Candleberry Candles Review: Are They Good?

When you’re thinking about purchasing a candle, you’re probably thinking about going to one of the big brands to spend your money. I’m here to tell you to reconsider. You don’t need a big name brand when you can get a candle from The Candleberry Candle Company. I know what you’re thinking, though. Does The Candleberry Candle Company sell candles that are good enough to broaden my candle horizons?

The Candleberry Candle Company provides their customers with high quality candles that will please any person that enjoys a punch of fragrance. Their candles are filled with fragrance and will give your home a real scent makeover every time you light your candle.

Not only does The Candleberry Candle Company provide you with a huge amount of fragrance, but they’re also dedicated to giving you the best candle burning experience you could ever dream of. This company also sells more than just candles and they definitely give you many reasons to keep coming back to their company.

Candleberry Candles Review

What You Should Know About The Candleberry Candle Company

Before purchasing from a company, you’ll want to make sure you know as much as you can about them. This will help you make a decision as to whether or not this company will be a good fit for you and your home. In this section, I’ll go through everything you should know about The Candleberry Candle Company before you make a purchase from them.

How Candleberry Came to Be

The Candleberry Candle Company was founded by a group of people who wanted to create a candle with such high quality that would beat out every other company in the candle market. They set out to make a clean burning candle that would give you an even burn throughout the whole burn time. On top of this, they wanted to make sure that no customer was left longing for more fragrance from their candles.

The founders of this company know the huge impact that the sense of smell has on a person’s memories and the way they feel. Because of this, they like to formulate their fragrances to not just reflect a certain scent, but to reflect a memory or experience. They like to provide their customers with candles that have fragrances that trigger memories of holidays, gatherings, baking, and so much more.

Candleberry is dedicated to creating a candle that has a strong fragrance throughout the entirety of your candle’s lifespan. They believe candle making is an artform so they only use the best quality ingredients and their candles go through rigorous testing before being sold. It’s this dedication to fragrance and high quality that has helped the company grow from a small online retailer to a retailer that sells products all around the world.

Candleberry Products

The Candleberry Candle Company is best known for their large scented candles, and for good reason. Their candles really pack a punch of fragrance that will leave your home smelling amazing. Candles aren’t the only product this company sells, though. Candleberry is dedicated to providing products that will help add fragrance to anywhere it’s needed.

The products sold by The Candleberry Candle Company are:

  • Reed diffusers
  • Kentucky bourbon butter cake by Tortuga
  • Tart warmers
  • Wax melts
  • Room sprays
  • Fresh cargo car scent
  • Accessories

While most of these products seem to be normal for a candle company to sell, there’s one that stands out as a unique product. Candleberry partners with a company called Tortuga to sell a bourbon butter cake. You can either buy this cake by itself or Candleberry has given a small handful of candles that can be bought with the cake because they complement each other.

The Candleberry Candle Company also sells tart warmers that go perfectly with their wax melts. There are several different options for warmer styles to choose from. They have your typical cylindrical tart warmers that will fit in with any kind of decorations you have in your home. There’s also warmers that are shaped like objects such as a pickup truck, snowman, pumpkin, or lantern.

Whatever product you choose to purchase from Candleberry, you’ll be given a strong fragrance that will spread throughout any large room you put it in, and even possibly throughout your whole home as well. Every product you buy will be worth the time and money put into it.

Caring for Your Candleberry Candle

The Candleberry Candle Company wants you to be able to enjoy your candle for as long as possible. These candles already have a long burn time with their large 26 ounce candles ranging from 140 to 160 hours. They want to make sure you have the longest possible time you can with your candles, though. To ensure that you’re burning your candles responsibly, they provide some safety and candle care tips.

Candleberry pours their candles into glass jars, which have their own safety measures that should be followed. One safety measure is that you should make sure you’re not placing your candle anywhere that could be damaged when the glass heats up. You’ll want to make sure your surface is heat-resistant and away from anything that could catch fire. Furthermore, you should make sure that children can’t get to this candle when it’s lit.

Going along with the glass safety measures, Candleberry recommends that you don’t refill the candle jar with glass. If you pour candle wax into a jar and the wax is too hot, the jar can crack or even shatter. This poses a safety risk and the potential for a very messy situation that you’ll probably just want to avoid altogether.

Just like every other candle company, Candleberry wants to make sure you’re trimming your wicks before each use. Your candle wick should be about 1/4 inch long before burning it. Be careful when trimming it, though, because you don’t want to trim it too short. If the wick is too short, it’ll struggle to stay lit.

Candleberry recommends that you burn your candle for around 4 hours every time you light it. This will make sure you’re getting an even burn and a complete melt pool in your candle. This also helps to make sure you’re not having wax build up left on the sides of the jar.

They also recommend that you stop burning the candle when there’s about half an inch of wax left in the jar. While this may seem like a waste of candle wax, you don’t have to be finished with the candle completely. They don’t recommend you light the wick at that point but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a candle warmer to finish the job. This way, you’ll really get the most out of your candle.

A Review of 5 Candleberry Candles

In this section, I’ll review five of the best selling candles that Candleberry has to offer. This will help narrow down the wide array of fragrance choices Candleberry has.

