GuruNanda Essential Oil Diffusers Review: Are They Good?

It seems as though there’s a new diffuser brand on the market daily. With so many options, it’s becoming increasingly hard to find a good diffuser. 

Customers overwhelmingly love GuruNanda essential oil diffusers. They’re well-made, function properly, and are reasonably priced.

In this post, I will share the GuruNanda diffusers that stand out the most. Keep reading to learn which one might best fit your needs.

GuruNanda Essential Oil Diffusers Review

All About the GuruNanda Company

Based in Buena Park, California, USA, GuruNanda was founded in 2015 by Puneet Nanda. 

The company name actually began as a Yoga Studio in 2013. Puneet studied Yoga for a year following a health scare that led him to shifting focus back to proper health maintenance.

While running the yoga studio, he realized that there was a need for reasonably priced high quality essential oils. 

After years of research, Nanda found sustainable Non-GMO farms to work with internationally. All of the plants used to produce GuruNanda essential oils are grown in their natural habitat for superior crop yields. For instance, he sources lavender from Bulgaria and lemongrass from Nepal.

GuruNanda also adheres to fair trade standards to help improve economic conditions of each farmer and their surrounding community.

In order to produce the highest quality oils, GuruNanda works with distillers close to each farm. Oils are extracted from plant matter immediately after they’re harvested. Once Puneet’s oil supply is shipped to the states, he has them blended and bottled in his own warehouses.

Due to GuruNanda’s direct involvement with suppliers and distillers, they’re able to offer quality products at a fraction of the price of some essential oil companies.

This company produces hundreds of tons of essential oils each year. They also offer their own diffusers, humidifiers, and many additional health and wellness products like bath salts and pulling oils.

GuruNanda practices and promotes holistic wellness.

Top GuruNanda Essential Oil Diffusers

GuruNana diffusers have consistently high ratings on Amazon. Customers rave about them, and here’s a review of the ones I like best:

1. GuruNanda 90 ml Essential Oil Diffuser

Also referred to as the Honeycomb Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Diffuser, this is a compact multifunctional diffuser. Here are two of its main functions:

Ultrasonic diffuser

Heat can decrease the quality of essential oils, possibly causing them to be less effective. Instead of heat, ultrasonic diffusers utilize a vibrating plate to generate a cool fragrant mist. 

After adding drops of essential oil to the water inside your ultrasonic diffuser, vibrations transform the essential oil into tiny particles that rise from the diffuser in the form of a mist. 

Mini Cool Mist Humidifier

Cool mist humidifiers are just as effective for adding moisture to the air as the warm mist versions. The difference is that a cool mist protects the composition of essential oils. Cool mist humidifiers also help treat cold symptoms.

This machine is close to 7 inches (18 cm) tall and about 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter. A compact design that won’t take up too much space in your room.

The diffuser operates with or without the lights. You can adjust light intensity by selecting between bright and dim modes. There’s also an option for the LED lights to operate on their own without the diffuser being on. This is a great night light feature for young children. Cycle through seven colors or remain on one. 

It’s practically silent when it runs, which makes this a great option if you like to run your diffuser overnight. With this machine, you can fall asleep without the annoyance of any humming to ticking noises. 

It mists for up to 7 hours in intermittent mode and 3.5 hours in continuous mist mode. 

With a 90 mL tank capacity, this diffuser will automatically shut off if water levels get too low, which can also put you at ease when running the diffuser overnight. 


  • Minimal noise disturbance
  • Cool mists protect your essential oils
  • Low water auto-shut off
  • Simple enough for children to use
  • Nice gift idea


  • Best for smaller rooms
  • It’s made of plastic

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2. GuruNanda Diffuser and Essential Oils Gift Set

If the Honeycomb ultrasonic diffuser sounds amazing and you’re in need of essential oils, then you may want to give thought to this gift set. 

In addition to the Honeycomb, this starter kit comes with six bottles of essential oil blends for relaxation.

