Paddywax Candles Review: Are They Toxic?

When you want to add some fragrance to your home, one of your first instincts will probably be to grab a candle. Paddywax is a candle brand that many consumers use and you may be considering using too. When burning a candle, you want to make sure the candle isn’t giving off any toxic chemicals for you to breathe in. So the question here is, are Paddywax candles safe for you to burn in your home?

Paddywax Candles uses a soy wax blend for the base of their candles and cotton wicks to ensure their consumers are receiving clean burning, nontoxic candle. Because of this, you can be assured that their candles will not release toxic chemicals for you to breathe in.

In this post, I will go over everything I believe you need to know about Paddywax before purchasing a candle from them. I will also review the seven candles that are worth your time and money from this company. By the end of this post, you will be able to make a completely informed decision as to whether or not you want to buy from Paddywax and will have seven suggestions to help you make your first purchase.

Paddywax Candles Review

What You Should Know about Paddywax

In this section, I’ll discuss everything I think you should know about Paddywax before you buy candles from them. I’ll tell you about their history and what their candles are made of, their unique candle bar feature, and the products they sell. This information will help you decide whether or not Paddywax is the right candle company for you and your home.

The History of Paddywax

Paddywax is a candle company based out of Nashville, Tennessee that holds the mission to make your busy world slow down with the fragrance from their candles filling your home. They create their candles with the fact in mind that memory and emotion have a strong link to a person’s sense of smell. Their goal is to give you candles that bring up memories and emotions that are linked to the specific scents.

Paddywax takes pride in creating candles that are versatile and functional to set themselves apart from other companies in this franchise. They use a wide array of different jars to pour their candles into, making sure the unique fragrances pair well with the jars they’re poured into. The combination of jar and unique fragrances makes this more than just a candle. This candle doubles as a decoration.

The wax used in Paddywax candles are a soy wax blend, which gives them a clean burn. It is also believed that soy wax has purifying qualities that will even clean the toxins out of the air. Their pure cotton wicks also make the candle burn cleanly. The soy wax blend does hold a bit of paraffin wax, which many people fear are toxic. The majority of the wax blend is made of soy wax, which can purify any toxins you’re worried about your candle emitting.

Paddywax’s Candle Bar

Paddywax has a unique feature with their brand. If you’re purchasing off their website, they have a feature called the candle bar. In the candle bar you can choose from candle making kits, custom candles, and workshops. These features make your candle experience completely personalized to your preferences and home décor.

Candle Making Kits

Paddywax makes it incredibly easy to create your own candle for your home. With their kits, you can decide what kind of jar you want to make your candle in. You can choose whether or not you want them to include tools in your kit. You’re also given the choice of several of their fragrances. You’re offered different fragrances depending on which kit you choose to buy.

When you purchase a kit, you’ll be given a package equipped with:

  • 1 wick
  • A stainless steel pitcher (provided in the tool kit option only)
  • A wooden wick holder
  • A thermometer (provided in the tool kit option only)
  • A sticky dot to ensure your wick is secured to the bottom of your jar
  • 15 ounces of pure soy wax chips
  • A 12 ounce ceramic jar
  • A 1.25 ounce container of fragrance oil
  • Instructions

Paddywax is dedicated to giving you jars you can repurpose after your candle is finished. The jars that come in your candle making kit is specifically designed to be repurposed as a planter.

Custom Candles

Paddywax’s candle bar also offers a section to build your own candle. On this page, you are given a wide array of different jars you can choose from. Depending on the jar you choose, you get different fragrances for your candle. Once you’re finished customizing your candle, they make it and ship it to you.


If you’re looking for a great idea for a hangout with friends, team building activity, or a bridesmaid activity, a Paddywax workshop is the perfect choice. You can customize your workshop by selecting the jar and fragrance you like. You’re also given the option for a 30 minute question and answer session with one of Paddywax’s professional candle makers.

Other Products Sold by Paddywax

While Paddywax is known for their large variety of candles, they sell a wide variety of other products for their consumers to enjoy, too. Their other products come in the same fragrance options as their candles so you can coordinate your fragrances throughout your home.

The other products sold by Paddywax are:

  • Body wash
  • Moisturizing balm
  • Bar soap
  • Essential oils
  • Perfume
  • Hand cream
  • Reed diffusers
  • Electric diffusers

On top of these products, Paddywax sells accessories to go with their products. They sell an array of different matches in several colors, a candle snuffer to extinguish your candles safely, and a wick trimmer so you can trim the wick before each use.

