up to 300 square feet. This one can also clean and moisten the air in your home. If getting a good night’s rest is your goal, SpaRoom ultrasonic diffuser and sound machine might be the best choice for you.

Hopefully this list helped narrow down your SpaRoom choices. It seems to be a solid, growing company that considers the needs and wants of their customers. So just consider your needs – diffuser color? lights?, sound?, etc., and then choose the SpaRoom diffuser that is best for you.

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