Rocky Mountain Oils vs dōTERRA: Which Is Better?

dōTERRA offers a wider array of wellness products than Rocky Mountain Oils but essential oils are at the heart of each company. The way that customers have to go about accessing products from each company varies slightly but they both produce high quality essential oil singles and blends.

In this post I’ll compare their air purifying oil blends as well as suggest which one might best fit your needs. 

Rocky Mountain Oils vs dōTERRA

Rocky Mountain Oils vs dōTERRA: Air Purifying Oil Blends

Essential oil companies like Young Living and dōTERRA are so popular (and controversial) that many wellness companies offer comparable essential blends. So for all of the most popular dōTERRA oil blends, Rocky Mountain Oils has one that delivers a similar fragrance and health benefits.

Rocky Mountain Oils Purify Essential Oil Blend

Rocky Mountain Oils Purify Essential Oil Blend - Essential Oils for Diffuser, Topical, and Home -15ml
  • 100% Pure essential oil blend: Purify is a unique blend of natural ingredients, giving you the perfect blend to keep your home fresh; Purify is a...
  • Diffuse: With an essential oil diffuser, Diffuse Purify essential oil to help dispel negative feelings and replace them with confidence, self-esteem,...
  • Household: Eliminate commercial products and have the satisfaction of polished in your home in a way that is both effective and natural for your...
  • Testing like no other: Sourced from sustainable farms around the globe, our oils are rigorously and independently tested 3 times before it reaches...
  • Our promise: Through our S.A.A.F.E. Promise, we have created an exceptionally high standard of quality built on a culture of caring that’s unrivaled...

Founded in 2004, Rocky Mountain Oils is a health and wellness company that mostly sells essential oil singles and blends. Lately they’ve been expanding product offerings to include carrier oils, essential oil diffusers, CBD oil, a few hair and skin products, hand soap, cleaning concentrate, and one vitamin supplement option. 

You can purchase oils directly from the company, and they’ve added a subscription option for those who want to regularly receive certain oils in the mail. Alternatively, you can find Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) on sites like Amazon.

Purify is a blend of lemongrass, citronella, tea tree, rosemary, myrtle, and lavender essential oils. 

Lemongrass is the most dominant fragrance note and citronella is secondary. That makes this blend lemony, earthy, and slightly sweet. Both lemongrass and citronella oils repel insects. They might also help improve concentration. Instead of burning citronella candles, you can diffuse this oil blend to rid your home of flying insects.

One of the most healing essential oils available, tea tree oil, also called melaleuca fights bacteria, and fungus. This herbaceous scent helps boost your immune system while reducing symptoms of depression and helping you sleep better. 

Rosemary is another complex scent, herbaceous, balsamic, and woody. It can help you focus as well as calm your mind and emotions. Rosemary essential oil might also repel bugs.

Myrtle adds more freshness and sweetness to this blend. It helps to naturally deodorize the air with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It may help alleviate symptoms of respiratory infections. Myrtle essential oil also helps alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Last but not least, we have lavender. This essential oil is one of the most used across every brand in the industry. In addition to contributing to a calming atmosphere, it fights fungus and reduces allergy and depression symptoms.

This bottle is 15 ml (0.51 fl oz) and its label lets you know that in addition to diffusing this oil, it can be used topically (with a carrier oil) and for household cleaning. A feature I think is really convenient is that RMO labels the top of the cap as well. That makes it easier to locate which oil you’d like to use instead of having to pick up each bottle and read the side label. 


  • Top of cap is pre-labeled
  • Natural air purifier
  • Also repels bugs
  • Can help lift your mood


  • Pretty small bottle
  • Some customers dislike this fragrance

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dōTERRA Purifying Essential Oil Cleansing Blend

doTERRA Purify Essential Oil Cleansing Blend - 15 ml
  • Features Lemon, Lime, Pine, Citronella, Melaleuca, and Cilantro essential oils
  • Refreshing aroma eradicates unpleasant odors and clears the air
  • Protects against environmental threats

dōTERRA is a wellness company that sells essential oils, diffusers, hair, skin, and body care products, supplements, and home care products. In business since 2008, their products are primarily sold by Wellness Advocates who also receive a percentage of each sale they make, along with bonuses.

