5 Best Floating Candles In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you’re in a hurry, our best pick is the Royal Imports 10 Hour Floating Candles. It ticks all boxes in terms of quality, long burn time, ease of use, evenly burning, smokeless; plus, it is suited for just about any event. 

The beautiful sight of the floating candles at weddings, pool parties, anniversaries, birthdays, etc, can brighten your event.  

These candles add elegance to event planners and florist’s decorations. Not only that, this white, waxy product creates a romantic atmosphere in events and occasions. 

Floating candles are also a beautiful addition to home decors.  

Best Floating Candles

In this review, I’ll reveal the best floating candles in the market.  

5 Best Floating Candles Reviewed

1. Royal Imports 10 Hour Floating Candles – Best Overall  

Royal Imports 10 Hour Floating Candles, 3” White Unscented Dripless Wax Discs, for Cylinder Vases, Centerpieces at Wedding, Party, Pool, Holiday (24 Set)
  • Best Material & Safe: Each 3" floating candle is crafted of the best material wax to enhance its appearance and prevent it from dripping or melting...
  • Top Picks: These beautiful disc candles are top picks in the floral supply, home décor, and wedding planning industry. From home decorators, to event...
  • Uses: These attractive floating disks are commonly used as: party favors, emergency light for power outages, aromatherapy, outdoor patio ambience,...
  • Burn Time: Provides approximately 8-10 Hours of warm ambient light
  • Packaging: Pack of 24 candles - carefully wrapped to prevent damage.

I’m so proud of this 3-inches multi-purpose quality candle from Royal Imports. Made with premium quality wax, these candles light up everywhere and burn for 10 hours non-stop. If you’re planning for a long event or occasion, this royal import candle is your best bet.  

The candles also work as an at-home decoration. You can also put out the flame to use later even as the quality stays the same, in-between. 

The cotton-core wicks ensure that the environment is well-lit with a clean, smoke-free, and odor-free flame.  

Royal imports claimed that this candle, when soaked in a special solution, burns instantly after close contact with flame.  

The round-shaped candle will fit perfectly in a car, mason jar, or wide glass. Beautifully install the candles in a bowl, along with other decorative items that fit in.  

These beautiful candles will look good along with other delicious menus. 

 Apart from event purposes, Royal Imports FCAND-WH-3-24 can take over in the event of a power problem in your home.  

Because they burn bright and steady, they can easily work as an emergency light before the sun shines.  Be sure not to keep them close to anything flammable to avoid fire.  

Overall, the 24-piece royal impact candle is best suited for long lasting events. The candles shine bright and smokeless for many hours. 


  • Long-lasting burning  
  • Emits no smoke  
  • Easy to light up  
  • Burns evenly 


  • Not all pieces are perfectly round 

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2. Biedermann & Sons Rose-shaped Floating Candles – perfect for weddings 

Biedermann & Sons Rose-shaped Floating Candles In White, Pack of 12
  • Rose shape floating candles
  • Large candles are 3.5" diameter
  • Up to 5 hours burn time
  • Looks great in a wedding centerpiece
  • Twelve candles

When we think of weddings, we think rose flowers, right? Roses symbolize purity and happiness in marriage.   

Because of these, these rose-shaped, 12-pieces floating candles will catch attention at weddings.  

These paraffin-made candles maintain their beautiful shape regardless of any storage condition (even if it’s in a damp location).  

Because of these, you can always make your purchase prior to when they’re needed.  

Like the royal impact, the wicks are cotton-made. So, no smoke while burning. I’ll suggest you monitor the candles, though, especially for the shape. However, the wicks are long so no worries.  

One more thing, the 3.5 inches candle is a little bit longer. So consider that when you want to purchase a vessel for decoration. They might not fit into most glasses so I’ll recommend a wide-mouthed vase. Apart from that, a typical rose-shaped candle won’t fit beautifully in a glass. Use a bowl instead.  

Overall, a rose-shaped floating candle looks good for weddings. They’ll arouse a romantic mood at your event.  


  • Made with paraffin that stays in shape at all temperatures.  
  • Can be stored just about anywhere for a long time  
  • Rose shape is Perfect for wedding settings  


  • Has short wicks 

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3. Bolsius Unscented Floating Candles – Tiny. Light  

Bolsius White Floating Candles 1.75 Inch – 20 Pack Candle Set – 5+ Hours Burn Time – Premium European Quality – Smokeless & Dripless Smooth Flame – 100% Cotton Wick – Beach, Wedding, & Party Accessory
  • WHAT YOU NEED: Are you tired of using regular candles to your party? Would you like to try a different product to achieve a better result? If your...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: These Bolsius floating candles are made of the best wax and wick so that you can enjoy them for a longer time. Put them in...
  • MULTIPURPOSE: This product we strongly recommend is the best alternative to ordinary candles. They can be used on special occasions and holidays such...
  • FLOATING DECORATION: You can set up various different clear glass vases and arrange them in the center of the table. Decorate each vase with a flower...
  • CLEAN BURNING AND EVEN FLAME: Our product is crafted to burn for 5 hours. You will not need to worry about smoke since these unscented candles burn...

