Jasmine Incense: Uses, Benefits, and More

With so many benefits, you may wonder how or why you would use Jasmine incense. Did you know Jasmine incense was initially used in tea rituals? Do you know the benefits and uses of Jasmine incense? What about how to use it?

Burning Jasmine incense has many benefits, like its healing properties or ability to clear emotional barriers. You can use the many forms of Jasmine incense, like sticks or cones, by lighting the tip of the incense using a lighter or match. Once it has ignited, blow the flame out and let it smolder, producing a fragrant smoke.

What Is Jasmine Incense?

Jasmine incense has had many uses over the centuries, from healing to rendering sleep. Made from natural ingredients like Jasmine essential oils or Makko powder, Jasmine incense provides a soft and calming aura to your home, mind, and body.

Jasmine incense comes in many forms, from sticks to cones, giving you different ways to utilize Jasmine incense. Jasmine essential oils or extracts, Makko powder, and sometimes other ingredients are mixed and then slathered or formed into incense sticks, coils, or cones.

Ideal for use in your home, office, or even touring, many use incense in their sacred practices or yoga. Countries and areas of the world believe the Jasmine flower symbolizes love and connection.

The Types of Jasmine Incense

With several types of Jasmine incense, you may need clarity on each one, like how to use them, their history, or how long they burn. You can choose from various forms of incense, such as sticks, cones, coils, or kneaded incense. The wide varieties give you options on burn time or potency.

Do you know what the many types are and how to use them?

We want to inform you about the many types of Jasmine incense. Check out all you must know about the many forms of Jasmine incense.

Forms of Incense:

Stick IncenseStick incense is made from fragrant biotic ingredients, such as wood. Sometimes you’ll find artificial materials like metal. When buying stick incense, ensure it’s made with quality ingredients and no chemicals.

The incense stick is commonly made from sandalwood but could be made from other woods like cedar or apple. The fragrant wood is coated in a powder, normally Makko powder. These powders commonly have essential oils mixed into them; In this case, Jasmine essential oil.
Coil IncenseIncense paste is made from powdered substances blended with a gummy fireproof binder. A coil incense is commonly made by combining incense paste with metal coils. The rings are soaked or painted in incense paste.

With a flat base and several levels of coils, five to eight, light the tip of the spiral. Once lit, you can almost immediately blow it out, unlike other incense. As with stick incense, ensure your coil incense doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. Burning harsh chemicals in your home can be harmful to not only your physical health but your mental energy as well.
Cone IncenseCone incense is made from organic materials such as herbs or gums. These materials are powdered and then mixed with a sticky binding ingredient. Finally, they are formed into a hardened conical shape. Cone incense comes in various blends of ingredients. Make sure those elements are natural and don’t include harsh ingredients.

Due to their cone shape, as this incense burns, the area burned gets more prominent, which results in them having a more pungent scent the longer they burn. In comparison, stick incense has a consistent burn area throughout the entire burn time.
Kneaded IncenseA less common form of incense is kneaded incense. Centuries ago, this incense was used in Japanese tea ceremonies. Incense paste is kneaded into soft round balls. Once formed, the balls are stored away to mature their scent. Traditionally, the kneaded balls were buried in earthware jars and left to deepen their scent for three to five years.

Modernly, they are sealed in airtight containers after drying. Once placed in an airtight container, they are stored for at least 48 hours before being shipped out for retail. The longer the kneaded incense sits, the deeper scent it will give.
In-Koh (Pressed Incense)Elements such as herbs or Makko powder are combined with binder powder, binding the two together. Then, it is pressed into molds to create many shapes, commonly compact and solid tablets. Once dried, they are removed from the mold and stored away.

Many people use these incense tablets as an alternative to smudging Palo, as they can provide healing properties. Some pressed incense may need an external flame to keep it lit rather than self-igniting.
SachetAnother way of using incense is in sachet form. A small porous cloth bag is filled with fragrant wet or dry ingredients like Jasmine incense, herbs, flowers, or potpourri. Though, it could contain things like cleaning supplies, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics.

Unlike most other incense, a sachet does not get burned. The best way to use the sachet is by placing it under your car seat or in the sun visor, letting it fill your car with aroma. You can place it anywhere! Never open the sachet; let it sit as it is.

