Yankee Candle Pink Sands Review: What Does It Smell Like?

Some candles are simply a must-have and Pink Sands by Yankee Candle is one of them. Its highly-concentrated yet soft and romantic scent fills your home with just enough fragrance to not be overwhelming.

Yankee Candle Pink Sands Review

Yankee Candle Pink Sands Overview

As one of Yankee Candle’s tried and true fragrances, customers have loved it for decades. This scent has staying power and might quickly become your favorite as well.

The company has been making irresistibly memorable candles since 1969. Yankee Candle started in a small town on the East Coast, USA, but has grown to become an internationally recognized brand.

Not only does this candle smell delightful, it’s burn time can reach 150 hours. This means that, depending on how often you burn it, it can potentially last for months.  


  • Fragrance notes are fruity but also sweet and creamy
  • Mentally transports you to a private beach
  • Large jar will last a long time


  • Somewhat pricey

Things to Consider Before Buying Pink Sands Jar Candle

Before you consider buying Pink Sands, there are some things that you should know. Though it solves the problem of covering up the less desirable odors in your home, not everyone likes this smell.

Yankee Candle Pink Sands

This Fragrance Isn’t for Everyone

If you dislike flora, sweet, or fruity scents, you may not want to buy Pink Sands. Although this candle doesn’t smell nauseously sweet, there are sugary notes. 

The most dominant fragrance is floral. Once lit, you will begin to smell osmanthus flowers. This is the primary scent, but the initial impression, or cold sniff, is that of fresh, sweet melons, berries, and citrus fruit. Musky, woody, and vanilla notes mellow out the fruit as flowers as more fragrance is released into the air.

If any of these fragrance combinations turn you off, I’ve listed some alternatives below.

Yankee Candle Tunneling

Some people complain of experiencing a lot of tunneling when they light Yankee Candles. 

Shortening the burn time leads to a small wax pool that doesn’t extend to the edges of the jar. If done repeatedly, wax builds up on the edges and only narrowly burns down the center. That leads to a lot of wasted wax. You might also feel as though you’ve wasted a lot of money, which is where the complaints come into play.

It’s possible for any candle to tunnel, whether it’s expensive or not, but prevention is easy.

How to Prevent Tunneling

To properly burn a candle and prevent tunneling, it should burn for one hour per inch in diameter.

Your goal is to allow the candle wax to form a full pool. This means you want to see liquid wax surrounding the wick and reaching to the edge of the jar.

Since this candle is four inches wide, it will likely take four hours to pool. If it’s a little less, that’s okay. As long as you see the full pool of wax, your candle will evenly burn all the way down to its base without any tunneling.

Wick Maintenance Is Key

Wax is one contributing factor to candles burning cleanly but wick length is another factor. Trimming the wick regularly requires maintenance on your part. After the candle has completely cooled and the wax has hardened, always check your wicks prior to lighting them again.

Wick length should be no more than ¼”(6.35mm), preferably ⅛” (3.17mm). This prevents the candle from burning too quickly and ensures that black soot doesn’t begin to rise from the candle. 

Yankee Candle Pink Sands: Features & Benefits

Although Yankee Candle produces many different fragrances, there are reasons to choose Pink Sands specifically.

Transportive Fragrance

If being confined to your home for the past two years has you dreaming of walking down coastlines or beaches while sinking your toes in the sand, I completely understand. 

Lighting a candle cannot literally transport you to a beach but Yankee Candle’s Pink Sands fragrance can help you travel to one through your imagination. 

Dream of rosy florals, bright citrus notes and exoticly complex vanilla. And somehow, this fragrance can make you feel as though you’re surrounded by cool waters and lush foliage.

Although it’s primarily a spring or summer fragrance, this scent is neutral enough to burn year-round.

Potent Fragrance

When a candle company uses low quality ingredients, it’s apparent right away. The fragrance is often flat and sometimes offensive.

Yankee Candle uses high quality fragrance oils and natural extracts that are complex and welcoming. Layers of fragrance give you a more complete scent experience. And you can enjoy even more because there aren’t any harmful ingredients burning your nose. 

Premium Paraffin Wax & Long Burn Time

This jar weighs 22 oz, and my guess is that twenty of those ounces is weight in wax. Yankee Candle uses premium grade paraffin wax. This means that their wax goes through a refining process to make sure it’s clean and safe for you to burn in your home.

