Gold Canyon Candles Review: Are They Good?

After a long day at work or school, everyone wants to get home and relax. One way to do so is to light a fragrant Gold Canyon candle and enjoy the lovely aroma.

Golden Canyon candles are not new to the market and offer customers a wide variety of candles to enjoy. It’s a famous brand that has a wide variety of candles on offer to its customers. Spend some time exploring the fantastic collection and see which scented candles suit your taste and sent requirements.

This article sheds some light on Gold Canyon candles to help you decide about the brand. Take a moment to keep reading through the information to find out more about this company. Next, you can explore some of the best candles they have on offer and read through different customer reviews.

Gold Canyon Candles Review

All About Gold Canyon Candles

There is no other better way to learn about a company than to go back to the beginning. First, know more about its origin and what inspired the owners to start making the fragrant candles.

In this section, you can explore the history of Gold Canyon Candles, its product line, and some more crucial information. All this will come in handy as you begin your candle collection and pick out your favorite aromas.

The History of Gold Canyon Candles

Gold Canyon has managed to carve a niche for itself, making and selling fragrant candles. It dates back to 1997 when its founders saw a need to develop better food-grade paraffin candles.

The candle branch is part of the larger Gold Canyon International LLC. This is a huge company that’s managed to get a massive share of the fragrant industry worldwide.

In addition, the brand had managed to rise the ranks and emerge as one of the most sought after by candle lovers. Many people enjoy the wide selection of scents made using top-quality wax and 100% organic essential oils.

Product Lines

Over the years, Gold Canyon candles have managed to come up with numerous unique scents. You can get the best candles to use at home or on any occasion, including birthdays, weddings, and other events.

Like any other fragrant line, you get mild and robust scents when burning these candles. There’s something for everyone. The product line you can choose from includes scents like:

  • Dragon flower tea
  • Cinnamon pinecones
  • Gingerbread cake
  • Sandalwood jasmine
  • Black rain
  • Pineapple cilantro
  • Lavender latte
  • Garden breeze
  • Oak-aged chardonnay
  • Orange fresh
  • Lemon select
  • Mango tango
  • Coco berry bliss
  • Mint brownie
  • Pitanga pitch
  • Strawberry lemonade
  • Cherry fizz
  • Peach nectar
  • Sunflower

All these are available in small, medium, and heritage sizes. The heritage candle size is the best pick if you want more burn time of up to 150 hours.

Unique Features of Gold Canyon Candles

Gold Canyon ranks high when it comes to amazing scented candles with unique fragrant combinations. As mentioned, there’s something for everyone, and the candle even suits as a great gift item.

In terms of quality, few others can compete at this high level. The candle wax is unique and protected blends from Gold Canyon that creates candles with paraffin and don’t emit harmful gases.

Top Quality

Gold Canyon advertises as a company that as the World’s Finest candles. This is proven by the top-quality fragrant candles you can find in the market today. It makes some of the most popular candles taking into account the needs and wants of its customers.

Quality goes all the way to the burn time and experience. You can pick out the size you want from small, medium, and large. When the candle has only a quarter-inch of wax left, it self-extinguishes. This is to prevent the glass jar from breaking and causing a mess in your home.

The food-grade paraffin wax is the best since it does not release any toxic fumes into the air. The wax has a clean burn and takes time to burn through before you have to buy a new candle. In addition, you don’t have to worry about compromising your indoor air quality.

Gold Canyon is a pioneer company that began having two wicks on its candles. The two wick technology applies to large candles that make burning easy without wasting any wax in the glass jars.

The glass jar is the epitome of these lovely candles. Its exterior has a beautiful diamond design, and it tends to sparkle. You won’t have to worry about it clashing with your décor. Plus, you can always reuse or recycle once the wax is over.

7 of the Best Gold Canyon Candles Reviewed

Theirs is a vast collection of Gold Canyon candles you can try out, as you can see from above. After getting to know the company and what it offers, take time to explore some of its most popular picks.

The selection of 7 candles can be an eye-opening experience and an easy way to start using these fragrant candles.

1. Gold Canyon Large Sandalwood Jasmine Scented Heritage

Gold Canyon - Large Sandalwood Jasmine Scented Heritage Two-Wick Candle, Diamond-Light Glass Jar
  • Sandalwood Jasmine: Passionate essential oils of sandalwood, jasmine, and ylang ylang.
  • Propriety Wax Blend, Even Burn
  • Diamond-Light Sparkle
  • Safety Wicks
  • Whole-Home Fragrance

At the top of this list is one of the most favorite fragrant candles. The Gold Canyon’s prominent sandalwood scented heritage helps you achieve calmness. You can enjoy a fancy combination of sandalwood and Jasmine that marry together to take you to greater heights.

This is a crucial combination from the company that oozes passion and has many essential oils. Apart from sandalwood and Jasmine, the company had also included a dash of ylang-ylang.

