P.F. Candle Co. Review: Are They Good?

When buying from a candle company you’ve never purchased from before, you want to make sure you’re getting a product that is going to be worth your time and money. This holds true with P.F. Candle Co. too. Luckily, you don’t have to do extensive research to figure out whether or not this is a good brand to buy from.

In this post, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about why P.F. Candle Co.’s candles are worth your time and money and why they’re good candles. Stemming from the care put into the candles, the products used for the candles, and the packaging for the candles, P.F. Candle Co. creates and distributes high quality candles that are genuinely good.

P.F. Candle Co. Review

What You should Know About P.F. Candle Co.

P.F. Candle co was founded by a woman named Kristen Pumphrey in Los Angeles, California. What started as a woman based company quickly turned into a larger company and took on a new owner, Thomas Neuberger. While the company grew larger, their goal and beliefs didn’t change. Their belief is that fragrance is an extension to the design of a home. They also strive to make high quality and affordable products.

The goal of P.F. Candle Co. is to create the best candles they can while still maintaining a sustainable company that is conscience of its impact on the environment. As the company grows, they bring on crew members that they’re sure will work towards the company’s goal of keeping the earth healthy while making your home smell amazing.

What goes into a P.F. Candle Co. Candle?

The candles that P.F. Candle Co. creates are made with domestically-grown soy wax. This helps them create candles while still maintaining sustainability because soy beans a renewable resource that can be grown quicker than it is used to make wax. Another great thing about soy wax is that it provides a longer burn and a cleaner burn than its paraffin wax counterpart.

The fragrances that go into P.F. Candle Co. candles are a mixture of man made and natural materials which are all sustainably crafted. The man made portion of these fragrances ensure that you have a strong scent throw while being balanced with the natural materials that will give you an authentic fragrance.

P.F. Candle Co. also uses wicks that are made completely out of cotton to help keep your candle burning healthily and cleanly. All of the products that are created by this company are vegan and cruelty free, along with not being tested on animals, which really widens the range of customers they are targeting. On top of this, their products are also guaranteed to be phthalate free, which means their burn won’t be bad for your health.

The jars that P.F. Candle Co. uses for their candles are a rustic colored glass jar with a thin gold lid. These jars will fit in anywhere with any type of home décor so you don’t need to worry about the jar clashing with your decorations. Another great thing about these jars is that they’re reusable so when your candle is finished, you can either pour another candle into it or use it for other purposes, like potting a plant.

P.F. Candle Co. uses two different sized jars for their candles. Their smaller jar is 7.2 ounces and is best used for spaces such as dressers, countertops, and generally everywhere else. Their 12.5 ounce jar is meant for big rooms and spaces with high ceilings. These candles will give off a stronger scent throw in order to sufficiently fill larger rooms with fragrances.

Products Sold by P.F. Candle Co.

While P.F. Candle Co. sells a wide array of candles, that’s not the only product they sell. They have a large variety of fragrances that can be found in many different types of products. So if you live somewhere you can’t burn a candle in or you prefer not to burn a candle because you have young children, you can still enjoy the fragrances that this company has to offer.

The other products sold by P.F. Candle Co. are:

The best option for people who prefer not to use candles or can’t use candles due to a living situation would be room sprays. Reed diffusers have the opportunity to spill and should be kept out of reach of children because they pose a health risk when ingested. The incense also has to be lit and gives off smoke so this would not be a good option for someone who can’t burn candles because of where they live.

P.F. Candle Co. offers hand sanitizer sprays that are fragrance the same way that their candles are. The best part about these is that they’re naturally made so you don’t have to worry about your skin absorbing any unwanted or unhealthy chemicals.

