Top Tips to Make Your Garden Smell Wonderful: What Flowers and Trees Should You Choose?

A beautiful garden is not only pleasing to the eyes but also tantalizing to the senses! The fragrance of flowers and trees can transform your garden into a sensory paradise, creating a delightful and calming ambience that you’d never want to leave.

If you want to make your garden smell wonderful, here are some top tips to consider – from selecting the right flowers and trees to maintaining them with care. So what are you waiting for? Let’s have a look.

1. Select the most fragrant flowers

Choosing the right flowers is essential to fill your garden with captivating scents. Here are some of the most fragrant flowers: roses, jasmine, lavender, and gardenias. Roses are known for their timeless beauty and intoxicating scent and are a classic choice for any scented garden.

Varieties like Damask and Bourbon roses emit rich, sweet fragrances that can enchant visitors. Jasmine, on the other hand, has a delicate, white flower that emits a powerful and sweet scent that intensifies in the evenings. Plant jasmine near windows or seating areas to enjoy its intoxicating aroma during warm summer nights!

Meanwhile, lavender is a popular choice for its calming properties, and it releases a soothing fragrance that repels insects and invites relaxation. Lastly, gardenias, with their creamy white petals and heady aroma, are a luxurious addition to any garden, spreading their captivating fragrance during the evenings.

2. Opt for fragrant trees

To add a lasting aroma to your garden (and to serve as a backdrop for hiding other elements, such as solar panels – for more on a solar panel installation, click here), consider incorporating fragrant trees. These trees not only offer beautiful blossoms but also provide shade and privacy.

Some of the best options are magnolia, as magnolia trees’ large, showy flowers release a sweet fragrance that perfumes the air. Plant them near windows or seating areas to fully enjoy their captivating scent. Next on the list are citrus trees such as lemon, orange, and lime.

Their scent will fill the air with a refreshing and zesty aroma. In addition to their fragrance, you can enjoy the fruits they produce! Your third option would be frangipani, also known as plumeria. These tropical trees produce exquisite, scented flowers that are commonly used in making leis.

3. Embrace aromatic herbs

Including aromatic herbs in your garden offers pleasant scents and a practical benefit as they can be used in the kitchen! Consider planting herbs like mint, as the refreshing scent of mint makes it a fantastic choice for pathways and borders.

It also acts as a natural deterrent for pests. Basil also emits a lovely aroma, and it enhances the flavours of various dishes in your kitchen. With its earthy fragrance, thyme is an excellent choice for a scented garden. Its small, delicate flowers are a bonus for attracting pollinators.

4. Consider the time of blooming

To maintain a constant scent in your garden, choose a variety of flowers and trees that bloom at different times throughout the year. This way, you can ensure a continuous fragrance, regardless of the season! 

5. Proper maintenance and pruning

Regular maintenance and pruning are essential to keep your scented garden in top shape. Deadheading spent flowers, trimming overgrown branches, and removing weeds will promote healthy growth and enhance your garden

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