Goose Creek Candles Review, Are They Safe?

When talking about scented candles, you’re more than likely talking about which fragrance is your favorite or which brand you love the most. What may not initially cross your mind, though, is whether or not your scented candle is safe to burn? Your safety and wellbeing are extremely important and shouldn’t be put in jeopardy by a candle.

Goose Creek candles have been determined to be nontoxic and as safe to burn as other candles. While you do have the usual candle hazards stemming from it having an open flame, there are no unusual dangers you need to worry about.

In this post, I will go over what I think you should know about the Goose Creek Candle Company and which fragrances are worth your money. I will talk about the safety of these candles, the history of the company, and the products they offer.

Goose Creek Candles Review

What You Need to Know about Goose Creek Candles

Before purchasing from a candle company, it’s important to do some research on the brand beforehand. You want to make sure the brand is worth your money and time. Luckily, I’ll be going over everything you should know before purchasing from this brand so you don’t have to!

The History Behind Goose Creek Candle Company

Goose Creek is a family-owned company that was founded in Liberty, Kentucky in 1998, which makes them a fairly recent candle company. When this company was founded, the obsession with candles was just beginning to sky rocket, making this the perfect opportunity for them to dive into the business.

The company started with the founder, Chuck Meece, makign candles in his home. Together with his wife, Tamara, their candle company turned from just a dream into a reality.

Since then, their candle company has developed into a slew of mass production facilities all across the United States. Their employees produce and package candles to be shipped to more than 75 countries throughout the world.

Being such a large brand, they have to live up to the standards of the top candle companies. This means that Goose Creek takes their candle making seriously and puts the quality of their candles first. They proudly wear the name America’s Best Candle, selling their candles in thousands of stores, both independent and chain retailers, throughout the country.

What Products does Goose Creek Candle Company Sell?

While Goose Creek is known for their candles, they offer a wide variety of products. This makes them suitable for all types of households. If you live in an apartment or dorm room and can’t light a candle, you can still find something to fragrance your home.

Before we talk about what other fragrance products Goose Creek sells, I think it’s important we see what kind of variety they have have with their candles. The different sizes of candles they sell are:

  • Large jar candles (24 ounces, 2-wick)
  • 3-wick candles (14.5 ounces)
  • Large 16 ounce jar candles (2-wick)
  • 7 ounce tumbler candles (single-wick)

They also sell different collections of candles including seasonal candles (Halloween, fall, and pumpkin for fall time), cereal candles, aromatherapy candles, and world traveler candles.

Now onto the other products they sell. On top of their large candle inventory, they also sell:

  • Body care including hand soap, body lotion, hand cream, and hand sanitizer
  • Wax melts
  • Room sprays
  • Scented plug-ins

With this wide range of products, it’s no wonder Goose Creek is one of the top brand names in our country. Their dedication to bringing fragrance into your home is unwavering and ever-expanding.

Goose Creek Candles and Safety

One of the arguments against the safety of Goose Creek candles is their use of paraffin wax in their candles. Paraffin wax is a petroleum-based byproduct that comes from crude oil. Because of this, people fear that there are toxic elements to paraffin wax. While none of this is proven to hold any truth, people are still wary of it.

While some harmful toxins may possibly be released while burning a paraffin wax candle, it isn’t even remotely enough to be worrisome to your health. The amount released by Goose Creek candles is relatively the same as the amount let off by other large name brand companies that use paraffin wax in their candles. The amount released has been deemed safe for your household and don’t prove any dangers for your home and health.

Another reason that people fear their safety with burning candles is the soot that is released during the burn and burning lead wicks. The soot from candle can be harmful to your health and have cancer causing agents. This is why Goose Creek is dedicated to creating clean burning candles that do not release the chemicals that are harmful to your health.

On top of this, Goose Creek uses cotton candles because lead is proven to be harmful to your health. This just adds to their mission to provide their consumers with candles they can burn without having to worry about it not burning clean and creating a toxic environment.

Candles, no matter what brand you choose, always come with a hazard of starting a fire. To prevent this, make sure you are placing your candle on a surface that isn’t flammable, as the jar may get hot the more the candle burns down. Also, make sure you aren’t placing any flammable objects near the candle, such as curtains or paper products.

Many family households with young children are wary of burning candles, too. While there are other flameless options to fragrance your home, if you’re a candle lover, there are safe ways to burn a candle with your children around.

