Yankee Candle Patchouli vs Witches’ Brew: Which is Better?

Patchouli is one of those scents that you either love or hate. Yankee Candle’s patchouli-based Witches’ Brew and their Patchouli candle get the same polarizing responses from customers.

Those who love the scent, though, know that both candles are made using the same fragrance notes. Determining which one is better is a matter of examining other factors, like their jar size, wax type, and burn time.

Yankee Candle Patchouli vs Witches' Brew

Yankee Candle’s Patchouli vs Witches’ Brew

Although Yankee Candle is based in America, their candles are adored across the globe. Some of their candles are offered year-round but others are only seasonal. 

This is the case with their Patchouli and Witches’ Brew candles. Typically Witches’ Brew is offered during the fall season in preparation for Halloween. But customers never know for sure if this scent will hit the shelves until they see it advertised.

Patchouli on the other hand, was offered year-round, but now it seems to have been short-listed to be discontinued.

I haven’t been able to find a formal response from Yankee Candle about future availability of either candle fragrance.  But I will still conduct a side-by-side comparison of the two. By the end of this post, you’ll know which candle to look out for and add to your basket if or when they become available.

Patchouli Large 2-Wick Tumbler

Yankee Candle Patchouli Scented, Classic 22oz Large Tumbler 2-Wick Candle, Over 75 Hours of Burn Time
  • The spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli creates a perfectly mellow mood
  • Long-lasting 75-110 hour burn time
  • Premium-grade coloured wax delivers a clean, consistent burn
  • 22-oz. scented candle measures 5. 6" H x 3. 9" D
  • Each two-wick candle is housed in a glass vessel with brushed metal lid to preserve and contain the fragrance when not in use

As a 2-wick candle, you’ll experience more ambiance from the additional wick. There’s also greater fragrance distribution, so the scent itself is stronger as the candle burns. This tumbler would work well in a medium to large-sized room.


  • Decent burn time
  • More intense fragrance
  • Generates more candlelight 
  • Metal lid


  • Doesn’t burn as long as the original jar

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Witches’ Brew Original Jar Candle

Yankee Candle Witches' Brew
  • Premium quality ingredients with natural essential oils create distinctive true-to-life scents
  • Lab-tested to ensure the appropriate strength and consistency. 100% recyclable and accepted by most recycling centers.
  • Can be used with many of our candle accessories, including Jar Candle Shades, Jar Candle Holders, and Illuma-Lid Jar Candle Toppers.
  • Lead-free, 100% natural fibers, and hand straightened to ensure it is centered for the best burn possible.
  • Burn Time: 110 to 150 hours

While scent intensity might not be as strong for this original jar candle, its fragrance throw is stronger. So, you can burn this candle in a large room and the scent will travel throughout the house. Not only that, the scent will last for a while after the candle has been blown out. 


  • Longer burn time
  • Glass lid
  • Strong throw
  • Natural fiber wick


  • Some may dislike that it’s made with paraffin wax

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Patchouli & Witches’ Brew: Face to Face

Let’s look more closely at what distinguishes these two candles.

Patchouli Witches’ Brew
Jar TypeGlass tumblerOriginal glass jar
Wax TypeSoy blendPremium paraffin
Wick Type100% natural fiber100% natural fiber
Lid TypeMetalGlass
FragrancesPremium scent ingredientsPremium scent ingredients
Burn Time75-110 hours110-150 hours
Weight22 oz.22 oz.
Dimensions3.9″ x 5.6″3.85″ x 7″

Although both candles are 22 oz., the original jar burns for at least 35-40 hours longer than the large tumbler candle.  

Takeaway: In terms of burn time, the original jar is the clear winner.

Layers of Fragrance

Since each candle shares the same fragrance notes, burn times are affected by other factors, like wax type, wick type, and number of wicks. Here are the scent notes:

Top Noteswoody, sweet, cloves, cinnamon
Middle Notesjasmine, woody
Base Notespatchouli, woody, vanilla

Usually, you’d experience these fragrances in stages before they mingle together. But you might have noticed that woody notes are on each layer. 