What Are the Benefits of Jasmine Incense?

Many benefits come from Jasmine incense, from success to relaxation. Due to its aromatherapy properties, Jasmine incense can provide your mind and body with peace and healing. Along with several uses, Jasmine incense has several benefits, such as easing stress or boosting your health.

Check out the many ways Jasmine incense can benefit you and your family!

1. Ease Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Studies show that Jasmine aromatherapy aids patients with depressive symptoms and reduces stress and anxiety. At the end of the study, most of the therapists that burned Jasmine said breathing in the fragrant smoke exalted their mood. 

Jasmine incense helps reduce daily stressors, tension, and pressure, relaxing your soul and body. By improving behavioral arousal, Jasmine can boost your mood and dissolve feelings of stress and anxiety. 

Jasmine incense can enhance blood oxygen saturation while helping your mental energy, lowering your blood pressure, and controlling your breathing. As a result, you’ll feel more relaxed. 

2. Bring Success and Luck to Your Life

Another benefit of Jasmine incense is bringing success and luck due to being perceived as a symbol of success and fortune. This is why the Jasmine flower is commonly consecrated in temples or churches.

Many believe burning Jasmine incense next to love crystals, like rose quartz, brings you good luck. They say the crystal gains healing energy from the aromatic and releases it into the surrounding areas.

3. Boosts Health and Well-Being

As well as attracting good energy, Jasmine incense boosts your overall health. Burning Jasmine incense can significantly benefit people with poor health, from battling respiratory infections to aiding sleep disorders.

It can also relieve headaches and other pain due to being a natural pain reliever.

Battle Respiratory Infections

More specifically, Jasmine incense is ideal for battling respiratory infections. When burning, Jasmine incense releases elements such as benzoic acid or benzaldehyde, killing bacteria, germs, and viruses. In turn, this is a great incense to burn when someone in your home is sick, as it is perfect for curing colds, coughs, and other lung or breathing infections.

As well as healing, it can prevent and protect your respiratory system.

Aids in Sleeping Disorders, Induces Sleep

Jasmine incense can aid in many sleep disorders, like insomnia. Its calming effect on your nervous system induces sleep. This soothing effect on your body will help your nerve functions work more actively.

Consistent use of Jasmine incense before bed can help to provide a sleep routine. Acting as a sedative, burning this incense before bed can promote a night of quality sleep.

4. Acts as an Aphrodisiac

Another benefit of Jasmine incense is its aphrodisiac properties, boosting both women’s and men’s libidos. It has been known for years to promote intimate feelings when burned by ancient herbalists.

Many cultures believe Jasmine promotes sensual feelings, which is why the Jasmine flowers are commonly used at weddings. Used as decor, worn on a garland by the bride-to-be, or in the newlyweds’ bedroom.

5. Aids in Human Reproduction

Another benefit of Jasmine incense is it can aid in human reproduction. By dissolving one’s sexual obstacles, one will have fewer problems in the bedroom.

Jasmine incense has been used for women in all stages of their reproductive lives for centuries. Women have used it during childbirth to encourage contractions and ease pain.

It can even help with postpartum depression and speed up recovery time.

How to Use Jasmine Incense

There are several forms of incense, and you must know how to use each. Lucky for you, we have laid it all out for you.

Check out how to use the common forms of Jasmine incense below.

Jasmine Incense Sticks: 

  1. Place your Jasmine incense stick into the incense stick holder.
  2. Light the tip of your incense stick using a lighter or a match. 
  3. Let the incense stick fully ignite for a few seconds. 
  4. Proceed to blow out the flame. This leaves a smoldering ember that emits smoke with a pleasant aroma. 

Jasmine Incense Cones: 

  1. Put the Incense cone onto a base crafted for burning incense. 
  2. Ignite the end of the cone using a match or a lighter. 
  3. Let the cone ignite fully for roughly 8 to 10 seconds. 
  4. Lastly, blow out the flame, leaving a smoldering ember that casts a delightful aroma. 

