Pier 1 Reed Diffusers Review, Are they Good?

Pier 1 imports offer a collection of reed diffusers that you can use at home, some of which we will review in this article. However, the leading company has gone through hard times and the revival as an online retail shop.

Customers have mixed feelings about the Pier 1 Reed diffusers due to the lack of a consistent supply, especially on sites such as Amazon. The company has a long history of supplying reed diffusers, but they have closed shop several times along the way. That said, as the company changed hands, it has affected their fragrances.

There are complaints from customers who have noticed changes in their reed diffusers. Still, another section is happy with the product, which could be tied to personal interests. Otherwise, they do offer different reed diffusers. Read on to view some of the reed diffusers reviews.

Pier 1 Reed Diffusers Review

All About Pier 1

Pier 1 imports have an interesting back story as a hippie brand, its tumultuous fall, and its online comeback. Pier 1 was started back in 1962 as Cost Plus Imports. Initially, the company was founded in San Mateo, California but later moved to Fort Worth, Texas, where it adopted its current name.

Pier 1 runs as a retail brand that sells what you’d call “doodads,” products such as cricket cages, Incense burners, little brass elephants, imported Asian mugs, etc. In its early days, business was booming with the baby boomer hippies.

The imported products that resonated with the hippies were coffee tables, hanging swings, and even Indian sitars.

In the early ’70s, Pier 1 had opened 70 stores; however, stiff competition from department stores was building up. They responded by sourcing products locally since the big stores would get their products directly from foreign countries.

They were also affected by a weakening dollar from 1980 to 1983; thus, they closed 60 stores. But when the dollar strengthened, they gradually made a comeback. They shifted their product lines back to imported goods and pulled off the inexpensive stuff from their shelves.

The change was meant to stifle competition from department stores that also sold similar products. Moreover, they shifted focus from the:” doodads” to more functional products such as kitchenware.

Pier 1 could not keep up with the rise of online shopping as they filed bankruptcy in February 2020 after failing to find a buyer. Later, they announced their liquidation in May 2020.

In July 2020, RVP (Retail E-commerce ventures) bought Pier 1 Imports for $31 million. Rev was founded by serial entrepreneur Tai Lopez and Former Nasa scientist Alex Mehr. They now operate Pier Imports as Pier 1 Imports Online Inc.

Pier 1 imports primarily operate as an ecommerce site using the domain name www.pier1.com thus decrease supply to other online stores.

Product Line

The company offers unique home furnishings and decor. You can quickly get an assortment of products from the company, including:

  • Upholstered furniture
  • Candles
  • Vases
  • Picture frames
  • Hand-carved armoires
  • Diffusers

Among their top-selling products include Anika Upholstered chair, Pier 1 sea reed diffuser, Mid-century modern recliner, Pier 1 reed diffuser Oceans, Pier 1 Island Orchard 3 wick candle, and wood chaise lounge with cushion.

Pier 1 offers several reed diffusers plus accompanying essential and refill oils.

Some Unique Features of the Pier 1 Reed Diffusers


Pier 1 Imports offers a variety of reed diffusers that any fragrance lover would fall in love with. Pier 1 imports are one of the earlier companies to start supplying essential oils and related products.

Even after the troubles hit them, they sprung back and resumed their old ways of doing business. They have great diffusers that are beloved. You do not only get a single option because you are spoilt for choice.

Additionally, they try out different flavors to create some of the most appealing fragrances around your home. Plus, some of the diffusers are designed for use in large or small spaces.

Pier 1 Reed Diffusers Reviewed

Pier 1 Imports offers a collection of reed diffusers ranging from Ginger peach to Vanilla and Ocean to citrus cilantro. In a sense, Pier 1 is a flavorful brand in which different customers can enjoy the various products on offer.

Here is a review of some of the reed diffusers by Pier 1 reviewed.

1. Pier 1 Reed Diffuser Ginger Peach 10oz

Pier 1 Imports Reed Diffuser (Ginger Peach)
  • fragrance, glass, reeds, diffuser, scent

The Pier 1 Reed Difisuer Ginger Peach 10oz is one of the popular reed diffusers if the great reviews on the website are anything to go by. Still, the fragrance would get any fragrance lover excited.

The Pier 1 Reed Diffuser Ginger Peach combines bittersweet ingredients, namely Ginger and Peach. No doubt, the fragrance is flavorful in its entire essence. The sweetness of the peach harmoniously intertwines the feistiness of Ginger to create a soulful temperament around your home.

The result of this creative combo is creating a sweet, full-flavored blend that engulfs you like an auspicious summer day—additionally, perfected by the inclusion of black tea leaves. The Ginger peach flavor has been around since Pier 1 imports glory days as a brick and mortar retailer.

Many buyers consider this their favorite scent. For some, they have been using the same reed diffuser for years. A lady in the forum remarked how she bought a lot of this flavor after she learned that Pier 1 was closing the brick-and-mortar side of the business.


  • Includes Black tea leaves
  • It stays for longer
  • It is a warm mixture of some of the best flavors


  • They don’t offer the refill version

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2. Pier 1 Reed Diffuser Cuban Vanilla 10oz

The Pier 1 Reed Diffuser Cuban Vanilla 10oz is a genuine combination of amber and warm woods. They have packed some appealing fragrances that will engulf your room in the most beautiful way possible. The brand description says that you will fill your home with stress-free scents.

Of course, this is certain with a plethora of loveliest ingredients, including Cuban vanilla pods, Vintage Sandalwood, Tangerine Rind, Mahogany wood middle, Warm cashmere, Baltic amber, and warm Tonka Beans.

