NEST Reed Diffuser Review: Are They High Quality?

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best NEST reed diffuser is, then we recommend NEST Grapefruit Reed Diffuser as the best one.

There is no shortage of reed diffuser brands on the market. NEST, however, stands out more than others as a luxury brand. But are NEST diffusers worth the money you are asked for?

Are Nest reed diffusers high quality? As evident from universal praise, NEST does indeed offer what people are expecting from it for the price. If you’ve gone through dozens of reed diffusers and didn’t find anything worthy of your taste and needs, NEST is very likely to help you.

With that said, is the luxury approach of NEST truly the thing that all your previous reed diffusers have been lacking? Read on to find out!

In this article, we’re going to review the following reed diffusers:

nest diffuser review

All About NEST

NEST New York (formerly NEST Fragrances) was established in 2008 by Laura Slatkin. Having created several fragrance brands and designed home fragrance collections for over 100 luxury labels, Slatkin is considered a pioneer in the US fragrance industry.

NEST New York is her biggest success so far. Over the years, this brand has built a reputation of a high-quality producer of perfume, fragranced home, and body care products. Perhaps the main driving force behind the success of NEST was the creativity of Slatkin and her willingness to create the most exotic and even weird blends.

Notably, Slatkin is also invested in advancing the field of autism – the reason for this is that her son David suffers from this disorder. Slatkin is mainly contributing to the field by running her NEXT for AUTISM organization whose purpose is to create a more friendly national landscape for people with autism. Apart from that, she occupies key positions in several NYC-based charitable organizations.

The NEST line

Originally, NEST Fragrances has offered luxury scented candles that have launched at select specialty boutiques in the US. But due to rapidly growing customer demand, NEST has soon broadened its assortment to include reed diffusers, body washes, creams, liquid soap, and other fragrance products.

In 2009, NEST Fragrances was awarded the “Interior Scent Collection of the Year” Fragrance Foundation Award. Fragrance Foundation Awards are considered to be equivalent to Oscars of the fragrance industry.

Today, NEST’s fragrance products are widely considered to be the best-in-class by thousands of buyers. This is primarily thanks to the high quality fragrances used in NEST products.

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The NEST fragrance formula

Notably, NEST uses a proprietary fragrance formula that appears to contain a mix of synthetic and natural ingredients. As claimed in the NEST FAQ, the advantages of synthetic fragrances include strength, longevity, and increased safety because synthetic ingredients are supposedly more consistent and predictable.

This is in contrast with many other brands that swear by the fully natural formulations of their products. A huge number of buyers are indeed looking for fully natural products, so it’s no wonder that most brands claim to be natural.

Now, for some people, the synthetic content of NEST products may be a huge downside. However, judging by the general praise, NEST fragrance products – including reed diffusers – have worked perfectly for many buyers.

In fact, among the things that buyers particularly love about NEST products is their strong, clean scent, longevity, and the premium feel.

With that said, NEST fragrances come at quite a steep price. This is expectable given that NEST positions itself as a luxury brand on the market. Buyers generally think that NEST products are worth it, but they remain expensive and not very cost-efficient for long-term use.

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Top Features To Look For In A Reed Diffuser

Here’s what you should pay attention to when shopping for a reed diffuser, be it from NEST or not:

  • Number of reeds. The more reeds in the bottle, the stronger the scent will be.
  • Bottle opening size. The larger the opening, the quicker the scent will spread.
  • Thickness of the fragrance oil. Thicker oils will deliver a more potent scent.

Best NEST Reed Diffusers Reviews

NEST Moroccan Amber Luxury Diffuser

The Moroccan Amber reed diffuser from NEST belongs to the company’s Luxury line. Compared to non-Luxury diffusers, Luxury reed diffusers offer a higher amount of fragrances along with perhaps more sophisticated and more premium scents.

Particularly in the Moroccan Amber diffuser, the scent is made up of hints of Moroccan amber, heliotrope, sweet patchouli, bergamot, and eucalyptus. Judging by buyer reviews, this scent combo works very well, and it’s strong enough to fill large spaces.

The Moroccan Amber Luxury reed diffuser comes with a large bottle sized at 17.6 fluid ounces. This is nearly three times the amount of fragrances included in non-Luxury NEST reed diffusers. And even though the Moroccan Amber diffuser is priced quite steeply, it may be more cost-efficient than non-Luxury diffusers because the price difference is far less than threefold.


  • Pleasant sophisticated scent.
  • Lasts for 150 days.


  • Costly.

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NEST Grapefruit Liquidless Diffuser

NEST reed diffusers are generally very similar to each other, but not this one. As you could’ve guessed from the product name, this is a liquidless reed diffuser. It does the same thing as any other reed diffuser, but without any risk of spills.

Instead of shipping bottles with fragrances, NEST includes the so-called ScentSticks – reeds pre-infused with fragrance oil. The result is, as mentioned, no messes and a seemingly stronger scent.

The reeds included in the liquidless diffuser appear to be thicker than in other NEST reed diffusers. Due to this, they may be holding more fragrance oils in them, which probably is the thing that allows them to deliver a more potent scent.

With that said, when it comes to scent longevity, the liquidless diffuser appears to be inferior to other NEST reed diffusers. At least, a noticeable number of buyers have complained about it.

What we also like about this reed diffuser is the silver vessel. Since it doesn’t have to hold any liquid, it has open sides and looks unique and very different from what you’re getting with regular NEST diffusers.


  • Unique liquidless design.
  • Eye-catching reed container.
  • Strong scent.
  • Many scent options.


  • Doesn’t last as long as other NEST reed diffusers.