If you’re looking for something flexible for all occasions and for any vessel size, you could use the Bolsius floating candle. 

With just 1¾ inches, you can fit them easily into any glass. So if you’re restricted in space or don’t have a large vessel, this one is for you.  

You have 20 pieces in a pack so you can easily decorate your room or have them filed in your pool, beautifully and tingly. Round. White. Sweet scent. You don’t need any other design wherever you use them. 

 These floating candles are wax-made with a cotton wick that burns non-stop for up to 5 hours.  

I’d say that’s a long burning time for a candle of its size. Most of its counterparts burn completely within 3 hours.  

The long hour burning is due to the special, slow-melting wax used in the production process.   

What’s more, these candles come out at a pretty cheap price,  so restaurant owners with multiple tables to decorate should consider the Bolsius floating candle.  

Overall, you can light up your engagements, baby shower, anniversary, or any event hosted in restaurants at a reasonable price. 


  • Made with special wax for prolonged burning  
  • Reasonably priced  
  • Last up to 5 hours  – a competitive advantage over its counterparts  
  • Fits small vessels 


  • Must be located far from wind or protected from the wind

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4. Homemory Waterproof Flameless Floating Tealights, – Perfect For Outdoor Events

Homemory 24 Pack Waterproof Flameless Floating Tealights, Warm White Battery Flickering LED Tea Lights Candles - Wedding, Party, Centerpiece, Pool & SPA
  • [ Floating on water ]: floating tealights are (D1.5" X H1.6") completely waterproof; put these warm white light led tealight candles in your pool and...
  • [ Energy saving and convenient operation ]: homemory waterproof flameless tea lights are powered by cr2032 batteries; fun floating candles that work...
  • [ Safer in any setting ]: our led flickering tealights can be used without having to worry of flame, absolutely No fire hazards or burning risks, No...
  • [ Variety of usage ]: floating tealight candles are suitable for decorating various events, creating a romantic and relaxing ambiance; perfect...
  • [ WARNING ] Button cell battery included. Keep out of reach of children. Please do not swallow or place it inside any part of the body! Please prevent...

This is not a wax candle. This is different. Homemory is an LED floating candle that fears none of water or wind – perfect for your outdoor celebration no matter the weather. 

While conventional candles stop burning because of wind or water splash, this beautiful candle takes over and saves your event. I think this is one of the best floating candles for pool parties. I’ve not seen a candle that can survive a consistent splash of water. This is a big advantage!   

These lights take a candle shape with a “flame” section that lights up when it touches water. Yes, no need to push a switch. More thanks to its auto On/off technology. The candles use the CR2032 coin batteries. You can buy them in stores. Oh, and these batteries can last up to 70 hours before they need to be replaced.  

Only if you use high-quality batteries though.  

By default, these candles are available in white. However, I notice that the manufacturers are beginning to sell the blue and yellow versions.  

In a nutshell, this LED is perfect for anyone who wants to light up their outdoor occasion without the fear of wind or water splashing on candles. 


  • Long-lasting, battery-powered  LED candles  
  • Unaffected by water and wind  
  • Automatic lights up technology for a simple switch 


  • It is difficult to change batteries

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5. Romingo 7 Colors Lotus Floating LED Candle – spiritual candles  

Romingo 7 Colors Lotus LED Candles Floating Candle Batteries Operated Flameless Candle Light Beautiful for Festival Lamp Decoration Home, Garden, Pond
  • Size: Diameter 7.6 x Height 4.5 cm (3 x 1.8 inch). Materials: plastic.Note:Please confirm the size before purchase.
  • Come with 7 silicone loops. After covering the silicone loop to the bottom of the light, water will be prevented to enter, it can float on the water....
  • The lotus lights use an amber LED electronic to exactly simulate a flickering flame of a real candle, with accurate flicker frequency. Combine the...
  • No smoke, no heat, no dripping wax, no mess, no danger of open flame. No need to worry about the cleaning problem. The candles don’t pollute the air...
  • Ideal as decoration for table, pond in home, garden, restaurant, hotel. Creating a artistic, and comfortable atmosphere.

Spirituality. Cleanliness. Everlasting. These are what the lotus flower symbolizes.  

Originated from Egypt as a popular flower full of value, lotus has earned a religious reputation. Reasons they’re commonly used for ceremonies rather than events. 

From weddings to namings to burial ceremonies, the lotus can be a lifelong companion. If you have a deep passion for lotus flowers, this floating candle will interest you. 

