Swan Creek Candles Review, Where To Buy Them?

If you enjoy burning 100% soy candles, then you want to check out this Swan Creek candles review.

Swan Creek Candle Co has been around for over forty years. Incidentally, the company is headquartered in Swanton, Ohio, USA, in a factory surrounded by soybean fields. Available worldwide, Swan Creek is passionate about their soybean candles, and you can get a hold of them in a number of ways.

Stick around to learn more about their candles and where to buy them.

Swan Creek Candles Review

All About Swan Creek Candle Co

Located in the heart of the United States, you can find Swan Creek Candle Co in its 30,000 sq ft factory in Northwest Ohio. This company has been owned and operated by the same family since the 70s. Swan Creek Candle Co is a division of the Ohio-based corporation, Ambrosia, Inc.

As a company, their pride and enthusiasm about employing local residents is evident and extended to their customers’ retail and product experience. All of their wax products are made by locals in the Swan Creek factory. There are also local Swan Creek retail shops that I’ll mention more about later.

Swan Creek Candle Co Product Lines

Swan Creek sources their soybeans from American farmers in Ohio. Their soybean wax is also made in Swanton without any chemicals or additives. The entire production process is environmentally-friendly, using sustainable and renewable energy and supplies.

Their candles burn cleanly partly due to the use of lead-free wicks. And the company feels that their additive-free soybean wax helps generate a strong fragrance throw. Swan Creek’s wax to wick to fragrance ratios are formulated to burn slowly and evenly. 

As with all candles, allowing them to burn until a full wax pool forms, helps you get the most out of the experience and aids in the longevity of the candle. 

The company makes filled glass jar candles, seasonal containers, and wax melts in the following collections:

Filled Glass Jar Candles

Homespun Jar Candles
Pantry Jar Candles
Size 1 / Burn Time12 oz (75-hour burn time)12 oz (75-hour burn time)
Size 2 / Burn Time24 oz (110-hour burn time)24 oz (110-hour burn time)
FeatureMetal lidRemovable graphic text label
FragrancesAvailable in 20-25 fragrancesAvailable in 60 fragrances

Timeless Collection

This collection is comprised of glass jars, bowls, and mini sampler containers.

Timeless JarLarge Timeless JarTimeless Bowl with Lid
Size12 oz27 oz13 oz
Burn Time75+ hours burn time75+ hours burn time35+ hours burn time
FragrancesAvailable in 31 fragrancesAvailable in 6 fragrancesDouble-wick

Logo Jar Collection

10 oz short jar12 oz tall jar
Burn Time55+ hours burn time75+ hour burn time
FragrancesAvailable in 15 fragrancesAvailable in 26 fragrances

Glass Tumblers

Swan Creek’s newest collection is a set of glass tumblers that have a clean, modern look to them. They’re available in two sizes: 2.75 oz and 4.5 oz, and have screw-on lids. The smaller one comes in twenty-one scents and burn for 25 hours or more. And the larger one is available in eleven scents.

Seasonal Containers

Beyond the glass container collections, Swan Creek also offers a moderate selection of enamelware candles and cast iron ornaments.

Additional Wax Products

Drizzle melts are six triple-scented wax cubes that can be brown up and warmed in the company’s ceramic electrical wax melters. They last for 8 to 24 hours.

Swan Creek Candle Fragrances

Known for their intense candle scents, fragrance oils comprising 10% of their candle volume, Swan Creek offers thirty year-round fragrances and fourteen new or seasonal fragrances. Of the forty-four scents, twenty are best-sellers as of Fall 2021.

Some Best-Selling Year-Round and Seasonal Fragrances:

  • Apples & Spice
  • Bourbon Maple Sugar
  • Cherry Almond Buttercream
  • Home for the Holidays
  • Honey Soaked Apples
  • Lavender & Lemongrass
  • Peppermint Twist
  • Roasted Espresso

New 2021 Fragrances:

  • Cold Brew Coffee
  • Fall Festival
  • Happy Holliberry
  • Mulled Farmhouse Cider
  • Night Sky
  • Whipped Almond Frosting 

Unique Features

One unique mark of this company is that they sell candle refills. I have not come across another company that has done this. 

In a tall microwavable container, shaped like a tumbler with a lid on it, you will find 24 oz of scented or unscented American soybean wax. Scented options vary but include many of their regular and limited edition fragrances.

An order also includes one pack of 4 wicks in one size. Depending on your container size, there are four wick sizes available for four different container diameters.

Described as a “make your own candle” project, they demonstrate the simple process in this video:

Candle Refill Wax Kits Demonstration

Although the video narrator suggests that you can reuse any fire-proof container that you have on hand, the Swan Creek Candle website instructs buyers that their wax was designed to be poured into empty Swan Creek Candle Co containers.

