Where to Place Scented Candles? (Explained for Beginners) 

Scented candles can help you make your place smell nice, but you have to be careful about where you put them. Put one candle too close to something flammable, and you risk it catching fire. Or put two different scented candles too close to each other, and the smells may not mix.

Where should you place scented candles? Placing scented candles correctly can help improve one’s mood or simply make one’s home smell nice. The right scent can add a lot to a room. Consider these things when placing scented candles.

  • Avoid using scented candles as an air freshener.
  • Consider the purpose of the room
  • Think about using candles to match the current season
  • Do not light too many candles in the same room.
  • Blow out a candle when leaving the house.

From fruity scents to the smell of calming essential oils, there are many scented candles, and one will probably suit your needs. However, there’s more to placing scented candles than choosing a scent you enjoy. Since scent can affect your mood, you should consider the scent you want when choosing where to put it in your home.

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Scented Candles as Air Freshener

When deciding where to place scented candles, you might want to use a candle to cover any foul smells. While this may work for a short period, it’s not something you should do long term. In a lot of cases, candles can’t mask strong or long-term scents. Instead, you’ll end up with a mixture of the candle and the other scent. Depending on each scent involved, you may end up with a smell that’s way worse. If you need to get rid of an overwhelming smell, do so before you light a scented candle.

  • Use an air freshener spray to get rid of lingering smells. You can spray it all over a room or just in a small area that needs it.
  • If a bad smell has worked its way into your carpet, use a carpet cleaner to get rid of the source.
  • When it comes to freshening up a room regularly, consider using an air freshener that you can plug in. That way, it will work continuously without you having to do anything.

Regardless of where you want to place a scented candle, make sure there aren’t any conflicting smells. In the kitchen, that could mean old food, while a bathroom might have other bad odors. After you get rid of the old smell, then you can decide where to place your new scented candle.  According to Realtor,

[su_quote]Trying to mask odors with a candle doesn’t work well.[/su_quote]

Where to Place Warm Scents

If you have a candle with a warmer scent, like sandalwood, place it in your living room. The living room is a great place for many inviting scents. It’s probably the room where you spend a lot of your waking hours, so the scent should be pleasant.

Some scents can influence our mood. The living room is a great place to put a candle that will make you feel good after a long day of work.

Within the living room, you can place the candle on your coffee table or a side table. However, make sure you avoid flammable objects and materials. If you put a candle on a side table, make sure it’s far enough away from your furniture.

In larger living rooms, you can put two candles in different areas. You can use two candles with the same scent since that will be easy to coordinate. However, you can also use two different scents as long as they work together.

Where to Place Relaxing Scents

After a long day and a nice evening, you may still want to enjoy a scented candle. At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than relaxing in bed before you fall asleep. That’s why the bedroom is the perfect place for relaxing, scented candles.

  • Lavender is a popular scent for relaxation. You can find it as an essential oil, but there are also lavender candles available.
  • Rose fragrances are also suitable for your bedroom. These scents can help you wind down and reduce stress.
  • While maybe not as relaxing, ginger and jasmine are other great scents to consider if you want candles in your bedroom.

Finding the right place for a candle in your bedroom can be difficult. Of course, you should avoid your bedding and any curtains you may have. You also don’t want to put the candle near your clothing.

If you have a desk or dresser, you can clear some space there for a relaxing candle. But regardless, make sure you blow out the candle. You don’t want to fall asleep with the candle burning since you won’t be able to monitor how it burns.

Where to Place Your Favorite Scents

Whether you like tropical scents or prefer the smell of clean linens, there’s a spot for your favorite scent. Of course, you can place your favorite scent in any room in your home. However, the bathroom is a great place for any scent, though you shouldn’t use a candle to mask foul odors in the bathroom.

Since bathrooms are typically smaller, you should choose a smaller candle. The back of the toilet is one option for where to place it. However, women should be careful not to get their hair near the candle when using the restroom.

The bathroom is the perfect place to use a candle while you take a bath. You can light your favorite scented candle combined with a bath bomb or bath salts.

If you want to use a candle while you take a relaxing bath, you can use the back of the toilet. The sides of the tub might work if the candle is small enough. A third option would be to place the candle on the counter in the bathroom.

While you can choose where you place your scented candles, some scents work better in certain rooms. Luckily, the bathroom is flexible.

Too Much of a Good Thing

If you want to brighten your home with scented candles, you should choose the right scents. You also have to think about where you want to place different scents. Also consider how many candles you need.

  • Smaller rooms should only have one candle burning at a time. More than that can overwhelm you with the smell.
  • In an average-sized bedroom or living room, you can use one or two candles. A single candle may not cover an entire room, so you can space out the two candles.
  • The largest rooms may require three candles. Of course, you should spread them out so that you don’t concentrate the scent in one area.

Even if you love a strong scent, your safety has to come first when placing scented candles. You can love lavender candles, but more candles can cause more problems. The more candles you use, the more likely you are to misuse them.

Of course, you can and should enjoy scented candles. However, be mindful of them. You don’t want to fall asleep or leave the house while a candle is burning.

Final Thoughts

When you first set up your home, consider the layout. That applies to everything from furniture to scented candles. The purpose of the room matters a lot when placing scented candles. So, make sure you carefully consider where and how you place any scented candle.

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