Alternatively, you can choose to become a Wholesale Customer for a yearly fee in order to purchase dōTERRA products at a discounted rate of 25% less than retail. 

In the last few years, some dōTERRA essential oils and other products have been made available on sites like Amazon at the retail rate charged to non-members.

Lemon peel is the dominant fragrance of this essential oil blend, Purifying. It’s combined with lime peel, Siberian fir needle, citronella grass, tea tree leaf, and cilantro oils. This blend is designed to naturally cleanse the air and remove odors from your home. 

Citrus and Siberian fir fragrance notes perk up the air with freshness. Essential oils from lemon and lime peel are also antimicrobial. Siberian fir needle prevents bacterial growth, fights odors and reduces stress.

Citronella grass repels bugs and is antimicrobial; it fights bacteria and fungus. It also helps lift your mood. Tea tree oil is another sanitizer while cilantro essential oils also removes toxins from the air and lower symptoms of anxiety.

Perfect for diffusing in the kitchen to chase away food odors, or in the foyer to greet and protect friends and family. Purifying can be diffused in any room in your home you’d like to be cleansed. This blend can also be used to sanitize countertops.

One of dōTERRA’s most popular blends, this container is 15 ml (0.51 fl oz). 


  • Effectively cleans the air
  • Can help repel bugs in warmer months
  • Unique fragrance combination
  • Also reduces anxiety and depression symptoms


  • Slightly more expensive than RMO
  • Pretty small bottle

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Air Purifying Oils: Face to Face

Lemon is the strongest scent note for both blends, but there are slight differences to each company’s air purifying essential oil formula.

RMO PurifyPrimary BenefitsdōTERRA PurifyingPrimary Benefits
Citronella oilantimicrobial; insect repellantCilantro herb oilfreshens; detoxifies
Lavender oilcalming; anti-fungalCitronella grass oilantimicrobial; bug repellant
Lemongrass oilantibacterial; insect repellantLemon peel oilantimicrobial, deodorizer, restores energy
Myrtle oildeodorizer; respiratory supportLime peel oilantiviral, antibacterial, restores energy
Rosemary oilrespiratory support, calms, concentration, repellantSiberian fir needle oilantibacterial; deodorizes
Tea Tree oilantimicrobial; immune supportTea Tree oilantimicrobial; immune support

They both remove heavy odors like cigarette smoke and fish from the air. And each blend can repel insects. In addition to purifying the air, these blends are also calming. 

But if you’re in need of an oil that can help clear your airway passage, then you might benefit from trying Rocky Mountain Oils’ Purify. It incorporates rosemary and myrtle essential oils, which can both help you breathe better. 

dōTERRA’s blend, on the other hand, appears to have more detoxifying ingredients, like cilantro herb. If it’s cold and flu season, or you’re just wanting to cleanse the air really well, then Purifying might be the better option for you.

Surprisingly, you’d be getting the same amount of essential oil (15 ml/0.51 fl oz) with a small difference in price points. 

Takeaway: Both blends will naturally purify the air within your home but one offers more respiratory support and the other one blends more antimicrobial essential oils.

Final Thoughts

Rocky Mountain Oils and dōTERRA are both deeply involved in the growth and development of the ingredients that make up their essential oils – from farm to bottle. You can’t really go wrong with choosing either brand. It’s just a matter of determining which one will best fit your needs and preferences.

Choose Rocky Mountain Oils’ Purify Blend if:

  • You need respiratory relief
  • You are more price sensitive
  • You prefer not to support MLM companies

Choose dōTERRA’s Purifying Essential Oil Blend if:

  • You prefer a fresh, complex fragrance blend
  • You don’t mind higher prices and MLM companies
  • Your home needs a deeper natural cleanse

dōTERRA’s Purifying blend is a bit more expensive than Rocky Mountain Oils’ Purify. Since the sentiment behind both is to clean the air within the home, I would choose dōTERRA’s Purifying as the clear winner. More of its ingredients are antimicrobial and detoxifying in comparison to RMO.

But as always, the choice is yours! 

Grace Young

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