Since container type can influence how the wick melts the wax, I think it’s a good idea to only use their containers for the candle refills.

Overall, I think that this is an exceptional option to offer customers as they get to reuse a container instead of throwing it away and it’s a nice DIY activity. 

Where To Buy Swan Creek Candles

Swan Creek candles are widely available through multiple online and global retail channels. Their products are also sold wholesale to gift shops. 

United States Retail Locations

Due to the pandemic restrictions, Swan Creek’s flagship candle outlet in Dundee, Michigan, USA is closed indefinitely. But it is possible to shop inside their Swanton, Ohio factory outlet store. In addition to selling their candles, employees offer product demonstrations. You can also make your own candle there as described above.

This retail space is connected to their factory, so a person would get the full experience of smelling new candles being made while moving through the over 5,000 sq ft outlet space.

Two retail locations license Swan Creek Products:

  • Gild the Garden in Vermillion, Ohio
  • Swan Creek Candle of Perry in Perry, Michigan

By visiting their physical retail locations, you can experience the candles first-hand. And then there are various shops throughout the United States that buy and sell Swan Creek wax products.  

Swan Creek Candle Co connects with buyers through trade shows, offering a wider selection of collections through wholesalers. For instance, their White Woods Pottery containers made with an exterior tree bark texture are not seen on their website but are in their wholesale catalog. Some of the bark looks like Birch trees, others might be modeled after Quaking Aspen trees.

Giving Swan Creek a call, a person can inquire about vendor locations in their area.

International Channels

Swan Creek’s products are exclusively distributed overseas by G.D. Distribution, based in Ireland.

Online Retailers

If you are unable to visit their stores or factory in person, there are online options as well.

Wax products are sold directly to consumers from their website. You can also find Swan Creek candles through ecommerce platforms, Walmart and Amazon. 

I’m sharing some of my Amazon top picks below.

Top 7 Swan Creek Candle Co Products

All of the scents selected below are on the best-sellers list in a variety of containers. Many of these soybean wax candles, like Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree, sold out on Amazon as I was writing this article, so if you see a scent that you want, you may want to order it before it’s gone. 

1. White Peach & Clove Pantry Jar Candle

Swan Creek Candles - White Peach & Clove 24 oz Jar
  • Scent: White Peach & Clove
  • 24 oz.
  • Burn Time: 110+ hours
  • 100% American Soybean Wax
  • Measures 3.75" x 7"

Weight: 24oz (680g)

Container dimensions: 3.75 in wide x 7 in tall

Burn time: 110+ hours

Especially for the peach lovers, as you’ll smell more peach than clove, this is a subtly fruity candle that burns for over one hundred hours total. Housed in a tall glass jar, you will likely need to use a long neck lighter or long matches towards the end of its candle life.

Soybean candle wax is said to burn 30% longer than paraffin wax. Burning this fragrance might help you feel refreshed and joyful like a fresh cut peach could. With the addition of cloves, there’s an element of warmth and spiciness.


  • Removable decorative label
  • Intense fragrance
  • Slow burn time
  • Exceptional fragrance throw


  • Not for those who dislike fruity scents

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2. Pumpkin Caramel Drizzle Pantry Jar Candle

Weight: 24oz (680g)

Container dimensions: 3.75 in wide x 7 in tall

Burn time: 110+ hours

Just like a pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream, then drizzled with caramel, this jar candle is sweet perfection. The scent of pumpkin triggers positive emotions and memories for a lot of people because they associate it with family meals around the holidays. 

Something I forgot to mention with the last pantry jar candle is that they come with heavy metal lids that can double as flame snuffers. Another benefit to jar lids is that they help contain the candle’s fragrance, which can prolong your enjoyment. 

Look for the soybean crumbs on the surface of the candle.


  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Heavy metal lid
  • Removable label


  • Not for those who dislike sweet scents

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3. Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte Timeless Jar Candle

Swan Creek Candle Timeless Jar: Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte
  • 100% American Soybean Wax
  • 75 hour burn time
  • 12 oz. decorative glass jar
  • Clean burning and lead free
  • Various decorative jars - picture shown may not be the exact jar shipped out

Weight:  12 oz (340g)

Container dimensions: 4 in wide x 5.25 in tall

Burn time: 75 hours

Swan Creek’s timeless jar candles remind me of the glass jars my grandmother used for homemade jellies. This candle smells like a creamy cinnamon hazelnut latte from your favorite coffee shop and burns for over 75 hours. Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte has been a customer favorite for decades.

A decorative wooden lid accompanies this candle, but unlike the metal ones, I wouldn’t suggest using this one to snuff out your candle. With that said, the lid can still help retain the fragrance in between lightings. 


