Fragrance Oil vs Essential Oil, Which is Better?

Fragrance Oil vs Essential Oil, What is the difference? Which is Better? Let us find out together.

Everyone loves the smell of plants.

The fresh and pleasant fragrance that comes out of plants gives that peaceful and happy feeling. Plants are probably the most common odour we can find in most products apart from fruits.

There are various plants that companies use to give a good and appealing smell, such as lavender, lilies, jasmine, and roses. But do you actually know how companies insert that smell into their products?

Very young children might actually think that all you need to do is literally hide a flower into the product. But, adults certainly understand that they use some kind of oil to give that smell.

There are two types of oils which companies use to produce plant scent: fragrance oil and essential oil.

Fragrance oils are not made of real plants. The smell is manufactured. In other words, you can say that fragrance oil produces a plant-like smell.

Fragrance oils
Fragrance oils, Usually large bottle

Meanwhile, the essential oil is the opposite. It is made of real plants, and not an artificial smell. They use extracts to make essential oil. Essence is taken from parts of the plant, commonly the flower or leaf.

Essential Oil
Essential Oil ,Dark bottle,Usually less than 100ML

But how do you know whether the products you use are artificial or natural?

Here are some ways to know if your products use fragrance oil or essential oil without looking at the product description.

How long does the smell last?

You would love to have the smell of lavender or other flowers in your rooms last a lot longer. It is more economical that way.

You don’t need to spray the room too often. But did you know that the scent of products containing essential oil doesn’t last longer than the artificial? If your product has a relatively long lasting smell, then it is probably made of fragrance oil.

You need to make a choice. It depends on your priority though, durability or quality.

How costly are your products?

Supermarkets sell goods which are mostly primary needs. Primary needs should not be too expensive. This leads to the idea that most products we can easily find in almost any supermarket are relatively cost friendly.

If your products fall into that category, then it is most certainly made of fragrance oils. Essentials oils are more expensive and less affordable for society. You can probably find products with essential oil in supermarkets as well, but they are probably placed exclusively.

So, are you looking to save money or are you all in? A question only you can answer.

How does the packaging look?

Well, you know how products are commonly packaged. That common package look actually helps you define the source of the plant aroma. The more common it looks, the more fragrance-oiled your product is.

Products made of essential oil would usually look more classy, unusual, and perhaps exotic in a way. But we must all admit. The more elegant products are packaged, the catchier it into our eyes. This would certainly be a tempting situation for anyone.

What products do they use at spa centers?

Having spa treatments at centres is a luxury. This does come with a price though.

Next, I don’t really need to tell you. You should have figured it out yourself. Holistic healing treatments in spa centres without any question should use essential oils. If they don’t, then it’s safe to say that they are probably trying to rip you off.

The oils they use in spa centres are not ones we normally see every day. They are quite exclusive and not too easy to find.

It’s difficult to say.

Making a choice between a fragrance oil and essential oil depends on your situation and priority. Both types of oils have its benefits.

One is cheap but quite effective, and the other is expensive but with better quality.

Here are several questions you may try to answer to help you decide:

• How many hours a day do you spend at home?
• Do you frequently have visitors coming over to your house?
• How much money can you spare by just buying fragrance oil products?
• Does other people’s opinion about you really matter to you?
• Can anyone at home give you an aromatherapy treatment?

For beginners, I recommend fragrance oil and reed diffuser, which is easy to use and instantly fills your home with your favorite fragrance without having to worry about many other issues.

When you have some experience and have higher requirements, I suggest you buy a nebulizer essential oil diffuser, starting with lavender essential oil, while learning the essential oil knowledge, while enjoying the benefits and fun of essential oils. Or use scented candles is also a good choice.

Welcome to explain your choice in the comments.


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