Takeaway: Although patchouli is prominent, this is definitely a woody candle. 

Natural Fiber Wicks: Same but Different 

Although natural fiber wicks are used for both candles, we don’t know for sure if it’s the exact same wick. Yankee Candle chooses from over 120 different wicks when determining the best combination for a clean, slow burn. 

Each scent and color reacts differently. Jar size is also a factor. So “natural fiber wick” can refer to a cotton wick with a paper core, a 100% cotton wick, or one of many other possibilities.

Since these candles are different colors, have a different number of wicks, and are inside jars of different shapes, it’s highly likely that their wicks are different as well.

All of these factors contribute to their burn time and scent throw.

Takeaway: Although natural fiber wicks are used for both candles, it’s unlikely that it’s the same exact wick.

Wax Type

A third factor is the kind of wax used to make each candle. Some people are extremely opposed to using paraffin wax, which is what this particular Witches’ Brew candle is made from. 

Paraffin wax is sourced from fossil fuel (crude oil), which is a non-renewable resource. Crude oil is extracted from the earth. It’s the result of decomposed animals and plants. Once pulled up from the earth, these oils are sent to a refinery to make other products. This wax is the byproduct of the refining process, which is why it’s considered non-renewable.

Soy wax is made using harvested soybean crops. While it has become the preferred, eco-friendly wax to use, it may or may not be as healthy as most presume. In some cases, pesticides and herbicides are used to grow soybean crops. These chemicals are not always properly washed away from the soybeans.

This is not meant to cause alarm. Just note that the potential is always there no matter the kind of wax. Also note that companies cannot market candles that are toxic. They must meet government standards before these candles reach your home.

Takeaway: Soybean wax is a renewable resource and paraffin wax is not. Choosing the kind of wax you want to burn in your home is a personal preference.

Here’s What You Can Do

More importantly, though, if you are concerned about a paraffin candle generating soot, there’s something you can do to prevent it from happening. Trim your wicks once your candle cools down. 

If you don’t properly trim your wick before relighting your candle, it’s possible for the flame to grow too large, speed up the burning process, and release soot. This isn’t something that automatically happens when burning paraffin wax candles. It can potentially happen with any candle made with any type of wax.

Another thing you can do is not allow your candle to burn for more than four hours. If your candle burns for too long, that can also produce soot.

Takeaway: You have to do your part by properly maintaining and burning your candles in order to prevent the production of excess soot and smoke.

One More Point about Paraffin Wax

Another reason why paraffin wax is often connected to soot and toxins is because companies used to use wicks with a core made of lead or other metal. This combination did give off toxins. The good news is that lead wicks have been banned from use in the United States since 2003.

Some companies stopped using lead wicks long before that, though, in 1974.

This same source states that “wick length and flame disturbance” are what most produce sooting in candles that are well made.

Since Yankee Candle devotes so much time to choose the right wick type and size, as well as jar type and its ability to withstand high temperatures, I think it speaks to their dedication to properly formulating all of their candles.

Takeaway: Whether you choose a Yankee Candle that’s made using paraffin or soy wax, it’s unlikely that either will cause harm with proper maintenance.


Since both fragrances are the same, choosing one over the other requires you to consider additional factors, like wax type, jar shape, wax color, and fragrance availability.

Choose Patchouli Tumbler Candle if:

  • You prefer products that use renewable resources
  • You prefer year-round access to this scent
  • You prefer more intense fragrance 

Choose Witches Brew Jar Candle if:

  • You prefer a stronger fragrance throw
  • You don’t mind seasonal access to this fragrance
  • You want a longer burn time

It seems that Witches’ Brew is most likely to return, so you may want to keep a lookout for that one.

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