Luminara Flameless Candles Review, Are They Good?

With the advancement in technology, it’s possible to enjoy illumination and the aesthetic appeal of luxurious candles. In addition, some of the candles, though artificial, will offer similar characteristics to traditional ones.

Luminara epitomizes that idea. They use patent technology to create a flickering artificial candle that emits lights when needed. The candles have several features that are useful while in use.

The similarities between the luminara and regular candles are so canny, and it would be difficult to tell them apart.

Luminara Flameless Candles Review

All About The Luminara Flameless Candle Company

Luminara flameless candles are innovative e-candles that run on a patent moving flame technology. Luminara, the company that manufactures flameless candles, head office, is in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

As the name implies, Luminara candles are flameless. However, they’ve been designed to mimic a real burning flame. They have a flame that replicates a candle flame in motion. You’d be forgiven if you confuse these candles with regular candles. The passion moves physically.

The company offers flameless in different designs, sizes, and colors. Moreover, most Luminara candles come with remote control support. You can efficiently operate the candles with the remote within a six-meter radius of the candle. If you purchase one candle, it will be compatible with all of their candle options. 

Notably, the candles have a timer option. In which case, the candle can turn on or off automatically. If you activate the timer, the candle will automatically turn on, and then it will turn off after five hours.

If you do not wish to use the timer, you turn it off with a switch. In short, you can try out the timer if it works for you or turn the candles on manually.  

Luminara set out to create a candle with emphasis on the flame. In addition, they wanted to make a candle that would run for longer. For that reason, they have replicated the candle flame through their creative moving flame replicas.

Furthermore, they wish to set a luxurious standard with their candles. They define them as worry-free candles with a realistic flame effect. 

The candles are battery-powered and contain LEDs. Perhaps, one of its notable pros is that they reduce the risks associated with open flames. On the other hand, some candles are scented while others are not.

Therefore, if you love the idea of fragrances soothing your spirit, this might not be your taste.

That said, the Luminara candles are a particular lot, especially for decorations around your home. They can be placed on bookshelves, jars, etc. They add to your overall decor. 

Your children are safe around these candles since there are no fire risks. Plus, the candles come in handy when there’s a power outage. Let’s look at some of the features of the Luminara flameless candles.

Candles Diameter and SIzes

Features3” Diameter            3.5 Diameter              4” Diameter
IR EnabledYes          Yes          Yes
5 Hour Time                    YesYesYes
Run Time  350 Hrs750 Hrs750 Hrs
Battery TypeCD          D
Heights          5”, 7” 9”          5”, 7”, 9”          5”, 7”, 9”
Outdoor OptionNoYesNo

Luminara Run Time

The luminara candles have an impressively long run time. This allows you to enjoy its flames for longer without necessarily changing batteries frequently. Some competing flameless candles will run for approximately 150 hours, while the Luminara range has an average of 350 hours.

Luminara Outdoor offering

The outdoor flameless candles from Luminara are pretty popular with buyers. They’ve been designed to survive through the harsh weather conditions that visit all so often. As you know, weather patterns will fluctuate from cold to hot or even pay us a visit within the same day.

Luminara has designed the outdoor candles using ivory which copes with the weather conditions it may be subjected to. Additionally, they are long-lasting and easy to clean.

The rechargeable flames candles

Luminara rechargeable tea lights come in twos, fours, and twelve sets. Their sizes are adapted for easy placement on holders without necessarily replacing batteries. You set them on a charging tray while they flow red to indicate charging and green when fully charged.

They will run for twelve hours once they are fully charged.

Luminara Flameless Candles Reviews

1. Luminara Artificial Moving Flame Pillar Candle

The Luminara realistic artificial moving flame pillar candle is three inches wide and four and a half inches tall. Essentially, it has the right size -not too small to go unnoticed or too big to dominate over other installations.

It comes with a remote control that eases the candle’s use. It’s good to note that the remote is sold separately. Lime most of the candles, we will review here, the Luminara flameless LED moving flame pillar candles are designed with pure paraffin wax to replicate the conventional candles.

This flameless candle comes with a time that proves efficient when you systematically turn the candle on or off. It is safe because it has no open flames to worry about. If you get irritated by soot or chemicals within wax candles, this is right for you.

The Lumnara flameless LED moving flame is ideal for the indoors and can’ be easily distinguished from real candles. The flicker design that automatically starts when you turn on the light adds to the realism.

The light is white and encased in a yellow film. If you are sensitive to decor, this is excellent because they’d fit in all manner of styles. Moreover, it is available in smoke green, faded denim, Brazilian sand, and opal grey.

They ar empowered with two type C batteries (sold separately). The batter runs for 600 hours before batteries require replacement. If you take care of them, they’ll light up your f\home for years. And if you are great at giving, this is an excellent gift for your family or friends.


  • They are remote controlled
  • Run for 600 hours before a battery change
  • Great a gifts
  • Got a timer


  • Not scented

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2. Luminara Flameless Pillar Candles

The luminara Flameless pillar candles are five inches tall and three and a half inches wide. Unlike the Luminara artificial moving flame, this one is a Vanilla scent. Like the Luminara synthetic, moving flame, the luminara flames pillar candles come with remote controls and are made of 100% paraffin wax.

They have an easy-to-operate timer (by turning a switch on/off located at the bottom). You may set the timer to turn on during the desired time for about 5 hours and rest for about 19 hours.

What is unique about this flameless candle? Well, the vanilla-infused scent releases the sweet selling fragrance within your home. Of course, they are safe to use around kids because of the nonburning element.

It oozes a light color that swarms and covers a yellow flame, with every conventional realistic feature boosting realism. The luminara flameless pillar is powered by two D batteries (sold separately) that offer one thousand hours before requiring replacement. If you are kind to your flameless candles, they will run for more years before replacing them.