In addition to being wide, this candle is over six inches tall. Its lowest burn time is 110 hours, but you’ll most likely get 150 burn hours out of this candle. 

At a total of 150 burn hours at 4 hours each time, that’s 37.5 burning periods. Burning this candle each day means it would last for more than one month. If it’s burned every other day, it would last a little over two months, and so forth.

So one of the benefits of a long burn time is that you will get your money’s worth out of the candle. Burning the same candle for one to two months is money well-spent in my book.

Highly Selective Natural Fiber Wicks

Yankee Candle tests all of its wax and fragrance formulas with over 150 natural fiber wicks in order to find the perfect one. They test wicks made of paper, cotton, or both, and only select the one that slowly and evenly burns with each fragrance.

So when choosing Pink Sands, know that Yankee Candle devoted lots of hours to determining which fiber wick would give you the longest burn time. 

They also straighten each wick by hand when pouring Pink Sands wax. This is helpful because crooked wicks can lead to uneven burning, soaring flames, and then soot.

Yankee Candle does what they can on their end to provide you with high quality candles. Paired with proper maintenance on your part, burning your Yankee Candle can be a pleasurable experience from beginning to end.

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Yankee Candle Pink Sands Social Proof

It’s not difficult to find positive reviews of this candle online. So many customers are drawn to this fragrance and buy it over and over again. 

Here is some positive feedback:

  • Pink Sands is a soft, yet energizing fragrance that brings joy into the home.
  • Some people describe it as smelling like pink Jolly Ranchers or Starburst candies.
  • It has a strong fragrance throw that quickly fills the house and is ideal for any occasion. 
  • A lot of customers choose this fragrance when bathing in order to create a spa atmosphere in their bathroom.
  • You might have about an inch of wax left at the bottom that cannot be burned, but it’s possible to repurpose that wax in a warmer. 

Alternatives to Yankee Candle Pink Sands Jar Candle

Not everyone is ready to commit to a large 22oz candle, and then there are others who would prefer a different fragrance. So here I’ll list some alternatives to this large jar candle.

Pink Sands Medium Jar

Still 4-inches in diameter, this medium jar is 5-inches tall and weighs 14.5 oz. You will get between 65-75 hours of burn time with all the other benefits of the larger jar. But this medium-sized jar can help you determine whether you would want to invest in the larger one. 

Pink Sands Small Tumbler

A more contemporary take on the classic apothecary shaped Yankee Candles, is the tumbler. Its round base is 3.4 inches and its clean lines rise to 3.5 inches tall. With 35-45 hours of burn time, you would still be able to get the full Pink Sands experience

Cliffside Sunrise Paradise Collection Large Tumbler

If it’s a different kind of tropical fragrance you’re looking for, Yankee Candle’s Paradise Collection offers more options. 

Cliffside Sunrise initially smells like hibiscus, strawberry, and dwarf citrus. Once lit, you will primarily smell geranium flowers and sweet nectarines. Its base notes include sweet praline and champagne nectar. 

This fragrance can also transport you to a beach, but it’s a little sweeter and much fruitier than Pink Sands.

This jar is also 22 oz. but burns for fewer hours, at 75 to 110. If you like a more modern design though, you might gravitate towards this tumbler.

A high point is that recycling this jar is much easier and the label peels right off. Since it’s 5.6 inches tall, once you remove the wax, you would find countless ways to reuse the jar.

Midsummer’s Night Large Jar Candle

For a completely different scent experience, Midsummer’s Night is another popular choice. While it’s a more masculine scent, women like it as well. 

The jar size and everything is the same as the Pink Sands review, but it smells totally different.

Midsummer’s Night initially smells like bergamot and lime with subtle woody and herbal notes. The main body of the fragrance is a blend of sage, pine, and lavender. Base notes include cedarwood, moss, clary sage, vetiver, and juniper berry. 

So basically, it will smell like woody, velvety, mahogany cologne with herbal, citrus, and sage notes. This might be the perfect fragrance combination for those who are uninterested in sweet, fruity, floral scents.


Pink Sands is a lovely candle fragrance that can help you drift away from daily worries without leaving your home.

Not only does this delicate scent help carry you off to foreign lands, it burns for hours and hours on end. You get a lot of value for the cost.

Click here to drift away to Pink Sands.

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