Find a place that isn’t at the child’s level and that isn’t easy for them to reach by climbing. By doing this, you are saving yourself from worrying about them either tipping the hot wax onto themselves or starting a fire by tipping the candle over.

A Review of 7 Goose Creek Candles

In this section, I will go over the 7 Goose Creek candles that are worth your money, giving you the pros and cons of each one.

1. Rainbow Sugar Scented Candle

This sweet fragranced candle provides the essence of the childhood favorite treat of cotton candy. Not only does the pastel purple create cotton candy feelings, the fragrance itself will bring out the real cotton candy memories. This candle has two wicks to help create a strong scent throw that will make whatever room you place it in smell as sweet as a cotton candy stand.

The first impression you’ll get from this candle is the fragrance of frozen strawberries mingles with iced lemon, creating the perfect sweet and tart combination. Next, you’ll be met with the juicy fragrance of raspberries mixed with the citrusy smell of pink pomelo. This will also create the perfect balance of sweet and tangy scents. Finally, the impression you’re left with is vanilla and spun sugar to wrap this candle up in a sweet ribbon.


  • This fragrance is well loved by children.
  • When you smell this candle, you will truly smell the sweetness of cotton candy.
  • While the candle does smell sweet, it isn’t an overpowering fragrance.
  • The candle throws scent very quickly.


  • This candle is not good for someone that doesn’t enjoy sweet fragrances.

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2. Christmas Magic Scented Candle

Christmastime wouldn’t be complete without this candle. You’re given a wonderful blend of the fragrances that are associated with Christmas. The deep red of this candle will make you think of Santa’s outfit as you burn it throughout your holiday season.

The top note is what you’ll smell first. In this candle, the top note is composed of the fragrance of crushed candy canes to really bring the essence Christmas into your home. The next note you’ll smell, the middle note, will be the creamy fragrance of vanilla. Finally, the base note you’ll smell will be a vanilla swirl mixed together with the light fragrance of mandarin and finished off with the warmth from amber.


  • This candle brings out the essence of Christmas with the minty fragrance.
  • When burning this candle, you receive a great scent throw.
  • The candle is a beautiful blend of Christmas fragrances.
  • While the hot throw (lit candle) is strong, you also get a great cold throw (unlit candle) from this candle.


  • The throw is strong but isn’t strong enough to fill a large room.

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3. Jelly Beans Scented Candle

This 2-wick candle is perfect for your home, especially in the spring time. The lovely purple candle will make you mouth water from the delicious, authentic fragrance of jelly beans. This candle is for candy lovers and brings out the best scents of jelly beans.

The first impression you get from this candle is the sugary goodness from a candied blueberry sixed together with sugar crystals. Next, you’ll be given the impression of the sweet and sour fragrances from blue raspberry and lemon. Finally, the impression you’ll be left with is all sweetness with the delicious fragrance of sugared meringue combined with marshmallow. All together, you’ll get the pure essence of jelly beans in one candle.


  • Having two wicks create an even burn and strong scent throw.
  • The fragrance is authentic and really smells like jelly beans.
  • This candle gives a clean burn.
  • While this is a great springtime candle, it’s perfect to burn any time of the year.


  • The scent throw varies in strength and isn’t as strong as it could be in a large room.

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4. Grapefruit Mandarin Essential Series Scented Candle

This bright candle is a brilliant blend of citruses to create a summery candle. Both the wax color and the fragrance will make your home completely ready to welcome summer. You’ll be greeted with a fresh and energizing fragrance that will really pump you up for the warmth of summertime.

The top note of this candle will bring you the the vivid and juicy fragrance of grapefruit slices, starting you out with a sweet and tart scent. Next, the middle note will give you more sweet and tart scents deriving from the fruits orange, currant, and peach.

The base note will leave you with the scent of green leaves and cyclamen, which is a perennial flowering plant.


  • The fragrance isn’t too heavy or sweet and gives you a fresh fragrance.
  • You’re given a strong scent throw with this candle that can fill a large room.
  • This candle gives you the perfect mixture of sweet and citrus fragrances.
  • The double wick allows this candle to create an even melt pool.


  • The fragrance isn’t very balanced and smells more like mandarin than grapefruit.

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5. Old Time Lemonade Scented Candle

This vibrant yellow candle will bring you the thirst quenching memories of a lemonade stand in the middle of summer. You’ll get a bitter fragrance that’s wrapped in sweetness to create the perfect lemonade smell. This is a great candle to burn during summer when you’re craving the sweet relief from the heat that a cup of lemonade brings.

