Root Candles Review: Are They Good?

Candles are a foolproof way to add a lovely fragrance to your house and turn it into a home. You can stick with the popular, mainstream brands sold in many stores, but branching off to lesser known brands is always a good idea. Root candles is a great brand to branch out with, too. When trying out new brands, a question will always come to mind before actually making a purchase. Are you purchasing a good product?

Root Candles is a great brand to consider when you’re thinking about branching out in the candle scene. This brand gives their customers only the highest quality of candle they’re able to put out. You’ll be getting a candle that will make your home feel fresh and clean with just the first light.

You can buy a candle from Root knowing that you will be given a high quality product that you’re going to enjoy every time you light it.

Root Candles Review

Before branching out, though, you’ll want to make sure you know about the Root brand so you can truly decide whether or not their candles will fit in with your preferences. By doing the proper research into a company, you’re able to make a fully educated decision into whether or not you want to introduce a new company into your home. I always make sure I’m well informed about a company before buying from them so I’m writing this post to help you do the same.

In this article, I’m going to be reviewing the following Root Candles:

What You should Know about Root Candles

When learning about a company you’ve never bought from before, it’s never a bad idea to look into the background of the company to find out how they started and what their beliefs are. It’s also a good idea to seek out what kinds of products they sell. This company specifically sells candles, but it’s a good idea to know what kinds of candles are being sold By learning these different aspects about the brand, you’ll be able to fully know whether Root products will fit into your home or not.

This History of Root Candles

Root Candles has been around since the late 1800s, just over 150 years. This gives them an advantage over hundreds of other candle companies because with time comes expertise. When this company started, it was known for its beekeeping and use of pure beeswax to make high quality candles. Even from the beginning bees have been an important center to the company, which can clearly be seen through the company’s logo that features a bee.

One of the great things about being able to trust this company is that it has stayed within the family. Now, five generations later, family still owns and continues to hold the company’s virtue. Root Candles holds the morals of honesty, integrity, and diligent craftmanship in high regards and that hasn’t faded with time.

Bees started, and still remain, an important factor in the making of Root candles. The Root brand invented many tools to help harvest honey and beeswax, which revolutionized beekeeping throughout the world. Through their inventions and many years of practice, they have practically perfected the art of creating beeswax candles.

Because their candles are created using only beeswax, churches throughout the nation have been known to use them because of their purity and high quality. These candles have also been used by people such as Helen Keller and the Wright Brothers. The pure quality of these candles make them widely popular, which only increased when the company started to add fragrance and color to their votive candles in the 1960s.

What Kinds of Candles does Root Candles Sell?

Root Candles offers several different types of candles for their customers to purchase. Like previously mentioned, this company is known for distributing candles to churches throughout the nation. The candles they distribute to churches are available for anyone to purchase but they are created with churches in mind. These candles are poured into glass jars with either crosses or religious pictures displayed on the glass.

Another type of candle that Root Candles sells is called filled candles. These candles come in four different styles, too:

  • 3-wick
  • Small Honeycomb
  • Large Honeycomb
  • Seeking Balance Spa

These candles are colored with different fragrances and each type of filled candle is a different size. The seeking balance spa candles are created using essential oil inspired fragrances and wooden wicks and is meant to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

One of the unique styles of candles created by Root Candles is called traveler candles. These candles come in tins with lids to go with them. They offer their typical fragrances in small hexagonal tins, giving a nod to the honeycomb style. The seeking balance spa fragrances come in larger, round tins that are brandished with different designs and have a wooden wick.

This company also sells votive candles that can be bought alone or in packs of three, twelve, or eighteen candles. These candles do not come with a jar but it is highly recommended that you burn them in a votive jar instead of just on their own.

The final type of scented candle sold by Root Candles is the tealight candle. These candles are sold in boxes of eight candles and can be used throughout the house, whether you place them in a jar or not. They come in a container so they are safe to burn without having to be placed in a jar.

On top of the scented candles being sold by Root Candles, they also sell unscented pillar and dinner candles in a few different sizes. These candles are meant to add an air of sophistication and complement your décor in your home. Just like the scented candles, these candles are created using pure beeswax.

A Review of 5 Root Candles

1. Honeycomb Veriglass Tobacco Vanilla Scented Candle

That candle is going to give you a great burn because the high quality beeswax is clean and slow burning. Because of the slow burning aspect, you’ll be treated to a candle that will burn up to 70 hours. The beeswax also holds fragrance well so you’ll have a candle with a strong scent throw until the last bit of wax is gone. Being a clean burning candle, you won’t have to worry about this candle releasing soot into your home.

The fragrance in this candle is an earthy mixture of tobacco, patchouli, pine, and oakmoss. This mixture mingles with notes of smoky, burnt caramel, sugar and marshmallow. The mixture of earthy and sweet give this fragrance a well rounded feel and will fill your home with warmth.


  • This candle doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in it.
  • This candle does not let off any soot.
  • The fragrances are created using essential oils.
  • The scent in this candle is authentic and doesn’t smell chemically.


  • The mixture of fragrances makes it difficult to smell the tobacco and vanilla.

