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Whenever we come home, we’d want to relax and just stay still for a moment and release all the stress from the day at the office. For me, I like playing some jazz music and picking the book I’m currently reading just to give me that break between work and chores. To help me relax even more, I diffuse my favorite scents to make the room smell good. I believe in the many benefits of aromatherapy when it comes to making me feel better. There are many diffusers to choose from but I particularly like the one from Young Living. Let me share with you more about what I know in this Young Living Rainstone Diffuser review.

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What to Consider Before Choosing a Diffuser

Before you go online and purchase a diffuser, there are some things that you have to consider. As you may already know, there are all types of diffusers. Four of the most popular types include Ultrasonic, Heat, Nebulizing, and Evaporative Diffusers.

Ultrasonic diffusers need water and only a few drops of your favorite essential oils. And since this type of diffuser needs water, it also serves as a humidifier. Heat diffusers also function much like the ultrasonic ones. They also require a mixture of essential oils and water. The diffuser will then break down the mixture into a fine mist and releases it to your room.

Nebulizing diffusers are probably the most powerful kind of diffuser in the way that it fills the room with your favorite scent. Whenever you need to freshen up the atmosphere of a large room, you can count on a nebulizing diffuser.

The last type is the evaporative diffuser which uses a fan in order to disperse the essential oils. These last two types dispense oils fast so you only need to use them for a short period.

Other factors you need to consider would be the room size where you want to place the diffuser, the types of oils you’ll be using, and how easy it will be for you to clean the diffuser. You may also like other features that some diffusers have such as timers and auto-shutdowns when the diffuser runs out of water.

Young Living Rainstone Diffuser

This diffuser from Young Living is unique. It’s surely different from all the other diffusers that I’ve come across. Each piece of Young Living Rainstone Diffuser is crafted by hand. Its design is a good balance of tradition and technology because of its advanced features and you can also operate it by remote control.

The ultrasonic wave technology built into the diffuser’s unique design is state of the art. You can definitely use this diffuser for your home and even in your office. Here are some of the awesome features of the Young Living Rainstone Diffuser as well as the benefits you can enjoy from owning one.

Features & Benefits

Remember what I said that this diffuser is made by hand? Yes! It’s not some mass-produced product from a factory. You’ll be happy to know that it’s not made of plastic.

Each Young Living Rainstone Diffuser is made by artists. And these artists are experts when it comes to making ceramics in the ancient Chinese tradition. It means that it could take five hours for each diffuser to be completed.

Young Living was able to combine this art and the latest technology to give us the Rainstone Diffuser.

The Clay

To make the Rainstone Diffuser, a particular clay found only in China is what the artisans use. Each diffuser is modeled from an ancient design and Young Living is preserving the practice through the Rainstone Diffuser. It’s fascinating to think that when you buy this particular diffuser, you’re getting one that is uniquely your own and not just another plastic diffuser.

As for the craftspeople who make the Rainstone Diffuser, they have to go through a training period that requires them three years at the minimum. There’s a lot of devotion, thought, and care that’s put into making each Young Living Rainstone Diffuser created.

The Young Living Technology

The technology that Young Living employs for the Rainstone Diffuser is most interesting. Think about it, with the ancient design of the diffuser, you’d wonder how this particular material has been used in diffusing scents centuries ago. It’s possible that the oils were placed on the ceramics and then applied heat to fill the room with the oil’s aroma.

But with the Rainstone Diffuser having ultrasonic technology, there’s no heat being applied. And so you don’t have to worry about the oil’s chemical composition being altered because of heat. Ultrasonic technology breaks down the oils and creates mist to diffuse the scents. It’s the perfect marriage between ancient aromatherapy design and advanced ultrasonic technology.

What is Ultrasonic Technology?

The Young Living Rainstone Diffuser works with the use of ultrasonic technology. To diffuse scents, what’s needed is to put water and several drops of your preferred essential oil into the diffuser’s basin. The diffuser has a tiny metal disk found at the bottom. It serves to create ultrasonic waves that break both the water and the essential oil. The mixture turns to mist which is then released to the room where the diffuser is.

What’s special about the Rainstone Diffuser is that its ultrasonic technology works at high decibel levels. It has a 44-decibel level which is much higher compared to the usual 23-decibels of other ultrasonic diffusers. It means that the device can create over a million waves every second, making it a very efficient diffuser.

Specs and Other Details

You can place the Rainstone Diffuser in a bedroom or your office. It will work in a space as big as thirty square meters. When using the diffuser, you can take advantage of the time settings. You can choose from 1, 2, 3, 6, or 8 hours in the settings.

Another feature you’ll love about the Rainstone Diffuser is its automatic shutoff. Whenever the device runs out of water in the basin, it will turn off automatically. The diffuser is also a negative ionizer. It can definitely help lift up your mood especially when you diffuse Lemon or Frankincense essential oils.

The Rainstone Diffuser also has a lighting system. You can change the color and you can choose from purple, yellow, and blue lights. The lights may be set to alternate between the colors or it can be constant. If you don’t want lights, then you also have an option for that.

Lastly, the size of the diffuser is just right. It has an oval shape and looks like quite like a big egg. The design is simple and it won’t be hard to mix it with your home decors. It measures 12.8 x 12.8 x 17 centimeters. You can place the Rainstone Diffuser on a table or a shelf and it won’t take up a lot of room.

What do Users Think of the Rainstone Diffuser?

I enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and how it makes me feel good. My mood just improves and I truly feel relaxed. With everything we know about the Rainstone Diffuser so far, let’s take a look at what other users have to say.

Most of the available feedback online is positive. The diffuser comes highly recommended by those who have used it and experienced the good effects of aromatherapy through the Rainstone Diffuser.


If you’ve set to purchase a Rainstone Diffuser for yourself but find that it’s not available, there are also other diffusers for you to choose from.

  • Vitruvi Stone Diffuser – It is a hand-crafted ultrasonic diffuser made from high-quality porcelain. Its capacity is 100ml and can fill up a room as large as 500 square feet.
  • VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser – This is a quiet diffuser because of its design for exclusive noise reduction. Although it is small, it has a 150ml capacity. You can choose from 8 colors for the mood lights. It also has an auto-off function when it runs out of water.
  • Vyaime Stone Diffuser – This diffuser is made from porcelain and is made by hand. It will look great in both your home and office as a decorative piece. Its capacity is 120ml and will continually diffuse scents for 6 hours.

There are other top-rated diffusers in the market which means there’s plenty to choose from. But these are the best alternatives for Young Living Rainstone Diffuser. Be sure to check them out so you can compare the features and prices for each one.


If you want to get the full benefits of aromatherapy, choose a diffuser that will be able to give you the best out of every scent. The Rainstone Diffuser is among the best ultrasonic diffusers available today.

Hopefully, this Young Living Rainstone Diffuser review is able to help you in deciding which device to buy so you can fully enjoy your essential oils. To know more about the Rainstone Diffuser, you can click here. Also, feel free to share your thoughts if you’ve used this diffuser. We’d love to know!

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