The LED candle is available in 7 pieces, and in different colors: green, yellow, white, blue, purple, orange, red. The bottom is covered with a silicon loop to prevent water entry into the piece.  

Romingo S7 lights up automatically. Just place them inside water. No need to switch or push a button.  

However, avoid submerging the entire candle into the water. I notice that the parts not covered by the silicon loop aren’t waterproof. You don’t want them soaked in water.  

These LED candles are powered by the CR2477 button batteries, displaying candle-like, real flame lighting.  

I’ve tried using this candle for meditation. And it was a great journey to the inner world.  

In addition, they’re also perfect for a romantic dinner night or a surprise marriage proposal.  


  • Perfect for frequent floating candle user  
  • Battery-powered and run for up to 360 hours  


  • Weird smell of silicon at first 

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How To Choose The Right Floating Candles  

When it comes to choosing the right floating candles for your event or your home use, you should consider a few important factors. Let’s check them out. 


The fragrance is a pretty important component of a floating candle that you need to consider. A sweet-scented candle can arouse the right mood for your event. 

Fragrant ingredients used by candle brands to create great scents are usually synthetic, natural essential oil, or both combined. Scents from essential oils are often the strongest when burning. Check the label for scent before placing your orders.  


Soy, paraffin, and tallow are the three commonly used types of wax. Some candles combine those three. Most candles are typically made of paraffin.  

While some people think paraffin is less environmentally friendly, it’s actually toxic and easy to use. Plus, it churns out a better scent. Many top brands use paraffin wax because it’ll disperse fragrance just how you’ll love it. 

Soy wax has been around for as far back as 25 years and is produced from hydrogenated soybeans oil. Soy candles are popular for their prolonged burn time.  

Tallow produces great flavor just like paraffin wax, especially in cold form.  

Read more: Paraffin vs. Soy vs. Beeswax: Which Wax is Best for Scented Candles?


Cotton wicks tend to light easily and burn smokeless.  

Multiple wicks can improve the candle’s fragrance. So if your priority is a stronger fragrance, look for a floating candle with this quality

Burn time 

Burn time is also an important factor to keep in mind. However, burn time depends on several factors such as the ingredient, candle size, and the wick type.  

Before you burn, try to trim the wick to around 1/4 inches in height. Don’t let your candle burn for more than 4 hours. Doing these can increase your candle life cycle. 

Where Is The Best Place To Use A Floating Candle?

Floating candles are perfect for everywhere. So far there’s water! Pool. Dishes. Fountains. Lakes. Hot tubs. However, it is not so ideal for moving waters like streams or rivers.  

A surprising fact about floating candles that you should remember is that a wick submerged inside water won’t get wet.  Absorb a 100% cotton wick in water and it’ll get sucked up and will affect your burn time. 

So, always hold the wick and ensure it’s dry before you place the candle inside the water before lighting.  

Most floating candles burn for a prolonged time, depending on size. You can expect a 2″ candle to burn up to 5 hours. 3″ up to 10 hours. Hours of colorful shining on top of the water.  

How To Use A Floating Candle 

Floating candles amplifies the aesthetics of a table or outdoor setting. Apart from being beautiful, these candles are so budget-friendly and easily affordable for just about anyone. And they’re super easy to use, making them an outstanding choice for just about anyone. 

Check out some interesting ways you can use floating candles:  

One of the great ways you can use a floating candle is inside the cylinder vase.

You’ll see a black canvas below your candle when you use them. It allows space for you to show vase fillers, flowers ( either fresh or silk), blended with a beautiful bloom. 

A floating candle steals the occasion in a table, bowl, or one in a dish garden. 

We all have this particular container in a cabinet. Breath new life into a bowl when you add candles inside water. Who could have thought it’s this easier to do? 

Create an outdoor pool of candles in a variety of vase designs to arouse that special fire-pit feeling for your occasion. Warmth. Aesthetically pleasing.  

How many candles is enough to fill up the pool with candlelight? Well, a 3″ floater candle of you to 72 should do the job.

Bottom line 

Purchasing the best floating candles requires a bit of research. All our top 5 products come with unique benefits. 

Our top pick is the Royal Imports 10 Hour Floating Candles that packs a punch. 

Made with premium quality wax, this candle can burn for 8 hours non-stop – a perfect match for a long event occasion.

This candle also serves an at-home decorative function, plus it perfectly in a car, mason jar, or a wide glass.

On top of that, the 24 piece candle is available at a reasonable price.  

Our runner-up is the Biedermann & Sons Rose-shaped Floating Candles. I highly recommend these rose-shaped floating candles for weddings. 

 The rose-shaped floating candle looks good for weddings. 

Made with paraffin that stays in shape in all temperatures, our runner-up will arouse a romantic mood at your event.

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