Your first impression from this candle will be the juicy sweet and sour scent of sugary lemon juice. Your next impression is the secret ingredient to add some natural sweetness to your lemonade, the fragrance of pineapple. Finally, you’ll be left with the impression of vanilla sugar to make your sour candle finish off with a sweet aftertaste. Blended together, this candle is the pure essence of a summertime lemonade stand.


  • This candle truly smells like a freshly poured glass of lemonade.
  • You’re given a stronger scent throw than candles from rival brands.
  • After extinguishing this candle, the scent lingers for a long time.
  • This fresh and clean fragrance is perfect to burn during the summertime.


  • The fragrance can be compared to that of lemon cleaners and furniture polishes.

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6. Exhilarating Pineapple Essential Series Scented Candle

Not only does this candle smell like pineapple, the wax is the perfect color to represent a pineapple, too. You’ll be whisked away to the peace brought only by a tropical paradise as you burn this candle. You’ll get sweetness with a hint of a tart flavor to create the best pineapple candle the candle industry has to offer.

The top note of this candle is the juicy sweet fragrance you get from a freshly sliced pineapple. Next, you’ll be met with the middle note of a sweet and natural mixture of sugar water and the fragrance of rain along the ocean coast. Finally, the base note of this candle is the soft tartness you’re given from a lemon swirled together with a light fragrance of vanilla. Together, this will give you the tropical pineapple fragrance you crave.


  • The fragrance is long lasting and fills a large room.
  • This fragrance gives the authentic scent of pineapples.
  • You’re given a strong fragrance but it isn’t so strong that it becomes irritating.
  • This candle is perfect to burn during the summertime.


  • After burning for awhile, the scent becomes weaker than it was at first.

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7. Unicorn Candy Scented Candle

This magical candle provides a pastel blue that resonates with the thoughts of unicorns and the sweetness associated with candy. You’ll be given a mouthwatering sweetness that is derived from sour candies mixed with the sweetness of sugar. Not only is this visually pleasant with the pastel wax, but the fragrance you’re given will make it aromatically pleasant, too.

Your first impression from this candle will be the sweetness of candied sugar mixed with the tart and sweet fragrance that comes from blue raspberry. Next, the impression you’ll be given is more sweetness from rock candy and peach crème. The impression that you’re left with is the sweet and tart deriving from currants and mixed berries. Mix it all together and you’re given the best sweet fragrances from candy.


  • You receive a wonderful scent throw from this candle.
  • This candle gives an authentically sweet candy fragrance.
  • Children will love this candle as much as adults.
  • You’re given a slow burn from this candle and an even melt pool.


  • This candle can be overly sweet for people who don’t love candy scented candles.

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Customer Reviews

When buying a candle, it’s important to take customer reviews into account. If customers aren’t enjoying a candle, you may not want to purchase that fragrance or from that brand. Looking into customer reviews will also give you an insight into what the strong and weak points are in the candles you’re considering purchasing. In this section, I’ll go over what customers liked and what they didn’t like so you don’t have to.

What Customers Liked

Customers absolutely rave about these candles. They really enjoy the authenticity of these fragrances. The candles really do smell like the fragrance they’re advertising. Another thing customers love is that the candles have even melt pools, which means they will burn evenly and cleanly.

Customers also love the amount of time these candles last. You’re given a long burn time, especially with the large jar candles. The large jar candles offer up to 150 hours of burn time and, according to customers, the fragrance lasts as long as the wax does. You’re also given a clean burn the whole time you burn your candle.

What Customers Didn’t Like

There aren’t many things customers didn’t like about these candles. For the most part, customers were genuinely pleased with these candles. One thing that customers wished would be better, though, is the scent throw. While many customers were pleased with the throw their candle gives, others noted that the scent throw wasn’t strong enough to fill a large room.

Final Thoughts

Goose Creek Candle Company offers clean burning candles that are safe for you to burn in your home. You won’t need to worry about unwanted toxins filling your home while your candle burns. On top of offering a clean burn, these candles give you an authentic fragrance that anyone can enjoy.

After reviewing these candles, it is clear that Goose Creek is worth purchasing candles from over and over again. You will be pleasantly thrilled by whatever candle you choose but the 7 I reviewed in this post are without a doubt worth your money and your time.

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