These are the six most popular GuruNanda oil blends:

Breathe Easy – helps ease sinus and nasal congestion

  • It’s a grounding blend of basil, rosemary, peppermint, tea tree, and eucalyptus essential oils.

Calming Sleep – a natural sedative that helps you have more restful sleep

  • Lavender, wintergreen, frankincense, Amyris, lemongrass, cedarwood, orange, and patchouli essential oils make up this blend.

Harmony – lifts your mood and spirits

  • A citrusy yet sweet blend of lemon, bitter orange, bergamot, lime, orange, lemongrass, vanilla, and grapefruit essential oils.

Immunity – strengthens and protects the immune system

  • An herbaceous essential oil blend of clove, tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, frankincense, lemon, and oregano.

Relaxation – for inner stillness

  • An essential oil blend of lavender, orange, grapefruit, eucalyptus, and basil.

Tranquility – creates a sense of groundedness

  • An earthy blend of spearmint, cedarwood, and patchouli essential oils.

All of these blends are useful at different times of the year. For instance, Breathe Easy can alleviate cold symptoms. Drop it into the machine while using the humidifier feature and airway passages will be cleared in no time. 

With such a small diffuser, you may have to refill the tank more often than you’d want to. But I think there is a benefit to this. If water sits for too long in the diffuser, it can begin to grow mold. So by having a small tank, you may avoid mold growth if you frequently tend to it.


  • Great gift idea
  • Convenient combination of diffuser and oils
  • Useful essential oil blends for holistic wellness
  • Highly portable units


  • You may not find all the oils useful
  • You may not like the scent of each blend

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3. GuruNanda Set of Two 100 mL Essential Oil Diffusers

If you like to operate a diffuser in your bedroom at night and then in different rooms during the day, it might be time to order additional diffusers. By ordering a set of two diffusers, you can dedicate one to each room instead of having to move it all the time.

But due to their size, they’re also highly portable if you did need to carry one from room to room. 

More minimal than The Honeycomb, these oil diffusers can complement many different decor styles. These machines are small, so they won’t take up much table or shelf space. Each water reservoir holds 100 mL and generates mist that spreads up to 200 sq ft.

These are also ultrasonic diffusers, meaning your oils won’t get damaged by heat. You can run the machine overnight without disrupting your sleep because it’s such a quiet motor.

There are two misting modes: intermittent and continuous. Intermittent runs for up to six hours, continuous mode for up to three.

While in continuous mode, there’s an option to activate a 5 minute turbo mist. Turbo mist is more powerful than the mist produced during continuous or intermittent modes. After the five minute boost, continuous mode resumes.

Once the water reservoir is empty, the machine automatically shuts off. This feature gives peace of mind to those who like to run their diffusers overnight. Due to auto shut off, you can sink into sleep without worrying about whether the machine might overheat while running dry.

Optionally, you can allow the machine to cycle through more than 7 LED lighting patterns.


  • Compact unit can fit almost anywhere
  • Can be placed in multiple rooms
  • Ultrasonic diffusing protects essential oils
  • Near silent operation
  • Turbo boost misting option


  • Might cause wetness on the table 
  • You can’t pick one light color

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4. GuruNanda Portable Plug-In Essential Oil Diffuser

I thought that this was a really cool option. It’s a set of three waterless essential oil diffusers that are powered up when plugged into the wall. Misting coverage is up to 300 sq ft.

This product offers a natural alternative to wall plug-ins that are often mostly made using fragrance oils instead of solely using essential oils.

There’s even a cover to conceal the essential oil bottle. 10, 15, or 30 mL bottles can fit into this device, but it’s designed to only accommodate GuruNanda essential oil bottles.

Two mist mode options include one mist every five minutes or one mist every ten minutes. In total, the unit will run for 8 hours, then rest for 16 hours. A red indicator light lets you know when the oil is running low.

Whether you have vertical or horizontal outlets, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you can use this plug-in because the plug rotates to fit either orientation.

