Milkhouse Candles Review: Are They Good?

I don’t know about you but fragrance is what initially draws me towards a candle, and then I consider the kind of jar it’s in. And with Milkhouse candles, their containers caused me to like their fragrances even more. If you have been wanting to try this brand, in this Milkhouse Candles review, I’ll share my ideas about whether or not I think they’re any good.

Milkhouse Candle Co. creates clean candles that are healthy to burn around families. They use mostly natural and locally-grown ingredients to make candles in fragrances that remind you of a road trip through the Midwestern United States. 

To learn more about what makes Milkhouse Candle Co. candles stand out from the rest, keep reading.

Milkhouse Candles Review

More About Milkhouse Candle Co.

Eric and Janet Sparrow are the couple that started this company as a hobby back in 2002. At that time they were pouring candle wax into canning jars and fulfilling orders from the growing interest of co-workers, family and friends. 

Their Midwestern Iowa roots are connected to every aspect of their brand, from the containers to the wax blends and fragrances, to naming the candles and keeping the whole process as grounded as possible.

One of the most popular branches of agriculture in the Midwest is dairy farming. And with the Sparrows being so proud of their roots, it’s my guess that this is why they chose Milkhouse as their brand name and various kinds of dairy containers as the jars that hold their candle wax.

Milkhouse Candle Co. Waxes

This company strives to give their customers a healthy candle burning experience. They use a blend of soy and beeswax instead of paraffin wax in their candles in order to produce a cleaner burn that does not expose customers to carcinogens or harsh chemicals. 

Something else you won’t find in their wax blend is artificial dye. Since soy wax and beeswax are natural ingredients (the soybeans are even sourced from Midwestern farms), there might be some discoloration over time. But this yellowing is not due to artificial dyes.

Milkhouse chose to allow yellowing to be part of the candle’s change over time instead of using additives that other companies sometimes use to prevent discoloration. 

In most cases, keeping natural candle wax out of direct sunlight or UV rays can prevent them from yellowing or at least slow the process. Either way, with proper and consistent wick-trimming, their candles will still burn well and with strong fragrance even if discoloration occurs. Speaking of wicks, Milkhouse is committed to using only lead-free cotton wicks in their candles. 

Milkhouse Candle Co. Fragrances

There are currently thirty-five fragrances in the Milkhouse catalog. While the majority of this company’s ingredients are natural, Milkhouse fragrances are a blend of natural, essential, and synthetic oils. 

Similar to NEST New York, Milkhouse feels that candles made solely with natural or essential oils have weaker fragrances. Synthetic fragrances have a better throw. Also, not all essential oils blend well with natural waxes, so there would be a limit to the number of fragrances this company could offer to customers.

Another explanation that I hadn’t come across before but is something to consider when purchasing candles is that it can be less environmentally sustainable to solely use essential oils. Some essential oils are too rare to sustainably extract from plant matter. And since some of these oils aren’t easily accessible, they also aren’t easily renewable. 

Thus, from the Milkhouse Candle Co. perspective, choosing to incorporate synthetic fragrances into their candle formula helps preserve and protect natural resources. They also emphasize that their fragrance oils are cruelty-free and do not contain phthalates. 

The top ten fragrances that Milkhouse customers love the most are:

  • Brown Butter Pumpkin
  • Holiday Home
  • Fresh Cut Fraser
  • Rake, Pile, Leap!
  • Mulled Cider
  • Silver Birch
  • Apple Strudel
  • Cranapple Punch
  • Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
  • Sweet Tobacco Leaves

These are the fragrances sold most frequently during the months of July through December last year, overall.  

Milkhouse Candle Co. Product Lines

In keeping with their dairy theme, Milkhouse pours their candle wax into four main types of containers in the form of bottles and jars within two collections.

Their Creamery Glow Collection containers include: 

  • Milk bottles (8 oz)
  • Butter jars (16oz and 22oz)
  • Cream jars (5oz)

This creamery collection has the most fragrance options, for a total of twenty-six for Fall/Winter 2021, four of them newly added this year.

Within their Farmhouse Collection, you will find mason jars in two sizes, 13oz and 26oz apothecary jar. For the Fall/Winter 2021 season, this collection includes nine fragrances.

