Oil Diffuser VS Humidifier, Which is Better?

Oil Diffuser VS Humidifier, Which is Better? Let us find the answer through this article.

This article mainly talks about the differences between an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser and a humidifier.

There are many kinds of diffusers, and each of them has its own purpose and mechanics. To understand these variances, please refer to the previous article.

Today, people spend most of their time indoors and in air-conditioned rooms. As the number of indoor bacteria increases and the humidity decreases, more and more indoor environment improvement appliances are getting popular. Humidifiers and diffusers are two of the many, but most people mistake humidifiers and diffusers for one another.

Here, I’ll introduce to you the differences between a humidifier and a diffuser.


Oil Diffuser VS Humidifier: Function

Diffuser: ultrasonic essential oil diffusers are designed for essential oil users, so you can add pure plant essential oil with clean water to the water tank. After adding the essential oil, it not only increases the air humidity but also releases essential oil molecules. Different essential oil components can cause different effects.

Humidifier: the humidifier’s main purpose is to, as the name suggests, humidifies the air, therefore only clean water can be added into the water tank, and certain products have restrictions to the quality of the water due to the design.

Oil Diffuser VS Humidifier: Material

Diffuser: because most pure plant essential oils are slightly acidic, they can easily cause some corrosion to plastic containers. Therefore, most diffusers are made out of PP materials. Many things like the chip and atomizer plate are specially designed for essential oils, which are oil proof, waterproof and chemical corrosion proof. So using essential oils on a diffuser can use every bit of the essential oil’s essence to its maximum, and diffuse every essential oil molecule to every corner in the house quickly and efficiently. Use with ease.

Humidifier: regular humidifiers use ABS or AS plastic materials to make the water tank. It is meant to hold water, and can’t stand against the corrosion of essential oils, so overusing it with essential oils can corrode the water tank and cause some damage. It can even lead to releasing toxic gas into the air, compromising your health.

Oil Diffuser VS Humidifier: Water tank

Diffuser: the diffuser is designed for essential oil users, so the development of every product is adhered to a user-friendly interface, making sure that the user has a great experience during usage and cleaning and maintenance. Especially the simple water tank design, making it convenient to clean and maintain; the delicate water tank capacity design, keeps the mist concentration of the essential oil constant from beginning to end.

Humidifier: humidifiers basically have a filling tank design, which is complicated on the interior, making it hard to clean in the long term when the filters are clogged.

Oil Diffuser VS Humidifier: Mist concentration

Diffuser: the diffuser uses advance atomization modules and internationally-patent air duct designs, with steady volume-control circuit settings, to make sure every diffuser produces equally concentrated mist, assuring thin and even particles with a long duration of lingering.

Humidifier: the sole main purpose of a humidifier is to humidify the air. They use atomizer plates ranging from 20 to 25 millimetres in diameter. The particles produced are big and heavy, with a thick mist concentration, causing it to have a short range of diffusion as well of a duration of lingering.

Oil Diffuser VS Humidifier: Vibration technology

Diffuser: diffusers use ultrasonic vibration technology, able to atomize water molecules on a nanoscale and effectively diffuse the essential oil across the room, wrapping us in its fragrance.

Humidifier: the efficiency of the ultrasonic vibration emitted from the humidifier is too low to fully diffuse the essential oils, which may leave some of the oil stuck to the walls of the water tank, therefore wasting the oil itself.

Oil Diffuser VS Humidifier: Cleaning method

Diffuser: the diffuser water tank is specially designed and made for quick and easy cleaning.

Humidifier: the materials used to make a humidifier is rather common, making it easy to clot and difficult to clean with detergents. The atomization chip may even be clogged.

Oil Diffuser VS Humidifier: I recommend ultrasonic essential oil diffuser

ultrasonic essential oil diffuser
ultrasonic essential oil diffuser

All in all, the diffuser proves to be more practical than a humidifier. This practicality is displayed in these few points:

1. The diffuser has a greater variety of usage, which purifies the air and soothed the mind with its essential oil particles. Different essential oils have different functions. For example, rosemary relieves fatigue, lemon can whiten your skin and reduce facial oil, geranium can prevent colds etc. plus it can function as a night light.

2. The power consumed by diffusers is very little and saves electricity. In fact, compared to humidifiers, diffusers have a greater range of users with the same capacity. With low power usage, you can use it all day without worrying about your electricity bills.

3. The diffuser is smaller, making it much more portable. If you are going on a trip, regardless of business or for leisure, carrying a humidifier seems very unrealistic. However, diffusers are miniature, making it easier to fit into luggage or backpacks.

In most cases, you can also use nebulizer essential oil diffuser instead of the ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.



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