Where’s The Best Place To Put An Essential Oil Diffuser?

This article mainly talks about Where to place an Essential Oil Diffuser. I will write another article to explain Where to place a Reed Diffuser.

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Where To Place An Essential Oil Diffuser in Bedroom

The correct way to Place Essential Oil Diffusers
The correct way to place diffuser

It is always advisable to place your diffuser in the center of the room that you place it in. This sort of placement contributes to the radial diameter in which a diffuser diffuses oils.

This should ideally keep it away from any central heating systems and windows that blow air and expose it to direct sunlight.

If you have ceiling fans, then you should keep it switched off when the diffuser in on.

This will spread the fragrance all through the room.

However, if you do not have a plug in the center of a room, you can always keep it near a plug, but away from the things mentioned above. Keeping the diffuser too close to a wall is also not advisable, as the oil will rise and hit the wall, thus reducing its impact in the room.

Obviously, it should be kept where you find yourself spending time frequently. Do not place the diffuser on your side table in your bedroom, as then there is the risk of it hitting your diffusers in sleep and falling. Instead, keep it on a table if you have one in the center of your room, or near the television.

there is the risk of it hitting your diffusers in sleep and falling
There is the risk of it hitting your diffusers in sleep and falling

Notice: Placing it in just the bedroom is not going to ensure that you are breathing in the oils all the time. It only means you are breathing it in when you are about to go to sleep.

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Where To Place An Essential Oil Diffuser in Living room

Placing an additional diffuser in your living room will mean that the oils will be spreading their goodness all the time, even when you are just watching the TV!

Here too, do not keep the diffuser on the center table if you or someone in your home has the habit of absentmindedly placing your feet on the table.

Keep it in a safer place, where you can be sure it won’t spill. Ideally, a diffuser should be placed below eye level as it causes the aroma inside it to rise upwards. If the diffuser is above your nose, there are high chances that you will miss out on the fragrance.

Lastly, it should be placed on a solid surface with a towel underneath it as you are going to be using water to dilute the oil. Because so many different companies have so many varieties of diffusers, you have the privilege of doubling it up as a showpiece. It can be a silent contributor to your home décor or act as a centrepiece.

As long as you know that the oils are not going to cause any allergies, there are no cons to a diffuser and plenty of pros!

Important Tips

While all is well and good, there are some things you should not compromise with.

The diffusers should be the ones that cast a mist rather than load the air with humidity.

Keep in mind to buy a high-quality diffuser, as the low quality plastic can easily get eroded due to the oils.

And remember, keep it away from a place where you might directly inhale the essential oil mist as the organic ingredients present in the oil may not sit well with you that way.






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