Fragrant Candles as Decorative Elements

A scented candle appeals to the senses. It can light up a room with an ambient glow, reminds us of comforting memories and it can even be lit in an act of remembrance for a loved one. Candles help to fill a home with memories, comfort, and joy. When you smell a beautiful fragrance you immediately respond to it. This is why aromatic candles have so much potential when you use them as decorative elements.

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Think about the purpose of a room

How you use a room will determine what type of candles you use in it. In a large room, large pillar candles can look very elegant. They are often overwhelming in a small space. If you have an afternoon ritual of reading in a certain spot, think of how you can enhance it with a fragrance that suits this activity. 

Perhaps you’re a writer with a small studio in your home that you use for writing. In this room, candlelight can help to create the atmosphere you need to come up with creative ideas. Scents like jasmine or citrus oil like tangerine can make you feel more alive and stimulate your creativity. Bergamot can help you to block out intrusive thoughts when trying to write.

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Set the ambiance in any room

You can use scented candles in any room in your home to create the right atmosphere.

· In the living room a citrus scent creates a fresh feel in hot weather. A cinnamon or clove scent can evoke a warm, cozy feel in cold weather.

  • In your bedroom, lavender-scented candles can help you to relax at the end of the day. You will feel your stress and anxiety fading away when you light up that candle on your bedside table. Read by candlelight to put you in the mood for sleep. The glow of the candle creates a relaxing environment that will have you falling asleep before you know it.
  • In your bathroom, the scent of eucalyptus works really well. Light a few candles and enjoy a relaxing bubble bath to soothe away your stress.
  • If you love relaxing on your porch in the evenings, there’s nothing more appealing than doing so by candlelight. A soothing aroma, a warm glow, and a cup of chamomile tea will end your day off in the best way.

Image Credit:Pexels

Use candles as décor items

Scented candles not only have enticing fragrances but you can use them as décor items. They can create a focal point on a bookshelf if you group a couple of different shapes together. On the coffee table, smaller candles in varying shapes also form a character-filled display. Don’t use candles that are too large on a coffee table as they can be distracting.

A dining room table is a good place for the use of candles. Switching off all the lights and candles will provide a warm glow for dinner. They offer an aesthetically pleasing effect and are also functional. Glasses with floating candles can create very pleasing decorative elements on your dining table.

If you have children, rather place candles on high shelves or other places where curious little hands can’t reach them. A group of candles can look stunning on a shelf or on a bookcase.

Choose colors to suit your design style

Candles come in many different colors. You can choose colors that complement the colors and design style of any room. You can find candles in colors inspired by nature for a more organic look. Pastel shades such as pinks, whites, blues, and greens create a tranquil atmosphere. In a modern home candles in silver, gray, black, or white can make an impact. If your style is rustic, neutral candles in wooden containers or old jars will do the trick.


Scented decorative elements such as candles serve more than one purpose in your home. Their scent can create ambiance in a room. The glow from candles creates a warm and comforting environment. The color, shape, and size of candles can make them work very well as décor items to enhance your home. They can provide that final touch to your home that makes it the haven you want it to be. Every guest or family member who enters your home will be delighted and left in awe of these beautiful candle-based ideas.

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