Woodwick Candle Review, Are They Good?

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best Woodwick candle is, then we recommend WoodWick Vanilla Bean Scented Candle as the best one.

WoodWick candles boast interesting features like crackling wicks and elegant wax vessels, but they force you to dig deep into your pockets. Well, are they worth it? We decided to explore the brand and share our findings with you.

Are Woodwick Candles Good? As it turns out, while WoodWick candles are not cheap, they offer very interesting things such as triple-layer scents, the mentioned crackling wicks, long burn time, and great scent quality. If you are looking for something eye-catching and very distinct, WoodWick candles are most likely for you.

We’ve just scratched the surface though – there is a little more to WoodWick than this. Read on to find out everything there is to this brand’s candles!

In this article, we’re going to review the following Woodwick candles:

Woodwick Candle Review

All About WoodWick – Who They Are & What Sets Them Apart

WoodWick was established back in 2006, and since the first days, the elegant design of WoodWick candles has captivated buyers. The distinct hourglass shape of the original WoodWick candles has been eye-catching back then, and it retains its uniqueness now.

Over the following years, WoodWick has expanded on the original inventory, introducing a few very interesting lines of scented candles. Now, you have dozens of candle options to choose from.

WoodWick is owned by Yankee Candles – a very respectable brand in the scented candle industry. Some of the features and benefits of Yankee Candles can also be found with WoodWick candles, albeit WoodWick candles are still very distinct from Yankee Candles.

Notably, WoodWick has partnered with TerraCycle – a US-based recycling company – to ensure that used WoodWick products can be recycled and are thus environmentally-friendly. After you’ve used up your WoodWick candles, you can ship them to TerraCycle with no shipping costs – the rest will be done for you.

Nowadays, WoodWick offers 4 candle series– Pluswick, Hearthwick, Trilogy, and Outdoor. Each of these candle lines has a few very interesting features, so we feel that they deserve a more detailed look.

Pluswick candles

Pluswick candles are the successor to the original WoodWick candles that came in hourglass-shaped vessels. The presentation of WoodWick Pluswick candles has remained unchanged since 2006 – what has changed is the wick.

Pluswick was introduced in 2011 – 5 years after WoodWick’s establishment. The innovation of Pluswick was about its “multi-sensory experience” (as WoodWick phrases it). In addition to light and scent, the natural wooden wick of Pluswick candles also produces a crackling sound.

Some people found and are still finding the crackling sound annoying, while many think it’s soothing. Nonetheless, the crackling wick is a core feature of all WoodWick candles. So if you don’t think you’ll like it, skip WoodWick and look for something else.

By the way, Pluswick actually isn’t the first advancement since the release of the original WoodWick candle – the Trilogy line (overview below) was introduced one year earlier than Pluswick. However, since the Pluswick candle is considered the main product of WoodWick, we decided to overview it first to give you a better idea of what to expect from the brand as a whole.

Trilogy candles

Introduced in 2010, candles from the Trilogy collection contain three layers of differently scented wax. If you have a look at a WoodWick Trilogy candle, you’ll clearly see the different wax layers. As the flame gradually melts the wax, you’ll be receiving three scents one after another.

Typically, the three scents are thematically similar, so they combine well with each other and smell wonderful as the candle goes from one layer to the next.

Trilogy candles produce a crackling sound while burning – just like Pluswick candles. They come in the iconic hourglass-shaped vessel as well, though some Trilogy candles come in the vessels used in Hearthwick candles (overview up next).

Hearthwick candles

Released in 2014, Hearthwick brought a wide wooden wick design to WoodWick candles. With its long profile, the dancing flame in Hearthwick candles provides an ambiance that is reminiscent of a fireplace.

Hearthwick candles have unique presentations as well – they come in pointed oval vessels.

Know that some Hearthwick candles are part of the Trilogy line too, so you can get three-layer scent with them.

Outdoor candles

Finally, WoodWick also has a few outdoor candles that come in large vessels with four crackling wooden wicks. As of this review, only four fragrances were available in this line since it’s a recent addition to WoodWick’s offer. The outdoor candles also perhaps aren’t as interesting as other WoodWick candles, but if you want an outdoor candle, it may be a solid choice.

Top Features To Consider In WoodWick Candles

When shopping for WoodWick candles, consider the following things:

  • Scent & scent combinations (with Trilogy candles especially).
  • Larger candles will burn longer but also cost more. For first-time use, you may want to go for a smaller, cheaper candle.

Best WoodWick Candles Scents

WoodWick Elipsa Evening Bonfire Candle

Up first on our list of suggestions is the Elipsa Evening Bonfire candle – one of the Hearthwick candles we’ve talked about earlier. The highlight of Hearthwick candles, if you remember, is the wide wick that delivers a livelier fire.

And, of course, this scented candle also has the soothing crackling sound that many people love WoodWick for.

The particular ellipse candle we based our review on was scented like “evening bonfire”, but there are many other earthy and foresty fragrances that you may choose from. Judging by buyer feedback, this candle burns clean, produces a strong but not overpowering scent (though some people think it’s too weak), and has a long burn time (it varies, but it seems to be within the advertised 60-100-hour range).

What we like in this candle:

  • The burn time of 60-100 hours.
  • The wide wick that delivers a livelier flame.

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WoodWick Aura Fig Narcissus Scented Candle

The WoodWick Aura candle is perhaps the most unique offering from this brand. Although it again boasts the Pluswick technology, it’s slightly different from other WoodWick Pluswick candles.

