Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes For Sleep: Lavender Essential Oil And More Choice

Which essential oil is good for sleep? Is lavender the best choice?

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Guess what is the most-asked essential oil question among customers? That is “Which essential oil is good for sleep?”

Many customers came over and looked at the dozens of essential oil leaflets in detail, then ask us a question. We already know that is the question for most of the time.

Every customer is searching for the oil that best suits their needs
Every customer is searching for the oil that best suits their needs

What is the answer? Can be very simple.

If you have a little understanding of essential oils, you can blurt out immediately: “Lavender“! In a more professional manner – “True Lavender” (you can test any staff working in essential oil shop with this question, see if she answered this way?)

Lavender is the most commonly recommended essential oil for sleep aids

Wait, is lavender the only answer? Is it a panacea that can solve sleep-related problems for everyone?

Definitely not.

Anyone who knows a little about aromatherapy will know that any physical and mental condition (including insomnia) is a complicated problem, because it varies with age, gender, body and mind state, and the root causes of symptoms are different. Therefore, the choices of essential oil and directions of usage can also be different.

smell oil
You should understand the efficacy, aroma and power of each essential oil in detail

The charm of aromatherapy is the combination of rationality and sensibility.

The role of each essential oil should be analyzed from the rationality level of essential oil chemistry (pharmacological composition) and the sensibility level of aroma (spirit and energy). In addition, the physical and mental state of the user should be considered (we call it “resonance”), vary from person to person, even from place to place and from time to time.

This is the reason why many aromatherapists generally start the aromatherapy cases by improving their sleeping quality, a simple yet complicated daily scenario.

Although we are temporarily unable to get involved in the consultation case of each customer in depth. But we will try to understand the physical and mental state of each customer, then try our best to give them professional advice.

Back to the problem of sleep aids, there is no standard answer for using which essential oil.

“Lavender is being recommended the most because it is the most popular aromatic plant in the public. It is the easiest to introduce, and it is also a high-yield essential oil, which is not expensive. But it is not the only option.

No doubt, pharmacologically, “True Lavender” does improve sleep, because it is rich in esters, especially acetoacetate, which has a calming effect.

Little knowledge: lavender varieties

Please take note: Use “True Lavender” to be your sleep aid, don’t use the wrong “Lavender Spike”. The latter not only cannot be your sleep aid, but it will also even make you too excited to fall asleep.

Lavender Super
Most of the scenery photos showing the large lavender fields, are usually Lavender Super

How do you know which variety you bought? Please read the ingredients and variety descriptions stated on the label (especially the Latin literature name).

If you buy a bottle of single essential oil, the label only showing “lavender”, but no indication of the variety and production area. Please do not buy it, because it is produced by the unprofessional brand.

You can check out the detailed page of “True Lavender” essential oil to understand and get more information on lavender essential oils.

Moreover, the aroma of “True Lavender” is sweet and delicate with the dry and warm atmosphere of the autumn grassland. It gives you the feeling similar to the gentleness and solace of the mother, thus has the ability to calm and soothe you.

But be aware that there are many essential oils containing the Linalyl Acetate, such as “Bitter Orange Leaves”, “Orange Flower”, “Roman Chamomile”, “Clary Sage” and “Bergamot” etc. (You didn’t expect a citrus fruit so close to lavender right?)

Therefore, correspondingly, they also help in sleeping.

Little knowledge: Resonance of Essential Oils

In fact, the aroma of lavender may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

As mentioned above: The healing power of every plant is related to the growing environment and its resonance with the users. The herbs suitable for Europeans and Americans may not be the best for us.

Because aromatherapy originated in France, and France is a country that grows lavender conventionally. For most of the southern Europeans, lavender is a familiar garden herb that grew together with them when they are still kids.

Lavender becoming part of the clothing, food, shelter and transportation for People
Lavender becoming part of the clothing, food, shelter and transportation for People

Therefore, lavender is an approachable oil for them. No matter where you are, once you smell the lavender smell, you will naturally recall the childhood memories: The warmth and relaxation feeling at home.

However, maybe some of my fellow friends don’t particularly like lavender essential oils, and even reject its hay scent. This is very normal.

Not to say they don’t like lavender, just incorrect sensory feeling. Some people are not so close to lavender, so the power of lavender as their sleep aid will be weaker.

Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes for Sleep

So, when we talk about sleep aids, what can we recommend on top of lavender?

Generally, if the customer does not have any issue to tackle, we will recommend “True Lavender” or “Sweet Orange” (both can be used together); for a female customer, we will recommend her to try “Bergamot” and “Marjoram”.

For woman over the age of 28, especially middle-aged woman who is approaching menopause, we would recommend “Pelargonium” or “Clary sage” or both. For a woman with certain life experience, we would recommend essential oil with stronger calming ability, which is “Orange Flower” or “Rose”, “Yilan”, “Yellow Magnolia” and etc.

Each essential oil targeted different things, therefore choosing the essential oil that suits your needs may take time and patience

For male customer, we would recommend young boys to try “Bergamot”; for those working gentleman who has social responsibility with certain work pressure, we would recommend him to use “Bitter Orange Leaves”; for men/women with rich life experiences, higher life and psychological stress, we would recommend “Cedarwood”, “Cypress” or “Juniper Berry”.

For children, we would recommend “Roman Chamomile” or “Red Tangerine”.

For mature men/women who need deeper relaxation and calming effect, thicker and spiritual essential oil such as “Sandalwood”, “Frankincense”, “Patchouli” and “Vetiveria” will be their better options (can be used with citrus and herbal essential oils mentioned above).


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