Jackpot Candles Review, How Much Is Your Ring Worth?

Lighting a candle is the best way to create a room filled with ambiance and that smells amazing. What makes burning a candle even better is if there’s a ring inside the candle.

In this post, I will be going through some of the most popular Jackpot Candles reviews so you don’t have to worry about not being able to figure out which candle to choose.

Jackpot candle offers candles with rings worth anywhere from $15 to $5,000. The exciting part is that you don’t know what your ring will be worth.

If you want to know more about Jackpot Candle keep on reading and any doubt you have will be swiftly taken away.

Jackpot Candles Review

All About Jackpot Candles

In order to completely know about the quality of Jackpot Candles and whether they’re worth your money or not, we have to dive in and take a look at the company as a whole.

In this section, I’ll go into detail about the Jackpot Candle company. I’ll talk about what goes into the candle making, the jewelry inside the candles, what products they sell, their monthly membership, and caring for your candle.

The Making of Jackpot Candles

Jackpot Candles are manufactured completely in the USA. They are made with 100% natural soy wax, which helps give your candle a longer lifespan. They fill their candles with clean, environmentally friendly materials.

The candles come in two different sizes. Their smaller size is twelve ounces and has a wooden wick. The wooden wick provides a slower burn which means that your fragrance and candle will last longer. It also creates a nice peaceful ambiance to go along with the strong scent throw. This also provides a cleaner burn than a cotton wick.

The larger candle is sixteen ounces and has a cotton wick. This candle burns for anywhere from 80 to 100 hours.

The Rings inside Jackpot Candles

Jackpot Candles puts a ring in every candle they create. Before they are placed in the melted wax, they are wrapped in foil to protect the jewelry.

When you choose a candle, you are provided with the option of choosing your ring size. The sizes they provide range from sizes six to nine.

As you burn your candle, the ring will be released when the wax surrounding it melts. When the ring is released, use a pair of tweezers to pull out the packaging. Make sure not to use your fingers because the wax will be hot!

When you can finally take your ring out of your candle, Jackpot Candles has an appraisal page on their website. To get your ring appraised, you need the code from the label on the ring packaging. When you enter the code, it will take you to a page displaying what your ring is worth.

Jackpot Candles Products

Jackpot Candles are best known for their popular candles. They have a classic candle line as well as seasonal lines. You also have the option of purchasing travel tins, which are smaller candles. These candles are eight ounces and still come with a ring.

Alongside with the candles, Jackpot Candles also sells bath bombs. Just like with the candles, the bath bombs include a ring inside. The bath bombs are scented with essential oils and created with shea butter and avocado oil. Jackpot Candles makes sure all their products are made with natural ingredients that are good for the environment.

Jackpot Candles Monthly Club

Jackpot Candle offers an amazing monthly package. When you subscribe, you receive a candle and bath bomb set. The candle offers a piece of jewelry that reflects the theme of the month. Your bath bomb will even be in tune with the theme, too. On top of the jewelry from the candle, you will also get a ring in your bath bomb.

The subscription is $32 a month and there is no commitment period so you can cancel it at any time. When you place your order, your first package will be shipped within 24 business hours. After you have been charged, you only have to wait two to seven business days to receive your package.

Caring for Your Jackpot Candle

Jackpot Candles gives a few guidelines for taking care of their candles. By taking care of your candle, you can prolong its lifespan fragrance. This will help you get the most out of your money.

First and foremost, make sure you trim your wick to a fourth of an inch before you burn your candle every time. This will help create an even melt pool.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that you shouldn’t let your candle burn longer than four hours. By putting out your candle within four hours can help prolong your fragrance.

As with every candle, make sure you don’t leave it burning unattended. Also, make sure you are not burning your candle anywhere near flammable items. When your candle gets to be a fourth of an inch of wax, stop burning it so you can prevent damaging the surfaces your candle is on.

Jackpot Candles Reviewed

1. Caramel Coffee Latte Candle

To start off our list, this candle has a warm, sweet scent that is appealing in any setting. This is the perfect candle for any coffee lover. This candle fragrance is a composed of a mixture of coffee, caramel, and cream. There is definitely a reason this is the most popular fragrance from this brand. Burning it will make your guests feel like they’ve just walked into a coffee house.

With this candle you can choose from sizes six, seven, or eight. You also have the option of being surprised on the ring size.


  • The candle and fragrance are high quality.
  • Fragrance quickly fills the room when burning.
  • The fragrance is realistic.


  • It can be difficult to light the wooden wick.

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2. Cinnamon Bun Candle

Cinnamon Bun is also one of the most popular fragrances from Jackpot Candles. This candle is made up of a delicious mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter. The wooden wick provides great ambiance to go along with the warm, gooey smell of cinnamon buns.

This ring also comes with the size options of six, seven, or eight, plus the option of being surprised with the ring size.


  • The wood wick helps the candle burn evenly and makes it last a long time.
  • A room is easily filled by this amazing fragrance.
  • The candle burns cleanly.


  • When you get a cheaper priced ring, it does not hold up very well.