A Review of Seven Paddywax Candles

In this section, I’ll go over the top seven Paddywax candles that I believe are worth your time and money. With such an extensive variety of candles, having a list of the seven best candles they sell will help make your candle purchasing easier.

1. Jane Austen Scented Candle from the Library Collection

This candle isn’t only perfect for a Jane Austen buff, but will definitely make reading her novels more enjoyable. This candle is part of their library collection and is set out to give you relaxing, peaceful fragrances that will make reading an even more enjoyable experience. The jar is branded with a label that has a quote on it from Jane Austen’s “Emma” expressing the comfort of staying home. This quote is what this fragrance captures.

With this candle, the first impression you’ll get the fragrance of citrus zest mixed beautifully with coconut water and finished with the sparkling touch of aldehydes, which are a chemical compound. The next impression is a floral mix of white gardenias, petals from jasmine, and pink peony. Finishing off this fragrance, you’ll be given the natural impression of muguet, which is a lily, rose wood, leafy greens, and a mix of spices.


  • This candle has a cold throw that is definitely noticeable.
  • The hot scent throw can fill a room quickly.
  • This is a high quality candle.
  • This is a great candle for someone who loves floral fragrances.


  • The candle may have a weak scent throw, depending on the batch it was made in.

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2. White Pine and Hemlock Scented Candle from the Parks Collection

This candle is from Paddywax’s Park collection. This collection is dedicated to supporting the National Park Foundation and part of what you pay for the candle goes towards that foundation. The national park this candle is dedicated to is The National Glacier Park in Colorado. While this makes a great candle to remember your time at this park, it can also make a great gift for someone who loves this park.

The first impression you’ll get from this candle is the fresh fragrance of the ozone mixed with the clean, relaxing fragrance of spearmint, eucalyptus, and pine needles. Your next impression will be the rich fragrance of leather, sued, patchouli, and spruce. Finally, the impression you’ll be left with are the woody scents of smoked cedar, embers of fir, and the spiciness of balsam.


  • The wood wick in this candle makes a soothing crackling noise.
  • You can burn this candle knowing you’ve helped the National Park Foundation.
  • This candle lasts a very long time.
  • This fragrance is complex and strong in the best ways.


  • The wick will sometimes struggle to hold a flame after a few hours.

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3. Ocean Tide and Sea Salt Scented Candle from the Relish Collection

Paddywax’s Relish collection uses the mason jar to honor the popular storage jar. The fragrance in this jar is not only perfect for the summer months, but is good to use all year round, especially when you’re missing the warm ocean breeze. This fresh fragrance will transform your home into a seaside escape.

The top note of this fragrance gives you the salty fragrance of the sea, aldehydes, the refreshing and calming scent of eucalyptus, and a citrusy afternote. The middle note of this candle is a floral mixture of heliotrope, jasmine, white water accord, and clary sage. Finally, the base note is the woody fragrance of birch wood, cedar, and frosted woods mixed with the natural fragrances of marine and rosemary.


  • This candle is strong enough to fill a large space.
  • When you smell this candle, you’ll be met with an authentic ocean fragrance.
  • This candle burns slowly and the fragrance lasts until the wax is gone.
  • The fragrance in this candle smells high quality.


  • This fragrance can have too much of a perfume fragrance for some people.

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4. Black Coconut and Amber Scented Candle from the Boheme Collection

This Paddywax candle is part of the Boheme collection, which is dedicated to bringing you a boho style candle. The bowl this candle is poured into is hand painted and as unique as the candle’s fragrance. With this candle you can expect your candle to smell botanical as this collection’s fragrances are inspired by all things botanical.

With this fragrance, the top note you’re given is composed of the sweetness from coconut mixed with the bitterness from lime and finished off with the spice from bergamot. The middle note is a natural mixture of patchouli, vetiver, and white petals. This candle is finished up with the base note of amber, tonka bean, sandalwood, and musk.


  • The ceramic bowl is beautifully decorated and well made.
  • This fragrance is high quality.
  • This candle burns evenly, creating an even melt pool.
  • You will get a clean burning, high quality product with this candle.


  • The ceramic bowl is fragile and may break if knocked over.