Most importantly, the Aura candle catches the eye with its presentation – it has WoodWick’s iconic hourglass vessel that is heavily ornamented and has a more traditional vibe than standard Pluswick candles. The wood lid also looks cute and nicely completes the Aura scented candle.

We absolutely love the gorgeous gift box as well – not that other WoodWick candles are ugly or not gift-worthy, but Aura stands out with its simplistic yet elegantly decorated gift packaging. Among the WoodWick candles we have on this list, Aura perhaps is the best for gifting.

In terms of fragrance, WoodWick offers a few options for Aura – the one we based our review on has the interesting fig narcissus scent that should work for those who like flowery tones. Like the ellipse WoodWick candle, the scent in Aura burns clean and is long-lasting.

What we like in this candle:

  • The elegant vessel with a traditional vibe.
  • The gorgeous gift box.

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WoodWick Vanilla Bean Scented Candle

This scented candle boasts the traditional WoodWick candle design with its iconic hourglass vessel. In our opinion, this candle doesn’t look as interesting as the candles we’ve had so far, but it still stands out among scented candles available on the market.

The candle also has the longest burn time among our candle picks – up to 180 hours, which is because it comes with a whopping 21.5 ounces of candle wax.

The scent in the candle we reviewed was vanilla bean – a great option if you like more foody scents. You should also be able to find many other scents available (though the listing we link to is specifically for the vanilla bean scent).

What we like in this candle:

  • WoodWick’s iconic vessel design.
  • The burn time of up to 180 hours.

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WoodWick Mini Fireside Candle

This Pluswick candle essentially is the mini version of the hourglass candle we’ve just reviewed. It comes with 3.4 ounces of wax and burns up to 40 hours – kind of short, but given that the Mini candle is relatively cheap, it’s a good option to consider if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a WoodWick candle just yet.

Get this candle, give it a try, and if you like it, you may go for larger candles.

The WoodWick Mini candle is small but mighty – its scent is no worse than that of its larger brothers, and you are again getting the distinct crackling of the Pluswick wooden wick.

The fragrance here is not only quality but also unique – called Fireside, it gives off a fireplace vibe, which is perfect for evening relaxation.

The Mini candle is also available in many other scents – such as pomegranate, redwood, oat flower, or pumpkin pecan – but these are all available in separate listings (at least, on Amazon), so you’ll have to look for them manually.

What we like in this candle:

  • Inexpensiveness
  • The burn time of 40 hours.

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WoodWick Trilogy Café Sweets Candle

Lastly, we have the Café Sweets candle from the WoodWick Trilogy line. As we already know, Trilogy candles have three layers of scent that are released one after another as the wax melts.

In this particular candle, the layers are made up of scents of vanilla bean, caramel, and biscotti, but you may opt for any other scent that you like.

In terms of presentation and size, the Café Sweets candle is very similar to the traditional hourglass WoodWick candle – you, first up, get the same iconic hourglass vessel along with long burning time. WoodWick doesn’t advertise how long this candle burns, but since it has the same amount of wax as Vanilla Bean scented candle, it should again burn for up to 180 hours.

What we like in this candle:

  • The iconic WoodWick hourglass shape.
  • The three layers of scent.

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Customer Opinions About WoodWick

Before closing off this post, let’s also briefly talk about the good & bad sides of WoodWick.

This section is based on buyer reviews rather than our own observations. We’ve given a good read to a few hundred reviews on Amazon and elsewhere, paying special attention to negative reviews (there weren’t many, but still). Our aim wasn’t to include every con here – only the things that many people have encountered.

With that, read on to find out more about the pros & cons of WoodWick pointed out by buyers!

Pros of WoodWick candles

Great, quality smell

People generally seem to like the scent of WoodWick candles very much. Most people like that the fragrance of WoodWick candles isn’t too overpowering, and its quality appears to be very high as well.

Some buyers found that the scent of WoodWick candles is underwhelming, but for most people, it has been just strong enough.

Soothing crackling

The crackling is also highly praised by the vast majority of buyers. Of course, it may annoy or fail to impress someone, but for most people, the crackling seemed relaxing and served as perfect white noise for reading or resting.

Long burn time

The burn time of WoodWick candles is also long – very close to the numbers advertised by the company. WoodWick candles certainly aren’t the longest-burning candles out there, but they are more or less true to the promised numbers.

Cons of WoodWick candles


Price is the first downside of WoodWick candles for a noticeable number of people. WoodWick candles certainly aren’t the priciest out there, but they aren’t pocket-friendly either.

Some issues with shipping

Some people have also experienced issues with shipping – most often, with broken glass vessels. Many of the negative reviews on WoodWick candles complained about broken vessels, but all in all, the vast majority of people seem not to have had any issues with shipping.

Final Words

So all in all, WoodWick is at least worth a try, but it won’t necessarily work for everyone’s demands and preferences. To spend your money right, remember to choose a scented candle based on your needs.

If we were to suggest you where to start, we’d go for the WoodWick Vanilla Bean Scented Candle – a WoodWick classics, this candle will allow you to get acquainted with all the best that makes WoodWick candles.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money just yet, then consider the WoodWick Mini Fireside Candle – it burns shorter, doesn’t cost as much, yet has all the key benefits of WoodWick candles.

For gifting, we think that nothing is going to beat the WoodWick Aura Fig Narcissus Scented Candle. And for something more unique, strongly consider WoodWick Trilogy Café Sweets Candle or WoodWick Elipsa Evening Bonfire Candle.

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