WoodWick vs Yankee Candle: Which Is Better?

WoodWick and Yankee Candle belong to the same parent company but WoodWick is the sophisticated and mature premium candle leg of the business. 

Based on this, you might automatically feel that WoodWick would make the best candles, but I think it’s a matter of preference.

In this article I will investigate the differences between WoodWick and Yankee Candles, highlighting each of their strengths and exploring some questions you might want to ask yourself before buying a candle from either company.

WoodWick vs Yankee Candle

WoodWick Trilogy Candle vs Yankee Jar Candle

Customers most closely associate the “hour glass” containers with WoodWick and the apothecary glass jars with Yankee Candle Company. So let’s take a quick look at each company to learn more about these candles.

WoodWick & Yankee Candle Company: Short Overview

Yankee Candle was originally founded by Micheal Kittredge in 1969. Decades later, Kittredge sold a large portion of the company, and it changed hands a few times prior to 2013 when Jarden purchased Yankee Candle. By 2016 Jarden was acquired by Newell, and by way of that purchase, it had also bought Yankee Candle Company.

In recent years, Woodwick has been a premium brand that is sold through Yankee Candle. 

Originally founded in 2006, WoodWick was owned and operated by Smith Mountain Industries until 2017 when the company was acquired by Newell Brands.

Now both WoodWick and Yankee Candle are owned and operated by Newell Brands.

Are Woodwick Candles Better Than Yankee Candles?

As mentioned earlier, I think the answer to this question is a matter of preference, so let’s take a broad view of each of their more popular products just to get an idea about what customers can expect from each brand. 

WoodWick vs Yankee Candle: Candle Comparison

Poured into an elegant glass jar with concave sides, WoodWick candles can add an aesthetic focal point to any room. 

These candles crackle as they burn, which adds an auditory component to the candle lighting experience. Hearing the crackles can help you feel even cozier because it automatically reminds you of a campfire or fireplace. 

Although WoodWick candles are highly fragranced, scents aren’t overwhelming. They are balanced and sophisticated, just like their elegant jars.

The large classic apothecary-style glass jars are a hallmark of Yankee Candle Company. Another way that the company connects with customers is through fragrance options. They lean towards nostalgic scents that help customers recall precious moments and/or create new memories with family and friends. 

Yankee Candles also have a strong but gentle fragrance intensity that quickly fills a room.

WoodWick vs Yankee Candle Comparison Chart

Woodwick Hourglass Candle: White HoneyLarge Classic Jar Yankee Candle: Beach Wood
Weight22 oz.22 oz.
Dimensions4 in. diameter x 7 in. tall4 in. diameter x 6.6 in. tall
Wax TypeSoy and paraffin wax blendPremium paraffin wax
Wick TypeNatural woodNatural fibers
Fragrance TypeConcentrated fragrance oilsBlend of natural and synthetic oils
Burn Hours130 to 180 hours110 to 150 hours
Lid TypeFitted wooden lidFitted glass
Pros-Quickly distributes fragrance
-Comforting crackling sound
-Lasting fragrance
-Familiar fragrances
-Strong fragrance throw
-Reusable jar
Cons-Rather expensive
-Not for those who dislike crackling sounds
-On the expensive side

Both companies charge about the same for their candles, so it really boils down to fragrance options and the type of candle experience you’re looking for. 

WoodWick vs Yankee Candle: Face to Face Comparison

It might help to take a closer look at what makes up each candle. They use different waxes and materials that might inform your decision-making process.

Woodwick vs Yankee Candle: Wax Type

WoodWick wax blend contains more soy wax than paraffin wax and this blend ensures a smooth, clean burn that won’t splatter. The wax melts more quickly and fragrance intensity is stronger, though not sickening.

Soy wax is softer than paraffin and pairs very well with wooden wicks. Customers love that there is little to no wax remaining at the end of the candle.

Yankee Candle uses premium paraffin wax that holds their fragrance blend well enough to distribute fragrance quickly.

One thing that customers dislike is that they are often left with what they feel is too much wax at the end of the candle.

Oftentimes, they create their own wax melts with the leftover wax

Takeaway: The waxes chosen by each company are based on how they perform with their wicks and fragrances; it’s not random or purely cosmetic. Wax is the “gas” that keeps the flame going.