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5. Tobacco and Vanilla Scented Candle from the Impressions Collection

The impressions candle collection is Paddywax’s way of helping you express yourself. This jar is embellished with the outline of hands where the fingers are bent to form a heart. This is a great candle to buy for yourself or to purchase as a gift for someone that you want to show you care about them.

The first impression you’ll get from this fragrance is the spicy scent that’s created from the mixture of cinnamon and nutmeg. The next impression you’ll be given is the natural fragrances of patchouli and vetiver. The finishing impression you’ll be left with is that of tobacco swirled together with vanilla and a touch of sandalwood.


  • This candle has a strong cold scent throw.
  • This is a perfect gift for someone that you care about.
  • You receive a high quality candle for an affordable price.
  • the fragrance is layered and sophisticated.


  • Depending on the batch your candle is poured from, the candle’s scent throw can be weak.

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6. Ralph Waldo Emmerson Scented Candle from the Library Collection

The Ralph Waldo Emmerson fragrance is another candle in the Library collection. The quote this fragrance is based off of is, “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” This quote is derived from one of Emerson’s poems. This candle is perfect for people who love Ralph Waldo Emmerson as well as anyone looking for a calming candle.

This literary fragrance’s top note is composed of the sweetness that comes from oranges mixed with the spiciness of cloves and finished off with the fresh scent of ozone. The middle note of this fragrance is a mixture of the calming eucalyptus and the spice from cinnamon leaf and topped off with a musky scent. To finish this fragrance off, the base note of this candle is a sweet and natural mixture of fir needle, sugar, and leafy greens.


  • This candle has a strong scent throw.
  • This is a good fragrance to burn during the holidays but fits year round too.
  • You can give this candle as a gift that anyone will love.
  • The cold scent throw with this candle is strong.


  • This candle can be too sweet smelling for some people.

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7. John Steinbeck Scented Candle from the Library Collection

This is yet another candle from the library collection. This candle is inspired by the author John Steinbeck. The quote used for this candle is, “And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good,” and is pulled from his novel “East of Eden”. While this candle is perfect for John Steinbeck lovers, any book lover or literature teacher will love this candle.

The first impression you’ll get from this candle is the fruity fragrance of black raspberry, apple, and nectarine. Next, you’ll be met with the spicy impression of cinnamon bark, clove leaf, and maple bark. Finally, the impression you’ll be left with is the natural mixture of birch wood, smoke from a campfire, patchouli, and pine needles.


  • This is a long lasting candle that is worth the price you pay.
  • The fragrance from this candle will fill a large room quickly.
  • This candle is perfect for cold evenings but is also great for year round use.
  • The fragrance is high quality for an affordable price.


  • If you like really strong scented candles, this fragrance may not be strong enough for you.

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Customer Opinions

While it’s important to know about a candle company before purchasing from them, it’s also important to know what customers think of the products they’ve purchased. By knowing customer opinions, you’ll know whether the candle you’re interested in buying is good quality or a product you should avoid. In this section, I’ll talk about what customers enjoyed and what they didn’t enjoy about the products they’ve purchased from Paddywax.

What Customers Like

Customers really enjoy the high quality candle you’re given for an affordable price. They like the clean burning quality that a soy wax blend without having to pay a luxurious price for it. You’re also given an even melt pool and a long lasting candle.

Another thing that customers really liked was the scent throw from these candles. Many customers have noted that they receive a strong scent throw from the candles without them even being lit. With a strong cold scent throw, you can be assured that you’ll have an even stronger hot scent throw.

What Customers Don’t Like

Customers generally like the products that Paddywax offers. There aren’t many complaints with their candles, which is a great sign for people who want to buy from Paddywax. One thing that customers didn’t enjoy, though, is that some of the fragrances can smell overly like perfume. These complaints stem from the fragrances that hold floral notes in them.

Final Thoughts

Paddywax is a great candle company to purchase from. You get high quality candles that you don’t need to worry about being toxic. While their soy wax is blended with paraffin wax, it’s not enough for you to worry about inhaling any toxins that come from your candle. Also, the majority of the wax is soy so you can expect a candle that burns cleanly and can have air purifying qualities.

No matter what candle you choose, Paddywax candles is a great company to buy from. They sell candles that are carefully created and have specific goals in mind with their fragrance mixtures. You’re also given options you don’t have with other candle companies, such as getting a candle making kit or customizing your candle. Even if you choose a candle that isn’t customizable, you’ll be given a high quality candle that will impress everyone who smells it.

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