The candle comes with a proprietary wax blend from the Gold canyon that gives you an even burn. In addition, the candle had a diamond light sparkle that adds a touch of class. The dual wicks are safe to use.

Enjoy the holistic fragrance that spreads throughout your home. This candle comes in a 26 oz. glass jar and can last for up to 150 hours.


  • Delivers even fragrance throughout the space
  • It has an even burn
  • It comes in a clear diamond designed glass jar
  • A hardy scent when you want more scent
  • A large amount


  • It’s tough to open the lid

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2. Gold Canyon Mini Flower Tea Heritage

Gold Canyon - Mini 5 oz. Dragon Flower Tea Heritage Single-Wick Scented Candle, Diamond-Light Glass Jar
  • Proprietary Wax Blend, Even Burn
  • Safety Wicks
  • Whole-Home Fragrance
  • Diamond-Light Sparkle

Next on this list of top Gold Canyon candles is the mini heritage flower tea variety. This is for those who don’t like strong scents.

The flower tea scent is mild and excellent. It evenly spreads across your home once you light the candle and place it in a safe area.

The manufacturer has used a classy blend of wax to create the candle and a wick placement that gives you an even burn. The mini heritage category is a 5 oz glass jar with a silver cap at the top.

You can use this candle for up to 45 hours then recycle the glass jar after that.  The fantastic aroma is ideal when you have a celebration or event at home or anywhere else.


  • It suits mild scent lovers
  • It comes in a small and easy to use a glass jar
  • You have up to 45 hours of burn time
  • It lasts longer since the candle burns slowly


  • The jar is small for the price

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3. Gold Canyon Mini Fresh Orange Heritage

Gold Canyon - Mini 5 oz. Fresh Orange Heritage Scented Single-Wick Candle, Diamond-Light Glass Jar
  • Fresh Orange: Juicy orange. Sparkling grapefruit. Silky vanilla.
  • Propriety Wax Blend, Even Burn
  • Diamond-Light Sparkle
  • Safety Wicks
  • Whole-Home Fragrance

Anyone searching for fruity scents with a touch of citrus can now rest easy. Here is the Gold Canyon fresh orange candle variety. This is in a mini heritage jar that carries around 5 oz. of candle wax.

Get to enjoy the wonderful orange aroma that fills your entire space in a matter of seconds. The candle burns slowly. They do not smoke, and you won’t need to replace them fast.

Gold Canyon uses a paraffin food-grade candle wax formulation. This is why these candles don’t emit any harmful fumes when you light them in your home.


  • The candle helps you refresh your home
  • It leaves a lasting citric fragrance
  • It has aromatherapy properties that help you relax
  • It does not contain any toxic ingredients


  • Scent tends to be too intense for some customers

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4. Gold Canyon Mini Pineapple Cilantro Heritage

Gold Canyon - Mini 5 oz. Pineapple Cilantro Heritage Scented Single-Wick Candle, Diamond-Light Glass Jar
  • Pineapple Cilantro: Tropical pineapple. Herbaceous cilantro. Inviting vanilla.
  • Propriety Wax Blend, Even Burn
  • Diamond-Light Sparkle
  • Safety Wicks
  • Whole-Home Fragrance

Imagine what a combination of pineapple and cilantro scents will produce. Well, you get a chance to find out when you get the Gold Canyon pineapple cilantro candle.

The candle is in a mini heritage size which carries 5 oz. of candle wax.  The glass jar with a diamond exterior design works with your décor and is also flame resistant.

There’s no need to worry about the candle burning out since it burns slowly. All in all, this is a candle that emits a mellow scent and can help you feel calm at any time.


  • Incredible pineapple and cilantro scent
  • It comes in a lovely package that you can gift someone
  • Has cilantro yet remains mellow
  • It comes in a safe to use the glass jar


  • Candle tends to burn out fast

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5. Gold Canyon Large Black Rain Heritage

Gold Canyon - Large Black Rain Heritage Two-Wick Scented Candle, Diamond-Light Glass Jar
  • Black Rain: Mysterious wood. Entrancing balsam. Fresh herbs
  • Propriety Wax Blend, Even Burn
  • Diamond-Light Sparkle
  • Safety Wicks
  • Whole-Home Fragrance

Bring a taste of mystery into your home when you get the Black Rain fragrant candle. It contains a mixture of herbs and entrancing balsam that transports you to a different world.

It has a large option that comes with two wicks to give you an even and satisfying burn. Not to mention the wax is pure and won’t emit any toxic fumes in your home.

The Black Rain herbs combination is for someone seeking to explore different scents. This takes you away from the regular candle scents.