A unique offering is their Milkhouse Monster candle, which sits in a category all on its own. Layers of nine pounds of wax are poured into a farmhouse tin, for which you can order a separate branded lid. Each one is unique and only comes in four fragrances: Holiday Wishes, Kitchen Cravings, Happy Fall Y’all!, and Oh Happy Day! This seven-wick candle burns for over 100 hours.

Milkhouse also sells fragrance melts that can be accompanied by a decorative antique tin wax melter. A few other accessories include a huge wooden lid to cover their milkhouse monster candle, a bottle of 4-inch matches, and a welded milk bottle holder for their 8oz-sized milk bottle candles.

All of their containers include a lid to keep debris out of your candle in between burns. Candles burn best where there isn’t any hair, lint, or other particles that can get stuck on the wax.

Milkhouse Candle Co. Top Products Reviewed

Milkhouse candles are especially popular in preparation for the holiday season. With scents like, Flannel & Frost, Victorian Christmas, and Mulled Cider, there’s no doubt as to why. But they also have more scents like, Apple Strudel, that remind you of brisk fall afternoons and Cup O’Joe reminiscent of freezing cold Midwestern mornings.

1. Creamery Collection: Milk Bottle (8oz)

Like a bowl of fresh berries and heavy cream while sitting on the backyard deck on a Fall morning, this candle sparks joy. With a rating of 4.5 stars, customers agree. This soy wax blend is poured into a durable glass milk bottle container, which is one of the most popular Milkhouse Candle Co. containers on the market.

Eight ounces of fruity floral scent burns for over 50 hours. Imagine plump strawberries and blueberries given a kick of fragrance from citrusy sweet pink grapefruit. Mixed with the aromatic spiciness of peony blooms and mellow vanilla orchids, this candle scent will have your home smelling like freshly baked berry pies.


  • Nice fragrance throw
  • Cute and farmhouse decorative
  • Strong scent but not overbearing
  • Perfect for small rooms


  • Need long lighter or matches to relight
  • Small for the price

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2. Creamery Collection: Cream Jar (5oz)

If you can’t kick back on the front porch with a mug of lemongrass tea, then consider lighting this candle instead. Earthy and uplifting, this Milkhouse Candle Co. cream jar is five ounces of fresh citrus and spicy ambient fragrance. 

Its soft soy-beeswax blend combined with lead-free cotton wick makes for a clean, soot-free burn of 35 hours or more. So long as the wick remains trimmed to about ¼ inch, you shouldn’t experience any black marks on the sides of your jar. 

Small but mighty, this cream jar has earned five-star ratings from its customers.


  • Flavorful fragrance
  • Paraffin-free
  • Locally sourced ingredients


  • Best for small rooms
  • Small for the price

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3. Creamery Collection: Butter Jar (16oz)

Sixteen-ounce butter jars are the second most favorite Milkhouse candle containers and the Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey fragrance made it into the top ten fragrances that customers love to buy from Milkhouse Candle Co. Created with two cotton wicks, this candle evenly burns for over 65 hours.

This candle fragrance hearkens you back to those childhood moments when freshly-baked cookies sat on the kitchen counter to cool off. Their irresistible honey-brown color joined with a warm glass of milk and subtle hints of cherry are all combined to create the fragrant memories that have become this candle scent.

With a solid 4.5 star rating, these high-quality candles have a strong throw that will circulate throughout your home for hours. The scent smells true to what is on the label without smelling artificial or chemical-based.


  • Popular jar size
  • Homey fragrance
  • Nice size for medium-sized rooms
  • Two cotton wicks


  • Fragrance might vary slightly from jar to jar

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4. Creamery Collection: Butter Jar Set of 2 (22oz)

This review wouldn’t be complete without including Milkhouse customers’ favorite scent: Brown Butter Pumpkin. Although this is the larger, 22 oz candle that burns for 120 hours or more, each one was made with a single wick.

And since it’s their most popular fragrance, I thought it fitting to point out that they’re sold as a set of two. 

Browned butter upgrades any dish, and in this case, it’s the vegetal aroma of pumpkin paired with spices like nutmeg and cinnamon smoothed in fragrance notes of warm vanilla and sweet brown sugar. What better way to have your home smelling tasty all season long?