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3. Birthday Cake Candle

The birthday cake candle is the perfect gift for any candle lover you know. The fragrance is composed of the scents of cake batter, vanilla, and warm sugar. This candle provides a great scent throw that will make every day feel like it’s someone’s birthday.

The sizes provided for this candle are six, seven, or eight, as well as the option to be surprised on the ring size.


  • The warm vanilla fragrance can fill the whole room easily.
  • This makes a great gift for someone’s birthday.
  • The price is great for the quality of the candle.


  • It is difficult to keep the wooden wick lit.

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4. Lavender Candle

The lavender candle is perfect for someone who is looking for a fresh and relaxing fragrance. The goals of this wood wick candle are to promote the feeling of spring, spa, and relaxation. This candle would be ideal to burn in the bathroom during a bubble bath to really create a relaxed environment. To make the environment even more relaxing, the crackling wood wick will give a great ambiance.

The ring sizes in this candle are size six, seven, and eight. You also have the option of being surprised on the ring size.


  • The lavender smell is strong but is not overpowering.
  • This is a fun gift to give to your friends or family.
  • The ring is wrapped really well and is completely protected from the wax.


  • The lavender scent is not always strong and sometimes can be difficult to pick up the scent.

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5. Mermaid Daydream Candle

Mermaid Daydream is a fun scent perfect for any room in your house. This fragrance is made up of the scents of lemongrass, bergamot, and grapefruit. On top of this, you will get hints of spearmint and floral fragrances.

The goal of this mixture of scents is to make you feel like you are experiencing the ocean. The spearmint is supposed to make you think of the scent of the waves while the floral notes are supposed to mimic a relaxing atmosphere.

This candle also has the sizes six, seven, and eight. You can also choose to have the company surprise you with the ring size.


  • The candle is made of good quality products.
  • The packaging is sleek suits the candle.
  • The fragrance lasts a long time and can fill a room.


  • The candle doesn’t stay lit after it has been burning for three hours.

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6. Sweet Pea Candle

The sweet pea candle is a great addition to any home, especially during the spring. This is a light, floral candle that mixes the floral essences with pear and fresh berries. The floral fragrance stems from the scent of sweet pea flowers. The main objective of this candle is to make you feel like you are in a sunny garden while you’re burning it.

This candle also provides the options of the sizes six, seven, and eight, as well as the option to be surprised on the ring size.


  • You don’t have to burn the candle long before you get to the ring.
  • You receive a good quality candle for the money you spend.
  • The scent is not overpowering.


  • It can be difficult to light the wooden wick for the first time.

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7. Lilac Candle

This candle is made to hold the fragrance of fresh lilac bushes. The goal of this candle is to have your mind, spirit, and body to be have a total harmony. This fragrance is supposed to balance out your day and bring a sense of calm to your body and mind. The ambiance given off by the wooden wick will only add to this goal, too.

With this candle, the only option you are given is for a size eight ring.


  • The lilac fragrance is authentic and will make you think of a lilac garden.
  • After only about three hours, the ring starts to show.
  • The fragrance is strong but it isn’t overpowering.


  • The fragrance smells different when it is lit.

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Customer Opinions

Jackpot Candles has a wide range of different viewpoints on their candles. Many people are overjoyed by the products they’ve received but other people have been disappointed in the product.

This last section is going to go through what customers think of Jackpot Candles and the quality of their products. In order to really know whether or not you should buy from a company, it’s definitely important to take customer opinions into consideration.

What the Customers Liked

Overall, the customers really enjoyed the strength of the scent throw in these candles. Many customers have said the candle scent fills the whole room without having to burn the candle for too long. There have also been customers who have said the quality of the candles make the candles worth the price. They enjoyed that the candles are made of soy wax.

Other customers have commented on how these candles make great gifts. They have said that the people they’ve given the candles to have loved them and, in turn, they both will be getting more candles from Jackpot Candles.

What Customers Did Not Like

Many of the customer complaints stem from the rings that appraise at a low price. They find the lower priced rings to be similar quality to costume jewelry. Some customers have even had a problem with the rings being too small despite it being their ring size.

Another complaint customers have is that sometimes the wooden wicks are difficult to light. Some customers have had difficulty lighting the wick for the first time while others have been able to initially light it but when they try to relight the wick, it does not light easily.

Final Thoughts

Burning a candle is a great way to fragrance your house. A fragrance can be used with the sole intention of making your house smell amazing or it can be used to provide wellness to your mind and body. Thankfully, Jackpot Candles offers candles for both of these purposes.

Overall, they are a great brand to buy from, too. They have fun candles that can be perfect for personal use or to gift to someone else. If you find that you really love the company, their monthly club is a great option.

Just like every other candle brand, there are customers that have voiced their negative thoughts about the products. The great thing about Jackpot Candles, though, is that if they see you’ve had a negative experience, they will reach out and try to make the situation right. In many cases, they have sent the customers a new candle in hopes that they have a better experience with the brand.

All in all, this company has more positive reviews than negative, and for a good reason. They are dedicated to giving you the best candle they can. They keep the customers and environment in mind while they are creating their candles.

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