Are Candle Warmers Allowed in Dorms? (Read This First)

When moving into college, it is important to remember burning candles is not allowed. A product that allows you to still use candles without lighting them is a candle warmer. The question is, is it okay to use these in dorms?

Candle warmers do not have to have an open flame and do not pose a fire hazard like lighting candles does. Because of this, they are a safe alternative to burning candles in your dorm room.

Candle warmers are a great way to safely fragrance a room without having an open flame. They also come in many different styles so they can fit in with how you style your dorm.

Are Candle Warmers Allowed in Dorms

Candle Warmers in Dorms

In a college dorm room, candles are strictly forbidden. They require an open flame and can create smoke. These can pose a fire hazard and risk setting off the smoke detectors in the building.

A candle warmer is a great alternative to burning candles. They do not require an open flame. This makes them safe for a dorm room. Many types of candle warmers also come with a timer you can set so you do not have to worry about forgetting to switch it off before you go to class.

If your candle warmer does not come equipped with a timer, make sure you are turning it off before you leave. It is a good idea to make sure you turn it off with enough time to cool off a little before leaving, too.

With a candle warmer, you set your candle on the plate and the plate heats up to melt the candle. When the wax melts, the fragrance fills the room. There are also some candle warmers that come with a separate dish that allows you to use wax melts too.

By using an electric warmer instead of burning a candle, you are keeping your dorm room a safe environment. With a candle warmer, there is no danger you have to worry about like you would with a candle.

On top of this, candle warmers provide a lower heat than a wick provides when lit. Because of this, candle warmers help make the fragrance last longer. College students tend to be living on a budget so this is a great feature to have. The long lasting fragrance means you will have to spend less on candles.

Candle warmers are a great alternative to burning a candle when you are living in a college dorm room. They are all around safer and can be a cheaper alternative to burning candles.

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Candle Warmers are a Safe Alternative

In a college dorm room, students are unable to burn candles for obvious reasons.

First of all, an open flame is a fire hazard. Also, burning a candle can provide soot, which can stain the walls after time. Smoke is another factor in burning a candle that colleges do not want. If the candle produces too much smoke or if the smoke detector in your dorm room is too sensitive, the detector can go off.

Colleges want to avoid all of these factors. That is why students are not allowed to burn candles. Candle warmers, though, are a great alternative that can mimic the effects of a candle.

The warmer uses a lower heat than a candle wick gives off when lit. On top of this, there is no flame you have to worry about eventually extinguishing. With many candle warmers, you do not even have to worry about manually turning the warmer off. They often come with a timer programmed into it that turns your warmer off a certain amount of hours.

This is a good feature for students with busy schedules that may forget to turn off the warmer before leaving to their next class or meeting.

When you are finished using the candle warmer, you do not need to worry about smoke like you would with extinguishing the flame on the wick. Instead, you just either unplug your warmer or you flip the switch to turn it off.

If you want to switch out candles, make sure you let the candle sit for a while to cool down before you touch it to avoid burning yourself. While the candle will not get as hot as it would with a flame, it will still get warm enough to melt the wax, so be cautious when touching.

Fragrance and Scent Throw

When using a candle warmer, the idea is you want the scent without the flame. Because there is no flame, the candle warms at a lower temperature. A lower temperature means the wax evaporates at a lower rate, which in turn means that the fragrance lasts longer.

When talking about the fragrance that fills the room from a candle, the term we use is scent throw. The scent throw is the strength of the fragrance in the room.

A candle warmer is a good way to get a strong scent throw. Again, this is because of the lower temperature. The scent will last longer and will be stronger than if you were to just burn a candle.

Also, when you are burning a candle, the wick gives off chemicals and soot. You are smelling this along with the fragrance when the candle is lit. With a candle warmer, you are smelling the pure fragrance because there is no secondary scent from the warmer.

The amount of time you warm the candle for will affect the scent throw. After time, your candle will begin to lose its fragrance. Many candles can give off a fragrance from 48 hours and up.

Because the temperature is lower with a warmer, the wax will not evaporate as quickly as it would when you burn the wicks. So while you may have wax left, the fragrance can still be used up.

Keep this in mind when you are using your wax warmer. You will want to make sure you set a timer or turn it off when you leave or sleep. This will help you get the most from your candle’s fragrance.

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Candle Warmers and Wax Warmers

Along with candle warmers, wax warmers are a great alternative to burning candles. In many cases, you can find a candle warmer that comes with a separate plate for melting wax.

Wax melts are another good way to safely make your dorm room smell good. They also come in a wide range of scents. Another perk of using a wax warmer is that if you cannot find a scent to fit your specific wants, you can always mix two scents together to try to make the scent you want.

Candle warmers and wax warmers are both very similar and are both cost effective options for college students. Getting a warmer that can do both is a great way to give yourself the option to choose which method you want to use.

Using a wax warmer is slightly different than a candle warmer. If you choose to use a wax warmer, you have to think about storing your wax melts after you are finished. With a candle burner, you can just remove the candle and store it. With a wax burner, though, you need to let the wax cool slightly and then store it in an airtight container.

If you have a large collection of candles already, your best option to start with would most likely be a candle warmer. Again, though, you could purchase a warmer that is capable of warming both candles and wax melts. This way, if you decide to use wax melts, you already have a warmer that is equipped for that.

Regardless of which warmer you prefer, or if you prefer both, these products are perfect for a college dorm room. They are a safe and cost effective solution to not being able to burn a candle.

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