  • It brings a touch of exotic scents into your home
  • It has an even burn
  • You can use the candle for many days
  • It emits a relaxing aroma


  • The candle is expensive

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6. Gold Canyon Medium Coco Berry Bliss Heritage

Gold Canyon - Medium Coco Berry Bliss Heritage Two-Wick Scented Candle, Diamond-Light Glass Jar
  • Proprietary Wax Blend, Even Burn
  • Safety Wicks
  • Whole-Home Fragrance
  • Diamond-Light Sparkle

The candle comes in a medium-size jar that’s quite fancy when you look at it. The Coco Berry scent is quite strong, and you only need to burn it for a bit of time to enjoy a lasting aroma in your house.

Express yourself in any way you want, as this scent can recreate any space. The strong aroma calms you and helps you achieve bliss while unwinding at the end of a long day or while just at home chilling.

The glass jar is unique and makes the candle more attractive in any setting.


  • The candle has a strong scent
  • The jar design is quite lovely
  • The odor helps you relax
  • Burn the candle for a little while to get a lasting aroma


  • The jar was a bit delicate and cracked when one user lit the candle

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7. Grand Canyon Medium Coastal Reef Heritage

Gold Canyon - Medium Coastal Reef Heritage Two-Wick Scented Candle, Diamond-Light Glass Jar
  • Coastal Reef: Rejuvenating marine water. Wondrous jasmine. Serene coastal moss.
  • Propriety Wax Blend, Even Burn
  • Diamond-Light Sparkle
  • Safety Wicks
  • Whole-Home Fragrance

Imagine yourself relaxing at the beach while still chilling in your home. The fantastic aroma of the coastal reef will transport you to the sea with a taste of Jasmine.

In addition, the candle blend also contains a touch of coastal moss. All of these combined with the plant-based candle wax helps you elevate to new heights.

The wick burns brightly but won’t finish your candle fast. The burn is even, and you get about 85 hours of burn time from it.


  • Unique coastal scent with a touch of Jasmine
  • Easy to use
  • Has a lasting aroma in your space
  • A quality glass jar that you can reuse afterward


  • For one user, the scent was too mild. She had to burn a lot of it for the fragrance to last
  • The candle is expensive

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Customer Opinions

Every review needs to have a neutral approach for it to reflect the actual company. For Gold Canyon Candles, customer opinions can help paint a picture of the products. These opinions help other buyers make up their minds before dishing out money for the candles.

Here you get to learn what people find good with these candles, plus all the negative reviews.  Once you read through, you can make up your mind about the brand.

Positive Customer Reviews

Gold Canyon Candles have a vast candle collection to choose from. All these make it hard not to find people who love these fragrant candles.

One customer was quite happy with the small heritage candles. She stated that the burn speed was as slow as expected, and she only had to replace the candles much later.

Another candle loved the glass jar that came with the candle. The user stated that the glass was an excellent addition to the décor in his house. Some of his friends were drawn to the diamond appearance of the outer layer.

In addition, he could easily reuse the glass jar to store screws and other items in his garage when the candle burnt out.

It was clear from the many reviews that many buyers loved the candles because of the solid and lingering scents. Even after blowing out the candle, the distinctive essential oil scents linger on for some time. This is an excellent trait because you don’t have to keep burning the candle for many hours.

One client remarked she had sought plant-based candles that would not emit smoke with chemicals in her home. The customer was quite precise about the indoor air quality in her home and wanted eco-friendly candles.

Many customers commented the candles helped them relax and feel calm in their homes. This was especially effective after a long day at work. One even found it easier to fall asleep once she started to use the Grand Canyon candles.

One more customer was happy with the variety. Ever since she began using candles in her home, she always found smells like lavender and vanilla. However, Gold Canyon was not the same because they have many unique yet wonderful smelling blends.

Negative Customer Reviews

While Gold Canyon Candles have a lot of positive feedback from buyers, some are not satisfied with the product.

Among the top negative reviews had to do with the price. While the candles have some cheap varieties, the incredible yet complex scent blends are expensive to purchase. This means one has to buy the small heritage quantity, which won’t last long.

Another demerit of these candles is the scent. Some people found the fragrance too strong and even led to some ailments like headaches after some time.

One more customer was not happy with the packaging. She got a crumpled-up package and is unsure if this is because of poor transportation or from the distributor. Another issue was with shipping companies that add their stickers and logos on the glass jars.

Overall, the Grand Canyon companies are some of the best in the market and have many fans.

In Conclusion

Users love the Grand Canyon Candles. Since they stay indoors, they want to enjoy a calming environment where the fragrant candles come in.

Any person seeking a fantastic scent that lingers can purchase the Sandalwood Jasmine fragrant candle. There’s a small, medium, and heritage size.

However, if you want a milder yet still exotic blend to use at home, get the Flower Tea fragrant candle. It’s gentle but refreshing.

But try out as many scents as you want to get the best one. The fragrance is all about personal tastes. Start by purchasing the mini heritage sizes, then choose larger quantities for the ones you like.

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