Voluspa Candles Review: What is the Best Smelling Fragrance?

Burning a candle is a great way to fragrance your home. It’s especially great when you find a brand you love and trust. Voluspa is a brand that can fall under the loved and trusted category.

In this post, I will be going through some of Voluspa’s most popular fragrances to help you narrow down the options in order to pick the perfect scent for your home.

With 60 different fragrances to choose from, it may be difficult to narrow down the choices to pick one. If you’re looking for a quick pick, you can never go wrong with their most popular fragrance of Baltic Amber. If you want to dive deeper and figure out the perfect fragrance for you, this post will help you do that.

The information provided in this post will not only provide you with the confidence to choose the perfect candle for you, but it will also help you know what to expect out of your Voluspa candle.

Voluspa Candles Review

What You Should Know about Voluspa

Before buying from a company, it’s important to make sure you know about them first. before we dive into the best fragrances Voluspa has to offer, let’s go over things you should know about them, including

The Founding of Voluspa

Voluspa was founded in California almost 20 years ago by two entrepreneurs and artisans named Traci and Troy Arntsen. They created Voluspa to become a reflection of everything they witnessed in their travels.

Traci is well versed in botany and essential oils as well as being an expert in fragrance. This makes it possible for Voluspa to use the best ingredients and fragrances in the making of their candles. Troy is an expert in business and used this to be able to lift Voluspa up to one of the best selling luxury scent candle company in the world.

Voluspa offers hand crafted luxury candles with amazing fragrances poured into reusable jars. They source their ingredients globally and each ingredient goes into the one of a kind fragrances they provide.

The Ingredients in Voluspa Candles

Voluspa is completely dedicated to making sure they use completely pure ingredients through careful research and development. They pride themselves on making sure you are only receiving clean products from their company.

They are also one of the first companies to make their candles with a coconut wax blend. They use fresh products, meaning their use freshly pressed coconut oil. The coconut wax blend burns almost completely cleaner and holds a fragrance longer than soy wax does.

Product Lines

While Voluspa is particularly known for their candles, they also use their fragrances for other types of products as well. All of their products stay true to the ecologically sourced ingredients and ecologically sustainable manufacturing.

The other products they offer are:

  • Travel diffusers
  • Reed diffusers
  • Room and body sprays
  • Hand and body lotion
  • Hand and body wash
  • Candle accessories
  • Gift sets with a variety of different product combinations

All of their products are guaranteed to be as luxurious as their candles are and are definitely worth their cost.

The candles they sell are grouped into glass candles and tin candles. They also have macaron candles that come in packaging shaped like a macaron.

Review of X Voluspa Candles

1. Baltic Amber

This fragrance from their Japonica Collection is their most popular and for good reason. It brings together the scent of sandalwood with vanilla and cedar to bring you a woody, yet slightly sweet fragrance. You are given 18 ounces of a magnificently scented candle that is perfect for any room. The embossed glass makes this candle a great decoration on top of being a great smell.

This warm fragrance is designed specifically to make the space you light it feel cozy and inviting. They want to make sure your house feels completely like a home by lighting this candle. The ambiance given off from the flame reflecting off the jar only adds to the coziness this candle promotes.


  • The fragrance lasts a really long time.
  • A large room can easily be filled by the scent throw this candle gives off.
  • The container is gorgeous and goes well with a variety of decorations.


  • Once the candle has been burned down, the jar makes it’s difficult to light without a stick lighter or long match.

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2. French Cade and Lavender

This Japonica Collection candle brings together the perfect blend of the scents of French cade wood, verbena, and Bulgarian lavender. The embossed jar and metal lid make this candle perfect for any decoration theme. With this pour, you’re given 16 ounces of sophisticated fragrance that will make your home smell luxurious.

The French Cade and Lavender candle will bring a woody scen to your home and will make you feel as if you’re feeling the breezes of spring while standing in the middle of a meadow. This candle will also provide a great ambiance as the light flickers through the embossed glass.


  • The fragrance is long lasting.
  • This candle offers a fresh and strong fragrance but isn’t overpowering.
  • This is a fragrance suitable for both men and women.


  • The fragrance isn’t very strong when the candle is lit.

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3. Goji Tarocco Orange

Another candle from the Japonica Collection, this fragrance brings together the delicious fragrances of goji berry, mango, and orange. This fragrance is collection of exotic citruses with a hint of sweetness. The fresh scent this gives off will leave you intoxicated by the deliciousness.

This 16 ounce pour candle will bring an amazing fragrance to whatever room you light it in. The ambiance given off by this glass jar candle will make your home feel comfy and welcoming while the wax itself provides a delicious fragrance that will leave everyone wishing they had it for themselves.


  • The fragrance makes this candle well worth the money it costs.
  • The orange base and warm fragrance accents are perfect to light in any room.
  • The glass jar is beautiful and can be a great decoration piece.


  • The fragrance can be weak and not true to the fragrance description.