Jasmine Incense Coils: 

  1. Set the incense coil onto your specified base. 
  2. Light the tip of the incense coil. 
  3. Unlike most incense, you want to blow out the flame immediately using coil forms. 
  4. Let the incense coil smolder, emitting a sweet-scented smoke. 

Once your incense has finished and turned to ash, bring the garbage can to the incense to dispose of it. Take it from me, don’t try to take the incense base or holder to the garbage. Doing this, you’ll end up with a mess. Note it is not fun to clean up!

What Should You Remember When Using Jasmine Incense?

  • Place your incense in a safe spot, away from pets and children, to prevent accidents; never leave it unattended.
  • Keep a good airflow in the room by opening a window. 
  • Only use natural Jasmine incense; some contain chemical ingredients that convert into a smoke form and be toxic for pets or humans to inhale. 
  • Only burn one incense at a time. Excessive smoke from more than one can harm your lungs, especially those with asthma or other lung conditions. 
  • We recommend not using incense if you have a pre-existing lung condition. 
  • Do not burn incense with synthetic materials or plastic.

What Is Jasmine Incense Best Used For?

With several different uses, you may wonder: What is the best use of Jasmine incense?

We’re glad you asked! The best general use of Jasmine incense is for aromatherapy. Specifically, it creates a romantic or sensual atmosphere that enhances women’s and men’s libido.

What Does Jasmine Incense Smell Like, Does It Smell Good?

Jasmine incense has a light, sweet, delicate floral fragrance. Many say it reminds them of summertime. There are two varieties of Jasmine incense, Himalayan and Japanese.

The Himalayan variety has an intense floral fragrance that is slightly sweet. The Japanese Jasmine incense has a mild, sweet, and floral aroma. Both varieties pair well with scents such as sandalwood, citrus, or white sage.

Whether it smells good or not is entirely up to you and your nose. Many people say Jasmine incense has a cozy and pleasing aroma, whereas others may disagree.

How Long Will Jasmine Incense Burn For?

How long Jasmine incense will burn entirely depends on the specific incense. Many determining factors such as size, thickness, form, or environment factor into your incense’s burn time.

Although there are average burn times for standard-sized incense.

The average burn times are:
20 to 40 minutes. 

Cone: 10 to 35 minutes. 

Coils: 10 to 20 minutes. 

These burn times can vary depending on your specific Jasmine incense.

Where Can You Buy Jasmine Incense?

Buying Jasmine incense is an easy task as it is widely available. It is also one of the most popular scents today.

Many home goods stores like Walmart or Bed Bath & Beyond carry Jasmine and many other scents of incense. You can also purchase Jasmine incense from many online retailers like Amazon.

When buying incense, ensure you purchase quality products with 100% natural ingredients. Impure incense may contain perfumes or harsh chemicals that can harm your health when burned.

A few reliable brands of incense include: 

Does Jasmine Incense Have Side Effects?

Jasmine incense itself does not have side effects. However, it can have side effects for specific audiences, like children or those with pre-existing breathing conditions.

Incense made with impure materials can emit harsh chemicals when burning that could harm your health if inhaled in copious amounts.

Ensure you research and talk with your physician before burning incense in your home to ensure no problems.

Young Children and Infants

A few studies show that burning incense can be dangerous to the health of children or infants due to the smoke. The study mentions it harms the child’s respiratory health due to the smoke. Others state it can impair motor development. 

If you desire to burn incense in your home with children or infants, ensure you keep your children away from the smoke.

It is urged to burn incense in a separate room with a closed door and proper ventilation, such as open windows.

Those Who Are Pregnant

Doctors advise against those who are pregnant using incense. Due to its ability to encourage contractions, it could cause premature contractions when inhaled.

If you feel burning Jasmine incense is necessary, talk with your doctor and limit your use.

Not following proper precautions while burning incense while you are pregnant could cause damage to you or your pregnancy. Ensure you do what is safe for you and your baby.

To End

Did you know all these benefits, uses, and more about Jasmine incense? If you enjoyed reading about Jasmine incense and its many uses, check out our other articles to learn more! We are happy to supply the best and most accurate information. Per usual, feel free to share with your peers and family if you enjoyed reading about Jasmine incense and its uses, benefits, and more. 

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