InnoGear Diffusers Review: Are They Good?

Diffusers are a great option for naturally fragrancing your home. It’s tempting to consider purchasing higher priced diffusers because paying extra can make you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. But sometimes less expensive options work just as well. In this InnoGear diffuser review, I’ll help you determine whether or not they’re any good.

InnoGear diffusers are a great starting point if you’re new to aromatherapy. They’re highly portable and are available at reasonably low prices, which makes it easy for you to confidently test them out in your home. Although basic, they have many different features that give you bang for your buck.

If you want to learn more about which top-rated Innogear diffusers and oils might be the best for you, read on. 

All About InnoGear

InnoGear is a company committed to helping enhance your daily life through technological and healthcare innovations. Their approach towards energy conservation through the use of LED lighting in many of their products is one way this company is transcending industry standards.

Quality control is also an important factor to InnoGear. They take care to upgrade their products to meet their own high efficiency and functioning standards. In addition to diffusers, the company manufactures various kinds of solar lights for walking paths and ones that attach to building structures. They also create audio accessories like microphone stands as well as various beauty and home decor items.

InnoGear Diffusers

Their commitment to innovative technology is evident by the fact that their lowest product review is 4.5 stars. Some of their diffusers can also be used in vehicles. Air purifiers and humidifiers are also on their product roster. And their innovation extends beyond technology to aesthetics. There are so many design options that their aromatherapy products can appeal to a wide audience.

For instance, in addition to four wood grain laminate stain options, customers can choose from various shapes for every color available. And then there are multiple thermoplastic options in various shapes and sizes, as well as wood laminate and thermoplastic combinations.

All of their diffusers are multi-functional to help you create a complete experience in your home environment. Whether your goal is to create a calming atmosphere or to get a good night’s rest, InnoGear diffusers are designed to help you create a balanced, peaceful life.

InnoGear Essential Oils: OnePure

With the goal of integrating nature with technology to find new methods to help you care for yourself and your family, InnoGear’s essential oils are created under the company name, OnePure, as a sub-brand. 

OnePure essential oils are Grade A, 100% natural, created using steam-press technology. All of the plants are globally-sourced from their natural habitats. For instance, lavender plants are sourced from France and lemongrass from India. 

From the seed to the bottle, the entire process is carried out ethically and naturally. Essential oils are gently extracted from seeds, roots, blooms and bark, and are then distilled and bottled without any fillers, additives, carrier oils, or any unnecessary ingredients. 

Top InnoGear Products: A Review

1. InnoGear Aromatherapy Diffuser

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser, Upgraded Diffusers for Essential Oils Aromatherapy Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier with 7 Colors LED Lights 2 Mist Mode Waterless Auto Off for Home Office Room, White
  • Trusted Brand with Quality Assurance: At InnoGear, we don't just promise quality, we assure it. As a leading company with more than 10 years of...
  • Flexible Misting Modes: 2 mist settings allow you to customize the interval and intensity of your chosen aroma and scent your space on your schedule....
  • Compact Yet Incredibly Powerful: Thanks to the innovative internal design and upgraded ultra-quiet fan, diffusers for home create a fine, powerful...
  • Romantic Ambient Light: Our aroma diffusers come equipped with a mesmerizing 7-color LED light system. The light and mist functions can be...
  • Waterless Auto-off: You can enjoy a restful night's sleep or a worry-free day at work knowing that your humidifier will automatically shut off once...

With over 91,000 ratings averaging 4.5 stars, there’s got to be a reason why this is one of the most popular InnoGear aromatherapy diffusers online! 

This model boasts two mist modes, and seven light color options, but the lights and mists can also operate independent of one another. And you don’t have to worry about the machine overheating because it automatically shuts off once all of the water has evaporated. 

A really compact device at 5.5 inches (13.97 cm) tall by 3.9 inches (9.91 cm) wide, you can literally place this diffuser in any room or tight shelf space. Its cord length is 6 ft, which offers even more flexibility as you test out its placement within your home. 

Misting mode options are three to four hours of continuous mist or six to eight hours of intermittent mists on a 30-second cycle. Color options vary as well. You can choose a favorite color, rotate through all seven colors, adjust brightness, or turn the light off altogether.

Easy to use, simply add water to the base, drop in essential oil, close and power it up. Since it releases a mist of room-temperature water, this machine also acts as a humidifier to increase moisture levels in the room. 

This is the perfect diffuser to get started on a budget. This same model is also bundled in a 2-pack so that you can place them in multiple rooms.


  • Can be used as a nightlight
  • Misting options with auto shut-off
  • Compact and portable


  • Works best in a small room

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2. InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser Bundle

No products found.

This company does a great job of bundling their diffusers. Not only is this a good economical option, but you can choose a set of diffusers that match the decor you have in different rooms. 

So this bundle includes the basic mister we just went over, which holds about 100 mL of water. And the second diffuser is made of sleek, dark wood grain laminate, and holds 400 mL of water. 