While I know you’ll want to burn this candle all day long. Keep in mind that candles need off time, too. So try to blow it out after four hours, and then allow it to cool down and re-harden for at least two hours. Once it’s completely cool, be sure to trim the wick down to ⅛ inch or no longer than ¼ inch to avoid smelly black smoke the next time you light it. 


  • Most popular scent
  • Paraffin-free
  • Convenient set of two
  • Warming home fragrance


  • You won’t want to stop burning this candle

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5. Farmhouse Collection: Mason Jar (13oz)

Balsam & Cedar is the second most favorite of all the Farmhouse Collection fragrances and the 13oz mason jar is the third most favorite container size offered by Milkhouse Candle Company. Considering its 4.5 star rating, this one is at least worth a try. 

Just like a walk through the woods, the smell of fresh balsam and cedar mixed with earthy greens and a hint of sweet apples can greet you every morning through this popular candle fragrance. In most cases, you can enjoy 70 hours or more of burn time from this candle.


  • Clean, accurate nature scent
  • Reusable jar
  • Popular candle size
  • Fragrance intensities over time


  • Although popular, woodsy scents are not everyone’s favorite

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6. Creamery Collection: Mason Jar (26oz)

Are you tired of being cooped up inside and would instead prefer to be sitting in your favorite coffee house? Well sitting in a coffee shop for hours on end may no longer be an option at present. But if you miss being immersed in the scent of freshly ground coffee beans, maybe consider Milkhouse’s Cup O’ Joe candle. 

As the third most favorite Farmhouse Collection fragrance, it’s probably safe to assume that you won’t regret this purchase. At 26oz and over 150 hours of burn time of strong coffee dancing with the sweet fragrance of vanilla, earthy hazelnut and spicy notes of cinnamon, you can feel just as if you are sitting in your favorite corner shop but all while in the comfort of your own home.


  • Coffee house feel but at home
  • Over 150 burn hours
  • Authentic coffee smell


  • Very specific fragrance – not for those who dislike coffee

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What Customers Are Saying About Milkhouse Candles

There are lots of candle companies in this world, and although there are only four basic elements to a scented candle: container, wick, wax, and scent, each company offers a slightly different take on a very common method used to fragrance the home. 

Below I’ve compiled customer feedback about the way Milkhouse Candle Company goes about creating their version of the scented candle.

This is What Customers Love About Milkhouse Candles

  • Many customers feel that this candle brand is a perfect match for their farmhouse decor.
  • Aroma from these candles fill the entire house for hours, and they love the wide selection of fragrances that help make a house smell like home.
  • Milkhouse candles are well-constructed and last for a good duration of time, making them a great option for repurposing later on.
  • Customers appreciate knowing that they can safely burn these candles in their home without exposure to chemicals and other unnatural ingredients. 
  • Their fantastic fragrances actually make customers feel happier when at home.
  • For customers who like to purchase products made in the United States, this is a family-owned and run company that makes products using local ingredients. 

This is What Customers Want Improved About Milkhouse Candles

  • Some customers feel that the shape of the milk bottle candle prevents it from lasting for long. Its narrow opening might not expose the wick to enough oxygen to keep the candle burning.
  • Others also feel that it’s too much of a struggle to light the milk bottle candle once the wax has burned about halfway down, leaving a lot of wax left to be burned. 
  • It seems that sometimes the larger candles aren’t as fragranced as the smaller ones.

Final Thoughts

If you are as excited about trying Milkhouse Candle Company products as I was but are skeptical or on a budget, you can start with their cream jar candles, which are the most economical. Not finding the fragrances you like as a cream jar? The next least expensive option would be the 13oz mason jar.

But if you want more of a statement piece in your home, butter jars would be your best option. As part of the Creamery Collection, they are available in more fragrances as well. 

Milkhouse Candles are good for people who want mostly natural, sustainable candle options that are still made by a family-owned business in the States. Many people admire the company for being operated in the Midwest and for sourcing their ingredients from local farmers.

And for those who are mostly drawn to the sustainability efforts of this company, remember that once the candles are done, you can clean the containers and repurpose them for so many different crafting, DIY, and gift ideas.

As always, the choice is yours! Happy candle shopping.

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