9 Benefits of Soy Wax Candles You Must Know

A​s soy wax candles have become more and more common, you may have some questions about their sudden emergence and popularity. If you’re anything like I was when I first heard about soy wax candles, you may be wondering what makes them different from their paraffin candle counterparts, or what the benefits of burning one may be.

T​he following are 9 benefits of burning soy wax candles. Curious as to what makes these soy wax candles so great? Keep on reading!

#​1 Soy Wax Candles are Environmentally Friendly

Benefits of Soy Wax Candles

S​oy wax is a plant-based wax, as it is derived from soybeans. The vegetable oil from soybeans is then treated to turn solid at room temperature, making it fantastic for burning in candle form.

Since soy wax is plant-based, it is a renewable resource. S​oy beans are one of the top three most produced crops in the United States and are grown in large quantities around the country. This means that not only are soybeans renewable, but they are cheap and easily accessible.

H​arsh chemicals are not needed in the production of soy wax, so when a soy wax candle is made, you don’t have to worry about environmentally harmful waste being produced also.

B​ecause soy wax is nothing but soybeans, it is biodegradable. If you ever need to throw away a candle, it will break down completely into the soil without leaving any harmful traces behind.

#​2 Soy Wax Candles Burn Cleaner than Other Waxes

W​ith harsh chemicals out of the picture when it comes to soy wax candles, you don’t have to worry about pollutants being released into the air when they are burned.

P​araffin candles often contain chemicals that are known to be harmful to human health, including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as acetone, benzene, toluene, and alkenes. They are also known to contain phthalates, which have been proven to cause multiple health issues in humans, including cancer. Although the amount of these chemicals released into the air when a paraffin candle is burned is minuscule, you may not feel comfortable burning one of these candles yourself.

S​oy wax produces none of these toxins when burned, making them a safe bet for folks who may be wary of having a paraffin wax candle in their home. This also makes soy wax candles ideal for you if you are sensitive to air pollution or suffer will allergies.

#​3 Soy Wax Candles Do Not Produce Soot

P​araffin wax candles are known for producing a black soot when burned, similar to that of car exhaust, that can sometimes trigger respiratory discomfort when inhaled. This is because paraffin wax is derived from petroleum, a crude oil made by man from fossil fuels.

T​his black soot can also stain walls, curtains, furniture, and other areas around your home that your candle may be burning near. These stains are not only nasty to look at but incredibly difficult to get out.

B​eing that soy wax is not derived from petroleum but is instead plant-based, you won’t have to worry about itchy lungs or gross black stains when burning a soy wax candle.

It is important to note that proper care of the wick of your candle is vital in preventing this soot. While soy wax candles themselves won’t produce soot, the wick, if too long, just might. Make sure your wick is trimmed to a quarter inch or slightly less before lighting to prevent sooting.

#​4 Soy Wax Candles Burn Slower

S​oy wax has a lower melting point as compared to other candle waxes, such as paraffin wax, meaning that you get more burn time out of a soy wax candle than another candle of the same size.

In fact, soy wax melts at about 113 to 127 degrees Fahrenheit (45 to 53 degrees Celcius), whereas beeswax melts between 144 and 149 degrees Fahrenheit (62 to 65 degrees Celcius) and paraffin melts between 115 and 142 degrees Fahrenheit (46 to 61 degrees Celcius).

T​his slow burn time means you can save space on your shelf and some cash. Plus, you get to enjoy that amazing-smelling candle for even longer!

#​5 Soy Wax Candles Hold Color and Fragrance Well

S​oy wax is a great wax for beginner candle makers to experiment with because of its easiness to work with. Not only does it provide a nice, even burn, but it holds fragrance incredibly well in the solid wax and emits a subtle, even scent when burned without the help of chemical emulsifiers.

W​hen purchasing a pre-made soy wax candle, you can rest assured that the candle’s scent will not overwhelm your home. Instead, it will lightly fragrance the area with whatever scent you have chosen, making it the perfect kind of candle to casually burn around your home.

Y​ou can use different dyes and colored waxes to color your soy wax candle with just as much ease as you would with other candle waxes. This, joint with its adaptability and ability to hold scent, makes soy wax an ideal wax to try your hand at candle making with.

#​6 Soy Wax is Easy to Clean Up

I​f you enjoy making your own candles but fear the possibility of having to clean hardened wax up off of surfaces, soy wax might just be your new best friend!

Since the melting point of soy wax is so low, it’s incredibly easy to melt back down into its liquid state and wipe up off of hard surfaces. Its simple liquid state also makes cleaning it out of fabric/carpeted areas, as it can be sopped up with a sponge or rag much easier than other waxes.

T​he simple ingredient list of soy wax bolsters the cleanability of soy wax. Soy wax is nothing more than processed soybean oil, so when you go to clean a spill, soap with warm water is all you’ll need to do the trick.

There are no added chemicals in plain soy wax, meaning you’ll only have to deal with good ol’ fashioned vegetable oil.

K​eep in mind, however, some pre-made soy wax candles come with dyes and fragrances that might affect how easy it is to clean the wax off of something. A dye-free, naturally fragranced (such as with essential oils or dried herbs) soy wax candle is your best bet if you want an easy-to-clean candle.

#​7 Soy Wax Candles are Vegan

S​oy wax candles are perfect for you if you abide by a vegan lifestyle. Soy wax is 100% plant-based, no animal products or testing necessary.

T​here are plenty of organic soy wax candles and non-GMO soy wax candles on the market if you’re looking for a soy wax that avoids pesticides or promotes natural soybean growth.

W​hile soy wax itself is completely vegan, be on the lookout for any added non-vegan ingredients to pre-made candles. Some soy wax candles have added beeswax (produced in the honeycombs of honeybees), stearic acid (acid commonly produced from the fat of different animals), or tallow (fat found in the kidneys of certain animals).

#​8 Soy Wax Can Blend with Other Waxes

W​ax blends are very common among pre-made candles that you would buy from the store or from a local candle maker. This can be to reap the benefits of multiple different kinds of waxes in one candle or even to cheapen the cost of making an individual candle.

S​oy wax candles are no exception. They easily blend with other types of waxes and often are. Paraffin and soy wax blends are common in stores, as are beeswax and soy wax. Each blend has its own unique benefits, with soy wax only making their combined wax better.

F​or example, beeswax takes longer to melt than soy, making a candle last longer, but soy is better at holding and releasing its fragrance. Beeswax is also much more expensive than soy wax, so adding soy wax gets you all the benefits of using beeswax while saving you a couple of extra bucks.

#​9 Soy Wax Candles are Non-Toxic

S​oy wax is 100% non-toxic. It’s so safe, in fact, you could actually eat it! But it probably wouldn’t taste very good.

T​his amazing quality of soy wax means it’s safe around pets, children, and even you! Soy wax is the softest candle wax, meaning it will pass through any candle-eater’s digestive system with little to no problem.

T​his also means that if you are making your own soy wax candles or get soy wax on something you eat off of, you won’t have to worry about taking any pot or plates out of use. Just clean your kitchenware with warm water and soap, and you’ll be good to use that same candle-making pot for your dinner later that night.

F​air warning: be sure to check the ingredients lists of any pre-made or store-bought candles before sharing any kitchenware with your candle. While soy wax is 100% natural and non-toxic, some candles have added chemicals, fragrances, or dyes that are not non-toxic.


S​oy wax candles have tons of benefits and would make a great addition to your home fragrance collection. You could even try making your own custom soy wax candle, as they are great candles to DIY!

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