The large capacity diffuser can release a strong high mist for five to six hours, or a low mist for eight to ten hours. In addition to these steady mist options, there are also timer settings: one, two, or three hours. Similar to the compact version, this one shuts off once all the water has run out. 

Practically silent, its cover is designed as a sound barrier. If placed on weak mode, you can run it overnight so long as the water reservoir is full. LED light options are the same, but the light intensity is lower for the larger capacity model. 


  • Great value
  • Coordinate with your decor
  • Large and small water capacities


  • Lower intensity LED light

No products found.

3. Wood Grain Laminate Ultrasonic InnoGear Diffuser

InnoGear 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Wood Grain Ultrasonic Cool Mist Diffusers with 7 Color LED Lights Waterless Auto Shut-Off, Large
  • Natural Wood Grain Look: This aroma diffuser is a great addition to your workspace or home. It's natural and classy look goes with all decor.
  • Big Capacity with Adjustable Mist Output: Upgraded with 500ml big water tank, this diffuser supports working time up to 17-18 hours in weak mode, and...
  • 7 Colors Mood Lighting: The diffuser comes with 7 colors of lighting. You can keep them rotating or fix one of your choices. Each color is adjustable...
  • Timer Setting and Auto Shut down: The diffuser comes with 4 timer setting modes, i.e., 1Hr, 3Hr, 6Hr, and steady on. The diffuser automatically shuts...
  • All In One: Aromatherapy diffuser adopts ultrasonic technology that provides smooth mist and pleasant aromas to create a calm, relaxing environment,...

Slightly larger than the last one, this diffuser holds 500 mL of water and runs for up to 20 hours on low and between nine and ten hours on high mist. Timer settings are steady, one, three, and six hour intervals. 

Similar to the first two, you remove the lid, add water below the fill line, place the lid back on, and then use the buttons to customize your settings. It’s a really simple process. 

All of InnoGear’s diffusers are safe to use around children and expecting mothers because they use food-grade materials that are made BPA-free without any harsh chemicals that could seep into the misting water. Its wide tub is also easy to clean.

In addition to being used for aromatherapy, this machine humidifies the room, which is helpful for people who might struggle with breathing disorders. It’s quiet enough to leave on throughout the night, and if it runs out of water before the timer interval ends, it will shut itself off.

This model is 7 inches (18 cm) wide by 3.9 inches (10 cm) high and its LED lights wrap around the center of the diffuser. All previous light options apply to this one as well. Since this is an ultrasonic diffuser, essential oils are broken down into microparticles allowing them to be distributed without any heat, keeping them in their natural state.


  • Large capacity reservoir (500 mL)
  • Heat-free ultrasonic diffusion
  • Great scent throw
  • Longer timer options


  • Pretty lightweight

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4. InnoGear 500ml Aromatherapy Diffuser

InnoGear 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier Waterless Auto Shut-off with 4 Timers and 7 LED Color Changing Lights
  • Larger Capacity: Large 500ml water capacity runs continuously up to 8 hours in high mist mode and 17 hours in low mist mode.
  • 4 Timer Settings and Mist Control: Choose timer from 60/120/180/Continuous mode. Mist level is adjustable from weak to strong.
  • Romantic Night Light: Press the LIGHT button to set the diffuser to cycle through colors automatically or stay on a specific color. Light and mist can...
  • Quiet and Auto Shut Off: The Ultrasonic diffuser runs so quietly that you barely notice the sound. Waterless auto shut off for safety protection.
  • Aromatherapy diffuser infuses lovely fragrances and improves the air quality we breathe. It is perfect for relieving modern day stress and creating a...

This is another large capacity diffuser, but it’s white instead of wood grain. Because it’s white, the LEDs are more noticeable, and you can control the brightness of this one. Turning the light off altogether is also an option. 

A feature this model has that the last one doesn’t is longer running time. This diffuser can run for up to 22 hours on the low mist setting. High mist can last for up to 12 hours. In terms of timer settings, you can run it in continuous mode, or choose between 60, 80, or 120 minutes. Simply lift to clean or refill before programming the timer.


  • Adjustable brightness
  • Large capacity (500 mL)
  • Long running time (22 hours)
  • Complements most decor


  • Made of high quality plastic

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5. Mini-Aromatherapy Diffuser with Essential Oils

This miniature diffuser in dark wood grain is 5.5 inches (14cm) tall and 3.94 inches (10 cm) wide and only holds 100 mL of water, but it lets off a strong mist. In continuous mode, this diffuser mists for three to four hours. Or you can run it intermittently, 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off, for six to eight hours.

There are seven lighting options that can be cycled, lit steadily, dimmed, or turned off altogether. It can literally fit in the palm of your hand, which makes it easy to operate in different rooms of your home. A near silent machine, you can run it while sleeping, reading, meditating, or working without being disturbed.