Woodwick vs Yankee Candle: Candle Wicks

WoodWick uses Pluswick Innovation to create the crackling noise you hear after lighting one of their candles. These crossed, natural wooden wicks also cause the flames to dance, giving you visual stimulation in addition to engaging your sense of hearing of smell.

Yankee Candle uses 100% natural fiber wicks that might be all cotton, made of paper, or some combination of the two.

Since ingredients used for candle making are interrelated, the kind of wick chosen depends on the wax type and fragrance load.

Takeaway: Wicks are to wax what an engine is to a car. As the “engine” of the candle, they influence the rate at which the candle burns in combination with all the other ingredients. 

Woodwick vs Yankee Candle: Fragrance Options

Both companies have similar fragrance categories that align with what you would expect in the fragrance industry. 

Fragrance Categories Chart

WoodWick Fragrance CategoriesYankee Candle Fragrance Categories
Fruity & CitrusFruity
Fresh & CleanFresh & Clean
GourmandSweet & Spicy

Since WoodWick is more of a luxury brand, it makes sense that they would use the term, “Gourmand” instead of “Sweet and Spicy.” Adding Amber as a category aligns with the sensibilities of the audience WoodWick is trying to reach.

Takeaway: The companies have similar fragrance categories but their scent combinations vary to cater to each customer base. 

Woodwick vs Yankee Candle: Fragrance Ingredients

While there aren’t many specifics shared about their fragrance formulas, at the very basic level, it’s clear that some amount of synthetic fragrances are used by both companies. Yankee Candle also makes mention of incorporating natural essence as well.

Synthetic fragrances aren’t necessarily bad, and they are often necessary for strong fragrance throw. 

Takeaway: If you like strong fragrances and want your home filled with the scent of your candle, this typically only happens when synthetic fragrances are used.

Woodwick vs Yankee Candle: Container Size Options

Both companies offer a range of container sizes and shapes. Smaller jars and containers can introduce you to a company or a specific fragrance. They are also fitting for smaller rooms or areas of the house.

Medium and larger sized containers are usually purchased by repeat customers or given away as gifts. 

Different shapes help customers with placement within the home. Short containers might work best on tables or shelves. Taller containers might complement a nice centerpiece or create a focal point in a room.

Takeaway: Both companies create candles of various shapes and sizes to help cater to customers’ needs and preferences.

Woodwick vs Yankee Candle: Pricing & Value

In terms of value, I think that the long burning time of these candles justifies their prices. 

Not only do they last a long time, the scent is lovely and reduces the need for alternative scenting mechanisms because they effectively distribute fragrance throughout the home.

Takeaway: Only you can assign value to your purchases but long-lasting fragrance that travels throughout the space is an attractive feature. In this area, WoodWick has Yankee Candle beat.

Standout Feature: WoodWick Trilogy Candle

There is a WoodWick feature that I wanted to mention and that’s their Trilogy candle collection. 

Since 2010 Trilogy candles have been awing customers. Three layers of wax in three different colors creates a new scent combination every time the wooden wick is lit. Wax color also evolves over time as one color melts into the other.  

Warm Woods is one of my favorites. This particular scent combination is a blend of Redwood, Sandalwood, Clove, and Fireside. 

Since it evolves as it burns, it’s as though no two customers will ever have the exact same Trilogy candle. I think that this collection is a major highlight.

Also, Trilogy candles are available in multiple sizes, so you can try it in an ellipse container or medium jar first before investing in one of the larger ones. 

Which One Should You Choose?

I don’t think that you can go wrong with choosing either company’s candles. They’re both high quality and have similar price points.

Choose WoodWick if:

  • You want a long lasting candle
  • You don’t want any leftover wax
  • You love the sound of crackling wood
  • You prefer more sophisticated glassware
  • You don’t mind more contemporary scent variations
  • You want a multi-sensory candle experience

Choose Yankee Candle if:

  • You prefer classic apothecary glassware
  • You want familiar fragrances
  • You can do without crackling noises
  • You are fine with a steady flame and don’t want to be overstimulated

WoodWick and Yankee Candle cater to different groups of people. If you prefer more mature scents and complex candle experience, try WoodWick’s White Honey or Warm Woods.

If you’re more classic and prefer nostalgic scents and experiences, then Beach Wood by Yankee Candle might be the better choice for you.

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