Portable Plug-In uses the same cool mist technology that you can find in tabletop GuruNanda diffuser models. 


  • Alternative to synthetically fragranced wall plug-ins
  • Lasts 30 days
  • Includes a cover
  • Rotating plug accommodates outlet orientations
  • Silent diffusing


  • Can only be used with GuruNanda essential oils
  • Thicker oils may not work well

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5. GuruNanda Halo XL Diffuser and Essential Oil Kit

For larger rooms and close to a full day of operation, allow me to introduce GuruNanda’s Halo XL diffuser. This kit includes eight bottles of 15 mL (0.5 fl oz) single note essential oils.

Starting with the Halo XL, this humidifying diffuser adds just the right amount of moisture to the air during hot or cold weather months. Humidifiers nourish skin cells, clear nasal congestion, and prevent formation of dry eyes.

The same ultrasonic technology from previously discussed models is used in 2, 4, and 8-hour intervals for the Halo. Moist air circulates for up to 22 hours at a time.

An optional soft white LED light adds subtle glow to the room. Easy to clean, this humidifier is fairly low maintenance. Its large reservoir makes it easy for you to wipe it out, then allow it to air dry before placing the lid back on top.

Made with sturdy ABS plastic, the body of this diffuser has a modern matte finish that won’t create a glare or cheapen the overall design of the room that it’s in. There’s also rubber footing on the bottom of the diffuser to help it stay in place. No fear of the reservoir sliding off the table. It won’t leak, either.

Now for the oils. There’s a range of woody, mentholly, floral, and citrusy oils:

  • Cedarwood – grounding; alleviates feelings of restlessness
  • Eucalyptus – clears the airway and nasal passages
  • Frankincense – comforting scent; reduces stress
  • Lavender – calming fragrance; limits insomnia episodes; reduces anxiety
  • Lemongrass – reduces stress; clears the mind
  • Orange – lifts the mood; nurtures pleasant thoughts
  • Peppermint – refreshing scent that can help you feel more balanced
  • Tea Tree – pungent scent that cleanses and purifies the air

You can add these oils to water in your reservoir to address various health and wellness needs ranging from allergies to insomnia. Although Halo XL is designed to accommodate larger rooms, it can be used in small or medium-sized rooms as well on longer interval settings.


  • Fill larger spaces with fragrance
  • Includes common single essential oils
  • Optional night light
  • Runs practically silent
  • Auto shut-off feature


  • You may not like all of the included oils
  • Some moisture might build up beneath the diffuser

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Customer Opinions

I’ve definitely come across more positive than negative feedback regarding GuruNanda diffusers. They’re useful and effective for many customers.

What Customers Love about GuruNanda Diffusers:

  • Consistently works well even after a long period of time unlike diffusers that break down after a few weeks. 
  • There are different size options that you can purchase for various rooms within the home.
  • GuruNanda diffusers last longer than many high end brands.
  • Even the small diffusers have a strong mist that diffuses well throughout the room.
  • The bonus humidifying feature found on most models has so many benefits, but it’s especially helpful for those who live in dry climates.

What Customers Dislike about GuruNanda Diffusers:

  • Oily mist particles might accumulate on the surface beneath the diffuser, which can get messy.
  • Thicker oils can sometimes clog up the diffusers.

In Conclusion

Diffusers offer a natural way to add fragrance to your home. If you’re just beginning to use them, GuruNanda is a reliable brand to start out with.

I would recommend their Honeycomb diffuser with six oil blends to start out with.

It’s not only a nice introduction to the brand, but the oil blends cover it all – fruity, sweet, camphorous, earthy…pretty much any mood or condition you want to address with essential oils has a start with this kit.

Another option would be GuruNanda’s waterless Portable Plug-ins. You can experience the same quality of natural fragrance within your home without having to constantly monitor water levels. Replacing a bottle of oil monthly is virtually hassle-free.

As always, select the one(s) that best fit your needs!

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