And this set includes two essential oils, peppermint and lavender. OnePure essential oils contain no chemicals or other synthetic materials. Each bottle is 10 mL (0.33 oz). Lavender is a calming scent that helps you relax and lifts your mood a bit. Peppermint has a refreshing scent that helps you feel more alert and can improve concentration.


  • Great starter option or gift set
  • Includes two 100% natural oils
  • Strong mist in spite of size
  • Highly portable


  • Lower running time due to size

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6. 150mL InnoGear Diffuser with Six Essential Oils

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser with Oils, 100ml Aromatherapy Diffuser with 6 Essential Oils Set, Aroma Cool Mist Humidifier Gift Set, Yellow Wood Grain
  • Great Gift Idea for Everyone: This set of essential oil diffuser with oils is a thoughtful and practical gift that people will actually use. Their...
  • Powerful Mist Output and Compact Size: Upgraded version that can generate much more mist and last longer without taking much space in your room. An...
  • 7 Colors & PP Material: Choose between 7 colors that can be set to cycle through or on one specific color. Put it in the room as a nightlight to help...
  • Waterless Auto off: Our essential oil diffuser with oils has 3 working modes, intermittent/continuous mist/off. Continuous mode lasts 3-4 hours,...
  • Native Sourced, Bottled in the USA, 100% Pure: 6 scents include tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, peppermint and sweet orange, which are...

This diffuser is similar to the last one, but it’s lighter color. Another slight difference is its running time and water capacity. In continuous mode, this model runs five to six hours and in intermittent mode, it runs up to ten hours with a 150 mL tank. Lighting options are exactly the same. Although it’s compact, it functions really well.

Another bonus included here are the six essential oils: eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, sweet orange, and tea tree. Each bottle is 10 mL (0.33 oz) and sourced from native ground to meet quality standards.

Both eucalyptus and tea tree plants were sourced from China. Eucalyptus can help reduce congestion, cleanse the air, and soothe your respiratory system. Tea tree also cleanses and refreshes.

We’ve gone over lavender but lemongrass has a refreshing, soft citrus scent that’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It pairs well with peppermint.

Sweet orange originates from Brazil and is a natural pick me up that can help you feel calm and a little more focused. 


  • Decent running time
  • Includes six core oils
  • Impressive value
  • Thoughtful gift idea


  • Light can be too bright even when dimmed

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7. InnoGear 300mL Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

If you are looking for an “in-between” sized diffuser, this one might be the way to go. It holds 300 mL of water, which makes it more of a medium capacity diffuser, but it still runs throughout the day and night. Dimensions are 6.6 inches (17 cm) wide by 4.8 inches (12.2 cm) high. 

You can set it to run for one, three or six hours. As a continuous mist, it can run up to ten hours on high and up to thirteen hours on low mist. And since it’s virtually silent, you will not hear it operating while you sleep or work.


  • Also a nightlight
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal water capacity
  • Virtually silent


  • Narrow point slightly harder to clean

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What Customers Think About InnoGear

Most reviews of InnoGear diffusers are positive due to the fact that they are well made and have so many water capacity options. This company really seems to listen to customer feedback and think through every possible feature a person might need when bringing a new diffuser into their home.

And sometimes there are still reservations about the products or bumps in the road that might be addressed by the company at a future time. So here are both positive and negative feedback from InnoGear customers.

What Customers Like About InnoGear Products 

  • Many customers are pleased with the amount of pure essential oils you get for the price. 
  • Even the small diffusers can fill an entire room with fragrance. 
  • Customers love that they can fragrance their homes with an inexpensive but reliable device without the need to use chemicals or aerosol sprays.
  • InnoGear diffusers are an exceptional value especially when you order diffuser and oil sets. They may not be priced as high, but they work as well as the other high-priced brands.
  • Many customers return to InnoGear to buy diffusers for the other rooms in their home.

What Customers Dislike About InnoGear Products

  • Some feel that OnePure essential oils are not potent enough and therefore the fragrance doesn’t last as long in their home. 
  • Some diffuser lights are less intense than others and can’t be adjusted to make them brighter. 
  • On some models the adapter is hard to conceal.
  • Sometimes operating the machine can be a little confusing when there are so many button options. 

In Closing

If you’re just getting started with this company, I think the basic InnoGear aromatherapy diffuser is a splendid deal. It’s so compact that you could travel with it, and even though it’s small it can last through the night on intermittent mode. 

For larger spaces, this InnoGear aromatherapy diffuser or its wood grain alternative both hold 500 mL of water, which means that you can fill a large room with fragrance for almost an entire day on their low mist settings.

But diffusers that come with a variety of oils are always my top choice, especially as a suggestion for a person who is new to aromatherapy. InnoGear diffuser with six essential oils has a decent run time and the bundle helps you to determine which oils you might want to order again.

InnoGear diffusers seem to be really reliable and well made products. I think you would get value for your money for whichever model you choose. So just pick one to get started and let me know how it worked out for you!

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