1. Hot Maple Toddy

Hot maple toddy is a sweet smelling candle with a spiked twist to it. When you smell this candle, you’ll get notes of maple and honey mixed with the scent of bourbon. Mixed in with this, you’ll get the spiced fragrance of cinnamon, clove, and the citrusy smell of lemon juice.

This candle will make you think of the homemade medicine your grandma curated to cure any sickness you had. Candleberry includes the strongest amount of fragrances they can pack into the candle so you can practically feel the medicinal affects of the concoction.


  • This candle gives off a fragrance that will make your home feel warm.
  • You’ll be treated with a strong fragrance with this candle.
  • You can expect this to give an even burn.
  • The rich fragrance really makes your room feel more homey.


  • This candle may be an acquired taste for some people.
  • The wick can sometimes be difficult to light.

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2. Pumpkin Praline Waffles

There’s no better way to welcome in the holidays than with this festive smelling candle. One of the main notes in this candle is the savory smell of pumpkin. You get the rich smell of a pumpkin pie mixed with the sugary sweet fragrance of candied pecans. To top this fragrance off, you get the buttery and maple fragrance of waffles.

This fragrance will bring back and provide new memories of the fall and winter holidays. If you love pumpkin pie, this is a great fragrance for you. It’ll make you think of waking up on the morning of a holiday to the smell of a freshly baked pumpkin pie mixing with the breakfast smells of waffles.


  • This candle has a strong scent throw that can fill a large room quickly.
  • You’re given an authentic fragrance with this candle.
  • This is the perfect candle to burn during the fall season.
  • While the fragrance is strong, it isn’t overpowering.


  • The fragrance throw may be too strong for some people.
  • Tis fragrance can be an acquired taste.

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3. Frosted Blueberry Donuts

The frosted blueberry donuts candle is one of the most powerful candles sold by Candleberry. You’ll get the warmth that comes from a bakery with the slight blueberry and spice fragrance that goes will the sweetness of a donut. This fragrance took years to perfect because Candleberry wanted their customers to really get an authentic smell.

This candle is perfect for anyone that loves freshly baked fragrances. You don’t even need to enjoy blueberries to like this fragrance because that’s just one element in this sweet confectionary scent.


  • This is a great fragrance for the kitchen.
  • You get a truly authentic fragrance from this candle.
  • This candle can fool people into thinking there’s blueberry baked goods in your home.
  • This candle has a vanilla note in it that’s great for people who love vanilla fragrances.


  • The candle’s fragrance isn’t strictly blueberry so it can be a bit misleading to people who don’t read the fragrance notes.

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4. Tennessee Whiskey

This Tennessee whiskey fragrance really brings a kick with it’s fragrance. If you’re looking for a real southern whiskey fragrance, this is the one for you. You get the true authentic fragrance of whiskey mixed with some rugged flavors and spices.

This can be a great candle for someone who loves the taste of whiskey. Anyone who loves the fragrance and taste of Tennessee whiskey will be thrilled with what this candle has to offer.


  • This candle has a warmth that comes from the spices and some notes of vanilla and caramel.
  • The fragrance is slightly similar to Hot Maple Toddy but has its own unique spin that gives it more depth.
  • The scent throw from this candle is incredibly strong.
  • You’ll get an even and slow burn from this candle.


  • The wick can sometimes be difficult to light and be buried in the wax.
  • Some people may not find this fragrance to be authentic.

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5. Bourbon Roasted Pecans

If you’re looking for a fragrance that’s both sweet and full of bourbon, you’re going to for sure want to get this candle. You’ll be the nuttiness from the pecans mixed with the sugary goodness from the roasting process. Wrapping it all together is the punch of bourbon that will make any bourbon lover enjoy this candle.

The goal of this candle is to place their customers minds at a Kentucky Bourbon Festival. From the roasted pecans to the smell of bourbon being poured, anyone will enjoy the memories that this candle will bring up and create.


  • This is a great candle to burn during the fall but fits into your home year round.
  • You get a fragrance that smells authentically like roasted pecans.
  • This candle offers a strong scent throw.
  • The fragrance in this candle has layers to it that you can truly smell.


  • This is a very strong fragrance so if you don’t like candles that are super strong, this may not be the right one for you.

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Customer Opinions

It’s important to take customer opinions into consideration when you’re purchasing from a company for the first time. In this section, I’ll tell you what customers like and what they don’t like when it comes to The Candleberry Candle Company. By knowing the customer opinions, you’ll be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not this company is a good fit for you.

What Customers Like

Customers really enjoy the candles that Candleberry has to offer. The strong fragrance and scent throw that comes from every candle is by far the biggest perk from these candles. Most customers rave about this factor and say they’ll buy from them again because of it.

Another thing that customers really like is that these candles offer an authentic fragrance. By burning these candles, your home will really smell like what the candle advertises.

What Customers Don’t Like

There isn’t much that customers don’t enjoy about these candles. One thing that customers didn’t like is that some of their candles can be delivered with the wick being impaired. Sometimes the wick can be buried in the wax, which makes it difficult or impossible to burn.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a high quality candle with an amazing scent throw, you don’t have to look any further. The Candleberry Candle Company has successfully set out to deliver the strongest smelling candles to their customers and most people really enjoy the products they receive. These candles are definitely worth the price they cost and will fit in well in wherever you place your candle.

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