Can Tea Light Candles Float in Water?

The first time I came across tea light candles, I’d never heard of any candles that could float on water. My sister brought me some and tried in vain to convince me the candles could float. But can tea light candles float in water?

Tea light candles can float in water. It’s all about the design, shape, and container the candle wax is inside. That’s what makes it possible for the tea light candles to float so magnificently on water.

In this article, you will learn why tea light candles float on water and how to make tea floating candles. Read on, and let’s explore this all about tea light candles.

Can Tea Light Candles Float in Water

How Can Tea Light Candles Float in Water?

Tea light candles are pretty popular in many homes, hotels, and other places where you want to create a certain mood. They fit in perfectly in a romantic setting and set the perfect ambiance that helps you relax.

While some people opt to make their tea light floating candles, you can choose to buy there. There are so many different varieties available in the market. These candles can be scented or unscented, depending on your preference.

Floating candles are small and relatively light. This is why they can easily float on water. The weight of the candle manages to displace some water without the candle weighing too much. But, it’s crucial to note that this doesn’t apply to all candles.

Usually, floating tea light candles have an even round shape that enables floating. You’ll notice the more the floating candle burns, the higher it rises in the water. There’s a good reason behind this observation.

The tea light candles heat the air around them, causing expansion. When the expansion takes place, the oxygen depletion in that area stops for a moment, causing the water level to stay low. Only after oxygen is depleted does the candle burn out, and water gets a chance to rise once more.

Some crucial points to note about floating tea light candles include:

  • Avoid leaving tea light candles lit and unattended at all costs. This is an open flame that can cause a lot of harm.
  • Keep the container clean and only use fresh, clean water to float the tea light candles.
  • Make sure the container is on an even surface. Uneven surfaces cause movement and water can easily spill into the floating tea light candle.
  • Place some fragrant flowers next to the floating candles to create the perfect ambiance. The aroma will fill your space.

How Can You Make a Floating Tea Light Candle?

While you can buy floating tea light candles, it’s also possible to make some at home. This can turn into a fun little project where you use wax or other candles at home.

Floating tea light candles need a light container to carry the wax that can float on water. These containers can be plastic or light aluminum foil.

Below are some steps to take when you want to make your own floating tea light candles at home with the family.

Gather the products

It would be best to get some candle wax, heat source, melting container, small wicks, small plastic containers, cutting tool, stirring stick, fragrance (optional).

Heat the wax

In this step, place the candle wax on the heating container and melt the wax over a heat source. Make sure you keep stirring until all the wax melts evenly.

Add fragrance

Once the candle wax melts, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. But, only do so if you want to be scented floating tea light candles.

Fix the wicks

Each floating candle will have one wick. Place a wick in each small plastic container and set them aside.

Pour the hot wax

Remove the container with the hot wax from the source of heat. Hand-pour the wax into each small container but don’t fill to the top. After pouring the wax, please leave it to cool until the candle cures completely.

Cut the wick

Use a cutting tool to cut the top part of the wick. Leave enough to light, and you have a set of tea light candles to use.

This is such a fun project to do when you have free time. Even the kids or friends will enjoy joining in. However, it’s still possible to purchase the best floating tea light candles at any time.

How Can You Anchor a Floating Tea Light Candle in a Pool?

Once you set the tea candle on the pool, it’s hard to prevent it from moving around. Remember, the candle is quite light and so tends to float on the body of water. While this might look cute as the candle moves around, it’s not safe.

The best thing to do is find ways to anchor the tea light candle. This keeps it in one spot and is safer when you have an open flame around. The easiest way to anchor your tea light candles in one spot is to attach a small weight to each.

Usually, the small weight keeps your candle in the same position preventing any issues. However, you have to ensure the weight keeps the candle floating. You can try attaching different weights to see which works before you light the candle.

Another way is to box in the candle—place floating weights in the water and a candle in between. The weights will keep the candle in one position and prevent it from moving around.

Does a Tea Light Candles Burn Out on Its Own?

The normal burn duration of a tea light candle is two hours. Once the time elapses, the candle burns off. However, if you use the candle for a shorter duration, you have to blow out the flame physically.

Only leave the candle to burn out on its own if you are present at all times. The norm is to use tea light candles at night for a better effect. However, it’s quite tempting to leave the candles burning as you rest.

Whenever you feel that urge, squash it immediately. Always blow out the open candle flame before you have to sleep. This prevents any chance of fire from taking place in your home.

In Conclusion

Floating tea light candles are a fantastic product that creates the best ambiance. You can use them indoors or outdoors to cultivate the best mood for yourself or when you have an event taking place.

The candles have a small amount of wax in a light container that can float on water. Once you place the floating candle on the water body, light the wick and enjoy the ambiance. You can choose to have scented or unscented tea light candles as per your preference.

Tea light candles create a great ambiance but find ways to anchor them in place. It’s safer to anchor the candles and blow them out when you are done for the night. While candles burn out in 2 hours, blow them out if you finish earlier.

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