Are Essential Oils Safe to Inhale?

These days, alternative medicine is becoming more popular. Essential oils are riding this wave, and a lot of people have started embracing them. There are so many different types of oils available and there are a few different ways to use them. However, I’ve noticed that despite the benefits, many people seem uncomfortable with essential oils. A lot of these people seem confused about what essential oils are and whether they have any impact on the lungs and breathing pattern. I’ve put together this helpful article so that you can fully understand essential oils and whether you can inhale them.

What Are Essential Oils?

First, I think it would be helpful if I talked about what essential oils are. Essential oils are basically the scent and “flavor” of a plant. These are extracted from the plant through distillation or other mechanical methods. This extract is then combined with carrier oil and is then sold.

Essential oils are used as a form of alternative medicine that revolve around aromatherapy. These oils can be used in three different ways; you can inhale them, ingest them, or use them on your skin (topical). Each oil has its own specific application, so make sure to be careful!

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Are Essential Oils Safe to Inhale?

Now that we know a little more about essential oils, let’s talk about safety. A lot of people seem concerned that essential oils are dangerous for the lungs. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Essential oils are designed to help your body, and inhaling them is the best method possible.

With digestible or topical essential oils, one needs to be careful because every oil cannot be used in these ways. Inhaling is generally safer since most (if not all) oils are used in this way.

What Are the Benefits?

Inhaling essential oils is safe. Very safe. In fact, I would even say that it is the most popular way to use essential oils. Even so, there are many health-related concerns. For your sake, let’s establish once and for all the benefits of inhaling essential oils.

Combatting Pollution

Air pollution only seems to be getting worse, and we know for a fact that it can be very harmful to the lungs. Essential oils provide a natural remedy that can help reduce the negative impact of pollution. According to a study conducted by universities in France and Lebanon, essential oils are capable of reducing the inflammation that pollution can cause in the lungs.

Dealing with Asthma Attacks

This doesn’t mean you should throw away your inhalers. Please don’t! You still need them to treat your asthma. However, if you just had an asthma attack, essential oils can be a great tool for managing the after-effects. I would suggest daily use so that the symptoms remain at bay.

Right now, there’s also research to support the use of clove essential oil to help with managing asthmatic symptoms. If you are having difficulty breathing along with chest pain and wheezing, try to inhale a little clove essential oil. That should help settle your symptoms.

Managing Allergies

Allergies are extremely common. Most of us have dealt with them, and they are not fun. Thankfully, we now have essential oils to help soothe the discomfort. People have themselves discovered that through regular inhalation of essential oils, their allergies are not as intense.

Aside from allergies, even if you are congested or otherwise sick, essential oils can help. While there are different oils for different purposes, they are a reliable and convenient method for managing these symptoms.

Why Is Inhaling the Best Method?

Simply put, inhaling the oils is the quickest way for them to enter your system. The whole point of using essential oils is to get the compounds into your body. By inhaling them, you can immediately take the compounds into your throat and lungs and begin benefitting from the exposure.

Ingesting or using topical essential oils can also be a good way to go. However, the problem here is that you have to be extra careful. Not every oil is designed to be ingested or used on the skin. Meanwhile, the vast majority of them are meant to be inhaled.

What Are the Different Methods of Inhaling?

Even in terms of inhaling, you have a few different options available to you, so you can find the method which is most comfortable for you. For some people, the best option is to buy a Nebulizer Essential Oil Diffuser. Or Ultrasonic Essential oil Diffuser. These work similarly to humidifiers, but they are specifically made for the purpose of dispersing essential oil vapors. Read more about diffuser types.

I know that not everyone can afford one and sometimes people want a simpler option. Hence, the most basic method of inhaling essential oil is to open the bottle and inhale the vapors directly for a few seconds. You should only do this for a few seconds because the compounds used to make essential oils are highly concentrated. Also, make sure not to breathe directly into the bottle as that can reduce shelf life.

Another simple inhalation technique is to pour a few drops on your pillowcase while you sleep so that you have ample time to take in the vapors at a gentle pace. If you prefer something more portable, you can use a few drops on a handkerchief and carry that with you throughout the day. You can then take out the handkerchief and inhale the vapors whenever you want.


The final verdict is in, and it says that inhaling essential oils are completely safe! In fact, inhaling them is the best way to use them. How often you use them is up to you, but through daily use, you can experience benefits like reduced allergies. Essential oils and their popularity are still a relatively new concept for a lot of people, but once you start using them, you will see for yourself that they are a great tool and have a lot of benefits to offer to your body, especially your lungs.

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