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2. Honeycomb Veriglass Drizzling Honey Scented Candle

This tumbler is filled with a candle made purely of beeswax and essential oils. The vibrant golden yellow wax burns slowly without releasing any soot, giving you a way to enjoy your candle carefree. The beeswax is saturated with the fragrances of the candle, which are made up of essential oils.

The fragrance of this candle is carefully made up of golden manuka honey, delicately mixed with acacia petals, neroli, and Sicilian bergamot. This delicate mixture of fragrances is meant to bring the essence of honeybees and their pursuit of flower blossoms into your home. These fragrances mingle together in the same way the honeybee mingles with the blossoms.


  • The essential oils give this candle a truly natural fragrance.
  • You’ll get a strong fragrance from this candle without it being overpowering.
  • When the candle is not lit, you’ll still get a gentle fragrance if you leave the lid off the candle.
  • The wax in this candle melts evenly so you won’t experience tunneling.
  • You won’t experience any soot or smoke coming from this candle.


  • The wick can sometimes burn faster than the candle itself.

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3. Unscented Timerline Collenette 7-Inch Dinner Candle

These unscented candles come in a box of four and give you an elegant product made from deep blue dyed beeswax. These candles can make a great decoration or can be a great source of ambiance during a dinner party or a romantic dinner for two. Because these are unscented, they are primarily meant to be an enhancement to your home’s aesthetic.

These candles are created with the same high quality ingredients that the scented candles are made with. You’ll get a candle that is made up of pure beeswax that is dyed with the highest quality candle dyes. The wick is created fully with cotton so you don’t have to worry about any toxins coming from the wick or candle.


  • This candle fits in with silver, purple, blue, and white aesthetics perfectly.
  • Even if you choose not to light this candle, it makes a great decoration.
  • These candles burn evenly so you won’t have to worry about tunneling.
  • The candles last a long time and give you a clean burn.


  • These candles come with a sticker at the bottom that can be difficult to take off.

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4. Seeking Balance Spa Candle, Energize: Rosemary Eucalyptus

If you’re looking for a candle that will aid in your aromatherapy and relaxation sessions, this is going to be a great addition to your home. Made from pure beeswax and essential oils, you’ll get a candle that is going to promote wellness through the use of aromatherapy. Not only will these aspects promote wellness, but the soothing crackling of the wooden wick will bring you even more soothing and peace during your sessions.

The bright orange candle holds a fragrance that is composed of rosemary and eucalyptus. These essential oils are going to bring you rejuvenation, invigoration, and energy while you use it for aromatherapy. This is a great candle to use while getting ready in the morning in order to start your day with an extra boost of energy.


  • For the price you pay, you’re getting a luxurious candle.
  • This candle will not produce smoke or soot.
  • The wooden wick adds an extra element of relaxation.
  • This candle is made without harsh chemicals, giving you a truly clean product.
  • The scent throw of this candle will fill a room easily.


  • This fragrance can smell fruity instead of like eucalyptus or rosemary.

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5. Honeycomb Veriglass Sugared Grapefruit Scented Candle

This cream colored candle is created, just like the others, with the purest beeswax. This gives you a candle that will burn without producing smoke or soot, leaving your home free of any unwanted toxins. The wick in this candle is made using cotton that is free of any lead, also ensuring you’ll have a candle that doesn’t give off any toxins.

The fragrance from this candle is made up with essential oils. You’ll be given the sweet and tart citrus scent from grapefruit mixed with sugar to create a sweet warmth. The mixture of sweet and tartness gives this candle the perfect balance it needs to make a well rounded candle.


  • This candle gives a high quality fragrance and burn.
  • The burn from this candle is slow, giving it a long lifespan.
  • You’ll get a soft fragrance from this candle even when it’s not lit.
  • When the candle is lit, you’ll get a strong scent throw that can easily fill a room.
  • You won’t experience a chemically smell because the fragrances in this candle are made naturally.


  • The fragrance can sometimes lack a good amount of grapefruit.

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Customer Opinions

If you’re ever debating whether or not to buy a product, it’s never a bad idea to take a look at customer opinions. Generally, customers are going to leave their honest thoughts about the products so you can get a pretty good idea of the quality of product you’re getting just by looking at the opinions in the reviews. In this section, I’ll discuss what customers like and what they don’t like about Root candles.

What Customers Like

Customers genuinely really enjoy Root Candles. Whether they’re choosing scented or unscented candles, they are typically really pleased with the products the receive. The high quality products create luxurious candles and it’s not missed by the people that purchase them. One thing that people truly love about these candles is that because of the natural products, the candles don’t give off chemically fragrances like in paraffin wax made candles and candles with man made fragrances.

What Customers Don’t Like

While customers generally really enjoy these candles, there are a few that have had some complaints. This is completely normal for any company, so don’t let the few complaints discourage you from the brand. One of the complaints is that the fragrances don’t always smell like the advertised scent. While this is kind of a big deal of a complaint, it’s not a frequent complaint. There are always going to be products that don’t hold up against the others, but this is a rare occurrence with this brand.

Final Thoughts

Root Candles is a great company to buy from if you’re looking for a candle that is clean burning and high quality. By using pure beeswax in their candles, Root Candles is giving their customers a product that is not only going to have a slow and clean burn, but it’s also going to have an air purifying quality to it. The candles distributed by this brand are going to let you enjoy your candle without having to worry about toxins being spread throughout your home.

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