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4. Moso Bamboo Chawan Bowl Candle

The Moso Bamboo is another candle from the Japonica Collection. This elegant fragrance is composed of notes of bamboo, black musk, and cypress. This is a woody, natural fragrance that is perfect for anyone wanting to make their home smell clean and fresh.

This candle offers a 14 ounce pour in a beautiful glass bowl with a matching lid. The design on the jar is inspired by the Japanese art of paper making. It provides an elegant decoration that will look great displayed on a coffee table or end able in your living room. The flame from this candle also gives off an nice ambiance by reflecting off the glass.


  • The design on the jar makes this candle a great decoration, especially for a bohemian theme.
  • The candle burns clean consistently.
  • The fragrance lingers after the flame has been extinguished.


  • Candles sometimes arrive with the jar broken.

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5. Yashioka Gardenia Petite Candle

The Yashioka Gardenia candle is another fragrance from the best selling Japonica Collection. This luxurious candle has a mixture of the fragrances from gardenia, tuberose, and clove. This combination of scent provides you with an elegant floral fragrance with a dash of spice thrown in. Any flower lover will be infatuated with this candle and become addicted to the fragrance even after just burning it once.

This sliver embossed lass jar is a great addition to any room in your home. The neutrality of the jar color makes it easy to blend in with many different kinds of decoration themes. In this jar, you are given a 3.2 ounce pour. While it’s small, this candle will give you a burn time of 25 hours and you will have an amazing scent throw the throughout the entirety of its burn time.


  • This candle provides a soothing aroma that has the ability to cover up the leftover smells from food.
  • The scent throw is strong but isn’t so strong it’ll give you a headache.
  • This candle lasts a very long time.


  • The fragrance can be faint while the candle is burning.

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6. Japanese Plum Bloom

The Japanese Plum Bloom is yet another candle from the best selling Japonica Collection. This candle has notes of plum bloom petals, plum leaves, and the perfectly ripe plum fruit, Mixed into this fragrance is the scent of crushed currants. This fruity mixture creates the perfect fragrance for any room, especially a kitchen.

This large glass jar holds 13 ounces of candle, which gives you about 100 hours of burn time. The fragrance holds strong throughout all 100 hours of this burn time, too. Just like the plum fragrance, the embossing on the jar was executed from Japanese inspirations. This beautiful jar would make a great decoration even after you finish the candle.


  • This candle is lasts a very long time.
  • The decorations on the jar and the color of the jar are beautiful.
  • The candle gives off a beautiful glow when the flame shines through the glass jar.


  • The fragrance isn’t strong enough to fill a very large room.

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7. Crisp Champagne 2-Wick Tin Candle

This decadent candle provides a feast for your senses. When burning this candle, you’ll enjoy the decadent fragrance of Brut Champagne mixed with vanilla and barrel oak. This is the perfect fragrance to light when you want your home to smell luxurious or if you’re hosting a get together and want to impress your guests. This crisp fragrance has an amazing scent throw, filling a large room very quickly.

The packaging for this candle is different from the last six candles in this review. Instead of a glass jar, this 11 ounce candle is poured into a beautifully decorated tin container. The golds and silvers on this jar perfectly complement the champagne fragrance the wax gives off.


  • The fragrance is light and crisp and easy to enjoy.
  • You an burn this candle for a very long time and still have a strong fragrance throw.
  • The tin is beautiful and fits in with practically any decoration theme.


  • The vanilla can overpower the champagne fragrance.

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Customer Opinions

When researching candles, it is incredibly important to take customer opinions into account. You want to know what customers who have experienced the candles firsthand think about the product they received. In this section, I will go over what customers enjoyed and what they were disappointed about.

What Customers Liked

Customers really enjoyed the containers the candles were poured into. The elegant containers, whether it’s glass or tin, make perfect decorations and many customers have commented on how nicely they can be repurposed.

Customers have also said they like how long the candles last. These candles have longer burn times because they are made out of a coconut wax blend instead of soy wax. This also means the fragrance is held better in the wax than it is in soy wax. This is another thing customers have positively commented on. The fragrance lasts just as long as the burn time and doesn’t lose the strength of the scent throw.

What Customers Didn’t Like

Not all customers are thrilled with these candles. While it appears that the majority of customers love them, there are some that are unhappy with the products they have received, which is normal for any candle company.

There have been some customers that have complained that the glass jar candle they received was in a broken jar. Another complaint that people have made is that the candles are not worth the money they cost because the fragrance isn’t all that strong. All of these candles are handmade so there may be some discrepancies in the strength of the fragrance.

Final Thoughts

Voluspa is an amazing luxurious company to purchase your candles from. The coconut wax blend candles hold an amazing scent throw and a long burn time. The wax blend also allows for a cleaner burn than its soy wax alternative.

While these candles are high in price, they are ultimately worth the price because not only do they offer an amazing fragrance, the jars and tins can be repurposed when the candle is gone. This company values the use of natural ingredients and making their products by hand which, in turn, gives you a high quality product.

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