Gift Guide

An interesting feature that P.F. Candle Co. has on their website is a gift guide. This section does all the work of figuring out a gift so you don’t need to. The options they provide for their gift guide are:

  • Holiday gift sets
  • Gifts under $20
  • Gifts Under $30
  • Gifts for the in-laws
  • Gifts for your partner
  • Gifts for people who enjoy cooking
  • Gifts for people who love plants
  • Gifts for your best friend
  • Gifts for people who are hard to shop for
  • Gifts for people who love designs

These options make gift shopping incredibly easy. Each option has different gift package choices that come with a few types of home fragrance products. The products in each set are based around a theme. For example, there is a beachgoer set that has the fragrances Golden Coast, Los Angeles, and Swell. All of these fragrances complement each other and are based around the central theme of beaches in California.

A Review of 6 P.F. Candle Co. Candles

In this section, I’ll review six of the best candles that P.F. Candle Co. has to offer. This will make it easier to decide whether or not these candles are worth your time and money. While these are just six of the many different fragrances that P.F. Candle Co. has to offer, these are the ones that will without a doubt be the best candles to choose from. No matter what candle you choose from, they’ll all be high quality and worth the money.

1. Golden Coast

Golden coast is inspired by the California coastline. In this candle you’ll get the cool fragrance of eucalyptus mixed with the fragrance of sea salt to really make you feel like you’re at a beach. Mixed into this is the natural fragrance of redwood and palo santo. This mixture of fragrances will make you feel like you’re spending a beautiful day at the beach getting a tan and enjoying the salty ocean air.

As soon as you light this candle, the room you place it in will transform into a sunny beach with crashing waves in the distance. This is the perfect candle for anyone who enjoys spending time at the beach but doesn’t always have time to do so.


  • This fragrance has a lovely cold throw.
  • This candle has a subtle but lovely fragrance.
  • The fall season is the perfect time to burn this candle but it can be used year round.
  • Any room you place this candle in will be filled with fragrance.
  • This fragrance will make any room feel cozy.


  • If you prefer a candle that has a very strong hot scent throw, then this may not be the right candle for you.

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2. Sandalwood Rose

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This candle is perfect for anyone who loves both New York and Los Angeles because it provides a fragrance that represents the best of both cities. You’ll get the sophisticatedly soft fragrance of cashmere rose to represent the city of New York and it’ll be mixed with the natural woody fragrance of sandalwood to represent the city of Los Angeles. Finishing this fragrance off, you’ll be met with the scent of oud.

This fragrance is perfect to buy for yourself or to gift to someone who loves New York or Los Angeles or both. Burning this candle is the best way to feel all the great aspects of being in a big city without having to actually be in the city.


  • The soy wax gives this candle a nice, even, and clean burn.
  • This candle is slow burning so you can expect a long lifespan.
  • The packaging is simple and can fit in with any kind of decoration
  • The fragrance is soft but fills a whole room.
  • You can expect a subtle fragrance but one that is easy to smell.


  • The scent throw may not be strong enough for people who are looking for a really strong scent throw.
  • This fragrance may smell too much like perfume for some people.

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3. Teakwood & Tobacco

Teakwood & Tobacco is a popular fragrance that P.F. Candle Co. takes to the next level. This is one of their first fragrances and has lasted the test of time, for good reason too. This fragrance is referred to as the boyfriend scent and is widely loved by consumers. There’s no question as to why it’s well loved. With the smooth fragrance of leather mixed with teak and the sweet citrusy fragrance of orange, you can’t beat what this candle has to offer.

This candle will make the perfect finishing touch to any room you place it in. Anyone that comes into your home will be pleased with this unique fragrance and will be left wanting to purchase their own.


  • This is a unisex fragrance that anyone can love.
  • You are given a strong fragrance without it being overwhelming.
  • The teakwood balances out the tobacco nicely.
  • there is a noticeably smaller amount of soot with this candle compared to a paraffin wax candle.


  • This fragrance may not be strong enough for some people.
  • The cold throw may be stronger than the hot throw.

