When Should You Throw Out Candles? (Reuse Candle Jars!)

Candles are one of the home decor trends that will never fade out. They smell great, often come in cute packages, and are all around great products. While they are fantastic products, they can cost quite a bit. Good, quality candles can set someone’s pocket back anywhere between $20 to $60. The price is heavily dependant upon the size, type of wax, packaging, the candle jar itself, and even the scent! Seasonal candles can cost more! So with a high price tag attached to them, when do we know we’re finished with them?

All candles get to a point of when they’re basically done doing their job, but when should you throw out candles? Candles should be disposed of when there’s only a half-inch diameter of wax left at the bottom of the jar. There simply isn’t enough wax left to produce enough light or scent at this particular point in the candle’s lifespan.

Disposing of a candle doesn’t have to mean you literally throw it in the trash. After all, think of the money that has been spent! Sure, some people would argue that they have gotten their money’s worth when the candle has reached a half-inch diameter.

However, this wax is still perfectly usable for other things. It can be saved to create a new candle or even campfire firestarters. Just because the candle has been burned doesn’t imply it needs to be tossed away.

With these things in mind, when to throw out candles comes down to personal preference. Do you want to get the most out of your old candle wax? Or do you not mind tossing the little bit left into the trash?

If the answer to this question includes trying to repurpose the wax, then that is great! There are plenty of ways to do this and lost of them are fun for everyone, including projects with the family!

When Should You Throw Out Candles

How to Remove Wax from a Candle Jar

Removing the wax from a candle jar is not hard. In fact, it is necessary to do this in order to repurpose or reuse the wax. Always have a container ready to put the wax in once it has been removed from the jar. This could include a small metal bucket or even a measuring cup.

When it comes to removing the wax, there are some helpful tips for getting the job done right! Anyone can do it, and moreover, for safety, adults should be ones doing it! Below are the helpful tips for removing candles from the jar.

Tips for Removing Wax from a Candle Jar:

Heating Up the Wax

Considering there is not much wax left in the jar, it will not take long to heat the wax. Heating the wax is most commonly done with boiling water. Placing the jar into a deep bowl and pouring boiling water into the bowl can loosen the wax.

At this point, a butter knife can be slid between the jar and wax to remove the wax. There is no need to completely melt the wax down unless you are transferring it into a small candle container, like a tealight with a tiny wick inserted. After collecting enough wax discs, they can be melded and melted to create a new candle!

Freezing the Wax

Freezing the wax causes the wax to shrink away from the glass. This method also allows a butter knife to be slid between the glass and wax to pop it out of the jar. It should be noted that this method might take a bit longer as freezing is a little longer process than heating up the wax.

Moreover, the jar will become more comprised when exposed to extreme cold. Always practice safety when removing the wax (from either method!) and gently pop the wax out. If you have to force the knife into the side of the jar, it is not ready not and giving it more time to freeze (or heat) might be necessary.

Make a Double-Broil

Double-broiling is a great way to melt chocolate for desserts, however, it is useful for removing leftover candle wax as well. Simple do the same process as you would for making a double-broil for chocolate. Using a heat-proof bowl and a pan of boiling water, place the bowl on the top of the pan.

Then place the jar into the bowl and allow it to heat up. This could take some time and the jar should be tested periodically with a butter knife between the glass and wax to see if it is ready yet for removal. Always use a potholder to remove the jar from the bowl.

These are the top three ways that are most effective in removing wax from a candle jar. Wax be can be saved up for use as a new candle in the future or even used to create shaped home decor items as well! The possibilities are almost endless!

6 Ideas To Reuse Old Candle Jars

Sure, there’s plenty of ideas for leftover wax but what about the candle jar? It can be repurposed as well! After removing any remaining wax, always inspect the jar for any blemishes, cracks or splinters. While they can still be repurposed, keeping yourself safe from cuts is important!

Freezing is known to compromise the jar causing some of these cracks. The heating method can also do this, though might be less likely.

So what can you do with an old candle jar? Below are some nifty ideas to put that jar to use!

Creative Ideas for Old Candle Jars

1. Create a Candy Jar!

After washing and drying the jar thoroughly, it can make a great centerpiece for a coffee table filled with candies! These can be individually wrapped candies or things like m&m’s. Not only do they hold these tasty treats but it really spruces up a coffee table as well!

2. Make a Home Decor Piece

Home decor can transpire into anything. Old candle jars are an iconic way to bring creative visions to life. The jars can be filled with colored rocks, glass gems or stones, fake plants, colored sand, twine balls, or even scented potpourri.

These transform any space they are placed into a whole new look! The best part is that the combinations of materials are endless.

3. Store Pens or Pencils

Candle jars make the perfect storage bins for pens and pencils that are cluttering countertops or desk! Moreover, the outside of the jars can be painted or decorated with color or printed ribbons to give it new life.

The use of a hot glue gun and ribbon makes for some gorgeous designs. Another way to make a fancy pen or pencil holder is to use blue painters tape to zig-zag across the glass.

Simply paint in the open glass paces, allow to dry, and peel away the painters tape. The design left behind will be pretty and decorative!

4. Use on a Vanity Table

Vanity tables are a girl’s best friend! They hold all the important stuff like makeup, pretty brushes, and other cosmetics. However, an old candle jar can really add to any vanity table!

Decorating the jar before placing it on the vanity table is a great idea as well! The candle jar can hold things like cotton balls, circular cotton pads, makeup brushes, bobby pins, or even hand lotions!

5. Make a Vase for Fake Flowers

Candle jars are not great planters for real flowers as there’s no way to drain excess water from the soil. However, they are perfect for fake flowers. Most fake flowers come with really long plastic green stems. These can be trimmed down to create the perfect size to fit any candle jar.

Once again, the jar can be decorated or in some cases, the jar may have its own decoration. Complimenting the colors on the jar (or the colors you use to decorate the jar) with the flowers is the perfect way to create the most artistic image!

6. Use as a Paintbrush Holder

Speaking of art, using an old candle jar as a paintbrush holder is truly creative! It can either be the brush holder or even the spare water holder to clean brushes as you paint. The depth of some candle jars are absolutely perfect for this job and really breaths new life into the jars!

These are some of the best ideas for upcycling an old candle jar. However, the sky is the limit and anything can be done with these jars! Instead of tossing out the jar, consider one of these ideas or some ideas of your own.

Upcycling: The New Life for Old Jars and Wax!

Upcycling is a great practice to start implementing as it not only gets the most out of our money but also helps the environment as well. Old candle jars and their wax can be used in some really imaginative ways that prevent littering or loss of any money. It truly does give us a great feeling that we are using the candles to their fullest potential!

However, your choice to upcycle is totally up to you. It is your pocket and your time that is being invested into the candle and its lifespan. Some people may find upcycling more trouble than it is worth.

Others would disagree, especially with concern about candles since they do carry high price tags. Whatever is best for you, will work for you! It is good to keep in mind that upcycling is an option that really isn’t too much time out of a weekend or evening!

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