If you wish to get the best out of the Pier 1 reed diffuser Cuban vanilla, you can use it in smaller spaces or single rooms such as your bedrooms and bathrooms. Plus, they have one of the most beautiful bottles. You’ll find yourself using it more and more in your bathroom to add that relaxation effect.

Once you try the first set of The Pier 1 Reed Diffuser Cuban vanilla, you will want another spectacular fragrance again. The delightful scent always gets buyers excited once they get home.

The authentic fragrance lingers longer once you let it loose in your home. The only problem is that sometimes they get out of stock quickly.


  • It is excellent for smaller spaces
  • Its packaged in a beautiful bottle
  • It has a delightful warm scent


  • It doesn’t come in a refill option

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3. Pier 1 Citrus Cilantro Mini Reed Diffuser

Pier 1 Import Mini Reed Diffuser (Citrus Cilantro)
  • Glass, solvent, PVC, fragrance oil, plaster, cardboard
  • Fragrance duration: 30 days
  • 2.95"W x 1.38"D x 5.51"H

The Pier 1 Citrus Cilantro Mini Reed Diffuser combines several ingredients, including grapefruit, lime and lemon rosemary, cilantro, and fragrant basil. The idea behind the citrus cilantro by Pier 1 is to create a gift that keeps on giving.

Just as the name implies, this mini reed diffuser is perfect for smaller spaces such as closets, bathrooms, entryways. In some circles, the simplest definition is a cute mini reed diffuser for use at home.

The distinct aroma will ringer with you as you enjoy this Pier 1 diffuser. Usually, when you use the fragrance, you will want to continue using it. The pier 1 Citrus Cilantro Mini reed Diffisuer can only be described as a mellow scent.

Some people love it because it does not have a strong smell like some other reed diffusers out there. Therefore, if you want a subtle citrusy scent, then you should try out citrus cilantro.

With these types of reed diffusers, you get to find a barrage of users who have been using them for the longest time now. On the other hand, some feel that it was a stronger fragrant before, so they’d want it more substantial.

Besides the different tastes in the strength of this fragrant, the citrus cilantro is a pleasant scent for your home. The mini is quite resourceful when you wish to use it in your bathroom, closet, or any other smaller place.


  • A rich and warm Reed diffuser
  • It is excellent for small spaces
  • It stays for longer


  • It is not multipurpose
  • Not a stronger as it used to be

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4. Pier 1 Reed Diffuser Oceans

The Pier 1 Reed Diffuser Oceans offers tranquility packed in a combination of fresh marine ozone and some jonquil and topped with precious woods. The Oceans reed diffuser by Pier 1 is plugged into a cute little bundle of stress-free fragrances.

  • The ingredients include:
  • White jonquil flowers
  • Ocean hyacinth
  • White lilac
  • Sweet Marigold
  • Vintage Rose
  • Citrus Pel
  • Blonde wood
  • Fresh Marine accord

The oceans reed diffuser is fresh and light. However, they do not have the refill bottle. It might have been discontinued after the company ownership changed hands.


  • It is a warm Reed diffuser
  • It has a fresh fragrance


  • It does not have the refill option

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5. Pier 1 Sea Air Reed Diffuser

The pier one sea Air reed diffuser combines white lilac, gardenia, tropical jasmine, and a hint of peach. The Sea air reed diffuser will add the right emotions in your home to create a relaxing environment.

The Pier 1 sea air reed diffuser contains:

  • White Jasmine,
  • White Gardenia
  • While Lilac
  • Cyclamen blossoms
  • Peach nectar
  • Juicy Melon

You can easily use it around the kitchen for the sweet aroma. Essentially, it will liven your mood, and you can’t help but adore it.


  • It has different ingredients
  • It offers a long-lasting aroma
  • It is a multipurpose reed diffuser


  • It does not have a strong scent.

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Customer Reviews

What the customers liked

Pier 1 imports have a comprehensive collection of reed diffusers. Of course, that brings with it mixed reactions. The multiple flavors and aromas are an attraction for most of the Pier 1 reed diffusers. In the real sense, they have several options to choose from.

Not only that, the customers like the idea of different reed diffusers for varied uses around the home. Some of the fragrances offer a relaxing aspect, while others provide subtle smells for simplicity enjoyment.

What the customers didn’t like

Pier 1 Imports has some problems primarily because of the leading company’s past. One of the significant complaints customers have is that most options don’t have a refill option. Additionally, some of the reed diffusers run out of stock faster.

Other customers complained that some fo the diffusers lack consistency. They say that the strength of the fragrances changes in subsequent times.

Final Thoughts

Even though Pier 1 only exists as an online retail shop, it has a long and rich history going back almost 60 years. Reed diffusers, among other related products, are the type of products that made them a mainstay among the hippie generation of the ’60s

Furthermore, they have maintained a collection of these products, including the reed diffusers. We have reviewed some of the best from this brand. You can check out the ideal diffusers for use at home.

They are more reed diffusers from Pier 1 imports, but those reviewed here are the best selling. Besides the few complaints from purchasing customers, reed diffusers by Pier 1 are likable products primarily because of the range on their online shops.

If you wish to get some reed diffuser, you can try out these reviewed here. Pier 1 is still a strong brand despite the challenges they’ve faced over the years. The multipurpose nature of the Pier 1 products helps the company retain a versatile status seen in other sections of their product offering.

The bottom line is that you can always trust Pier 1 reed diffusers as they will fulfill your goals. I recommend that you start with the Pier 1 Reed Diffuser Ginger Peach 10oz, as it’s one of my favorite.

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