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NEST Grapefruit Reed Diffuser

This reed diffuser is one of the classical, non-Luxury NEST diffusers. It doesn’t have fancy features like the reed diffusers reviewed so far. It’s just a traditional NEST diffuser that has a good balance of scent and longevity.

This NEST reed diffuser perhaps isn’t as strong-smelling as the liquidless NEST diffuser, but it appears to last quite a while. It comes with 5.9 ounces of fragrance and is claimed to last for about 90 days, and buyers don’t seem to have complained much about its longevity.

When it comes to the scent, NEST reed diffusers are traditionally great, but unfortunately, their quality isn’t consistent. Quite a few people have complained that one bottle has smelled fabulous, while the next one offered inferior experience.

With that said, given the exceptionally high rating of this reed diffuser – 4.3 stars on Amazon with nearly 2k reviews – not a lot of buyers seem to have encountered this phenomenon. It’s noteworthy nonetheless because we’ve seen a good number of complaints.


  • Numerous scent options.
  • Lasts for about 90 days.
  • Good balance of scent and longevity.


  • Inconsistent quality.

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NEST Amalfi Lemon & Mint Reed Diffuser

This is exactly the same reed diffuser as the grapefruit one we’ve just reviewed, but we’ve included it nonetheless due to its unique scent of Amalfi lemon & mint. This scent might be pretty weird to some people, but we think that it will cater to the needs of those buyers who love citrusy and minty fragrances.

When it comes to longevity and scent intensity, this reed diffuser doesn’t differ much from other, standard NEST reed diffusers. You’re again getting 5.9 ounces of fragrances that are claimed to last around 90 days, and the scent is pretty strong but not overpowering.

In terms of quality, no buyer has complained about any inconsistencies, but this may be because not many people have bought this particular diffuser as of this review’s writing.


  • Unique Amalfi lemon & mint scent.
  • Lasts for about 90 days.
  • Good combo of scent and longevity.

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NEST Candle & Reed Diffuser Set

Finally, we have this fragrance set that includes a reed diffuser AND a scented candle.

The reed diffuser here is the same one you get in other traditional NEST diffusers – expect to get comparable scent intensity and longevity. With 5.9 ounces of fragrances, the reed diffuser is again claimed to last for about 90 days.

Scent-wise, however, this reed diffuser is very different – it has a rich fruity and foresty fragrance comprised of hints of pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, and amber.

As for the candle, it’s an 8.1-ounce candle with a burn time of about 50 hours. It’s also scented and may be a fine addition to the included reed diffuser, especially if you were looking to buy a scented candle anyway.

One thing we absolutely love about this diffuser set is presentation. The packaging is executed in red with beautiful gilded accents, which makes it the best-looking NEST packaging among the diffusers reviewed, in our opinion.

The fragrance and candle containers are also beautiful. They are very similar to containers from regular diffuser and candle sets, but the gilded accents make them quite the eye-catchers.


  • Comes with a reed diffuser and a scented candle.
  • Beautiful containers with gilded accents.
  • The reed diffuser lasts for about 90 days.
  • Balanced scent and longevity.


  • Pricey.

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Customer Opinions Of NEST

If you are interested in NEST diffusers and other fragrance options, then you are probably also interested in how the brand has generally worked for people. Well, we’ve scoured the Internet to find out a bit more about the brand and about the things that people like and dislike in it the most.

Customer opinions of NEST have been predominantly positive. But, of course, there have been some complaints as well. Read on to learn more about our findings.

What people like about NEST

Scent strength and quality

The very first thing that is praised by many buyers is the scent of NEST products, including reed diffusers. This applies to both scent intensity and scent quality.

In terms of scent strength, NEST diffusers are among the strongest ones out there. They mostly don’t struggle with filling large spaces with fragrance, but they also appear not to be overpowering. Many people have especially noted that NEST diffusers were the first for them to deliver a sufficiently strong scent for their liking.

When it comes to scent quality, many people mention that NEST diffusers do not have any chemical hints in them, unlike many other, cheaper diffusers. NEST diffusers generally seem to deliver a clean and crisp scent.


The variety of scents offered by NEST has been praised as well. NEST diffusers come with a wide array of floral and fruity scents, so no matter what your preferences are, you are likely to find the right option for you.


The packaging of NEST products is also very highly rated. It is well-built, gorgeous, and gift-worthy. NEST also appears to be quite a recognizable brand as well, which adds extra points to their products in the eyes of some people.

What people dislike about NEST


NEST fragrance products are pretty pricey, as you could’ve noticed from our reviews. Even though people generally praise NEST diffusers, they also frequently complain about how expensive they are. If you are on a tighter budget, then you may be unable to use NEST diffusers consistently.

Inconsistent quality

We’ve touched upon this one above.

Unfortunately, for some reason, the same exact NEST product has differed in quality, scent, and longevity for some people. This isn’t a large-scale problem, but given the price of NEST products, buyers and we would expect more consistent quality.

Final Words

In the end, NEST is strongly committed to deliver crisp fragrance, longevity, and fine aesthetics with their reed diffusers.

The reason for this is because Laura Slatkin isn’t intending to accept compromises. Of course, this means that NEST products are noticeably more expensive than their counterparts.

Apart from that, the unique decision to use synthetic products might be one of the keys to the high quality and potent scent profile of NEST reed diffusers.

Does this mean that NEST diffusers will be perfect for you? Maybe not. But you should perhaps at least try a NEST reed diffuser to know for sure.

If this is your first Nest product, I suggest you try NEST Grapefruit Reed Diffuser. If you haven’t made a decision yet, read our full article on Best Reed Diffusers.

I reviewed NEST Fragrances Lavender & Cedar Leaf Reed Diffuser in another article, you can also take a look.

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