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4. Amber & Moss

This fragrance you get from this candle will bring your mind to a sunny weekend day in the mountains with the sun peaking through the canopy. It’ll bring a relaxed, fresh feeling that you can only feel when you’re out in the wilderness with the refreshing air washing over you.

With this candle, you’ll get the spicy notes of sage mixed with the delicate floral scent from lavender and finished off with the natural fragrance of moss.

When you burn this candle, the room you place it in with transform into the mountainside and your home will feel refreshed and relaxed. You won’t regret buying this candle because your home will get a definite upgrade with the fragrance it releases.


  • This fragrance is natural and has a wonderful earthy scent.
  • This candle can be used anytime of the year.
  • The fragrance isn’t overpowering.
  • This candle has a light fragrance that won’t be too strong.


  • This candle may not have a strong enough fragrance for some people.
  • This candle’s hot throw isn’t as strong as it’s cold throw.

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5. Sunbloom

This candle radiates everything great that comes from springtime. You’ll get the fresh, floral fragrance that stems from fields of freshly grown wildflowers and the refreshing feeling you get from smelling the first bloom of the year. You’ll also get the desert heat from a springtime desert. This fragrance is filled with the floral notes of golden-rayed lily mixed with the natural fragrances of yarrow and tonka bean.

This is a great fragrance to burn during the springtime but it is also a comforting fragrance for the days you’re missing the crisp spring mornings and the refreshingly floral fragrance from the first bloom. Your home will be transformed into a field of wildflowers as soon as you light the wick.


  • This floral fragrance is perfect for anyone who loves perfume smelling candles.
  • The fragrance from this candle is perfect for smaller rooms because it has a delicate, subtle scent.
  • The fragrance from this candle smells authentic to the springtime blooms and desert.


  • Some people may want a stronger scent throw from this candle.
  • If you’re looking for a fragrance that can fill a large room, this may not be the candle for you.

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6. Pinon

Pinon is the perfect fragrance to warm up even the coldest winter night. You’ll be met with the crisp fragrance of winter air mixed with the burning fragrance of a bonfire and the snug wool scent of a winter jacket.

To really make sure you get the fragrance of the warming fire, you’ll get woody notes of pinon logs and cedar. To balance it out and give you more of a wintery feeling, you’ll have the smooth fragrance of vanilla.

This candle is perfect for the wintertime but can also be used on summer nights when you can’t have a bonfire. If you use it during the winter, you will feel the warmth that radiates from the fragrance. It’s the perfect candle to pair with you curling up on the couch with a cozy blanket and a good book.


  • This fragrance has a woody, earthy scent that makes your home smell cozy and warm.
  • You can expect this fragrance to smell authentic to a southwest winter.
  • The soy wax in this candle gives you a high quality candle with a slow burn.


  • This fragrance is subtle and may not have a strong enough scent throw for some people.

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Customer Opinions

When you consider purchasing a candle from a company you’ve never bought from before, it’s important to take customer opinions into consideration. Their opinions can be the reason you decide whether or not a candle is worth your time and money. In this section, I’ll discuss what customers enjoyed and what they didn’t like with P.F. Candle Co. so you don’t have to do extensive research.

What Customers Like

Customers really enjoyed the authentic fragrances that come from these candles. The fragrances really reflect what the candle’s names are. These candles are also made with high quality ingredients that are carefully sourced and chosen, which gives you a high quality candle in return. People genuinely enjoy these candles.

What Customers Don’t Like

There isn’t much about these candles that people don’t like. There was only one complaint that is worth mentioning. Some people don’t like the scent throw that is given off by the candle, saying they wished it were stronger. Depending on the size of the candle you purchase, it may not be best to put them in a large room and expect the room to quickly fill with fragrance.

Final Thoughts

P.F. Candle Co. creates and distributes high quality, clean burning candles that you won’t regret purchasing. With the high quality products used and their care for the environment, this company is definitely worth purchasing from. When you light one of these candles, you’ll enjoy a high quality candle with an authentic fragrance, creating an overall good candle.

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