  • Attractive vintage cut glass jar
  • Moderate size perfect for gifts
  • Balanced fragrance; not overwhelming


  • Slightly smaller candle

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4. Warm Cinnamon Buns Homespun Jar Candle

Weight: 24oz (680g)

Container dimensions: 3.75 in wide x 6.75 in tall

Burn time: 110+hrs 

Similar to the pantry jars, candles in the Homespun collection also don a strong metal lid that can snuff out your candle for you. Warm Cinnamon Buns candle smells just like freshly baked buttery cinnamon rolls. 

At 24 ounces, it’s large enough to last for weeks, or months even, burning for 150 hours at most. There are soybean crumbs on top of this collection as well. 

This fragrance helps generate warmth and joy throughout the home. 


  • Exclusive signature jar design
  • Durable metal lid
  • Strong, lovely fragrance


  • Some customers dislike the jar design

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5. Vanilla Pound Cake Logo Jar Candle

Wax weight: 12 oz (340g)

Container dimensions: 4 in wide  x 5.25 in tall

Burn time: 75+ hours

Baked good fragrances make the home feel warm even if there’s nothing in the oven. This scent smells just like fluffy, buttery, vanilla pound cake.

A decorative wooden lid also comes with this jar, and it should only be used to maintain fragrance concentration between uses.

Just as the title indicates, Swan Creek’s company logo is embossed in the glass container. This design is stately enough for brand recognition but also subtle enough to reuse the jar without the logo being a distraction.


  • Comes with a lid
  • Delicious fragrance
  • Medium sized for gift-giving
  • Vintage reusable jar


  • Not for those who dislike sweet gourmand scents

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6. Citrus & Sage Logo Jar Candle

Wax weight: 12oz (340g)

Container dimensions: 3.25 in wide x 5.5 in tall

Burn time: 75+ hours

Another logo jar but this one is more fruity and herbal. Mellowed sage is brightened up by citrus notes in a sage green hue. 

You may notice wax blooms on medium to dark-colored candles. This is a natural process called blooming and is an indication that the wax is 100% natural soybean wax. Blooming occurs on lighter colored wax, but you can hardly see it.

Citrus & Sage is equally balanced in fragrance and moves throughout every room in your home with its intense scent throw.


  • Larger container for home
  • Fresh citrus scent
  • Slow, clean burn
  • Reusable glass jar
  • Comes with a lid


  • Wax blooms are more visible

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7. Southern Sweet Tea Vintage Round Pot

Wax weight: 9 oz (255g)

Container dimensions: 3.75 in wide x 3.25 in tall

Burn time: 45+ hours

Since it seems you can no longer find this specific collection on the Swan Creek website, this listing is a nice surprise.

The Southern Sweet Tea candle smells like a refreshing glass of steeped black tea leaves dressed with fresh lemon and sweetened to perfection.

As a smaller container, this vintage pot would work well in a bathroom or kitchen. Its cracked glaze finish would look nice paired with rustic decor. Sometimes the pot color received will be different from what’s shown online.


  • Rare find
  • Nice introduction to the brand
  • Reusable ceramic pot


  • Pottery color might vary

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Customer Opinions About Swan Creek Candle Co

Adoration seems to be the overwhelming sentiment regarding Swan Creek candles. Customers enjoy burning them and have more positive than negative things to say.

What Customers Enjoy About Swan Creek Candle Co

  • Customers rave about the consistently intense fragrance they experience when purchasing Swan Creek Candles time and time again. 
  • Swan Creek candles have an unmatched fragrance throw.
  • Customers never second-guess themselves when buying Swan Creek candles as gifts. They know the recipient will love it. 
  • Since the containers are either glass or ceramic, customers love that they can be repurposed over and over again.  
  • The quality of these candles makes the price justifiable to customers.
  • Because the fragrances are so consistent over time, customers have shared that they’ll purchase the same fragrance for years so that it becomes associated with their home.
  • In addition to Swan Creek fragrances being consistent, customers like that although they are intense, the scents aren’t overwhelming. 

What Customers Want To Change About Swan Creek Candle Co

It seems that sometimes the lids get stuck, causing jars to break or simply not coming off at all. I would think that under these conditions, a person could contact the company to request a replacement.

Final Thoughts

This company really seems to enjoy creating wonderfully scented candles for customers to enjoy in their homes and give to others.

If you haven’t settled on which candle you’d want to try first, I consider White Peach & Clove to be one of the more intriguing scents by Swan Creek Candle Co. Its pantry jar can be used for a host of things, especially since the label peels off easily. It’s also a nice large size that will last for a long time.

As an introduction to the brand, a person can try Southern Sweet Tea Vintage Round Pot. It’s offered at a lower price point and comes in a ceramic pot that can be reused to plant flowers or hold objects.

For gift-giving, Vanilla Pound Cake is a lovely scent that tends to be universally enjoyed, so it would likely be well-received by your gift recipient.

As always, though, choose the candles that will work best for you.

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