The candles come in strong boxes for protection while;e in transit. Plus, you cna quickly wrap them as gifts for your friends or family members.

Lastly, you may still get an excellent ambiance without lighting up traditional candles. The luminara flameless candles do the job perfectly as well.


  • They are remote controlled
  • Great a gifts
  • Got a timer
  • It is scented


  • Shorter Run time

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3. Luminara Flameless LED Candle with Debossed Sea Turtle

At 3 inches wide and six and half tall, the Luminara Flameless LED CANDLE WITH DEBOSSED sea Turtle is quite a looker. It is pretty appealing strategically placed in a jar or bookshelf in your home.

With this flames candle, you get to enjoy comfortable illumination with no worries. It is not too loud to distract your relaxation, neither is it too quiet not to illuminate your rooms. This one also has the remote control and timer function.

Moreover, its DNA is pure paraffin wax. It is hand-poured and accentuates the idea of a traditional candle. The Luminara Flameless deposed sea turtle is powered by two AA batteries (sold separately) and runs for two hundred hours before needing a battery change.

The light is covered yellow flame that flickers automatically when turned on. The Luminara Flameless debossed sea turtle candles are available in blue and grey, which is excellent if you have a cape cod seaside interior decor.

The flameless candles are designed for use indoors. But you cna always try out other designs if your home has a different decor. The flameless candle will sit neatly on your shelves or your jars as you entertain your guests.

The design is quite hard to differentiate between the original and the Luminara Flameless candle with debossed sea turtle. The boxes are a perfect fit for a gift for your friends or family. They ship them in reliable boxes to ensure they do not get damaged during shipment.


  • They replicate the original perfectly
  • They are remote-controlled.
  • They come with a timer
  • They do not combust, which means they are safer.


  • Not scented
  • The runtime is only 200 hours

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 4. Luminara Realistic Artificial Flame Classic Slim Pillar Candle

As you may have noticed from the previous reviews, the Luminara realistic artificial flame classic slim pillar candle is slender. And they have indicated it on the name. The flameless candle is only two feet wide and four and a half inches high.

The others are at least three inches wide. Technically, this is a smaller version of the luminara flameless candles. Besides the minor difference, the other features are similar to at least one of the other candles. The standard features among these candles are the remote control and composition.

The luminara natural flame effect slim pillar comes with the remote and is designed in the same spirit as its paraffin wax counterparts. Your children are safe with this flameless candle since you dont scare from the candle tripping over when in combustion.

The flame comes sin yellow as well, and it flickers to mimic the movement of a traditional candle. Even though you need to buy the batteries separately, you will need 2 AA batteries to run this flame, just like the luminara LED candle with debossed sea turtle.

The run time with these batteries is 200 hours. The gift packaging is a standard with Luminara. The transit protection is\also something noteworthy for your candles shipment. As far as decor is concerned, you cna play around with the designs to see which is the best fit for your flameless candles.

Otherwise, the Luminara realistic artificial flame classic slim pillar candle is a conspicuous addition to your design,


  • It comes with remote control
  • Can be used in various decor
  • It has a timer
  • Safe around children


  • Battery run time is 200 hours
  • It is not scented.

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5. Luminara Realistic Artificial Flame Marble Candles

One thing that distinguishes the traditional candles from the flameless ones is the idea of mimicry. You know they say that mimicry is the best form of flattery. And for most readers here, finding the right candle is always lovely.

With Luminara, you get the word realistic and artificial in one definition which means something worthwhile. On this particular one, the luminara natural fake flame marble candles, the dimensions are as follows 3.25 by 4.5 high.

Compared to most of the candles we’ve reviewed, this one lies on the lower end of the spectrum, at least as size is concerned. Most of the features here are identical to others we’ve already reviewed, such as no combustion, made from pure paraffin, comes with a timer and remote control, and so on.

This flameless candle is powered by two C batteries(sold separately) with an offering of 600 hours runtime. Which is not bad? The candles themselves are designed with some exquisite grey marbling patterns.

Therefore, The candles are aesthetically appealing. It’s also good to note that the Luminara real flame effect marble pillar candles are pretty unique. Because of the works that go into designing them, each candle is special. Moreover, the safety features are reliable because no combustion means you and your family are safe.

Needless to say, if you are searching for a gift for your family members, well, the Luminara realistic artificial flame marble candle is excellent for you.


  • It has a 600 hours runtime
  • Its aesthetically appealing
  • It produces no sot or chemicals
  • Candles are unique


  • It is not scented

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Customer Reviews

Most customers have nice things to say about the Luminara flameless candles. People who have purchased the candles appreciate that they appear as traditional candles. Plus, the candles are a lovely addition to the decor of their home.

Luminara candles can illuminate your home for years which is also something customers appreciate. Many customers also liked the timer and remote control function in the Luminara flameless candles.

Conversely, some customers complained about the batteries. While the candles do not use similar battery sizes, battery drain might be poor. Additionally, they complain about the scent being intolerable.

Generally, most customers are satisfied with Luminara flameless candles.

Final Thoughts

Luminara flameless candles are an excellent addition to your decor. They are aesthetically appealing and resembles traditional candles. They offer illumination when you need them, and they come with cool, resourceful features for use within your ho0me.

They come in several designs, and you can pick one that suits your style. Since they are not natural candles, they have been designed to mimic an original flame motion with a moving flame. Try out the Luminara Artificial Moving Flame Pillar Candle and enjoy the joy of a flameless candle.

If you wish to enjoy candle moments without the hassles of soots and chemicals in the air, pick one of the Luminara flameless candles.

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